Deirdre R. Sabo- Dressage Professional Athlete

Deirdre R. Sabo- Dressage Professional Athlete

Professional Dressage Athlete. USA Team Hopeful Deirdre Dressage is dedicated to providing complete training of the horse and rider through our Complete Equestrian Athlete program.

Mental ability, fitness, and practical training are addressed with each horse and rider to ensure that every athlete is well rounded and suited for the task at hand. We are dedicated to the classical art of dressage and love to bring the dressage principles to all areas of riding . Deirdre Sabo is a USDF bronze and silver medalist (on self trained horses). She has brought multiple horses up to the

Operating as usual


We might be getting it!


Cute ass outfits provided by @saladocreektackshop 😍.


I felt something off at the show on Furst Dance. Took him to the vet right away. I was right, poor guy. He only spooks when he hurts. They cannot talk, so we have to listen. Now he is on the mend ❤️


Proud of my boys. We didn’t have the easiest of shows and had to find allot of focus in some extreme wind, but now we know what we are capable of 💪🏼.
Thank you to @jacob.frary for your love and support. Thank you to Smooth’s owner Debbie Erwin for trusting me to bring him along.
Thank you to our sponsors who believe in me and these magnificent anaimals
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Victoria sporting Team Deirdre Dressage sponsor @equisarts


A good moment on a windy day! This was before R levitated and attacked 😂


All is good 🥰


Letter R was coming at him (literally) and we invented a new dressage move. It is been named the WTF change and we got a 10 on it.


Oh boy did we have a terrible freestyle today. Wind howling, letters blowing over, maybe some airs above the ground, but in the grand scheme of things, he started to relax by the end and had a positive expirence and that in itself is enough in a situation like this. I can only hope that he gained another level of trust in me. We came out alive and I never let anything get him. Growing expirence.


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Timeline photos 04/02/2022


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If you want to make progress as a horseman, you have to hold yourself accountable.
An instructor can tell you to open your left rein, but only you can actually open your left rein! I can tell you to step right. I can tell you to step right more, or reword it until you do it enough that your right seat bone drops down where it belongs. I can remind you to do it every 30 seconds. I can remind you again every time we change directions, or change gaits, or after your horse tripped. But none of my riders take a lesson with me every day! At some point you have to remember it and execute it all on your own. And isn’t that the type of rider you want to be???
I mean, When you are doing a dressage test, I can’t remind you to sit back in the corner or to not over bend the neck in the shoulder in.

The only time I am the head trainer is when I am instructing myself. Otherwise, I am always the assistant instructor and YOU, THE RIDER, HAVE to be your own master. I am merely the Layman who tells you where we are at in this project, and what step needs to happen next. You are the lead contractor who needs to make sure it gets done. (I know enough people who have major projects going on at their facility that maybe this is a really bad example! Lol but you get my drift hopefully)

I’m not sure how I made it through the levels as far as I did knowing how long it took me to get accountable on actually keeping my inside rein open 🤦‍♀️. Now I’ve realized how often I, just for a moment, open my outside rein when I’m supposed to be using my inside leg. I’m NOT letting this habit go on for years. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not working on anything else until I’m so consciously competent when I do allow my subconscious to take over, it sticks! Even then, I’ll be checking in regularly.

I had an adult student say that she’s always ride with puppy paws/piano hands (thumbs turned in, fingernails posted down) and “good luck changing it”. My tone was light hearted, because that’s who I am, but I basically told her that if she can’t hold herself accountable for something so easy to fix, get off the horse- why bother! It helped that I gave her the REASONS why it was important- it isn’t just to be pretty. But fixing it was hard for her because it’s so tough to turn her wrist- it was “hard” because it took focus.
Put in the focus. Hold yourself accountable.


Timeline photos 03/24/2022

So much fun learning about this awesome company!

Check out Pops (Jim) on the Arena Press Podcast this week.

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Sending thoughts and prayers to all involved in tonight’s storms. 🙏🏼

Help those affected by the Wildfires in Texas, organized by Delicious Horse Treats TX 03/21/2022

Help those affected by the Wildfires in Texas, organized by Delicious Horse Treats TX

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Amadeo III owned by Twila Godinez
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Show time!


Join Deirdre R. Sabo- Dressage Professional Athlete tomorrow on the DHT instagram page from the Cowtown Classic hosted by the Fort Worth Dressage club.


BootyWerk. San Dante showing off his sit power in the half steps. better believe he got some


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Timeline photos 03/13/2022

Cannot wait to see them at the Cowtown Dressage Classic next weekend!

Here is where you can find us this month.

3/11 - 3/13
Twisted Turn N Burn
Lincoln, Ne

3/19 - 3/20
Ag Park Barrel Racing Series
Columbus, Ne

Sealy, Tx

3/19 - 3/20
Cowtown Classic
Glen Rose, Tx

3/26 - 3/27
Triangle Cross Barrel Racing
McCook, Ne



He is all mine

Photos from Deirdre R. Sabo- Dressage Professional Athlete's post 03/09/2022

Great first show of the season with Furst Dance. Debut at FEI Intermediate I went better than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you to my Husband Jacob Frary for always being there for support. Thank you to my daddy Wayne Sabo for being big orange’s cheer leader! Thank you Katelyn Galvin for all of your help!
Thank you to
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