Lush Cosmetics Summit at Birmingham

Lush Cosmetics Summit at Birmingham


Happy Pride from your Huntsville Lushies! 🏳️‍🌈

📷: Lush Cosmetics Summit at Birmingham
So not one to do this but y’all Really shouldn’t let people that control capacity at your door make up rules as they go. I attempted to walked in with my mask on And was stopped and told I had to tuck it into my shirt My nose or mouth is fully covered like everyone else I was blown away by the ignorance and overreach of this young lady All I was trying to do was get a stocking stuffer for my wife been in dozens of stores today and haven’t had a single issue can’t make things up as you go just do better.....
A big shout out to the staff at Lush today! My 13 year old daughters Lush birthday party was canceled due to covid. The employees sent home some really sweet gifts for her and really made her day. Thank you for being so awesome!
I wish y’all were doing curbside pickup. I am out of numerous items and had to order online. But I would rather my local Lush people to be able to work during this time!
We hope all of our members and friends are staying healthy -- both physically and mentally -- during this weird time in the country. We are so grateful for the businesses who support our work. During this uneasy time, we hope you will think about them and help support their business, if you are able. Buy early Holiday gifts or birthday presents online! Buy gift cards that you can download now and use later! Buy curbside takeout for your family!

We love our friends at REI, Lush Cosmetics Summit at Birmingham, Rojo Birmingham, Red Clay Brewing Company, Across the Pond With Trevor, Mrs. Clean Green, Higher Ground Coffee Co., Patagonia, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea, Straight To Ale Brewing, REI
That resolution we made for more self-care in 2020? That’s one we can keep😉 Back to Lush Cosmetics for more scrubs, bath bombs, and all the new things for the new year!
Ya know, I may just come up there, get some hella sweet bathbomb, and take the first non shower bath in years. (What’s relaxation?)

Do any of them also create a spooky mist? I want to feel like a sorcerer.
Thank you to the employees who were so nice to my cousin today. I really appreciate the special treatment shown to him.
thank you for making my first time visit to a Lush store truly amazing! Jess was beyond wonderful in helping us and answering any question I had! ❤️❤️
Prince Fritz Thief of Hearts on his way to Lush, one of his favorite places!
Thank you for your help today Dan :)
The customer service at Lush is unlike any other!! I was treated like a princess && all of my questions, even the silly ones, were answered with such hospitality && kindness!! They even helped me find exactly what I needed for my problem hair && skin. ❤️ Lush Forever!!!

Lush is a cruelty-free and ethically-sourced bath, bodycare, skincare and haircare company. We're devoted to making effective, fresh and handmade products that work for every need.

We're on a mission to create a cosmetics revolution to save the planet.

Operating as usual


Be somewhere else.

Whether that’s in a bath with a good book; taking some me time with a face mask and a cup of tea; or simply getting outside for some fresh air, we’re encouraging our customers to stop scrolling and be somewhere else instead. We're saying goodbye to Facebook until this platform can provide a safer environment for its users. The serious effects of social media on mental health are being ignored by this platform. It’s time to stop scrolling and be somewhere else. We want to engage with you in places that look after you and your mental wellbeing.

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Hey Lushies!

Are you traveling this Thanksgiving? 🚗✈️🚉 Before packing that bag, swing by our shop and grab some amazing travel necessities. These little powerhouse products pack a punch in their tiny size, and many of them are naked too!

Grab a facial cleansing balm for freshly cleansed skin, reach for shampoo and conditioner bars to lather up your tresses, suds up your body with a slice of handmade soap, and polish those pearly teeth and freshen your breath after a holiday meal with our Toothy Tabs and Mouthwash Tabs. All of these gems are easy to travel with and take up virtually no room in your travel bag. Swing by and grab yours today!


Happy Tubsday Lushies! 🛁

Today, we’re heading to the North Pole. This holiday bubble treasure is a delight for the season and your bathtub.

Crumble the bar until running water and release a warm and uplifting combination of clove bud oil, Brazilian orange oil, and davana oil. Mountains of creamy bubbles create the perfect escape while the davana oil offers emotional balance. Drop the North Pole sign into the hot bubbles and watch the fair-trade cocoa butter melt into your water to give you the silkiest and most conditioned skin.


Grab a little karma, Birmingham Lushies!

This spicy citrus aroma has been a beloved and bestselling Lush scent for years. Fresh, bright orange juice is combined with herbaceous spicy patchouli and sunny lemongrass to create an uplifting experience for the body and soul. Karma is available as a soap, perfume, shower gel, an exclusive-knot-wrapped perfume gift, and as a prewrapped gift set. Fun fact: The Good Karma Gift set also features Orange Shower Scrub whose citrusy salt scrub pairs beautifully with Karma.

Photos from Lush Cosmetics Summit at Birmingham's post 11/13/2021

✨ Happy Saturday ✨

Are you looking for that one-of-a-kind, exclusive gift? Maybe it’s for a special person or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself. Say hello to Lush’s Advent Calendar! For the first time ever, this limited-edition collection is available in shops!

Housed inside of a beautiful and reusable box, the Advent Calendar features 25 special treats just for the holidays, including several exclusive products. Exclusives include Merry Christmas Shower Gel, Thundersnow and Cinder Bath Bombs, Christmas Penguin and Kris Mouse Bubble Bars, and an exclusive fragrance, Keep It Fluffy.

This holiday delight is truly limited with shops only receiving a couple, so grab yours before they fly out of sight!


Happy Tubsday Lushies! 🛁

Today, we’re getting a bit minty and a bit herbally. Our fan-favorite, best-selling Outback Mate soap now has a bath bomb mate, Snowball. Drop this sparkly white fizzer into your bath to release its bright, blue-hued center and breathe in the uplifting and energizing aroma of spearmint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. Both are fabulous for sore muscles too! Fun fact: Each Snowball Bath Bomb is pressed by hand, making each one as unique and special as snowflakes and people!

Just like winter’s snowballs, this bath bomb is only around for a season, so pop by and grab this minty fizzer before they disappear. ❄️


Hey Birmingham Lushies! 😴

Does the time change have you struggling to find that peaceful slumber? Reach for the bestselling Twilight Body Spray. With each spritz, you’ll find yourself drifting off into dreamland with the sweet lavender and tonka fragrance soothing your tired mind and spirit. Filled with rich, skin-softening glycerin, this body spray not only scents your skin but soothes it as well. Wrap up your bedtime routine with Sleepy Shower Gel and Sleepy Body Lotion for lullaby-like slumber.


Celebrate Diwali with the color and sparkle of our Rangoli Dreams Bath Bomb! ✨

Inspired by the traditional Hindu festival of lights, Rangoli Dreams packs a golden, sparkly punch with skin softening coconut milk power, soothing rose absolute, and warming cardamom oil.
Sink into the silky waters and contemplate your victories of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Rangoli Dreams bath bomb is only here for a limited time, so grab yours today!


Happy Tubsday Lushies! 🛁

Welcome this cool weather with our new Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb. Featuring the fan-favorite bestselling Sleepy scent, this cuddly polar bear is full of calming lavender and stress-relieving ylang ylang. Finely ground oatmeal adds a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect and vegan creaminess to your relaxing bath. Fun Fact: the top of Sleepy Bear is sprinkled with lavender buds that have been coated in our bath oil mixture, so this cutie is PERFECT for bathers in search of skin-nourishing moisture.

Round out your bath with Sleepy Soap or Sleepy Shower Gel and then wrap up your relaxation heaven with some hydrating Sleepy Lotion or a Sleepy Massage Bar and a sprinkling of Sleepy Dust to drift off into dreamland.

Sleepy Bear is part of our limited-edition Holiday collection, so pop in and grab a few before they hibernate for the season! 💜


#LushChristmas2021 Snow Fairy


Hey Birmingham Lushies!

It’s that time of year again! Mysterious and mischievous, Lord of Misrule Shower Gel is back in shops! This fan favorite perfume combines sweet vanilla absolute, relaxing green patchouli, and warming black pepper to create a shower gel that will have leave you ready to make mischief, while yielding silky smooth and soft skin with wheatgerm oil and glycerin. This spicy sweet best seller is only here for a limited time, so grab yours today!

Fun fact: Lush’s glycerin is vegetarian and made from rapeseed oil.


Happy Tubsday Lushies! 🛁

Does your bath need charming? ⚡️Say hello to Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble Bubble Bar! Grab this uplifting herbal and citrus concoction, crumble it into your cauldron, and watch as it conjures up silky bubbles to soothe your troubled spirit. Notes of lime, neroli, and olibanum are mixed with super softening cocoa butter to make a bath potion that will leave (and your bathwater) positively glowing!

As Shakespeare wrote, “For a charm of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”

Fun fact: Luminescent zinc sulfide makes this bubbler glow in the dark!


Happy Tubsday Lushies! 🛁

💜 Transform your tub into a cauldron of softness with Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt. This captivating potion of fair-trade organic cocoa butter, oats, lavender, and sandalwood will soothe both your skin and spirit as you sink beneath the milky waters. Richly hydrating walnut oil adds to the softening and moisturizing bath brew, while the whole oats relieve irritated skin.

Fun fact: The cocoa butter used in Ceridwen’s Cauldron is grown by farmers in eastern Congo (DRC); those farmers are paid a premium for their goods which allows them to invest in their local communities.


Hey Birmingham Lushies! Are you sweet or sour? How about a little of both? 👄

Grab a pot of Trick or Treat Lip Scrub to get your pucker ready for Halloween treats. Made from superfine, gently exfoliating castor sugar, this delicious treat balances that sweetness with zesty lime oil. Your lips are nourished and softened at the same time with organic jojoba oil. 🎃

Scrub a tiny amount onto your lips and then lick off the excess for a deliciously yummy sweet and sour delight.


Happy Tubsday Lushies! 🛁

Bring a bit of playful mischief to your bath with the revered and fan favorite Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb. 🎭 This year, this spicy treat got a makeover and is meant to resemble a court jester’s outfit, but the rich, warm scent remains. As it spins while it fizzes, dark green waters abound with the scent of deep, grounding patchouli and earthy black pepper while vanilla absolute adds a touch of subtle sweetness. You’ll be intrigued and enchanted by this captivating fizzer. 💚

Fun fact: This spicy treat is also available in a creamy shower gel and in a perfume!


Welcome fall Birmingham Lushies! 🧡

So… pumpkin spice?

Love it or hate it you’ll get positively giddy with the aromatic joys of fall baking in our Pumpkin Spice Soap! It’s filled with rich pumpkin puree to nourish the skin, maple syrup water to lock in moisture, plus cinnamon, clove, and ginger to help you feel extra cozy!

This rich, creamy concoction is only here while the leaves are falling, so come grab a slice and get a bit of that warmth and glow every time you wash. 🍂

Swing by the shop to grab a slice of this yummy autumnal treat today, or place your order online at for our Buy Online, Pick Up In Store option.

Lush Cosmetics

Among our many claims to fame, Lush is proud to say that we invented the bath bomb...and we didn't stop there. We've found innovative ways to create packaging-free skincare, jiggly shower jellies and a host of other goodies to get you creatively clean, smooth and smiling. We also make sure that the lovely people you chat to in-store are genuine skincare experts ready to help you with consultations, demonstrations and more. We believe in an in-store experience that's fun, informative and friendly. Our stores offer a variety of shopping options, including contactless pickup. Take a peek at our page to find out how you can shop at Lush Summit at Birmingham.

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