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The first few years I went to UAB it wasn’t terrible. There was definitely fighting over parking spaces but if you timed things correctly then it wouldn’t be that bad. The last 2 years have been a disaster on their part though. With the closure of lots, they have essentially made it impossible to get parking unless you get to class an hour early and if you have a job and family like I do then it makes it extremely difficult to even be able to park. This particular semester I did not buy a pass because I am only here for one semester and I would have had to pay $240 for a full year pass to a lot that is nowhere near my classes, which in previous years I was able to buy a half year pass (usually around the price of $70) and I could park in most any lot that had space instead of being restricted to a specific zone. It is already expensive to pay for books and tuition, and I understand that people need to be paid but the inflation from these people have gotten ridiculous. From the inflation of the initial price of the parking pass, to the actual price per parking ticket, and to the additional charges if you do not pay them right away makes people who struggle with money have so much difficulty being able to afford it all. My first semester back in 2013 I paid $130 for a full year parking pass and that has almost doubled and the restrictions of where I am able to park are ridiculously narrow despite the higher price. I believe when I started going here the price was $5 a ticket but now it is $25 and just goes up almost weekly. The zoning system with the lots is complete garbage compared to the previous general parking pass because you are lucky if the lot you get is anywhere close to where you need them to be and the “solution” of the busses is an absolute joke. Last year I was stuck with a lot on the other side of the interstate where if I had to walk back to my car I would be going under a bridge and there has in fact been times I was confronted by a homeless man that was being confrontational and because of UAB’s poor planning I couldn’t even attempt to stay safe. There are no help beacons on that route and the only one that I see is on the other side of a fence that I would have to hop to even use. Arguably though, there are always ways around being screwed with lot location but with how much things changed from years before, this time around it caught me off guard along with so many other students. Price and lot vacancy is not my main issue though, that is just something that needs to be out there for future students to see. What also makes them pretty terrible is their bus system and the total attitude of most of their employees. More times than not I get incredibly rude people to talk to in the office and on the phone that I could care less for. I understand that people probably don’t always talk with manners to them but it does not mean that you can’t be at least polite to the people who are not causing problems. The bus drivers are hit or miss. Occasionally I will have someone that is nice and pleasant but most of the times I have people with bad attitudes or people that are too busy chatting with coworkers. On some occasions the people are chatting for so long that they have made me late for class. There have been times that the bus stopped running earlier than it should leaving me to walk in the dark after hours which I am very much not comfortable with. I normally had to attempt to leave class early to ensure that I had a ride and I pay way too much for these classes to be missing them over busses that are run through the college and should know when the last classes of the day runs through. I have had drivers that drove absolutely recklessly, cutting people off and taking corners fast where it was slinging the people in the bus. I even had one lady that had her phone out watching tv while driving the bus.
Overall UAB transportation sucks and I will be glad to graduate and be free from the terrible system they created.
Dear UAB Transportation,
When I paid over $200 for a parking place in zone f I expect a parking spot to be in zone f for me. I was not running late this morning until I had to find zone c on the other side of 65, a place that I do not feel safe walking to class from. I tried calling to discuss my concerns but y’all are not taking calls right now so I’ll just leave this here for everyone else to see too
Why does zone G not come up as an option for zone passes for me to purchase? I was only given options for a few of the zones listed online.
At the fall meeting with graduate students, I requested access to the study used to inform parking decisions. Mr Davis said he would get back to us on this as it contained "proprietary information." Has there been any further information on this? I have not heard anything - where should I be watching for updates on this?
So parking can limit how many people get Zone A but everybody can buy Lot 15 passes. Lot 15 is completely full while zone A has probably over 200 spots available right now that we are not allowed to park in. This Zone A used to be Lot 15. It is dumb that we are paying for parking but yet we can't find parking and y'all have over 200 spots available right now at Zone A parking deck.

I have more pictures but it will only let me upload one at a time.
Hi, I purchased a Zone C parking pass and was wondering where I should park under the circumstance that my zone is full? I ask because I notice that the website says that if a Zone A or B student doesn't have anywhere to park then they are allowed to park in zone C. With this zone being a very small lot my area could potentially become flooded due to insufficient parking or inefficient students that "can't find a spot" thanks for any help.
Hey guys - this is how bad parking is affecting UAB - a current Jeff State student who will be transferring to a 4 year University posted this in response to a comment on my page. (I missed a class because of parking problems)
06:45 on a Friday - Lot 15X,W are mostly full. This seems a significant change from last year. Anyone have a why? Also, is 15X resident parking or not this year?
So after paying $225 for a parking permit which has yet to arrive we find ourselves riding a bus to class because had to park at the transportation office. Refund?
UAB parking is a nightmare. They way oversold every lot and there is no where to park on campus. These changes they made were a terrible idea and now us students are paying the price. We spend our money buying parking passes and then we are forced to park on the street because there is no where to park.

UAB Transportation provides transportation and parking services for faculty, staff, students, and vi

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Don't forget that UAB has zoned parking! Refer to your parking tag to know what zone you are registered for. Parking in another zone puts you at risk of receiving a citation. For a map of the different student zones, visit this link:

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Be aware that students are moving in to residence halls over the next few days and it will increase traffic around UAB. The South Green Route of the Blazer Express will be rerouted to avoid 10th Avenue South and will skip the Campus Recreation and Rast Hall stops during this time. We also recommend taking an alternate route to work during this time. For more information on routes and move-in congestion, visit this link:

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❕ 🅿️ Don’t forget to purchase your permit before classes begin next week! Permits can still be purchased online! 🅿️ ❕

Visit the UAB Transportation website to order yours:

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Today we highlight Blaze Ride! Blaze Ride is a service to offer helpful transportation to those with mobility issues. To learn more visit 🚌

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Today we highlight another sustainable and healthy way to get around campus. Biking not only reduces pollution but also is a great way to get exercise. UAB's campus can be biked quickly and has many places to park and lock you bike. For more information and to check out the UAB Bike Parking Map, visit 🚴

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Today we highlight a free service that you have access to no matter your location. While it may seem obvious, walking is one of the best ways to get around UAB. With a relatively flat campus, the university is easy to get around. Not only is it an easy way to get around but it's also a great way to get in some exercise and reduce pollution.🚶

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❕ 🅿️ We’re still available! Permits can still be purchased online! 🅿️ ❕

Visit the UAB Transportation website to order yours:

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The purpose of the carpool program is to promote carpooling as an attractive alternative to individual commuting. Carpools reduce traffic congestion, which contributes to higher ground-level ozone ratings. Better ratings mean more industry and business for our city, as well as federal funds to complete road construction projects. 🚘 👥

Visit this link for more info:

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Today we highlight Blazer Express, the UAB transit service! The Blazer Express Transit System provides transportation across the UAB campus and medical district. Students, employees, and authorized visitors can enjoy fare-free bus transportation. A valid UAB ID badge or visitor pass is required upon boarding. 🚌

For more information and for the bus tracking map visit this link:

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Don't forget about UAB Safety Es**rt! Use the TapRide app (available on iOS and Android) or call 205-934-8772 to request a ride on campus. UAB students and employees must present their UAB ID badge to be transported. Visitors will be allowed to use the service when accompanied by a card-carrying student or employee. 🚐 🌃

Visit this link to learn more:

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🇺🇸 Independence Day 🇺🇸 is tomorrow. Be advised we alter some of our services on holidays!

There will be no Blazer Express bus, Highlands Shuttle, or MARS service on Tuesday, July 4. Medical center employees with permits in the Express parking lots should follow the normal holiday parking plan and use the 6th Avenue Parking Deck.

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Don't forget about Motorist Assistance Roadside Service (MARS)! MARS can help if have a flat tire, lock your keys in your car, or have a dead battery. MARS is a free service available to all visitors, students, and employees parking on campus. Call 205-975-6277 if you need assistance! 🚗 🛞

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❕ 🅿️ Don’t forget! Permits are still available for purchase online! 🅿️ ❕

Visit the UAB Transportation website to order yours:

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🅿️ Parking permits are on sale today! Permits sell quickly, so order yours as soon as possible! 🅿️

Visit the UAB Transportation website to order yours:

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🇺🇸 Memorial Day 🇺🇸 is Monday. Be advised we alter some of our services on holidays:

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Today is national 🚲 Bike to Work Day 🚲 ! See this feature on Greg Harber, who has been biking to work for the past decade 🥳

Several Blazer Express routes suspended starting May 1 - Transportation | UAB 04/25/2023

Several Blazer Express routes suspended starting May 1 - Transportation | UAB UAB Transportation provides information on parking and getting around campus.

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‼️ Summer permits are available NOW ‼️ You can find a full list of permit options, as well as pricing, on the Student Parking page.

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Student permits go on sale 8 a.m. April 1st. Permit fees will be posted to your Student Account at the beginning of the summer semester.

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Have you taken our 2023 UAB Commuter Survey yet? The results will help us provide the best services you need to get to, from, and around our campus 🚍 🚶‍♀️ 🚲

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Our 2023 UAB Commuter Survey launched today! Check your ✉️ email ✉️ and take a few minutes to share how you commute to campus following the COVID-19 pandemic. You have until April 4th ⏰

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☀️ Spring break is right around the corner!☀️ Did you know UAB encourages you to take your vehicle with you over the break? We also alter some of our transportation services because there are fewer people on campus. Learn more:


Be advised that our services are altered due to today's severe weather:

Threat of severe weather alters UAB Transportation services February 16 - Transportation | UAB UAB Transportation provides information on parking and getting around campus.

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We're so excited to partner with UAB Student Affairs to bring the service to our students!! 🚎

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Motorist Assistance Roadside Service (MARS) is there for you if you have a flat tire, lock your keys in your car or have a dead battery. Call 205-975-6277 for help.

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In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, UAB Transportation will suspend services Monday, January 16.

Visit our website for more information:

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As part of the ongoing parking deck construction on UAB’s campus, a portion of 14th Street South and 7th Avenue South will be closed to vehicles 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. nightly Jan. 17-28. The street will be open to traffic during the day.

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Welcome back blazers! Wishing you a wonderful spring semester!

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Welcome back Blazers! 📗✏️ Hope you have an amazing Spring Semester!

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Happy Holidays blazers from the transportation department to your family! Have a safe holiday season.

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In preparation for the holiday season, we encourage you to take your vehicle home or arrange to store it off-campus during Winter Break.

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Every UAB parking facility has multiple Help Phones in the area. They are a direct link to the UAB Police & Public Safety Department and are monitored 24 hours a day.

To learn more visit:

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As commencement is approaching, here are some updates regarding parking.

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Spring Permits are now available for purchase. Know your zone and make your purchase online:

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If you have any questions about our services, send us a message here or call 205-934-3513.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Blazers. We wish you safe travels!

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As the holiday season is approaching, review the changes that will happen this week with our services.

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While UAB does not have a bicycle permitting requirement, registration is easy and free. Registering identifies you as the owner of your bicycle, which is important in case of theft or if your bicycle is deemed abandoned.

While supplies last, students receive a free helmet and u-lock with registration. Registration can be completed online or in person at the UAB Transportation office. Permit stickers will be mailed if registered online. Helmets and u-locks must be picked up in person at the UAB Transportation office. Visit this link to register.

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Blaze Ride offers additional service for employees or students with limited mobility 7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

To request a ride:
• Students must register with Disability Support Services by calling 205-934-4205
• Employees must contact AWARE Disability Management at 205-975-9973

Eligible Blaze Ride participants may use TapRide app or call 205-934-8772 to request a ride on campus. When using the app, be sure to log in with your BlazerID and allow location services. Available for iOS and Android.

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