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Raising Registered Limousin replacement stock. Cows, Bulls and Heifers for sale at all times.


Great Group of Replacement Heifers

A small group of replacement heifers. Very pleased with how they look. All weighed 950 or more. Going to AI them at the end of April. Muddy day to work with them, but they stayed very calm and made a tough situation easy. Working 42 pairs tomorrow.


This guy not only has great numbers, but he is also very laid back and loves a good tail scratch.

The first calf crop starts in Mid January.

Look for this ad in the January/February issue of the Heartland Limousin Association magazine.
Semen available


Very proud of this group of offspring. Just one of several that are available for sale.


OK, he's been collected and I have straws for sale in time for your spring AI needs!! Check out his EPDs at NPM2272830 then give me a call or text @ 785-221-5317 or just come look at him as he is more impressive when you see him. Thanks again to Jim and Beth Venner of Venner Limousin


One of our yearling bulls for sale...enjoying the -17 degree morning before feeding.


All the hard work doesn't go unnoticed

Mobile uploads 02/16/2021

So True!!!

Ranchers’ work never stops.

It is calving checks at 2 a.m., 5 a.m., 8 a.m. and so on throughout the day and night to make sure newborn calves are alive, warm and sucking. It’s a 6 a.m. wake-up call to unfreeze frozen livestock waterers. It is a 7 a.m. feeding time to make sure the livestock are well-nourished. It’s an 11 a.m. water check to make sure things are still thawed. It is a 2 p.m. cow check to move those close to calving to a dry area. It’s a 5 p.m. pasture check to replace hay bedding that helps ensure the cattle have a warm place to lay down. It’s another calving check at 9 p.m. Then, it starts all over again.

Despite the below freezing temperatures, ranchers never stop tending to their livestock. This is farming and ranching at its core. Join us in thanking all the farmers and ranchers out there for continuing to get the job done.


I feel I'm ready for my next step up in my Limousin business. I love this bull. This handsome guy was born 8/24/2019, yes he is 18 months old over 1680lbs. He was shown (he's halter broke) at the Black Hills Stock Show placing second in his class. I was lucky enough to get him bought at the auction. Check out his EPDs his registration number is, NPM2272830 When the weather breaks he is going strait to KABSU to be collected. Let me know if you would like any straws from him Thanks go out Jim and Beth Venner, of Venner Limousin for their great job of raising him!


Calving season has started. Haven't had a red calf in several years, but GV Xcellsior 817B is a great heifer bull. 5 calves so far. 15 more to go of the AI'ed group.


We can always depend on this field for quality hay. The cows will love it this winter. Always have quality heifers and older cows for sale


We can always depend on this field for quality hay. The cows will love it this winter. Always have quality heifers and older cows for sale

EggBar Limousin updated their website address. 01/27/2020

EggBar Limousin updated their website address.

EggBar Limousin updated their website address.


40 momma cows getting ready to start calving in 5 to 6 weeks. Alan Eggenberger

Photos from EggBar Limousin's post 03/13/2018

We currently have two yearling bulls for sale. If you are looking for your next herd bull, please feel free to give us a call.

Photos from EggBar Limousin's post 03/09/2018

Looking for your next herd bull?? Come to the Kansas Limiousin Breeders Association sale this Saturday at El Dorado Ks. We will have two bulls consigned in the sale. We will be more than happy to take phone bids and we can schedule delivery. The bull on the right is Homo Black and Homo Polled. Very gentle and easy to work with. Please feel free to contact us with any questions


So not a good picture, but it was a little "Chilly" today! This is an AI baby out of SYES Backstage 466B and our TMCK cow. Should make a great heifer bull in the future!! He was eight days early... Might add he is warm in the barn with a blanket on for the night.

Timeline photos 12/07/2017

Timeline photos


Hey everyone EggBar Limousin is at 299 likes. Want to thank everyone!!!! We have some nice just weaned bull calves and heifers along with some nice bred spring heifers . Give us a call if you want to come look. I'm always up to talk cattle!! Thanks Alan and Desiree



Timeline photos 01/27/2017

Well 2017 calving season has started with a bang... three cows and four calves!! This nice set of twin heifers was a surprise!!! We have two bulls that will be in the Flint Hills Choice Sale March 11th. I will post some pictures of them soon with more info

Timeline photos 06/15/2016

To raise money for next years Jr. National show, The Kansas Limousin Association is selling raffle ticket for a Traeger Grill $5 each or $20 for 5. Let me know if anyone is interested. Your donation to support the kids is much appreciated!

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I absolutely love this time of year!!! Love watching all the babies play

Timeline photos 03/11/2016

This guy is only 6 weeks old and is a tank.

Photos from EggBar Limousin's post 03/05/2016

Enjoying some fresh hay

Photos from EggBar Limousin's post 03/02/2016

Just a few of the calves we will be weaning in the next several months. Would make a good addition to someone's heard. Please contact us if interested. Would love to show you what is available.

Timeline photos 03/02/2016

Alan and I are proud to announce that we are now BQA certified. We take great pride in the cattle we raise and the way we handle them on a daily basis.

Timeline photos 11/08/2015

Alan Eggenberger and I are very excited about the newest addition to Eggbar Limousin. Special shout out to Linhart Limousin for the nice quality heifer. Fantastic sale!!

R&R Marketplace - Online Cattle Auctions & Sales RED-LIMI-LOT-12 10/13/2015

R&R Marketplace - Online Cattle Auctions & Sales RED-LIMI-LOT-12

Eggbar Limousin has teamed up with RRMarketplace in the 1st All Red Limi Auction. Please check out AEGG Clifford 533C.

This calf is just old enough that you can see the good in him, but young enough that you can raise him how you want to, so he will fit into your system the very best possibly way. Eggbar Limousin, the Eggenberger Family has developed a cowherd that is focused on producing superior genetics to propagate solid carcass genetics. AEGG Clifford 533C is a son of their GV Unbelievable herd sire and he ranks in the top 4% of the breed for YG and top 10% for REA.

R&R Marketplace - Online Cattle Auctions & Sales RED-LIMI-LOT-12 limousin cattle auctions managed by R&R Marketing company

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Newest addition to Eggbar Limousin.. 73lb heifer

Timeline photos 04/14/2015

Got Milk??? My Limousin mommy does!!! Lots of growing babies here, Thanks to Jim Hays and Kaw Valley Limousin Farms

Photos from EggBar Limousin's post 04/14/2015

I want to be a show Heifer..... I am only ten weeks old so think of what I will be at weaning time!!! Anyone want to take me home then?

Photos from EggBar Limousin's post 04/02/2015

Photos from EggBar Limousin's post

Photos from EggBar Limousin's post 04/01/2015

Just a few of the babies on the beautiful evening


Well calving season is coming to an end for our Spring Herd. We are down to one cow left. If you or any of your friends are looking for nice quality replacement stock, please give us a shout. So far we have 15 heifers and 14 bull calves.

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Great Group of Replacement Heifers




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