Clover Community School

Clover Community School


There are schools all over the state of Arkansas that qualify for the Succeed Scholarship. Clover Community School is a K-8 private, independent school serving learners of all abilities who seek a hands on, project based approach to education. They are located in the Bentonville area.
Earlier this week, we got to spend some one-on-one time with the students of Clover Community School . The school is designed to help students with mental disabilities learn everyday tasks alongside their schoolwork in an environment that aligns with their needs.

Clover Community School and its students hold a special place in our hearts here at the bank. That's why we want to ask you all to join us in giving to their NWAGives campaign! The money raised during this campaign will assist the school in educating 5 additional students!

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The votes have been counted, and the winner of the Gingerbread Schoolhouse Competition is ... Beryl Henry Elementary in Hope! The school received a total of 89 votes. Congratulations!

Thank you to the other competitors at Clover Community School Robert L Davis Elementary and Arrows Academy (Arrows Behavior Therapy & Consulting), who finished in second place with 77 votes!
Schools have submitted their entries, and now it's your turn to help them win! Vote for your favorite entry by clicking "like" on that post to help your favorite win! This entry is from Clover Community School in Bentonville.
In 2020 AIM was able to give AIM2Educate Grants to 8 amazing Special Education Teachers in the Bentonville Public School District, to the Clover Community School, and to the Springdale School District. This would not have been possible without the support of Arkansas Community Foundation and our wonderful supporters.
#AIMeveryday #AIM2Educate #SpecialEducation #autismawareness #makingadifference #teachersareamazing
We want to send some Friday morning love over to one of the great schools we work with, Clover Community School! Comment below if your child goes to Clover and let us know your favorite thing! We are loving the story time they are providing virtually...Thank you for what you do, Clover Community School!
It's been a super busy day, but it was all worth it having Clover Community School at the station to give them a tour of the TV station and teach them all about severe weather safety. These kids were precious and just adorable & really made my day at work.
This is what your business meetings look like when you’re a Nature-based OT. 🐐🌿 We’re excited about partnering with Clover Community School to provide natured-based services for our community! #natureschool #forestschool #pediatricOT #natureplay #animaltherapy #takethekidsoutside #thenaturalstate #nwarkansas

Clover Community School was founded to provide a private, independent K-8 school choice for learners of all abilities seeking a holistic education.

Who we are:
Kimberly Parker is a former lawyer with expertise in disability advocacy. She is the Founder of Special Child NWA, a resource and advocacy service for children with special needs. Previously an appointed member of the Arkansas Department of Education Advisory Council for the Education of Individuals with Disabilities, Kimberly has served on numerous boards, including AIM (Autism Invol

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 05/25/2022

Scholarship application opening May 31st!

Succeed Scholarship Program will be accepting new student applications for the 2022-23 school year beginning May 31, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. until June 6, 2022, at 4:30 p.m.

Online portal:

If you have any questions please call our office at 501-244-9028 or email us at [email protected]

Photos from Clover Community School's post 05/18/2022

Producing and
kids here at

Photos from Clover Community School's post 05/12/2022

Clover kids on the move! What else to do on a hot day in May than hike to the nearest watering hole for a little toe dipping and exploration!


Peer to peer teaching is a great way to reinforce content!

Photos from Clover Community School's post 05/04/2022

🏵🌻🥕 Got some plants in the ground today before the next rain! These kids ❤ working in the garden.

Photos from Clover Community School's post 05/02/2022

📝🧮Area and perimeter review with crackers! A yummy math day indeed😋

Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids | The Reform Alliance 05/02/2022

Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids | The Reform Alliance

Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids | The Reform Alliance Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids Program provides resources for families who need access to additional education options.


I saw this on another FB page. Looks like Sunshine School will be offering some summer hours.…..

Photos from Clover Community School's post 04/28/2022

🏀🏀The students have a new favorite play space...the basketball court! Thanks to all our recent volunteers who made this dream come true!

Timeline photos 04/28/2022

Timeline photos

Photos from Clover Community School's post 04/26/2022

🍀🌷Our hoop house is looking good thanks to these hardworking kids!


🐖🍀Penelope REALLY wanted breakfast! She forged the very deep creek before we could cross the bridge to see her 😂 thanks Ms. Erin for capturing the moment!


Hey folks! Last minute call for some strong and mighty people to help us unload some swings from a freight delivery TODAY 4-14-22 Thursday at 3pm. Our guy Jacob is beside himself that the equipment is finally here and though he is strong, we don’t want him to do it all! (After all, he did save his money for his beloved swings!)


I’ve followed Cammie McGovern’s family for years, and her writings strongly influenced me in the decision to open Clover. Yet again, she makes me ponder next steps.
My boy is 17 yo and craving the next phase of his life. Renting an apartment, getting a job that makes enough to rent an apartment, dating and marriage.
Tell us your stories and your plans for this generation of kids. This April, let’s move beyond autism awareness and autism acceptance and into autism action planning!

Here’s the thing: As your child gets older, you can’t stay home all the time and you can’t make up reasons why everything he wants to do isn’t possible for him. You see it more clearly with every passing year. He’s not a child any more. He’s a teenager and then, he’s not even a teenager any more, he’s a young adult. He wants to participate in the world around him. He wants a job. He wants to walk into town by himself. He wants the same friendships and relationships he sees on TV. Your child wants a life.

And it’s terrifying.

Photos by Jo Sittenfeld

Photos from Clover Community School's post 04/13/2022

Another birthday in the books! Karaoke today!

Photos from Children's Advocacy Center of North and Northwest Cook County's post 04/11/2022

Photos from Children's Advocacy Center of North and Northwest Cook County's post


Thanks so much to everyone who donated!!! We have met our goal AND won a $250 from NWA Gives via First Security Bank!!! Check it out around the 5:00 minute mark!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!


NWA Gives Today is the day!!!!


NWA Gives Today is the day! Help us build a robust, upper school program for our older students!🍀🐖🐐


NWA Gives is here!!!!!! We need your help to build a robust, upper school program! Check us out!

Photos from NWA Gives's post 04/05/2022

Thank you for all your early giving! If you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time to put us in the running for a prize!

Nature School | Clover Community School 04/02/2022

Nature School | Clover Community School

Our kids have heart! 💜 Please will you make a small donation today to our NWAGives campaign?

Nature School | Clover Community School Nature school for different learners in Northwest Arkansas

Support Clover Community School Upper School Program on NWA Gives 03/31/2022

Support Clover Community School Upper School Program on NWA Gives

Support Clover Community School Upper School Program on NWA Gives An individualized education which will enable all learners to lead productive, independent lives of purpose as adults.

Timeline photos 03/31/2022

Don’t forget!

Renew your scholarship before April 8th!

You can fill out here: and email to [email protected] or you can use the online system here:

Please contact our office if you have any questions! 501-244-9028


It’s coming! Go to
and read our story!


We are excited about ! Are you!!!!????


So many big feels! This group served our school today and yesterday, driving all the way from Cedar Hill Texas to do so. We will share more photos and stories in the upcoming days, but tonight I (Kimberly) need to share a personal one.
My son cannot really throw or catch a football. CP, autism, brain damage - all conspire to deny him this pastime. But tonight he is talking about how much fun he had today with “the kids from Texas” throwing a football. As he put it “Mom, they really filled my bucket because they just kept giving me another chance and they liked me even if I couldn’t catch the ball. I think they liked me mom”.
All of our beliefs, our hopes and our dreams for our students, were brought to life by these “kids from Texas”. We so appreciate their hard work building and cleaning up our school. But mostly, as a mom, I appreciate their hearts and their spirits and their kindness.

Thank you….

Get Excited!

Photos from First United Methodist Cedar Hill Youth Group's post 03/16/2022

Look at these rock stars - we are so thankful for their help!

Photos from First United Methodist Cedar Hill Youth Group's post 03/16/2022

We are so thankful to these youth for choosing to spend their spring break serving our little school community!


Guess what is right around the corner!!???


A safe and secure connection between a teacher and a learner is absolutely essential to the educational process. It is only after this connection will the true learning begin.

This is so true.

We need to meet a child where they are, and to ensure the connection is safe & secure it MUST be child-centred. Otherwise it’s not meaningful.

Using Bruce D Perry’s trauma responsive theory it’s essential any work that is done with children is:

1.Relational – the relationship must be familiar and safe.

2.Relevant – the communication must be age appropriate and relevant for the situation

3.Repetitive – the connection must be patterned, so expectations are clear and both sides of the connection are confident in the other party

4.Rewarding – it must be fun and pleasurable, not sterile and ‘forced’

5.Rhythmic – there must be a resonance, with neural patterns (walking, dancing, singing, breathing…)

6.Respectful – it’s essential that respect is paid to the child, their family, heritage, core beliefs and culture

7.(Bonus one) Reciprocal – a hugely important part of every-day life: reciprocity. It’s a two-way process.

We will be exploring CO-REGULATION in our webinar on Tuesday evening, if this is of interest then do join us! You can book your ticket here:

Photos from Clover Community School's post 03/11/2022

Here are some pics of the work the wonderful crew at completed for us! So grateful for the face lift! Check out that gravel work and fresh mulch💜❤and that truck🛻!!!


Another shout out to and his crews for making our farm look happy and refreshed. Fresh mulch, old fence removal, driveway fixed with rock and new railroad ties, trees taken down and trimmed....I could go on and on. Thanks from ALL of us!!!!


Photos from Clover Community School's post 03/05/2022

We were so fortunate to have Alff Construction’s crew on our property this week to clean up our grounds and help us look all spring pretty! Annnnd - they fixed our sweet little farm truck! Volunteers and donors make such a huge difference to our little community!

Our Story

Who we are:
Kimberly Parker is a former lawyer with expertise in disability advocacy. She is the Founder of Special Child NWA, a resource and advocacy service for children with special needs. Kimberly is an appointed member of the Arkansas Department of Education Advisory Council for the Education of Individuals with Disabilities. She has served on numerous boards, including AIM (Autism Involves Me) and the Northwest Arkansas Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities/Grace School, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Spectrum Living Solutions.

Sharon Bense has worked as a teacher in the public schools for over 15 years. She has a degree from the University of Texas at Austin in psychology. She went on to earn a special education, K-12, teaching certification in the state of Texas and is currently certified to teach in Arkansas as well. Sharon specializes in the education of students with various disabilities. She has extensive experience in both school and home settings. She has taught social skills classes, uses the TEACCH model, has experience with ABA therapy and is familiar with academic curriculum through the 10th grade. She has provided professional development on various special education topics as well as presented at conferences. In 2013, Sharon was awarded Teacher of the Year the in Eanes Independent School District (Austin, TX) and was also awarded Teacher of the Year in 2015 at Willowbrook Elementary which is part of the Bentonville Schools. Sharon currently is the founder of Effective Education, LCC, a tutoring/advocate business for special needs families in the NWA area.

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