Gym Dom Fitness

Gym Dom Fitness

Brett Andrews is a personal trainer and accountability partner in Birmingham, AL. Need a trainer that takes a firm, authoritative approach to your transformation?

Look no further.

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Weight Machines Build Functional Strength. Seriously.

As a trainer, I've tended to play up the importance of free weights as the "best" method of building muscle and functional strength. As it turns out, weight machines fill in some gaps that free weights can't quite reach.

Bonus: there's some great rehab tips here for people with knee joint pain. Give it a read. I'm here to answer your questions. Trainers who avoid using machines, and gym owners who scrap them altogether, are doing a disservice to their clients.

[11/14/17]   No time to workout during the work day? Read this.

Your biggest obstacle when working at a desk job is making time to get up and move during the day. I understand this more than ever, now that I work a desk job at a local gym. Simple fitness goals during the workday like 90 second workout breaks make a big difference. Try this one tomorrow:

Midway through your morning and afternoon, get up and complete 15 air squats, then 10 push-ups. Split this up into two sets of 8/5 and 7/5 if needed. This little activity will loosen your hips, work your glutes, and activate your chest--all muscles that get stiff from not being used at work. Do this tomorrow, then come back and tell me how you felt afterward.


When it's your first time a the gym and you don't understand the machines. • r/funny

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All of my clients be like


My man B is getting it done on deadlifts yesterday. This movement works your hamstrings, back, and glutes like there's no tomorrow. Keep up the solid work, buddy.

[06/14/17]   Gym Dom summer tip:

Going on vacation this summer? Stay active while you're away. Keep weight gain at bay through lots of walking or even bodyweight exercises while out of town. The continued effort will keep that weight gain at bay, allowing you to still enjoy yourself when you get home, too.


The Nomberg Law Firm

Do you work in an office and suffer from desk aches and pains (stiff wrists, low back pain)? Here's a few tips to make the work day more comfortable.

For more lifestyle tips, subscribe to the blog at

Ergonomics, Exercise and Lifestyle Choices in the Workplace. 04/04/2017

Matt H.

Keep up the great work, Matt! Next up: kettlebell training. Week 3 of working Coach Brett Andrews’ plan, and I’m feeling it! Getting stronger, feeling better, sleeping great…


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Gym Dom Fitness

Are you looking to build lean muscle, and you're not sure why these light weights aren't working? My next blog post tells you exactly how you can FAIL your way into toned muscles.
The blog drops in the next two days. Message me directly for early access to it. Let's get you whipped into shape. 02/21/2017

Can You Be Fat and Healthy?

Is it possible to be both fat AND healthy? Thanks to @sweatscience for inspiring this post. #fitness #weightloss tl;dr: “Obese people who are physically fit are half as likely to die as thin, sedentary people. Aerobic fitness may be a better measure of health than BMI.” (Source, p. 205) “Can you b…


Gym Dom Fitness


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Can Lifting Weights Help with Back Pain?

In today's blog, I give tips on how you can minimize a problem that over 80% of us have: low back pain. The thing about your back is, it’s like 90% of your body. When it gets messed up, going about your normal day can be pretty rough. If you’re anything like the 80% of Americans (source) who experien… 02/13/2017

Junk Funk – How to Curb Those Cravings

Can't seem to put that cookie down? Here's how to handle those cravings via @Gym_Dom A friend of mine asked me last week for ideas about dealing with junk food cravings. I wanted to share my answer here and see what other suggestions we can find for handling these cravings. 1) Dist…

[02/13/17]   Can't seem to put that cookie down? Here's how to handle those cravings via @Gym_Dom 02/07/2017

Named Workouts - Advanced Endurance

Looking for a more intense workout? These named workouts, "Atlas" and "Hermes", will push your limits beyond the usual day-to-day workout. Loads of movements and minimal rest are the name of the game. Good luck! This is a running list of my named workout series. They're designed for an endurance runner who's been looking to tone up and place an intense focus on core. Feel free to scale set count or prescribed...


One of our body weight workouts from last week. These two are getting after it on these TRX bands! #legday #HIIT 01/27/2017

Core, Balance Workout for Clients 50+ (10-15 minutes)

As we get older, maintaining our balance becomes more of a concern. Use this workout to safely improve your balance and strengthen your core. Follow me for more fitness tips, workouts, and lifestyle strategies for your health journey. Here's a simple workout that you can do at home to strengthen your core and improve balance. No equipment required. Feel free to download, use, and share this workout with friends. Contact me at 205-9... 11/29/2016

3 Steps to Battling the Holiday Bulge

The holiday season can creep on some extra pounds when we aren't looking. Personally, I blame it on too many Christmas parties and my Nana's turkey dressing (that stuff is LEGIT, people).

You can keep that holiday weight gain at bay with these simple adjustments as we close out 2016. Want to curb that holiday weight gain as we close out the year? Here’s 3 strategies to accomplish just that. 11/22/2016

How to Help Your Clients Make Healthy Choices In Any Social Situation

Headed into the holiday season, you're going to face some food situations that challenge your resolve to maintain your healthy eating plans. Justin has some great tips to help you stay the course with your health journey.

What's your takeaway from this article? Help your clients identify bad influences from social circles and reduce their harmful effects on their fitness goals.


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Gym Dom Fitness

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My man B is getting it done on deadlifts yesterday. This movement works your hamstrings, back, and glutes like there's n...
One of our body weight workouts from last week. These two are getting after it on these TRX bands! #legday #HIIT



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