Daniel O'Quinn

Daniel O'Quinn is a chiropractic physician at The FARM in Birmingham, AL.

In his practice, he blends chiropractic, functional rehab, exercise science, nutrition, biopsychosocial, manual therapy, taping and much more to help you in your time of need.


Two years ago, Julius Randle shared this moment he had with Kobe during his final season: “We get off the plane, we ride to the hotel, and — ha. Wow. I will never forget this. We’re coming up on the hotel in Dallas, and Kobe turns to me and he goes, ‘Julius, what you bout to do.’⁠

I’m like, ‘I’m about to see my family, chill with some friends, you know. Have a night.’⁠

And Kobe, he just cuts me off. He’s like, ‘Nah. We’re going to the gym.’⁠


I mean, that right there, it’s just the power of Kobe. If anyone else in the world had said that to me, in that moment, I might have hit ’em with an eye roll and went on with my business. But when Mamba is telling you that it’s a change of plans, and you’re coming with him to the gym tonight? You don’t ask questions. You just do as you’re told.⁠

And of course Kobe knew we were in my hometown. Of course he knew... It was more like — it was him trying to use the situation to teach me a lesson. The lesson being: To get to the next level in this league, you can’t be putting in that next level of work only some of the time. Has to be all of the time. No such thing as sacrifice without sacrifice.⁠

That was November 2015, Kobe’s last season. And from then on, everything he showed me that night, straight up: it’s become my routine. If we’re on a road trip, as soon as we get off the plane, there you go, that’s my night — before I do anything else. I’m heading to the gym, I’m getting my shots up, I’m putting in my work.⁠

And what’s crazy is.... O.K., here’s the end of the story. So we’re in Detroit last season, on a road trip...⁠

On this particular trip, in Detroit, they had this little high school gym opened up for me ... I get to the building, and the guy who was there to let me in, I think he’s the athletic director of that school, we start talking a little bit. And he’s like, ‘It’s good to see you. Guys don’t really show up here to work out anymore. Matter of fact, the last guy to come in this late to shoot — man, that must have been years ago. It was Kobe.’”

✍️: playerstribu.ne/JuliusRandle

📸: Kelvin Kuo

Wall Thoracic Extension 07/14/2022

One of the many ways we work on thoracic extensions in the clinic is utilizing the wall. This is a great drill for anyone lacking in this category.

Wall Thoracic Extension Utilizing the wall to help aid in moving in thoracic extension.


We are lucky to have like-minded health and fitness professionals in the community like this. Bham strong 💪


The ethos we live by at The FARM.

Simple yet powerful.


Many people liken the FARM staff to the '92 Dream Team. Some would say the '86 Bears. Or even the '96 Bulls. We love the comparisons, and one things is for sure we have a team of all-stars just like Dr. Daniel O'Quinn.

World-class Chiropractic Care.

Internationally Recognized Practitioners.

We don’t treat injuries, we manage human health.

The FARM Week in Review: Episode 16 07/27/2021

The FARM Week in Review: Episode 16 In The FARM Week in Review Episode 16, we cover severe brachial plexopathy post motorcycle accident, vestibulo-ocular reflex and balance, and subpatellar pai...

Timeline photos 07/27/2021

We just received another great review on Google:


We are thrilled to have been voted Shelby County’s best chiropractor for 2021!!! Thank you to all of this that voted, and it’s our honor to serve you all!


Heyyy Trail Runners 🗣 The FARM team will be out at the first race of the 2021 series this Saturday! Who is racing the Tranquility Trail 3 miler? Or are you doubling up for the 6?!

& will be running alongside everyone! Then joining & to help stretch you out afterward! Come hangout & shoot us any of those running related questions!!


Opening day! As baseball prep started to began in the fall and picked up in January many baseball athletes have come into the clinic for various injuries. As these athletes finish up their rehab we always want to look back at their swing or their pitching mechanic. We do this for two reasons: one is to look at their swing prior to injury as a possible cause and the second is look for another avenue to make them better than before. So in the next couple weeks I am going to reveal the 13 most common inhibitors/pitfalls of the baseball swing. Stay tuned!

The FARM: Week in Review Ep. 14 01/18/2021

The FARM: Week in Review Ep. 14 Join The FARM crew as we discuss a case of pseudo plantar fasciitis of lumbar origin, knee pain in a runner due to training changes, and a case of chronic posterior tibialis.


Join The FARM team this week as we discuss a youth golfer facing multiple areas of motor control dysfunction due to growth spurts, a case of bilateral hip pain of unknown etiology relieved by simple breathing techniques, a classic case of the often overlooked Sinding Larsen Johannson syndrome in a youth gymnast, and more!

The FARM: Week in Review Ep. 8 09/30/2020

The FARM: Week in Review Ep. 8 Join The FARM team as we discuss a case of a desk jockey dealing with tennis elbow, a case of extension based low back pain being driven by ankle dysfunction in a teen soccer player, and the big question of ‘can you categorize injuries?’.

The FARM: Week in Review Episode 6 09/14/2020

The FARM: Week in Review Episode 6 Join The FARM team as we discuss a shoulder case in which the patient is convinced they need surgery, a case involving a gymnast with strange bilateral lower extremity symptoms, and a classic hip derangement treated using MDT principles.

The FARM: Week in Review Ep. 4 08/31/2020

The FARM: Week in Review Ep. 4 Join The FARM clinicians as they discuss a case of misdiagnosed plantar fascia rupture, how advanced imaging can lead us toward catastrophizing a scenario that’s remedied by great conservative management and a classic pars injury case.

Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis, Treating Function Not Pain, The Chondromalacia Patella Debate 08/18/2020

Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis, Treating Function Not Pain, The Chondromalacia Patella Debate On this episode of Week In Review The FARM clinicians discuss a complex case involving cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and the roadblocks that stood in the way of an easy diagnosis, how losing sight of truly treating function can prolong treatment and reduce effective outcomes.

Osteochondritis Dissecans, FAIS, and a Classic Lumbar Derangement 08/10/2020

Osteochondritis Dissecans, FAIS, and a Classic Lumbar Derangement In this Week In Review The FARM team discusses a case involving osteochondritis dissencans of the knee in a competitive gymnast turned pole vaulter, surgical repair of OCD of the knee in a high school basketball player that is now dealing with FAIS symptoms, and a classic lumbar disc derangement wit

How to Create a Better Childhood Movement Experience 07/14/2020

How to Create a Better Childhood Movement Experience Children are not small adults, and the movement issues they face are not exactly the same as adults face either. The way we think about movement, the environments we place children in, the social settings we expose them to, and really our understanding of movement as parents and adults is what shape

The Age of Movement: 6-12 Months 05/26/2020

Walking shouldn’t be our early goal with babies, so 🛑 (stop) buying jumpers/walkers!!!

The Age of Movement: 6-12 Months Anywhere from month 8-10 babies will start to progress crawling to a further verticalized position which is commonly referred to as ‘bear’ or a ‘bear crawl’. This position allows for further independent isolation of each limb, but also greater stability demand across the entire kinematic cha...


It’s a joy to be around the best everyday!

Timeline photos 05/16/2020

If you’ve recently had a baby or never did any rehab after your pregnancy, Dr. Sloan is in the making of a postpartum rehab series after the birth of her adorable Maddyx! Highly recommend!

Continuing 👊🏽 I noticed early on how much discomfort I experienced when I was forced to engage or stretch my adductors [inside thigh muscles that close the legs together] like getting out of bed or taking a sideways step. ••• Adductors attach at the p***c bone [generally speaking], providing pelvic stability & can be perceived as tight when the core is less than stellar, so it’s a no brainer that they need to be an area of focus for new moms 🤱🏼
👉🏽 In the first 1–2 wks I gently stretched my adductors, adding no force & ensured that my breath was relaxed & my body was not resisting the stretch in any way.
👉🏽 At about 2 wks pp I began adding in isometric contractions. In the same stretch position, I gently began loading my foot into the ground. Again, focused on a relaxed breath & experiencing no discomfort.
👉🏽 At 3 wks pp I added in some PAILS/RAILS [ ] I will post a video detailing this one tomorrow 😉

The Age of Movement: 0-6 Months Old 05/12/2020

The Age of Movement: 0-6 Months Old The first four weeks of life, or the neonatal stage, is comprised of what is deemed ‘general’ movements. These are non-specific movements, that are believed to be the external representations of central nervous system development. It’s almost as if we are seeing the sparks fly as millions of s...

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