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Insurance solutions tailored to your individual and business needs. Based in the small rural town of Bell City, MO the Overbey Group, LLC. was established by Roger L.

Overbey in 1995 as a single agent producing life insurance and medicare supplement policies in Missouri. Since that humble start it has grown into a multi-state, multi-agent marketing group primarily working with commercial accounts. The firm has partnered with professionals in other areas to offer clients service and input second to none. The knowledge and experience, blended with "down home comm

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Everyone needs healthcare. Insurance is only one way to pay for it.

Learn how our cost sharing community is looking out for you and your family's needs. → https://bit.ly/2UZsD1E

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The medical cost sharing industry is growing quickly, with one million members nationwide accessing one billion dollars in sharing per year.

See how it works and how it's changing the game in healthcare → https://bit.ly/2CszQQq

A reporter looked into the FMCSA's trucking experience. Turns out they have none. 03/02/2019

A reporter looked into the FMCSA's trucking experience. Turns out they have none.

A reporter looked into the FMCSA's trucking experience. Turns out they have none. A new report published by a major mainstream media news outlet this week confirms what many truckers have long suspected -- that none of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) top administrators have ever held a commercial drivers license.


Jason Mickinley's Story


Leaders In Our Region's Healthcare




If you do not have health coverage, or if you have a high deductible plan..you need to contact our office.

If you are a business owner and want to lower your costs and offer a health program that your employees will appreciate....you need to call our office.

WE HAVE AN OPTION that will put YOU in control of your health care!!!


Still looking for health coverage ? The tax penalty still applies until 2019. We can help!


Our Program can save you $$$.


I have the ACA Escape Plan!!
A smarter, less expensive and better valued program.
Enroll anytime
Avoid the "Penalty box"

Email or call to learn more


Health Care concerns?
We have options!
ACA Compliant , FIRST DOLLAR BENEFITS, Low, low out of pocket!
Contact our office to set an appointment.


The House may try again today to pass a health plan....we shall see...but why wait?

Call us today 573-309-2142

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Do not wait for Washington to dictate your health care options.Take charge of your own future with Overbey Group LLC and 5 Stone Corporation we have tangible solutions for business and individual needs.
We are uniquely positioned to offer you the FREEDOM to control your own health care, no one will take care of your family and business like you will!
Today this is true more than ever!

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How many hours do you spend in the waiting room at your doctor's office? Receive 24/7 access to a doctor in the comfort of your home by using Telehealth. Sign up at ebohub.com

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Opening May 1st in Jackson! Patient openings are limited. Location: 430 West Independence Street.
To save up to 90% on your healthcare, call 573.339.8100

Anthem likely to retreat from ACA for 2018, analysts say 04/01/2017

Anthem likely to retreat from ACA for 2018, analysts say


Anthem likely to retreat from ACA for 2018, analysts say Anthem Inc. is likely to pull back from the Affordable Care Act’s individual insurance markets in a big way next year, according to a report from analysts who said they

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Photos from Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce's post

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The Obama- Care Escape Plan!

Are you prepared for the anticipated rate increases of your current health insurance carrier ?

Is your insurance carrier pulling out of the area?

Are you prepared for the tax penalties of not having credible coverage?

Here at Overbey Group , we MAY have a plan to answer all of your questions and help you plan for an escape and still not pay a tax penalty.

Throughout the past several years we have seen almost daily changes to health insurance we have seen large carriers remove themselves from market altogether, just turn on the news or listen to the radio its chaotic . Do not get caught unaware!

If this of interest to you please feel free to contact our office


Do you EBO? 08/10/2016

Do you EBO?

Ask us about how this may work for you and your family with our other products!

Do you EBO? EBO's mission is to meet every individual where they are and help them access care - whatever that
looks like - and make a difference in a system in our community that is tired, broken and is
leaving people behind.

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1. Fewer patients. Did you know that most Primary Care Doctors have anywhere between 2,500-3,500 patients? We only accept 500 per provider. This means we have more time to spend with you when you need us.
2. Cost effectiveness. We want you to SAVE money - not spend it!
Visit http://www.doyouebo.com/ for more details.

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As one of the very few retail insurance agencies nationwide who actually KNOW the Pilot/Escort Operations, ( River City Insurance Agency , Inc) I have arranged special terms and pricing for my clients
Please contact our office for details and state availability.

Roger Overbey, CIC, TRS 1-800-899-7392 x 303
[email protected]


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During the past few years the health insurance markets has dramatically changed . There are still many people who do not have coverage and those that do are carrying higher deductibles.
The "real " value for the average family has dissipated and in some cases the current premium paid is burdensome.

This is not to even mention the tax consequences of not having ACA Compliant health coverage, which after last years tax filings far too many are learning.

But what if....what if there was a way to avoid the tax issue, get a REAL value for your money and along with that spend LESS.. to good to be legit isn't it????

NO,,,but it will require utilizing health care differently and it will NOT work for everyone.
If your covered with a plan that you pay way too much for and get very little benefit or if you do not have coverage simply due to cost, call our office to set an appointment.

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Overbey Group, LLC. 02/05/2016

Overbey Group, LLC.

New Website!!


Overbey Group, LLC. Insurance solutions tailored to your individual and business needs. Contact us now and find out why our service is second to none!


I got the word early this morning,
It appears in the next few days the final touches will be put on a health program that will be offered by our organization.
Please check this page for updates!!



Exciting new product for individuals and business
24/7 access to Doctors and Nurses
( No more waiting to see the Doctor)
Discounted Drugs
with optional
Dental Plan
Vision Plan

It DOES NOT matter if you have Medical Coverage or not you and your household and can qualify for this plan !
Pricing Starts at $18.00 a month per household!


Overbey Group LLC has recently entered into an agreement to offer several new and exciting products for both our local area and others based nationwide !

I have been in the insurance industry since 1995 and rarely see products or services that differ one from another BUT these products will be a "game changer".
Due to the current state of our healthcare system these products will be a real and tangible benefit to many hard working people.

Please keep and eye on this page as it will be active with updates and information.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me



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