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Belvidere Auto Maintenance All of us at Belvidere Auto Maintenance understand the importance of having an auto repair facility you can trust.

Your safety (and that of your family) is often dependent on the mechanical condition of your vehicle. When you bring your car to Belvidere Auto Maintenance, we recognize the enormous trust you are placing in us-and everyone on our staff takes this very seriously. We understand you expect your car to be restored to top driving condition. You also expect prompt service and a courteous, competent sta

Operating as usual

[10/05/21]   Hello Facebook Friends! We haven't posted here for a while in a effort to not clog up your wall with ridiculous pictures of us doing a brake job or replacing a engine. You already know that it's something we do. We are here today to remind you that the change of season is upon us and the time is now to get your vehicle ready for the winter season. Give us a call at (815) 547-8020 to set up a time to inspect your vehicle & make sure everything is in good shape. As always the inspection is free and we would NEVER do anything without you knowing about it first. Thanks again & have a great day!!

[09/07/21]   The unofficial end of summer arrived yesterday and what a summer it was. Heat, drought, a couple of really nasty storms and of coarse Covid. What will fall & winter bring? Who knows but one thing is sure it's going to play heck with your vehicle. Replacing your vehicle is almost out of the question. No new cars to find and used car prices are insane. Give us a call at (815) 547-8020 & have us give your vehicle a through inspection.

[06/04/21]   Now that Covid is hopefully becoming a memory be aware that metal pricing is starting to climb. Brake rotor pricing has increased 2 times in 6 weeks and nobody seems to know when it will end. If you need a brake service consider doing it now before the next increase takes place.

[04/27/21]   We need to add a technician to our crew. Are you qualified? Do you have great work ethics? Do you have a valid drivers license? If you do and want to work call Don at 815 547-8020.

[02/19/21]   It looks like we have been able to make it through this month long cold snap. Next week promises to be above freezing. Let the meltdown begin!

[02/11/21]   If your battery is 4 years old it might be time to replace it. Don't get stranded in this bitter cold. We will check your battery & charging system free of charge.

[02/08/21]   Quality Brake Check Inspections

The brake system's response can also be felt in the steering wheel or in the brake pedal. A slight vibration or shuddering is another obvious sign. Traveling at excessive speeds may cause the brakes to respond negatively. Make sure the brake specialists at Belvidere Auto Maintenance have a chance to prevent further damage to your braking system. We can help you avoid damages to your other brake components like the brake rotors, calipers, drums, and valves. When you ignore these warning signs like the squealing noise, the brake pads will continue to wear down. First, you will start to hear a scraping sound because the brake pads are worn. Soon, this will turn into a brake metal-on-metal scraping and grinding noise. DO NOT let your braking system get to this state of emergency. While we're able to fix your brakes no matter what the condition, bringing your vehicle to us at this point could mean increased cost. Let's avoid that altogether by responding to your braking system's early warning signs.

[02/08/21]   Due for a oil & filter change? $19.95 (up to 5 quarts conventional oil) Give us a call (815) 547-8020

[02/04/21]   Be very aware of freezing doors, windows & windshield wipers tomorrow morning if your vehicle sits outside.

[02/03/21]   More snow warnings in place followed by bitter cold for about a week. These are the worst conditions for a vehicle. NOW is the time to check the charging system, cooling system, battery, belts and brakes. We fully expect to tow several vehicles towed in for a no start or poor heat condition. Give us a call at (815) 547-8020 BEFORE you have a problem. Let us get the oil changed and a safety check performed. ALL shops will be busy. If your vehicle will not start DO NOT try to keep trying to start it because that generally makes the problem worse & just costs more to get it fixed. If you do not have Roadside Assistance and need a tow please call Denny's Towing at (815) 544-5565 & they will tow your vehicle in ASAP or give us a call and we will arrange a tow for you. Thank you!!

[01/21/21]   Did you know we do undercoating?

[12/30/20]   Good Morning Everyone! We certainly hope all of you are well. Just a reminder about last night's snow storm. The snow is very wet & heavy and poses a lot of risk of causing health problems. Some call it a heart attack snow storm. Be very careful!! With all the problems with Covid you certainly don't want to add more risk to your health.

[11/13/20]   Brakes noisy? Give us a call at (815) 547-8020 for a FREE evaluation.

[11/12/20]   It's time to check your battery! Get up to a $25.00 rebate if your vehicle needs one.

[10/22/20]   We are your place for brakes! Expert diagnosis, quick service & reasonable prices.

[10/20/20]   Remember that our "Brakes for Breasts" campaign ends the last day of October. Get up to $40.00 in rebates! Or you can donate the rebate to this very worthy cause. Give us a call at (815) 547-8020 to take advantage of the savings!!


Belvidere Auto Maintenance

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Hello everyone! I was able to find a person that makes GREAT medical masks. They are cloth with the elastic bands that wrap around the ears. She donates 100% of the proceeds to a Su***de Prevention Agency due to losing a child recently. She told me she does it because while she was not able to save her child maybe by making medical masks she may be able to help save someone else's. What a great way to give. If you would like to purchase some please PM me and I will be happy to give you her name & phone number. She gave me permission to do it this way. I bought 20 very high quality masks for $60.00. Thank you!!

[04/28/20]   Hello everyone! I was able to find a person that makes GREAT medical masks. They are cloth with the elastic bands that wrap around the ears. She donates 100% of the proceeds to a Su***de Prevention Agency due to losing a child recently. She told me she does it because while she was not able to save her child maybe by making medical masks she may be able to help save someone else's. What a great way to give. If you would like to purchase some please PM me and I will be happy to give you her name & phone number. She gave me permission to do it this way. I bought 20 very high quality masks for $60.00. Thank you!!

[04/15/20]   We sincerely hope that everyone is doing well and doing your part to protect yourself and others. At Belvidere Auto we are considered essential and have remained open. We haven't been here full days as if we run low on work or are waiting on parts we will close for the remainder of the day and shelter in our homes. We do have the shop phone number forwarded to our cell phone to take calls and make appointments. If you should need service to your vehicle please call us first and we will make arrangements for you. Thank you & stay safe!! (815) 547-8020

[03/23/20]   Thank you for being a loyal customer. During these trying times, we want to make sure you know that you can continue to count on us to service your vehicles. We know how important it is to have running car during these difficult times so we want to make sure your car is one less thing you have to worry about. Our current hours of operation are: Monday thru Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm

[03/20/20]   Hello everyone! The Governor has decided that in the interest of good health and reducing the possibility of becoming infected and spreading the coronavirus that we stay indoors at our homes for a while except to get needed supplies, medications and Dr visits. Belvidere Auto Maintenance is considered an essential business to remain open during this crisis to insure your vehicle stays running well. If something needs to be done to your vehicle don't hesitate to call during this period. We will be here. Please call us at (815) 547-8020 to make an appointment. We will advise as to the best way to drop your vehicle off to have the least amount of close interaction and will do everything in our power to get you back on the road again as fast´┐╝ as we can. Thank you & stay safe ~ Don

[03/05/20]   Did you know we undercoat vehicles new or used? Protect your investment! (815) 547-8020

[02/21/20]   Good News! We are increasing our brake parts inventory another 40 part numbers to better serve you!

[02/21/20]   Batteries. How are they maintained BEFORE you purchase them? Most just sit on a shelf waiting to be bought. Sometimes upwards of a year! What is the state of charge on that new battery 50? 60%? Here at Belvidere Auto Maintenance all of our new batteries are kept on a intelligent charging station that maintains a 100% charge at all times. That insures years of worry free driving for you! Those are little things are what we do for our customers. Need a battery? Think of Belvidere Auto Maintenance! (815) 547-8020

[01/30/20]   We undercoat vehicles regardless of age. Have a new vehicle and want to protect it? Or a older vehicle and you would like to slow down any rust that may have started? Give us a call & we can undercoat it. It only takes a few hours. (815) 547-8020

[01/11/20]   With the weather we are having it might be wise to get some lock-thaw for the door locks. Rain then freezing rain followed by snow could freeze water in the door locks. Also make sure you fully thaw the windshield so the windshield wipers don't stick to the windshield. Turning on the windshield wipers when they are frozen to the windshield could strip out the wiper arms to the transmission assembly they are attached to or burn out a wiper motor or electrical switch all of which are not cheap to fix. If you could raise the wiper arms while the vehicle is parked that would be ideal. Make sure you don't clean the snow off the windshield with the wipers. Use a ice scrapper or snow brush first. Attempting to do otherwise could cost you a lot of money that wasn't necessary. Car doors are prone to freeze shut as well. If they do warm water all around the door where it seals to the body can thaw that out but make sure you use a towel to dry the weatherstrip area after the door is open to guard against refreezing. Get some silicone spray & lightly spray on the weatherstrip to keep the weatherstrip soft and help keep it from freezing again. Stay safe & if you need us call at 815 547-8020

[01/02/20]   We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season! Now for the long haul of winter and it's going to hit. Is your vehicle ready? Why not call us for a oil change and safety inspection just to be sure. No hard selling here. Just the information you need to know. Thanks! (815) 547-8020

[12/19/19]   We Will Be Open Christmas Eve Until Noon & Closed Christmas Day.

[12/12/19]   Last minute car care BEFORE the trip to Grandma's house.
Change the oil & filter
Rotate the tires & check the brakes
Flush the cooling system (every 5 years or 100,000 miles)
Check the battery & charging system
Check the belt or belts
Replace the spark plugs
Take a look at the steering linkages, shocks & ball joints.
Remember a great holiday is one that gets you to where and back safely.
Call us at (815) 547-8020 today!

[12/04/19]   Protect your vehicle from the harsh salt. Have us undercoat your vehicle now while it's dry. Call us at (815)547-8020

[12/04/19]   Are your brakes are squeaking or grinding? That's telling you something is wrong. Bring it in before a small problem turns into a BIG problem. Call us today! (815) 547-8020

[11/26/19]   We will be closed Thursday 11/28 for Thanksgiving and will be open Friday 11/29.

[11/07/19]   Do you have a vehicle that you want to keep for years & years? We all know that Illinois winters with all the salt used on the roads just kills your vehicle with rust. Consider undercoating your vehicle! We do that and now is the time before salt just eats away your expensive car. All we need is about 5 hours to protect your vehicle. Call us today to make arrangements to protect your vehicle from that nasty rust. (815) 547-8020

[11/01/19]   NOW is the time to get your vehicle ready for the cold weather. Winter came early! Let us change the oil & filter, rotate the tires, check the battery condition & the coolant protection level and perform a safety inspection. Call us at (815) 547-8020


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