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The firm handles a broad range of consumer rights cases including lemon law claims and car dealershi


Dejar la puerta de un automóvil abierta descuidadamente en el lado del tráfico mientras está en la carretera o autopista puede causar lo que se conoce como accidentes de "puerta". Mire nuestro video blog para obtener más información.


Different factors can intervene in a truck or trailer collision; among them are bad roads and bad weather conditions. Today on our blog, we will talk about how fog and low visibility can be a perfect recipe for accidents involving trucks or trailers.


An accident can leave injuries beyond what's visible. When filing a personal injury lawsuit, psychological injuries can also be considered under non-economic damages. ▶️Learn more in our video blog.


At SM Law, we are pleased to share that Sahar Malek's article on product liability was published in the January/February edition of CAOC's Forum magazine.

The article explains the different elements, references, and evidence that can come up in a product liability case. Sahar Malek's knowledge and experience in this type of case take us through "friends" and "foes" to be found during the investigation process. These "friends" and "foes" can heavily influence and impact the case's outcome.

Sahar emphasizes the importance of research and tools like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to conduct a thorough investigation to find potential known risks, flaws in product testing, product recalls, among others. All of this helps develop a strong case with the most impending evidence.

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Si alguna vez te vieras involucrado en un accidente automovilístico y te preguntaras si necesitas llamar a un abogado, la respuesta definitivamente sería sí. Hoy en nuestro blog hablaremos de las preguntas más importantes que debes hacerle a un abogado que desees contratar después de un accidente. ¡No te lo pierdas!


We are all pedestrians at some point. It's important to know the crucial steps to take if we are ever involved in a pedestrian accident. Watch our video blog to learn more.

Couple Has Warning About Popular Dog-Sitting App 02/02/2022

Sahar Malek is featured as an experienced consumer rights attorney in NBC4's report about a dog-sitting service failing to do its job. ROVER, the popular pet-sitting platform that claims to help pet-owners find trusted sitters, refused to take responsibility when one of their high-rated sitters neglected a SoCal family's dogs.

The affected family contacted NBC4's I Team, who turned to Sahar for specialized legal guidance. Sahar reviewed Rover's terms of service and confirmed that, generally, the site has no liability when something goes wrong with their services. However, after reviewing the circumstances of this case, ROVER decided to issue a full refund and made an apology to the family for falling short of their promise.

Couple Has Warning About Popular Dog-Sitting App The SoCal couple says they felt the sitter neglected their pups. Randy Mac reports Jan. 20, 2022.


Los accidentes de motocicleta pueden tener consecuencias devastadoras. ¿Sabes que hay accidentes sin contacto que pueden ser igualmente peligrosos? Conoce más sobre este tema en nuestro video blog.


We all know that using cell phones while driving is not one of the smartest things to do. However, people tend to think that they can continue to use it safely through hands-free devices. Today in our blog we will talk about how dangerous this can be.


Slip/trip and fall accidents are very common and can cause an unexpected visit to the emergency room.
Watch our video blog to see some tips and recommendations to avoid them.


Un accidente automovilístico es a menudo devastador y traumático, sin embargo, verse golpeado por un vehículo como peatón puede tener consecuencias catastróficas.
Hoy en nuestro blog hablaremos sobre las lesiones más comunes que pueden presentar las personas en un accidente peatonal. No te lo pierdas.


Hoy te compartimos todo lo que debes tener en tu carro en caso de emergencias. ¡No te lo pierdas!


May this year bring new goals, achievements, and many new adventures to your life. From SM Law, we wish you a year fully loaded with joy!


Driving with children can be an even more significant distraction than using a cell phone, watch our video blog to learn more!


We hope your holiday season is filled with joy, peace, and love. Merry Christmas to you and your family from SM Law!


During this holiday season, stay safe behind the wheel! Watch our video blog to learn more.


Most of us like to think of ourselves as good drivers. But in reality, how true is that? And how responsible are we when it comes to driving? Today in our blog, we will talk about how to be a responsible driver. Do not miss it!


Después de estar involucrado en un accidente, podemos sufrir lesiones que se manifiestan de forma inmediata y obvia. Sin embargo, muchos otros tardan en desarrollarse, apareciendo días o incluso meses después. Hoy en nuestro blog, hablaremos sobre cómo obtener una compensación por lesiones de aparición tardía.


During this holiday season, make sure that you and your family stay safe. Watch our video blog for some tips!


¿Sabía que conducir cansado puede tener las mismas consecuencias que conducir en estado de ebriedad? Si quiere saber más, no se pierda nuestro video blog de hoy.


At SM Law, we have so much to be thankful for! We hope you and your family have been able to get together this year and are enjoying a Thanksgiving feast together! Wishing you all a day of love, laughter and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!


The state of California has a mandatory helmet law that makes it illegal to ride a motorcycle or a motorized bicycle without a safety helmet. By failing to do so, could a person lose the right to get compensation in the event of an accident? Today in our blog!


When is a car considered totaled? Watch to find out!


Today, at SM Law, we honor all those men and women who defended and gave everything for our country, as well as those who continue to do so every day. Our infinite gratitude to you. America is America because of your courage, selflessness, and bravery.


A lo largo de nuestra vida, podemos desarrollar diferentes afecciones médicas que pueden ser temporales o permanentes. Hoy en nuestro blog, hablaremos sobre lo que sucede cuando una víctima de un accidente por lesiones personales tiene esas condiciones preexistentes y si pueden afectar su reclamo. ¡No te lo pierdas!


What you need to know about the term "pain and suffering" in a personal injury case! Watch below!


Are police reports actually important for a personal injury claim? Today in our video blog! Watch below!


We know that there are different car accidents, some from behind, some from the front, others from the side, etc. Today in our blog, we will talk about who is responsible when a crash occurs due to a car changing lanes. Don't forget to read it!



Have you ever heard the term "strict liability" and wondered what it meant? Watch our video blog to find out!


Most car accidents are caused by human error and negligent behavior; however, some of them may occur due to other factors such as dangerous weather and poor road conditions. How is guilt determined when the latter causes a crash? Today on our blog!


Driving is an activity that requires a lot of concentration and attention. Teens tend to be easily distracted when driving, and there has been a rise in the number of accidents that occur with this age group. To learn more, watch our video blog:


Most people have had to go through the bad experience of being involved in a car accident. However, some crashes are worse than others. Today in our blog, we will talk about the scenarios in which a car accident can turn into a criminal act. Don't forget to read it!


If you love to ride a bicycle around the city, do not miss today's video blog!


Cuando una mujer está embarazada, debe seguir algunas instrucciones especiales para cuidar su salud y la de su bebé. Pero, ¿qué sucede cuando una mujer embarazada se ve involucrada en un accidente automovilístico? ¿Qué peligros puede afrontar y qué debería hacer? Hoy en nuestro blog.


It is not always easy to ride as a passenger and not as a driver. The lack of control over our safety can be stressful and scary. So today at SM Law, we want to share with you six tips to make your trip safer. And remember, if you need help, do not hesitate to call us.


Have you ever heard the term "catastrophic injury"? Today we will talk about it. Don't forget to watch!

If you need assistance, please call SM Law.


Estar involucrado en un accidente ya es estresante, e iniciar un proceso legal sin un conocimiento amplio de los términos y las leyes puede empeorar la situación. Hoy en nuestro blog definiremos algunos de los conceptos más comunes en las demandas por lesiones personales. ¡No te lo pierdas!


Los accidentes pueden ser más que una experiencia estresante... también pueden ser bastante traumáticos. Para aprender más sobre los efectos psicológicos de un accidente, vea nuestro video blog de hoy.

Y si necesita ayuda, llámenos.

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