Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center

Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center


Hi, I just moved to Tuscaloosa with my greyhound Trixie. I have an out of town trip in September and will need to board her for a weekend. Anyone here keep dogs in their home? She wouldn't do well in a kennel. Any help would be appreciated.
Admin gave permission for me to post: I have found an inexpensive ($16) dog sweatshirt on Amazon that, in its largest sizes, fits the deep Greyhound chest and long body. We keep our house cold, so my greyhound uses them for jammies, and they are warm enough for most Alabama cold days. They are polyester/polartec-ish, and wash and dry quickly. They have hoods, which is ridiculous, but they fit. One of the three sweatshirts we now for my dog had narrower arm holes than the other two, but I stretched the armholes out out by hand and the sweatshirt did not rip. My large, 81 pound greyhound wears the XXL. Posting because it took me a long time to find something that worked for my boy.
We just had our baths,pedicures and now warm blankets just out of the dryer. Retirement is so good at the ENSLEY house!❤️🐾
Hello. I placed an order from your store on May 2 in the amount of $110.00. The last update I had from AGAC was June 1. I've not heard anything since nor have I received the order. So I am following up. Thank you for your help.
Our sweet girl Jeddee Lou turned 5 years old Wednesday.
Her very first Birthday in her 'forever home' 💕🎉🎂😊❤️
And Happy Birthday from our Jeddee Lou (Jedediah Bila) to her seven litter mate sisters and brothers; Deneen Borelli, Katrina Pierson, Lauren Simonetti, Carl Cameron, Steve Doocy, Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs. Hoping they are all in their forever homes too.
We loved coming up to meet some of your sweet and beautiful greyhounds last week. It seems I don’t have a good contact number for y’all! We would love to bring this sweet girl into our family.
Michael Joseph Jackson
Less than 24 hrs home and we have our first roach - Johnny English adopted yesterday. 😍
With the racing of Greyhounds no longer allowed to continue, the Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center has been busy placing hundreds of hounds into homes. 🏠
Just wanted to share a Pic of Miss Squeezee settling in to her new home. She seems to like it here. 😁 And I like having her here as well!! Thank ya'll so much for taking all that time with me yesterday. She has my heart already.
Jefferson County Racing Association announced that the Birmingham Race Course will no longer host live greyhound racing!
But the retired doggies need homes now.
Contact the Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center.

We are a Pro-Racing adoption group located at the Birmingham Race Course. We help over 1,000 Greyhou Announcing our new name!!!! Soon we will be known as OH MY, GREYHOUNDS!

We are here for the greyhounds! We place them into loving families locally and transport many of our retired racers to other adoption groups up the East Coast and into Canada. Our adoption center houses 40 retired greyhound that are eagerly awaiting families to adopt them. Everyone is welcome to come visit and play with the greyhounds. We welcome volunteers, just give us a call, email or message u

Operating as usual


Friendly reminder to all

ALWAYS have ID on your hounds! This handy tip helped our lost girl get home!
Searchers were looking in a two to five mile radius of her home.

Where was she found?
EIGHTEEN MILES AWAY, and across a very busy interstate!
EIGHTEEN! An area that none of us had even remotely thought of heading towards to search!

Our Facebook posts, crossposts, flyers at businesses/ shelters/ vet clinics, etc were not what brought Think home. Nope, her ID TAGS!!!

If the jingling of ID tags bother you, there are tags that rivet or slide into/ onto the sides of collars. Have their info embroidered onto the side of the collar if you have a cloth or nylon collar.

Military style dog tags come in pairs and you can often order them with different things embossed into them. Some owners put their pets vet info on them, so if the pet is found and taken to the clinic, any emergency services can be pre-arranged to be handled immediately should the lost pet be found and brought in.

Hug your hounds!



UPDATE 12/6 @ 9:20AM - spotted crossing Hwy 29 just before Saddle Club Rd (Oneonta / Blount County)

"Think" is a blue brindle Greyhound, spayed, adopted through the Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center.

Her ear tattoos are 56A / 68688
Registered name is WW THANK ALOT
Answers to "Think"

She is microchipped!

If found, please call the AGAC emergency / lost Greyhound / found Greyhound number 205 201 0131 so we can help her back to her frantic parents Joe and Donna!

Last seen at 134 pineview rd oneonta, AL (Blount County)

If spotted, DO NOT CHASE!!! CALL HER!!! She lives with cats and small dogs, and loves everyone! She will go up to anyone for attention! Think knows her name and she's more than likely already on someone's couch.

She SHOULD be wearing her collar with her ID tags (one in picture)

Greyt Hearts Service Dogs needs help, organized by Sheila Axell 01/31/2021

Greyt Hearts Service Dogs needs help, organized by Sheila Axell

Greyhound Nation

One of our own is in need of our help! Patti Goettler of Greyt Hearts Service Dogs has taken many of our Greyhounds at the Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center and trained them to be amazing service dogs for people.

How scary to be in an accident like this! Thank God she and all six hounds are okay!

Please consider helping by donating!

Greyt Hearts Service Dogs needs help, organized by Sheila Axell Greyhound family, one of our own is in desperate need for your help. Greyt Hearts S… Sheila Axell needs your support for Greyt Hearts Service Dogs needs help



RETURNS, RELOCATIONS, RESCUES, and the "help, my hound from the AGRAC is ......"
Is 205 201 Zero One Three One
Again, emergency number, NOT "I want to adopt" number.

We no longer have a kennel building/center, but WE ARE STILL HERE FOR OUR HOUNDS AND ADOPTERS!! We work via all volunteers and foster homes.

If you're looking to adopt, please contact Greyhound Pets of America.
When we do have an available Greyhound, we will let everyone know (we don't right now).

We have never and would never abandon our babies. We have always had a back up plan.

If you've adopted from us or have a Sighthound in Alabama, please join our group on Facebook, Birmingham Greyhound Owners.



To all the greyt people I have come to know. Today is my last day. I have meet so many wonderful people. I have laughed and cried with some of you. I'll miss all of you
Sue Shepherd Hallman


Its official

Every one of the Greyhounds at the Birmingham Greyhound Racing has found a home or adoption program.

We have a few appointments left to visit with possible families. Should any of those families decline or no show, we will contact the next on the list.

We received probably HUNDREDS of messages, emails, and phone calls. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough Greyhounds to go around.

Thank you everyone

Just because they've found homes doesn't mean we're through.

We still have recuperating orthopedic hounds, a heartworm positive, a pair with idiopathic seizures, who are not medically ready to be available just yet who will still need medical care for a while longer.

We are sorry, but we cannot take anymore applications. We have hundreds right now and no where near enough hounds.

Please visit the National Greyhound Association website for NGA endorsed adoption programs.



There seems to be a massive flooding of advertising of really cheap Seresto collars from pop up FB companies. Selling them for $21.99 or $22 each plus shipping.

As someone who has ordered these collars through veterinarians, those prices SHOUT that you shouldn't trust them!


Often times these are mimic knock offs with not the real medicines in them. They can cause massive allergic reactions, chemical reactions possible, or worse.

If you're not getting your flea and tick prevention from your veterinarian (the best), or a veterinarian trusted and recommended pharmacy, or your local pet store ... make SURE it's a trusted online store.

The fake products could mean your pets life!

Having personally witnessed the affects of a fake product and the chemical burns the dog went thorough at a vet clinic, we just wouldn't want it to happen to your pet!

Jennifer 06/08/2020

Grey2k admitted they can not / will not help with retired greyhound adoption in the US



Moody Run just broke free from her "brother" walking her! She's still got her leash attached!!

We need help searching for a list Greyhound in ONEONTA, ALA!

Bham folks, have free time? We need volunteers and SQUAWKERS!!

AGAC ID tag number 591

Petlink (Datamars) chip


Hi everyone

Jenn here. We have had several folks asking us what's taking so long??

Covid-19 has done more than cause everyone, including us, challenges.

Our awesome veterinarians are busier than normal with the high influx of hounds.

Dr Darcie Odom with VIP has even done spay and neutering through a back injury because of her love for the Greyhounds!

Dr Mark Jandrlich at Central Valley Animal Hospital has been working on our hounds headed to groups

Dr Trammell and Dr Metcalf at Mercy Animal Hospital have been working on hounds headed to groups too

A giant THANK YOU to our vets and vet staff who have been caring for our babies! Thank you for getting to our hounds through all this insanity

Thank you, adopters, who have been patiently waiting through all of this and your understanding for our wonderful veterinarians!


I have canceled my auto-ship from chewy. I let them know it is due to them pairing up with hsus


Today one of our unsung heroes has retired.

Church served us well for several years as one of our four "tester cats", helping us figure out who was cat tolerant and who wasn't.

Happy Retirement Sir Winston Churchill-Vinson!

Mushu, Kung Po, and Terriyaki will continue to "work", and will retire to their forever homes later this summer.


Well, we hope you got a nap in between 11am and 2pm, because you're due back to the kennel before 3pm for afternoon turnouts! Though we do an early afternoon at 2pm here at the AGAC, we have to in order to leave by 3-330pm to get vet runs done in time.

Hounds go out again, come back in, fresh water given, porch swept and mopped. While hounds were out, you brought in dry bedding and hung up what needed to be hung.

You load up your racers for that "card" and head to the "paddock". There they have to go before the commission veterinarian, get weighed, then be held under observation until their race.

You have about a half hour to 45 min between the end of weigh in and the first race. If you're getting a meal, better go quick!

You have to be back in time to get your hounds bucket of water with electrolytes ready, your race program, and watch that first race.

Soon as your hound comes off the track, he gets between his feet, under his feet, between legs, chest all hosed off. Very gentle water is used to clean out sand from their eyes. They're walked for ten minutes to cool them off, and allowed to drink their "Gatorade" (made for dogs!). Then up they go in the kennel truck. The helper either picks up the next race or heads back to the kennel to drop off the racer.

Ah so it ends...

No. Not even close.

When back, your hound gets a spritzing again of their feet before coming into the kennels, to again help cool them off. They go outside to potty again. They're observed. Limping? Cramping? Nails broken? Anything odd?? When they come in, a more detailed inspection.

They're rubbed down again, this time with Trainers Choice liniment. A bit stronger liniment that really helps ease muscles after a heavy workout. The difference between a massage therapist using a light linement and a max strength "Icy Hot" or "Biofreeze" from the local pharmacy.

Forty five minutes to an hour must pass before the Greyhounds are allowed to eat once they're back. They have to fully cool off so they don't risk bloat.

Remember cooking this morning? Well, racers get fresh food too! They like a good warm meal, with the goodies to boot. However, they also get extra goodies! Ice cream or yogurt, extra marshmallows or cookies, a reward for a job well done even if they came in 8th!

Afterwards, they have to go out again to potty.

And you have 10 more racers to pick up after their races!! If this was a matinee card, you have to get racers down for night time weigh ins!

When all the racers have been cared for, it's time for cookies and bed. Everyone gets a giant milk bone or marshmallows or nilla wafers or animal crackers before bedtime.

You check the schedule... see what's going on tomorrow.

It's Sunday, the hounds get a break. They'll have apples and peaches with oatmeal tomorrow in place of pasta and veggies. Monday will be rice and veggies, then Tuesday pasta and veggies. They like a good meal variation! Oooooh, Friday we have to go to Sam's Club and get more mackerel for Fish Fridays!! Do we have enough peanut butter? Sundays are also SUNDAE'S too... giant milkbones slathered in peanut butter and topped with giant marshmallows are given to all the hounds.
Cold front coming in Tuesday... the trainer decides to make a batch of chicken and dumplings in the kennels for us humans. No time to slow down to do dinner out, easier to toss in a crock pot to cook while we work. The hounds, of course, get all the leftovers

A hauler is due in. They're bringing 15 in and taking 20 on Thursday to head on to a faster track to race. Got to make sure everyone is up to date on vaccinations.

Off you go. Tomorrow starts early again.

For actual videos of what it's like, follow Jeff Sokensen of Paint The Trail. He followed AJ Grant and Kathy Lacasse at Sanford Orlando Kennel Club. Awesome videos showing it first hand!


Continued on the day in the life of your retired racing Greyhound...

Okay, game plan time!
The trainer goes through the kennel and hangs up racing muzzles (pre fitted and marked with each racers names. Normally hung muzzles are night racers, upside down are matinee racers who need to be done first.

Kennel muzzles are hung upside down for dogs needing to go "schooling" at the track, and kennel muzzles hung on for crates for one's needing to go to the sprint field

It's going to be another long day...

Dogs are loaded up and taken to the track itself by 7am when it's still cool outside. They're ran for one single lap, or 3/4 lap, or 1/2 lap depending on the individual hounds need. Some started "from the box" rather than "hand slipped" (in the starting box vs let go by hand). They may need to get used to our track, get over an injury (pulled muscle, small cut, got bumped and fell) or just need to get experience.

One quick run and they're done! But... we have 7 more pairs to run, so back to the truck we go... then go up to the kennel and swap out those 16 with 10 more!!

When they're done schooling, it's time to load up the "sprinters". I get to take them to play on the sprint field while the trainer starts cooking breakfast.

Two hounds per run, they get to run in the sprint field until they say they're done. They get to run straight down and back at full speed to help build muscle tone and they LOVE it! Racing their buddies and playing "in a long dog park". This helps new arrivals get used to our sand footing, our weather, our routines. It helps do physical therapy for any who were off the racing roster due to injuries (again, pulled muscle, etc like us humans occasionally get too)

When they're done, like the "schoolers", they come back to the turn out pens to potty, get water, and go back to their crates.

While I was "sprinting", the trainer was cooking a roaster oven full of macaroni and veggies. It smells pretty good already.

Time to weigh racers, go over them, and rub them down.

Did you see our previous video? You'll need to go watch that.

Each racer has a set weight. If they're set at 70, they can't weigh more than a pound and a half heavier or lighter than that. Notes are taken on weights, who needs extra and who needs less. So we have to weigh the hounds running that day AND the ones running the next day too!

Each hound has ears checked, nails trimmed, and rubbed down. Before a good rub down, the trainer gets Absorbine liniment in their hands. Just like pro athletes, a good liniment massage gets the muscles ready for a workout. We rub them down AND the ones who ran the previous day as well, don't let them get stiff after a work day, the same as we do for ourselves.

It takes a good hour and a half sometimes with all the hounds to be done, but with team work it gets done faster.
The hounds love it and they know they get a cookie, nilla wafer, or marshmallow when they're done.

With all weights recorded, if any hounds need a rub down for being off the racing roster for a break, they get it now.

Otherwise it's time to cook!

We mix up racers food first.
5 pounds of macaroni, 5lbs mixed veggies, and 120lbs of beef get mixed together with hot water until it's the consistency that feels right to the trainer.
Honey, electrolytes, Canine Red Cell, are added to the "feed tub".

A set amount of high protein kibble is added, though not much because racers need more protein from meat than kibble.

Then we mix up racers feed first. They get a set amount of feed based on their weight. Then a half of a baked potato, a little orange juice, and a half banana, they're ready for breakfast!

Whoa... you fed them what??!! Yeah, they really did get that!

When racers are done, now the feed tub gets more kibble mixed in to make it right for everyone else. A tray of supplements are grabbed, the bowl of peeled bananas, the bowl of baked potatoes, the OJ, the honey, the red cell and bag of marshmallows

This boy ran yesterday and acted like he was slightly cramped up. He gets his 3lbs of feed along with a potato, OJ, banana, honey, and a marshmallow to top it off

This other boy ran yesterday too, he gets a little red cell and a marshmallow

This boy had a day off yesterday and doesn't run till day after tomorrow, so he gets his 3lbs and a marshmallow.

This girl gets her 2.5lbs and since she runs tomorrow she gets......
Well, if you can't tell, each racer gets their diet customized individually and depending on when they ran vs when they're running again!!

When all the hounds are fed, food is set aside for racers for dinner.

The feed tub is cleaned up, bowls cleaned, and time for humans to grab a quick bite while the kennel naps for a half hour.

Afterwards, it's time to go potty again, kennel swept throughly, pens cleaned, fresh water, porch mopped then mop water changed, kennel mopped.

Edited to add- kennel kitchen cleaned, bathroom cleaned, front porch cleaned, dirty bed tub drained and beds rinsed thoroughly, then beds hung up to dry the rest of the day

Is 11am... time to go home, shower, and nap before coming back for the race day!

(To be continued...)

Videos (show all)

What it's like to really work with the Greyhounds
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