The Happy Hippie Homestead

The Happy Hippie Homestead

Backyard homesteaders - practicing sustainable living methods and organic gardening techniques. We are always building and expanding, with an ultimate goal of becoming self-sustainable.

Operating as usual


What the Duck?!

A little stop at the Antibiotic shop & At The Hydration Station For this sweet boy! He’s beating a bacterial infection at the moment. 😔

On a lighter note, Cucumber Water is very satisfying on a hot day — even to a duck.



It’s such a beautiful morning. ☀️ #HappyHarvesting 🍓



The early bird gets the worm!
Good Morning from the homestead! ☀️


🌱 🚿 Let’s ROOT for each other & watch each other GROW!
#CommUNITY #Growth #WeAreOne 05/09/2020

Grow Lemongrass In Pots, It Will Repel Mosquitoes, Keep You Relaxed And Ease Your Headaches - SmartLivingEnvironment

🌱 Lemongrass is a perennial bushy herb that tastes and smells like lemon. The stem of this plant can be up to one and a half feet high, and the plant...


Holy Moly! — another busy, productive day on the homestead! 🏡

↪️ Meet “The Quackers” 🦆: Ritz, Keebler & Triscuit 😂🤘🏼

Yesterday, a close friend asked me to step in to provide a good life for 3 sweet ducks who weren’t in an ideal situation. Today, we made that happen!

We constructed this run from bamboo and poultry netting & added a roof onto their night box to give them a dry, shady area to retreat to 💪🏼💪🏾 It took a good portion of the afternoon, but completely worth the time— I think it turned out lovely!
🔆 Also — Special thanks to Ashley for helping with transport and to Danny for helping with transport & helping with the building and assembly of their habitat!


We are so happy to have these sweet ducks on the homestead & hope this means there will be duck eggs in our future! 🥚


Wicked Clothes

Ask your friends if you should buy this. Free shipping on U.S. orders over $50+. We sell out fast, so hurry and order now:


Today .. like most days .. has been full of productivity! 🌱 Lots of planting & transplanting accomplishments 💪🏼

So far this is what we have growing on the Happy Hippie Homestead:
➡️ several kinds of tomatoes 🍅, red and green bell peppers, habaneros, jalapeños 🌶 , banana peppers, corn 🌽 , summer squash, zucchini, many types of lettuce and spinach 🥬, cucumbers 🥒 , cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli 🥦 , broccolini, carrots 🥕 , potatoes 🥔, garlic, a couple kinds of beans, butternut squash, lots of herbs 🌿, strawberries 🍓, watermelon 🍉, cantaloupe 🍈, grapes 🍇, blueberries, figs, a cocktail tree which produces lemons and limes 🍋 and sunflowers .. lots of sunflowers 🌻

Most all plants are organic & NO chemicals/pesticides are used on this property. We do take advantage of homemade essential oil pest aversion sprays and organic fertilizers. We are very proud of this! 💚🌎

I got some great shots around the homestead this evening just before dusk! ☀️Enjoy your virtual tour. The captions tell what each picture captures 📷

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Successfully propagated 3 new Citronella plants from my original — just started 6 more with hopes that they all root as well! 🌱

Could this possibly be something we offer in the future? You’ll have to keep an eye out 👁 #NaturalBugRepellent


Rainy Day on the Homestead

I might be, but the tomatoes sure aren’t complaining about this weather 😂🍅🌧


The Happy Hippie Homestead's cover photo


Sign #2: Driveway Sign ☀️ equipped with metal for magnets that will say what we currently have available for purchase 🌱


Getting things done early 🤘🏼 Finished Sign #1 💪🏼 — completing the wood burning took forever but it looks great (to me 😉)


🤷🏼‍♀️ What else is there to talk about? 😂🤘🏼🌱💚 #PlantMom #PlantLife


FREE while they last‼️ Organic Roma & Sweety (cherry sized) Tomato plants started right here on the Happy Hippie Homestead! 🍅
➡️ We have some organic sweet bell peppers up for grabs also! 🌱
They are ready to go & can be planted in-ground or in a container.

〰️ Pick Up Only 〰️ Limit 2 per person/family 〰️

Donations to the homestead accepted & greatly appreciated ☺️ & We ALWAYS appreciate soil and old potting containers! 🙏🏼


Teamwork makes the Dream Work ... even in the life of chickens! 😂🐓🥚
Falafel (on the left) and Buddha (on the right) are sharing the broody duties this morning. We should have little bitties in the next 7-10 days 😍


Happy Earth Day Everyone! 🌎💚♻️🤘🏼
The weather was great! ☀️ I hope y’all enjoyed it & hopefully you all had a chance to be outdoors today! 🏃‍♀️

I felt my creative side tingling today & there are plenty of tasks to be accomplished around here, so I combined crafty & creative and this was the end result ➡️ My handcrafted grape trellis arch.💪🏼😎🍇 Sustainable & a work of art! 😂🤘🏼 #Winning

This was a fun build‼️Made with branches and vines 🌲 #SustainableArt


Nothing better than hitting up the clearance rack in the garden section and finding cheap plants that just need a little TLC. 🌱💚 I bring them back to the homestead, baby them a bit & bring them back to life in the greenhouse! 💪🏼 Works like a charm every time!


Ummmm .. THIS IS US 😂🤘🏼🌱 #PlantLove


Way more time was spent pretending to be in Jamaica 🇯🇲.. I mean .. in the kitchen today than in the garden 😂 I did mention to get the watermelon bed tilled, prepped, and the sprouts planted 🤘🏼🍉 I had a helping hand prepping the bed from my lovely friend, Rachel Stringfellow —Thanks Rachel! 😍

#Homesteaders #BackYardFarm #LiveSustainable #TheHappyHippieHomestead #FeedThePeople

&& Most of all, Thank you Gaia, for always providing and making a way 🙏🏼🌎☀️🕉☯️


The Happy Hippie Homestead's cover photo


Such a beautiful day today at the Happy Hippie Homestead! We got the grass mowed, some yard work done, a few plants transplanted 🌱 and the cherry tomato 🍅 garden finished! A full day of sunshine and success 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾 ☀️


Today we accomplished several tasks, one of those being a trip to Lowe’s Hardware in Morehead. Being in public felt strange. What a weird time to be alive ... Other than braving the wild, I got a beautiful flower bed planted for a great price - clearance rack plants 💪🏼🌿 (I’ll take pictures tomorrow) and started my teepee bean trellis.
My biggest accomplishment though, came after being pushed indoors by the evening storms ⛈
—> for a total of $20 in materials & about 30 minutes of handy work, we now have a DIY incubator so that we can try to get some hatchlings from our girls 🥚🐣 🐓
#DIY #Homesteading #ChickenMom


Update on a few new projects around the homestead ...
- We got our strawberries planted - one raised bed & one up cycled gutter garden 🍓
- Both Gardens are now equipped with fences that open for access & they are planted 💪🏼💪🏾:
••Raised bed full of broccoli, cabbage & different lettuce greens 🥦 🥬
••Garden plot filled with yellow squash, sweet peppers, Roma tomatoes, and corn 🍅 🌽
- No Dig Cucumber Row complete 🥒
- Japanese Black Trifele Tomatoes & Hillbilly tomatoes are potted 🍅
- Jalapeño, Habanero & Sweet Banana Peppers potted 🌶
- Herb Garden Pots complete 🌿
- Back Porch Repaired, Reorganized & Redecorated 🔨
- Shed Roof Repaired 🏠

... Told ya’ll, we’ve been busy 💪🏼💪🏾 04/05/2020

Antidepressant Microbes In Soil: How Soil Makes You Happy

Gardening, anyone? 🌱 Soil microbes have been found to have similar effects on the brain as prozac without the negative side effects and potential for chemical dependency and withdrawal.

[04/04/20]   Been so busy that posting has taken a back burner. Homestead updates coming soon. 🏠 🌱


One of our to-do’s today is to build our strawberry planter out of repurposed pallets and then plant our berries. 🍓


As long as the babies continue to flourish, we should have organic Roma & Sweetie Tomato plants for sale soon. $2/each. 🍅

We also sell fresh Happy Chicken eggs for $5/dozen, as they are available. 🥚


We LOVE our chickens! 🐓

We have 13 chickens total and 3 different coops. There are 10 Hens & 3 roosters total, though one hen & one roo are a delicate breed, Silkies, & stay in their own coop. Our 4 youngest hens are also in their own coop. All of our birds have a chance to free range during the day & have a diet of organic feed & fresh vegetables, plus whatever they forage while scratching in the yard.
We harvest 8-12 eggs a day from our happy chickens! 🥚🐓💛


We worked hard to finish the fences around the raised bed and the in-ground gardens today! 🔨

[03/27/20]   Welcome to The Happy Hippie Homestead! 🤘🏼

2020 brings is bringing in a lot of changes. As this year unfolds, we all find ourselves spending much more time at home. Though we are enjoying our solitude, we still want to connect to our friends and family!
—> What better way to do that then to use the interwebs and social media...

On this page you be able to tune into some of our lifestyle & our projects around our home, as well as posts about gardening, small-scale farming, animals & homesteading. 🌱🐓

Happy Homesteading & Thanks for following our page!


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What the Duck?!
Rainy Day on the Homestead




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