Asphalt Canvas Custom Art LLC

Asphalt Canvas Custom Art LLC


Thank you so incredibly much for the awesome gift! This was so thoughtful of you and so kind! This piece captures my nephew perfectly. His daughter is going to be floored! You truly have a heart of gold and are so incredibly talented!
Your Work is very unique! Keep on Wailin'!
See y’all at autorama this weekend I got some things for you to paint for me
Love bomber art. Jus did a piece for a friend in Conn. She does Pin-Ups.
Hello my favorite artist! I’d like a quote for a potential project. Let’s chat! 😊
Awesome story, with an awesome spirit, good luck with your journey.
Kate, reach out to Rusty KraQer. He has a fender skirt he wants to decorate with an image of his old '50 Chevy.
Thank you so much for the donation of the beer growler and basket and support I was going to post a photo of it but the settings don’t allow it.
Thank you so much for the donation of the beer growler and basket and support I was going to post a photo of it but the settings don’t allow it.
Thank you so much for the donation of the beer growler and basket and support I was going to post a photo of it but the settings don’t allow it.
I LOVE our ornament of Tex!! You did a phenomenal job!! It looks just like him!! Thank you so much!

Pro Artist in Central TX. Creating custom art inspired by your ideas! Rat Fink Artist TM. All Art ©

Operating as usual

Photos from Asphalt Canvas Custom Art LLC's post 03/18/2022

Coming into the weekend like 🏁!

Texas Original Kulture and I will be at the Belton Car Cruise tonight with his and my to kick off the weekend! He promised me a banana split date and my pregnant-self is so excited!🍦
How cool is this!?: The ORIGINAL gentleman who painted this gorgeous Super Bird Survivor purchased ten of these posters I created in collaboration with Speed and Kulture Magazine for the cover of issue #9! I was so honored! Shop for a poster here:

Original art painted with and Alpha 6 Corporation enamel on canvas. Sold.

Owner worried iconic Austin restaurant will be forced to close because of Project Connect 03/17/2022

Owner worried iconic Austin restaurant will be forced to close because of Project Connect

Guys! Dirty Martin's Place in Austin, Texas is very important to Morgan and I. It’s an iconic and historic Texas landmark with great food, cool cruise ins, and wonderful customer service. 🍔🧡

Please take a minute to sign the petition to keep it standing tall!!!! It’s currently being threatened to be tore down since it’s “in the way” of the Orange Line Rail Train for commuters. 😰

Sign the petition here:

“Progress” is not always positive.👎🏻

Owner worried iconic Austin restaurant will be forced to close because of Project Connect AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) — Dirty Martin’s on Guadalupe Street has been serving up its famous burgers for years, but the owner says he’s worried his business will be forced to close.


New on the Asphalt Canvas : My latest painting, “Las Vegas”! 🎰✨ I had no idea that infamous mobsters like Bugsy Seigiel basically built and gave popularity to the Las Vegas strip in its early days!

Today, I’m talking about the inspiration I used for this new artwork in learning the history behind the iconic Flamingo Casino🦩, our road trip to Vegas, and sharing some in-process shots of this painting in the making, featuring the “Lil Grape” shot by Trent Sherrill Photography ! 🍇 Read more and nerd out with me over American history here:
Alpha 6 Corporation automotive enamels on canvas, 24”x12”. She’s Been Everywhere, Man! Art Show, original work, and prints coming April 22-23 to the Lonestar Round Up !!

Photos from Asphalt Canvas Custom Art LLC's post 03/15/2022

Spent a couple days filling in these iconic letters for this client’s dreamy turquoise truck. Y’all know this is one of my favorite color combos.🤍


Shout out this AM! ☕️ James, Gail, and the team at Alpha 6 Corporation have been the most genuine supporters of my studio and artwork. Their generosity from sharing my work, to sponsoring my series, to throwing extra goodies in the box every time I place an order never goes unnoticed.
I sincerely recommend their paint and tools not only for their high quality, fair pricing, and fast shipping, but truly because their customer service is unmatched.
If you’re wondering where to support them, just head over here:

If you have any questions about their products, especially their lettering enamels, just shoot me a message!


📣Y’all…ALL 10 paintings are COMPLETE!! 📣Yesterday, I finished the last painting in my “She’s Been Everywhere, Man!” Series of artwork.

I thought with the signing of the last painting I’d have this intense feeling of relief, and instead to my surprise, I feel inspired and encouraged.

I’ve always felt the emotion of “relief” implied that what ever you were trying to accomplish was stressful and taxing. And while there was some serious heartache and long, challenging hours put into this collection of artwork (by me and my supportive husband, Texas Original Kulture) the process of researching American history, sourcing reference photos, and making the actual art was incredibly joyful and rejuvenating for my creativity. This gave me hope and has lead me to start thinking of another series within the same vein.✨
With that said, I’m SO excited to share these brand new paintings with you guys, exclusively on my
website and at the Lonestar Round Up in Austin, Texas, April 22-23.🧡

Sign up for my newsletter for more details:

Alpha 6 CorporationSpeed and Kulture MagazineAndrew Mack & Son Brush Company


So cool!!! Thanks for sharing David Freiburger! This story relates so beautifully with one of my latest paintings, “Bonneville Salt Flats”. ♥️ Check that out here:

It’s International Women’s Day. I started to name every badass woman I know in the industry but the list was impossibly long and I knew I’d leave someone out, so I went with this story of the earliest hot rodding woman I’m aware of. She was Veda Orr, who began racing at the SoCal dry lakes in 1937 and was the first female member of the Southern California Timing Association. She also ran Orr Speed Shop with her husband Karl. Most famously, she took over the SCTA Racing News newsletter when the men went off to WWII, and wrote letters to servicemen keeping them informed of what remained of the hot rodding scene back home. She’s been credited with keeping hot rodding alive during the war. Afterward she wrote two pictorial books about dry lakes racing, one of which is still in print.


Wrapping up the final in my newest collection called today!!

💖This was the first classy chick I painted for the series. Stay tuned for upcoming details about the art show…still happening this April come hill or high water.💖

To learn more go here:

And while you’re there, be sure sign up for my newsletter. 💋 ✉️


Swinging into the weekend with wishing Rat Fink - Ed "Big Daddy" Roth a Happy Heavenly Birthday! 🧡


Yellowstone Painting 〰️Inspiration Photo by Trent Sherrill Photography 〰️Historical Reference Photo.

In honor of Yellowstone National Park 150th birthday today, how could I not share my painting “Yellowstone” from the collection!?💚

I’m creating these paintings to highlight and preserve the unique places and rich history of our country. They all encompass everything I’m passionate about! With these colorful and illustrative paintings I really want to evoke nostalgic stories in people and inspire others to travel our beautiful country by car. 🇺🇸 To learn more, just head to the “She’s Been Everywhere, Man!”:

Photos from Asphalt Canvas Custom Art LLC's post 02/28/2022

➕I’m so humbled to say I just sold and shipped a limited edition print of the “The World’s Fastest Indian” to my first international collector. There’s still a few left for sale:

➕This is a wonderful feeling and one I’m sure not to forget to celebrate in the busyness of my average day. I’m so thankful for people who see value in my artwork.

➕After the past two years of conflict in the world my belief still holds strong that art can simply be something beautiful or badass that makes you smile or inspires you. It doesn’t always have to have some deep contextual or politically charged meaning to make it good or worth while.

➕I’m increasingly grateful to live in a country that still provides me the daily opportunity to paint quietly in my studio… but all that can change so quickly. Let’s not forget.

Sequoia National Park : "She's Been Everywhere, Man!" - Asphalt Canvas Custom Art 02/26/2022

Sequoia National Park : "She's Been Everywhere, Man!" - Asphalt Canvas Custom Art

Here’s your Saturday morning read with your ☕️ Check out some of my fav road trip family photos and detail shots of one of my latest enamel on canvas paintings in the “She’s Been Everywhere, Man!” Series.

🌲 Sequoia National Park, California
📷 Speed and Kulture Magazine
🎨 Alpha 6 Corporation

Sequoia National Park : "She's Been Everywhere, Man!" - Asphalt Canvas Custom Art Kate Cook reveals the inspiration and process behind the creation process of painting "The Sequoia National Park".


A little snap shot of for ya, but the best part is that I have ⚡️sticker packs for sale⚡️ in the new online shop:

Happy Friday, friends! 💚

Stonewall Motor Lodge Mural | Custom Art Feature - Asphalt Canvas Custom Art 02/22/2022

Stonewall Motor Lodge Mural | Custom Art Feature - Asphalt Canvas Custom Art

Excited to announce that the mural and sign I painted for the Stonewall Motor Lodge is hitting the big screen TODAY thanks to the Magnolia Network and its original show called (re)motel! 📽🎨🌼 You can tune in by heading to discovery+ and the to stream new episodes or click here:

The show is about passionate motel owners across America restoring and redesigning their historic properties to give them new life and create destination stops for a new generation of travelers.

Stonewall Motor Lodge Mural | Custom Art Feature - Asphalt Canvas Custom Art Stay at the SML on your trip to Texas wine country and while you're there be sure to snag a picture with the new Stonewall Motor Lodge Mural!


Route 66 sunsets hold some of my favorite memories which is why this pink and purple sky was included into the painting I am working on for my series.💖 Have you slept in a Wigwam?

Alpha 6 Corporation Enamel on Canvas.🎨 Read more about the series on the Asphalt Canvas Blog:


Announcing today that my ONLINE STORE is officially OPEN!! 🥂

Click the link ⬆️ to check out the new online space and featured art for sale exclusively through the website. Thanks to each of you for supporting my art and career.


My number one fan, Texas Original Kulture.
Love you everyday. ♥️

What is love?
It is patient.
It is kind.
It does not envy.
It does not boast.
It is not proud.
It does not dishonor others.
It is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered.
It keeps no record of wrongs.
It rejoices with the truth.
It always hopes.
It always perseveres.
It never fails.

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