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Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. (Unless we're talking safety orange – then that's kinda our thing 🦺)

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Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. (Unless we're talking safety orange – then that's kinda our thing 🦺)

You won't get tricked when every delivery is a treat! Happy Halloween from the Montgomery Logistics team! 🎃

Our annual Chili Cookoff was a huge hit! 🌶 Congrats to Brooke L. for taking home the overall win and the Fan Favorite! 🏆

A tribute to our fearless leader, Sam, in honor of Boss's Day! 🙌

Yes, you read that right! Montgomery Logistics has been entrusted with some super secret, high-security stuff. And that's all we can say about that. 😉 While it may not be top-secret, your freight is important. We treat every load with the utmost safety and care. We're proud of the trust we've built with our customers and carriers. 🔒

POV: You just stepped into the sweetest Logistics HQ around. 😏 Check out our upgraded office space and let us know what you think of the new digs! And yes... our bathroom is inside a bank vault. 😱🔒 #Birmingham #MontgomeryLogistics #Office

It's almost the weekend and those Friday feels are flowing! 🥳🥳 Let's have some fun – give us your best caption for this clip!

Has your Director of Customer Service ever done the shoulder lean on camera? We didn't think so. 😏 Get to know Jonathan, a seven-year Montgomery Logistics vet and an integral part of our team.

We had a blast celebrating this elite group of drivers who earned top honors in 2022. 🔥 Way to go, team!

Big or small, we've nearly hauled it all! 💁 Hear some of the coolest – and craziest – commodities our team has shipped!

Happy birthday to Account Manager Hunter Wise! 🥳🙌 As Hunter celebrates another trip around the sun, we couldn't help but put him in the hot seat for a rapid-fire Q&A session. Get ready for some #HunterFacts as he dishes on everything from his favorite board game to his secret ping-pong prowess.

Carrier Relations Manager Jessica Hamilton takes us on a walk through Montgomery Logistics HQ, answers a few rapid-fire questions, and even spills the tea about the most surprising parts of her job.

Yes, we just have a few calls to make. 😅

As we head into the long holiday weekend, here are a few tips from the Montgomery Logistics pros for carriers and customers alike! ✅

Happy Mother's Day from Montgomery Logistics! Sending love and appreciation to all the amazing mothers out there on this special day. 💙

Am I a fully grown adult? Yes. Am I going to do the arm pump at every truck I pass? Also yes.

Better luck next year? 😅🏀

Logistics, in a word? We'll let our team tell you their take! 😉

It's Employee Appreciation Day and we want to take a moment to recognize this incredible team that works so hard every day to make sure we stay on top of our game. Here's to you for your dedication, enthusiasm, and boundless appetite for fun. 🥳🥂

Montgomery is our name. Logistics is our game. 😎

We let the good times roll for Mardi Gras! 🎭🎉 It's always a party with the Montgomery Logistics crew.

It's not a regular office, it's a cool office. 💁

Today's the big day! 🏈 Our Montgomery Logistics team knows how to throw a good football feast if we do say so ourselves. 😎

If someone in logistics sees their shadow, does that mean six more weeks of shipping delays? 😅 #GroundhogDay #LifeInLogistics

Looking for a reliable logistics bestie to help supercharge your business goals in 2023? ⚡ Montgomery Logistics is here to make it happen.

Anyone else feeling a little, uh, discombobulated this week? 😅

Check on your friends in logistics. We're doing our best. 😅

I should know better than anyone that these holiday gifts don't deliver themselves. 😅 #LifeInLogistics

Congratulations to one of our newest teammates, Michael T., on moving his very first load! 🥳 That celebratory bell ring never sounded so sweet! 🔔

That's all, folks. 😴 #LifeInLogistics