Institute for Permanent Make-Up and Restorative Education

Institute for Permanent Make-Up and Restorative Education

Offering Virtual & Hands-On training for Permanent Cosmetics Basic Certification and Advanced Train

Jeanine’s passion is filled with integrity and devotion to her patients and students. She uses effective and efficient communication skills, attention to detail, time management and organization, always bringing her best self to the task with a positive attitude and a smile in order to get things done. A basic fundamental cosmetic tattooing education teacher since 2005 and Restorative advanced tra


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Our focus is to help you transition during this difficult time. has created the perfect temporary solution for women who have undergone a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy.

Offering 6 different tones reflected by the Fitzpatrick Scale; a skin typing tool that will educate you regarding what your scale/type/undertone is to ensure you make the perfect choice for your unique and beautiful skin.

The Fitzpatrick scale is a recognized tool for dermatological research into human skin pigmentation.
(Take our Fitzpatrick Scale quiz on our website to learn your Fitzpatrick Skin Tone!)

2 Size Options: 1" Diameter (Small Size) or 1.5" Diameter (Standard Size)

Safe and non-toxic temporary tattoos
Removable with rubbing alcohol
Printed with Skin Sensitive Ink
Designed by Medical Tattooist with over 20 years experience in restorative, PMU and ar**la tattooing.

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Drawing brows takes practice. We start out looking at the whole face and then we fine tune our eyes 👀 to focus on the brow area. It’s exciting to watch a student blossom. From 6 weeks on zoom to 🙌 hands on scheduled!!

Photos from Institute for Permanent Make-Up and Restorative Education's post 02/28/2021

Calling all Restore Beauty with Ink!
3D Ar**la Tattoo Training supplies on SALE!

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Restorative Tattoo Training, Virtual & Hands -on Training a must!


It's because of you that we are able to continue working as a medical tattoo artists.


Scar restoration and camouflage is an important component of restoring natural beauty.


Jump start your new career with us!

**laeducation **latraining


Sharing this great 10 step guide to simplify **larestoration. This flip chart has been designed for the to develop the ABC's of professional ar**la restoration while allowing the artist to continue to develop their own artistic impression.

**laeducation **latraining


The perfect temporary solution for patients who have gone a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy.

Ultra Realistic, 3D, printed with skin sensitive ink Temporary Tattoos.

The IDEAL way for a client to sample different skin tones and sizes on their own body in order to achieve the best artistic impression.
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We are so excited to announce are entire collection is now available on Amazon! Are you a medical tattoo artist? Check out our Amazon Store:

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We are so excited to announce our new store has been launched
and looks beautiful! Thank you to all those who have
made this possible!

Offering tools for the Medical Tattoo Professional and
Student including Apparel, Consultation Tools, Tattoo
Inks, Work Books, Temporary 3D Tattoos and
much more!
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Facebook Friends, Colleagues, Artists and Medical tattoo professionals, we just launched our new Instagram for Restorative Ink Specialists! We will be posting information regarding our products, online store, sales, discounts and more!
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Institute for Permanent Make-Up and Restorative Education updated their info in the about section. 01/21/2021

Institute for Permanent Make-Up and Restorative Education updated their info in the about section.

Institute for Permanent Make-Up and Restorative Education updated their info in the about section.


So happy to be mobile again and back in Dallas!!! Loving my job and the Breast Cancer patients that cross my path. Restorative tattooing, what a beautiful Monday. **latattoo 🎀


Needling and scar camouflage is a large part of my restorative practice. Shout out to Waverly color co, Beige is the best color. This scar was from her childhood. Every time she would laugh the scar would be more visible. I softened the scar and softened the tone of the scar.


As a tattooist do we really know how deep we are working? Do we really know the epidermis and dermis depth? I DO!!! This skin is from the lower breast. It’s amazing to see the thickness and the skin structures, from the inside out. **latattoo **laartist


Visit our store online (link in bio) for this ink set mentioned in instagram post.
Direct link to product :
**lareduction **latattooing **lareconstruction **la


Great needling treatment, using my favorite Camo color Waverly, Beige. Initial treatment using a 08/17CM. Visible improvement and patient happiness. Win Win ❤️


I feel like this week is the week of news. It’s October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Halloween looming on the calendar. Needling scars is one of my favorite components of Ar**la restoration. Camouflage is second. My homerun Camo color is Waverly BEIGE. I Love that color. Follow me this week with some Skin news. I love my craft, this patient had necrosis on the lower breast. Needling was completed to reduce scaring and flexibility of the tissue. This photo is immediately post procedure. Stay tuned!!! **larestorativetattooartist **latattoo **la #


What a great day for this amazing cancer survivor. Hair is coming back, brows skimpy, eyelashes are thin. I freshened up her look with a natural brow and a pretty eyeliner. Listening to her journey and being part of her final steps is an honor. What a great career we have. Salute the survivor! **latattooartist


A lovely nurse was able to step away today for her eyeliner to be touched up! Killer healed brows!


Let the world know what you do during Breast Cancer Awareness month. (And beyond) New underscrub shirt says “Tattoo Artist” with the breast cancer ribbon letting everyone know your part of their Breast Cancer Journey. Shop at They are going fast!!!!


We tattoo to show our commitment, honor and support for all the women who have crossed our path and all the women who will cross our path on their journey with breast cancer. Let the world know that you are a Restorative Tattooist, completing their journey one patient at a time. Perfect underscrub to wear and strut your stuff!!! We honor all tattooists. Buy today at go to our online store and shop now!!! **latattooing **laartist **la3d **lapigmentation **lamicropigmentation **la3dtattoo

Timeline photos 08/13/2020

Some people heal so beautifully❤️! Upper and lower liner and full brows 08/1 for the brow and 3RL for the eyeliner. Since masks are mandatory, it certainly puts the focus on the brows. makeup

Timeline photos 05/09/2020

Restoration; restore natural beauty. That’s our job. Know your needle, understand the canvas, know your ink, all of these are components that make our job so important. On this patient I used a 10/01 liner, pointillism, Red ink by Waverly. She had cancer of the tongue and skin grafted from her wrist. **latatto

Timeline photos 05/06/2020

Thanks to everyone who watched my LIVE INSTAGRAM last Friday. Please visit my You Tube channel and watch the segment on Scar Restoration, or any of the other educational videos. Subscribe to my channel for instant notification when a new video is posted!! I am your Stay at home EDUCATOR!! **laeducation **latattoo **latattooist

Timeline photos 05/06/2020

Than you to everyone who watched me live last Friday. I enjoyed all of the questions! Please watch the full segment on my you tube channel. There are other educational videos as well. We are going to go back to work soon, DM me please if you have questions, I want to help my teammates thrive. **latattooing

Timeline photos 04/30/2020

Scars come in all forms. In order to complete successful restoration, a consultation is imperative. This photo was 30 days post needling. She had a chemical burn years past. The tissue truly responded to the release needling offers. This case will be my 5th one for tomorrow’s LIVE Instagram. Watch and learn at 2:00pm MST. I’m looking forward to sharing. **latattooing **latraining **larestoration

Timeline photos 04/27/2020

We are artists. We can complete restorative procedures successfully. By looking at the entire canvas we can relax scars and enhance natural beauty. All scars can be treated. **larestoration


Needling for scar revision. I always say it’s not only about the Tattoo. Scar revision is definitely part of the restorative procedure. There are some tips I will share on a Instagram live on Friday May 1, at 2:00pm Central time. Scar revision and scar camouflage questions are welcome. **la **larestoration **latattooartist

Timeline photos 04/23/2020

Drawing Ar**las and Tattooing them takes a step by step process so you don’t loose your way. Check out this handy Flip Chart I created. It helps to hardwire the steps in your brain so when you are faced with a patient you won’t loose your way. This is a great tool for all technicians. can wipe it off and use it during the procedure. Created with transparencies so the image can be seen as steps and completed. A must!!! Shop at **la **latatto **latattooing **latattooartist

Timeline photos 04/18/2020

What about scar restoration! Who does it! Who wants to learn about it!!! This patient had a skin cancer removal. Her tissue was extremely thin at the surgical site and the scar was contracted. I usually use a 13-17 SE magnum to release the scar. On this patient I used a 08/5RL. The results are amazing.

Timeline photos 04/13/2020

Ar**la Tattoo Consultation Cards, Set of 6, $35.00. These cards are a professional component to assist a technician during a restorative consult. These will help the patient understand the color impression for the final tattoo result. Shop at Let’s up our game and be prepared for we go back to work. The recipe for the image is on the back of the card. It’s based on the amazing Ar**la color line from Waverly. Free bonus gift at purchase.
**laartist **laartists #ar**larepigmentation

Our Story

Jeanine McTasney has been working in the aesthetics industry since 1982. Taking a beginning course in 2001 gave her the desire to advance in the restorative permanent make-up industry. Working only for physicians has secured her place in progressive medical environments. Taking the next step for an in home basic training, and hands on classes in a boutique to you setting. The Institute is offering contemporary ONLINE restorative education. Our basic class has all of the tools needed to launch into the medical arena properly. . After this course has been completed we do recommend in person hands on training.

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Needling for scar revision. I always say it’s not only about the Tattoo.  Scar revision is definitely part of the restor...




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