Stirring Soil Farm

Stirring Soil Farm


Amazing and Cool!! Thank you so much for creating and sharing.
Is there a pop up today?
Thank you for the delicious ham that I purchased from you for Thanksgiving. It was a big hit with the fam. Everyone thought it was so tasty !
We had your maple sugar glazed ham steak tonite! I can honestly say I have never eaten a piece of ham as good as that was!!! O...M...G...!!!!
Hutchinson and Topeka Pop Up and CSA Pickups!
When will you next be at the Topeka Farmer's market?

Stirring Soil Farm is an organic and biodynamic practicing farm dedicated to restoring biodiversity in the soil for a bio-diverse diet for the community.

Stirring Soil Farm believes in interconnecting business principles and personal ethics. What we do as individuals and communities will affect not only our present but also future. Stirring Soil believes in:

Sustainability is our chief concern. By implementing biodynamic and organic practices, we will sustain fertility throughout our time on the land. Strengthening the Community



Heritage • Mulefoot • Pigs •



•✨ As our Summer season CSA comes to an end, we wanted to share our appreciation for our community members & the farmers we collaborate with. 🤩•

• ✨ Thank you Summer CSA Members for an amazing season!!! ❤️We hope you enjoyed building a relationship with your food & created new memories with your family. ❤️ •

•✨Thank you Limestone Gardens Kansas collaborating CSA’s with us this summer ! Teaming up to offer our Topeka community pastured pork & organic veggies was a joy! Y’all made it too easy to eat deliciously seasonal 😋 & we are looking forward to collaborating in the future ❤️•

•✨Thank you Common Harvest CSA for another incredible CSA season. We are grateful to have the opportunity to build community with fellow like minded farmers & Lawrence eaters. Thank you for all of your work & for wrangling all us farmers to ensure your community has access to a diverse sustainable diet. ❤️•

•❄️Since our Winter CSA doesn’t start until November. . . Our online store is restocked with CHOPS, 👀 MAPLE BREAKFAST SAUSAGE MINI LINKS 🍁 APPLE BRATWURST 🌭 Bone-In ROASTS 😋 for anyone to shop 🙌🏽•

•✨Place your online order by Midnight tonight for pick up at the Topeka Farmers Market or before MONDAY at midnight for 🏡 home delivery(Topeka,Berryton, & Lawrence) ❤️🐽✨


✨ all about these fall morning vibes ✨

•👀 are you checking out our daily 📹stories ??? . . . . . It’s the easiest way to cultivate your relationship with your food & connect to your farmers ❤️

Photos from Common Harvest CSA's post 08/23/2021

Check us out in this week’s Producer Highlight from Common Harvest CSA ❤️ We are grateful to work alongside the incredible leaders & organic farmers of Common Harvest CSA.
Click the link below to read their newsletter & to get some tasty seasonal recipes ! 🥂


•🌿 Lamb’s • Quarter 🌿•
Considered to be a weed by some farmers & cultivated as a nutrient dense forage by others.

•🌿 Lamb’s quarter has high amounts of :

•vitamin C
•vitamin A
•& even some iron

It’s palatable spinach like flavor, makes it one of our pig’s favorite forage snacks.

Luckily for us, it’s part of the amaranth family, it produces thousands of seeds per plant(making it a foe to many veggie farmers), even after the pigs have chomped it all down, enough seeds find their way into the soil to grow the following season. This contributes to a balanced mix of native diverse forage & intentionally seed forage crops that compliment our pig’s nonGMO certified feed.

Their diverse, engaging diet results in that flavorful mulefoot-marbled pork that we are known for, while providing them a healthy environment to thrive in. Providing this way of life is one of the many ways that we celebrate & show gratitude to our pigs for the nourishment that they will provide our community. ❤️

✊🏽 @ Common Harvest CSA


G O O D M O R N I N G .
💫 it’s gonna be a beautiful week y’all, may we all find moments within the busy buzz of our days to be present & embraced it💫

Photos from Stirring Soil Farm's post 08/15/2021

😎summertime wallow feels on the farm all weekend long✨.
.🙏🏽Thank you to everyone who put down a deposit/ reserved a custom-cut pig for winter delivery! We are officially SOLD OUT of half & whole pigs until 2022🥂 - thanks for lifting us up after a HOT LONG week ❤️
❄️We do have Winter Pork CSA Shares available on our website for home delivery to Topeka, Berryton, & Lawrence



🌳We’re spending this beautiful cool summer day moving all of our groups of growing pigs to fresh deep tree lines in preparation for next week’s heat 😎🔥🐽
We hope you are enjoying this blissful break from the summer heat as well ❤️


. . . how’s your freezer lookin 👀

🐽 Heritage Mulefoot Pork CSA shares & custom-cut pig reservations, available on our website 📦for home delivery to KCMO, KCK, Lawrence, Berryton, & Topeka

❤️ 🏈


•✨ Starting my morning off with a beautiful baby greens harvest is giving me all the feels 💞 •

•🙏🏽Thank you Topeka for ordering veggie boxes from the Topeka Growers Group & giving your farmers an early morning boost of joy✨•


G R A T E F U L • H E A R T

💫We are officially halfway through our Summer CSA season!

& It’s that blissfully busy time of year :

🐽we are weaning our last groups of spring-born piglets(which will feed our Winter CSA)

🙏🏽 saying goodbye to the last of our late fall born growing pigs(which will feed our Summer CSA)

🌳Fencing & expanding our deep tree line paddocks for our growing pigs

🍅Cultivating & trellising our seed crops

🌾Seeding our growing pig’s previous pastures (a lot of seeding is happening this year - ooof this Spring was wet!)

🌱Harvesting baby greens for the Topeka Growers Group

📦Delivering & feeding more than 60 families through our summer CSA & Common Harvest CSA

We are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful community of seasonal eaters, thank you❤️.

✨Thank you for choosing to connect with where your food comes from, how it is raised(& how that impacts our environment), & the people who steward the land that provides it. Thank you for joining us in honoring our pig’s life through memorable meals & for building a community around seasonal eating ❤️

❄️Our Winter Pork CSA shares are available on our website. Joining our Winter CSA share now helps us with the ongoing cost of raising our Biodynamic Pastured Heritage Mulefoot pigs while increasing the health of our soils & sequentially the health of our community of eaters.

Click the link below to join our Winter Pork CSA
or on the Shop Kansas Farms website

Grateful to be your farmers,
Tanea & Chris

❄️WINTER CSA link in bio
Meat dealer #2099


✨Our Mulefoot piglets are getting bigger & more confident everyday 🐽•

• Spending time in the piglet pasture on the weekends is just the best 🌾


✨Topeka Seasonal Eaters!

🙋‍♀️Anyone else planning on celebrating the 4th of July with seasonal dishes, made from local, regeneratively raised ingredients?

💙Our online store has been restocked with our🐽 Heritage Pastured Pork, Biodynamic salad🌱 Greens, Mulberries, & Pastured Rainbow🐣 Eggs, place your order by 8am on THURSDAY morning for THURSDAY delivery. - Thursday? wait, what? Yep. That's right, with the 4th of July on Sunday, we are doing a bonus delivery this month. YAY🎇

🤩We got some AMAZING Mulefoot Marbled Butt & leg(ham) roasts. . . . . delivered just in time to prep it & fill up your smoker for the weekend. 🤷‍♀️ Filling up your grill this weekend? Try our ground pork, which makes a juicy & flavorful burger🍔 , or our Italian Sausages 🌭 with a mountain of tasty local greens on top. & of course, Bacon 🥓 for allll your burger & appetizer needs. 🥂

It's peak Mulberry season on the farm, add a pint of fresh🍇 hand-picked, for peak FLAVOR & Biodynamically grown- never sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers. Looking for a way to add some local flavor to your BBQ sauce? . . . . Mulberries are so easy to cook with & add a flavor punch to any sauce or dessert. 😋

Click on the link below to shop our online store


or find us on the Shop Kansas Farms website

All of our meat is born & raised on our farm in Berryton, Fed a locally grown & mixed NonGMO project certified feed, & are boutique butchered at a AWA(animal welfare approved) USDA inspected facility.

💖 Cheers to celebrating the 4th of July with Northeast Kansas flavors!

Grateful to be your farmers,
Tanea & Chris

Meat License #2099

Photos from Stirring Soil Farm's post 06/28/2021

Our Mulberry trees are bursting with plump-candy-sweet berries 🍇 We have been harvesting all weekend (& taste testing of course 😉) & these are the sweetest berries we have harvested this year! The rain has come at just the right time to produce plump juicy flavorful fruit.

Perfect for jams, reduced & added to sauces (mulberry bbq sauce 🙋🏽‍♀️or mulberry balsamic reduction over chops) favorite 🥧baked treats, on top of granola, or just straight from the pint jar!

✨This seasonal treat is available for home delivery to Topeka via the Topeka Growers Group website. Place your order by midnight tomorrow for Wednesday home delivery. 🚚


✨ Happy Father’s Day ✨•



🔥 1st week of triple digit heat index isn’t slowing down this crew of growing pigs . . . During our HOT Kansas summers our pigs spend most of their days going from a quick dip in a shaded wallow to munching down on their diverse seeded pasture - on repeat - all day- everyday❤️🌾🐽

We hope everyone is taking care through this heatwave ❤️ ..... oh & don’t forget to support your local farmers, showing up & supporting big all year round is what gets us farmers through the extremes.

grateful to be your farmers,
Tanea & Chris


We are delivering our Mulefoot Heritage breed Pastured Pork to your neighborhood this TUESDAY!

Our online store has been RESTOCKED🎉 Place your order on our website before midnight on MONDAY for TUESDAY home delivery 📦 🐽🌱

🥩All of our pork is from our Heritage breed pigs that are born & raised on our ✨Biodynamic pastures in Berryton KS.

❤️ Respected from the second they are born until the day they nourish our community, our pigs welfare is at the center of all of our decisions. One example of this is how we rotate our pigs to fresh diverse forge & cover crop seeded pastures sections (or as we call them - paddocks) 🌾 every 10ish days depending on impact(weather can greatly change this timeframe). Moving them this frequently keeps them active & engaged in their environment, supports their natural social behaviors, & provides a diverse seasonally changing nutrition; resulting in flavorful, marbled pork.

🤷🏽‍♀️what favorites did we just RESTOCK? . . . CHOPS, Applewood Shoulder BACON, MAPLE breakfast sausage MINI LINKS, Italian Sausage, & . . . . .
Click the link below to place an order for Tuesday delivery

Or on the Shop Kansas Farms website

All of our meat is processed at an AWA(animal welfare approved) boutique butcher that is USDA inspected.
Meat license # 2099

Grateful to be your farmers,
Tanea & Chris

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Mulefoot pig pasture vibes.




6542 SE 77th St
Berryton, KS

Opening Hours

Tuesday 4pm - 6pm
Wednesday 3pm - 6pm
Saturday 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 2pm - 6pm

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