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Chimney Medic

We are a Fireman Owned & Family Operated Chimney Sweep servicing the Greater Kansas City area.

Chimney Medic is fireman owned and has been in business for 26 years. Dana and Wendy Marconett own Chimney Medic, and two of their 9 children work full-time for the business. What started as a part-time job for a full-time fireman has grown into one of the most trusted Chimney Sweep businesses in the KC metro area.

We pride ourselves in being not only Fireman Owned, but Family Owned and Operated. Welcome to our Chimney Sweep Family, we hope you'll be customers for life.


Something we do from time to time is adding dye to our mortar mixes! You can see on this tuck-pointing job that the mortar is dyed red to match the pre-existing mortar; a nice touch that only a serious pro would give attention to!


Oh boy! Don’t end up like this fella. Spring really is the perfect time for a cleaning/inspection, so give us a call and let us clean that winter chimney grime away!


Happy Mother’s Day from our big Chimney Medic family to yours! This business would not be possible without Wendy and Haley helping to run the show, both while juggling kids and grandkids at various times. We are especially grateful for all of the moms out there on this special day!


The top 3 rows of brick on this chimney needed rebuilt. One extra step we take on older chimneys is to add a bit of dye to the mortar, which gives it a more aged appearance to blend in with the rest of the chimney! It’s the little things that set us apart!


Another beautiful heating implement that Sam, our marketer, found in Salzburg, Austria. Any guesses on how it functions??


Cleaning your chimney is usually a dirty job, but not with our advance cleaning system and cleanliness practices ➡️

✅ Tarp to keep your floors clean
✅ Magnetic screen prevents contaminants from escaping the fireplace into your home
✅ Vacuum running during the entire cleaning to reduce dust

We pride ourselves in providing a white glove service, just another reason to choose us over the competition!


Our POS software allows customers to send feedback straight to our inbox. While we prefer reviews to be left on Google, it is still nice to receive positive comments about our work!
Here is another customer who was very pleased with Erik’s extensive knowledge and professionalism! He’s one of the best! 🐐 🏡

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 04/17/2023

Dana Marconett, one of our owners and founders, has officially retired from Belton Fire Department after 30 years! Let’s thank him for his many many years of service to our community!


Do you think the weather will actually stay warm this time??
Give us a call to get your chimney looked at after that long winter! We offer cleanings, inspections, and a whole range of repair services too!


Visitation Catholic Church in KC has a very large and old fireplace! This building was constructed in 1915 so it is past the 100 year mark. The tile are reminiscent of the big Moroccan fireplace we posted a few months ago!


A very thorough 5 star review! If we have serviced your chimney but you haven’t left a review, make sure you head over to Google ASAP to leave your feedback. It helps much more than people think!

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 03/28/2023

Gone are the days of paper reports! This is an example of what our updated digital reports look like.
Now we can include pictures of your chimney so you can see exactly what’s going on without getting on a ladder. It provides an added level of transparency and trust so that you know you’re receiving an honest estimate!


Hey everyone! Spring is finally here, and it's a great time to get your chimney cleaned and inspected. After a long winter of use, your chimney can build up creosote and other debris that can be a fire hazard. Plus, a professional inspection can ensure that everything is in good working order for the next time you use it. Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!


A few brick have to be removed from this chimney so that we can access the smoke chamber.
The hole that's created will help us remove the old flue tile, but it will also help us get the new flue liner in place. Of course, the hole will be expertly filled in after the pipe is installed!


This chimney had great bones, and just needed a little TLC. The mortar between the brick had started to break apart and fall out, causing large gaps between the bricks. The bricks themselves were in great condition, so we came in to repair those gaps! Erik used a technique called tuck-pointing to add mortar back in these gaps, and restore the integrity of the chimney. Now this customer should have many more year to enjoy the view of their masonry chimney!

If you see gaps or crumbling of the mortar and bricks on your chimney, give us a call and we’ll come give you a free exterior estimate! Erik is a skilled brick mason and has restored hundreds of chimneys back to a state of glory.

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 03/17/2023

Before, during and after 🐿️

It doesn’t take a professional to see that this crown needed replaced. Look at the low profile of the old crown, and of course all of the cracks. This will lead to water damage, which could cause a myriad of other problems down the road.

Compare that to the new crown. You can see it sits much taller than the old one. We use a flexible concrete mixture which will help prevent cracking and damage as the years scroll along.

Again, it doesn’t take a pro to see the difference we made here!


We’ve got another reline today. The pipe is in already! More pics/video to come!

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 03/09/2023

We love our chimney doggos!
The Marconett’s are all dog lovers, so you won’t have to worry too much about your furry friends while we are there working. Most times we are excited to meet them!

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 03/06/2023

This is the same chimney as the last post, but this time we get to see the crown repair work!

A busted up crown like this can cause water leakage that leads to damage inside your chimney. The repaired crown also looks much nicer!

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 03/03/2023

This chimney looked good from a distance, but if you swipe through the pictures you’ll see the brick was in very bad shape. 😭
We ended up partly tearing down the chimney and rebuilding it. This is why it is so important to have your chimney inspected! It looked great from the street, but you need to get up close and personal to see the true condition!
Also, how about the craftsmanship from Erik?! It looks great! 😎

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 03/01/2023

Some more brick work! Erik and Dana are both very skilled brick masons!


Replacing a few brick during a reline last week!
Sometimes during a reline we have to remove a few brick for better access to the flue, but we always put them back where we found them!


We got in some early ladder training with our smallest team members today! This little adrenaline ju**ie decided to climb a ladder while I was on the phone with a customer this afternoon. His "wowww" as he got to the top rung was equally as cute as it was terrifying.

If you call the chimney line and hear a gasp and the phone go quiet for a few moments, just know one of our little climbers are probably doing something crazy! Mom-fail, but training-win. Trainee Carter, now booking appointments for 2036!

- Haley Steinbacher • General Manager


The chimney van has had many different designs throughout the years. This is our current one! Something unique about this vehicle is that it runs on propane fuel!

Our vans live a hard life. They get a lot of miles and haul tons and tons of brick on a regular basis. They don’t last forever but we are grateful for each of them!


Another 5 ⭐️ review! Thanks John!

If you are a past customer and haven’t left a google review yet, follow this link!


Here is our CFO, Wendy Marconett! She handles the administrative and financial side of the business.

Wendy has a thorough understanding of the industry since she did all of the scheduling, ordering, bookkeeping, etc. before Haley was hired as General Manager.

In her free time she loves hanging out with the dogs (Millie is shown here), restoring their vintage golf cart, and hanging out with the grandkids!

She is also a full time ER nurse and, like Dana, is a hero in her own right.

Let's show Wendy our appreciation!

Home | Chimney Medic 02/13/2023

We are Super Bowl Champions! 🏆🎉

To celebrate, take $15 off your appointment in honor of our MVP, Patrick Mahomes! 🏈

This is the perfect time to schedule a cleaning, and to make sure your chimney is safe to operate!

*Appointment must be booked in February
*Offer valid through Feb. 18th

Home | Chimney Medic Welcome to Chimney Medic! We are a fireman owned, family operated business in the heart of Kansas City! We take pride in being the ONLY fireman owned business in the area. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust us with the safety of your chimney this winter!


🏈 🎉🎉


How To Use A Fireplace (The Complete Step-By-Step Guide) 02/10/2023

Are you a new homeowner spending your first winter with a fireplace? Starting a fire for the first time can be a little nerve wracking.
Check out this article to learn more about how the fireplace and chimney work together, and how to keep safe this winter while burning a fire!

How To Use A Fireplace (The Complete Step-By-Step Guide) How to use a fireplace. We've put together the complete step-by-step guide showing you how to operate a fireplace and start a fire.


Don’t forget, winter is far from over! We still have winters 2 and 3 to get through!
Give us a call to book now, so you can stay safe and warm throughout the crazy KC winters!

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 02/06/2023

Ok, here are all of the interesting fireplaces from a recent trip to Morocco!

Which one is your favorite?

#1 is very big (almost 6 feet tall) and has a grand archway in front.
#2 is smaller but has more traditional Moroccan tiling and intricate woodwork.
#3 is just very well used and provides warmth to travelers passing through the atlas mountains!

Comment your favorite fireplace, and why you picked it!


It’s time to meet the man behind the posts. This is Samuel. He’s the newest addition to Chimney Medic and has been working diligently at increasing our online presence. Samuel is Haley and Erik’s younger brother. He graduated from Park University last year with a degree in secondary education. He also got married last year and he and his new wife moved to Europe so she can work on her Masters Degree. Most of our posts have come from Samuel as he lives abroad for the next two years. You may see some interesting chimneys and fireplaces on our posts as he sometimes shares unique looking fireplaces in the countries he’s visiting. Join us in welcoming Samuel to our team. We are happy to have another family member join our team. We continue to be Fireman Owned and Family Operated!


This is our General Manager, Haley, and her family!

When you call to book an appointment or inquire about services, you'll talk to Haley. She has extensive management and customer service experience and has helped take the family business to the next level.

Also pictured is her husband, Trevor, and their 3 boys. You might hear them in the background when you call us!

Haley is very good at crafting and also does some very impressive renovations to their home. She is one of the handiest of the Marconett siblings! 🔨🪚


Check out this incredible fireplace we spotted at Bahia Palace in Marrakech, Morocco!

There were a few more amazing fireplaces. More pictures to come!

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 01/30/2023

This is another set of images from the archives! 🕰️

The chimney clearly needed rebuilding, but the homeowner said not to worry about making it look pretty because it was going to be painted.

Dana was working this job and he went above and beyond as usual. He kept back the dark colored brick to create this vertical design. He wanted to make it look nice, mostly for his own enjoyment.

After seeing its completed form, the homeowner decided not to paint the chimney, and to instead enjoy our craftsmanship!


We got to 101 reviews! Woohoo!

A few years ago we lost access to our google account. This meant that we lost all of our reviews, which caused our website search ranking to plummet, and several other issues. It was a domino effect.

Getting over 100 reviews is a huge recovery from that setback, so we thank you all!


Ok people, we have 99 Google reviews...

We are only 1 review away from 100! If we have worked on your chimney but you haven't left a review, now is the PERFECT time!

Click this link and leave a review! Let's get to 100! 🎉

Photos from Chimney Medic's post 01/23/2023

Here's a few progress shots from a partial rebuild we did a while back!

We offer a full line of repair work! Dana and Erik are both highly skilled brick masons. The price for a repair job like this depends on several different variables, so give us a call to schedule an inspection first. Erik will come take a look and help figure out exactly how to solve the issue!

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