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Bryan Service Companies(BSC) represents the business interests of its founder Christopher W. Bryan. Upcoming book: " Focus on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION for increased revenue"(working title)

Through the efforts of our employees, partners, affiliations and business relationships we provide essential personal and business services to the clients and customers that we serve. Bryan Service Companies will continue to establish the standards for excellence in customer satisfaction and demonstrate its impact on bottom line results.

Bryan Service Companies 02/04/2013

Bryan Service Companies

Bad customer service is not funny.... but this Dave Chappelle video sure is:

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Bryan Service Companies Provide customers with products/services that have a positive impact on their personal and...

Bryan Service Companies 02/03/2013

Bryan Service Companies

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Bryan Service Companies Provide customers with products/services that have a positive impact on their personal and...


Henrica's Restaurant and Lounge

1) How does the foot traffic flow through the available space?

Very wide open space. Booths along the walls felt almost like a separarte cozy area.

2) What activities do you have in place to keep waiting customers comfortable?

Large screen TV's were stategically placed around the dinning room. The music however was a highlight of the experience as it set the an appropriate tone to match the decor.

3) Describe how you as management are accessible to your customers?

.... more to come( These question help restaurant owners self-evaluate from the perspective of the customer and establish a CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PLAN)

Henrica's Restaurant and Lounge Henrica's Restaurant and Lounge, is a fine dining establishment that serves up an authentic infusion of Jamaican and Chinese cuisine.


Restaurants with engaged employees rank high in customer satisfaction

"The current restaurant environment is a competitive playing field where winning the hearts and minds of customers is the key indicator of success. Because so many employees in these types of companies have direct contact with customers, an engaged workforce is critical to creating a strong customer base and increasing market share. It is not surprising that those restaurants with the most engaged staff members also have created a better experience for their guests," Dr. Paul Warner


"Customer Service has to mean “It’s Being Fixed.” That’s how you turn customers into fans for life, who will do your PR for you, and take your company to the next level."... Peter Shankman

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Subway Foot-Longs Coming Up Short


When you receive feedback from your customers, you must TAKE OWNERSHIP. Shifting blame and justifying the reason for the issue always leaves a BAD TASTE in the customers mouth.


I am doing research to complete my book on "Customer Satisfaction and it's impact on the bottom line"..... If you have any good/bad experiences with Jamaican Restaurants then let me know.

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Anyone who thinks customers aren’t important should try doing without them for a week.” – Source Unknown


15 Ways to Keep Your Customer Satisfied by Tony Alessandra

1: Show them that you think of them.
Send them helpful newspaper clippings or articles, cartoons related to their business and "Here's an idea I thought you'd enjoy" notes. Send your clients Christmas/New Year's cards, birthday cards, and thank you notes.

2: Drop by to show them new products and brochures and offer additional services.
Always make an appointment before making your call! Respect your clients' time as you do your own.

3: Offer a sample gift to enhance the use of your product.
See how they are utilizing your product or service and suggest other ways that they can benefit from it. They may not be realizing its full potential.

4: Offer "customer discounts" on new products or services to encourage additional business.

5: When new employees are hired, offer to train them free of charge in the use of your product.

6: Repay or compensate them for lost time or money caused by problems encountered with your product.
If you pinch pennies, your customer may do the same.
8: Tell the truth.
Lies have a way of coming back to haunt you.

9: Accept returns without batting an eyelash.
In the long run, they are much less expensive than finding a new customer.

10: Be ethical.
Keep all your information about the account confidential.

11: Be certain that your company follows through on its commitment.
This includes delivery, installation, packaging, and so on.

12: Show your appreciation for their referrals by reporting back to them on the outcome.

13: If your company has a newsletter, obtain permission from your successful clients to write about them in it.

14: Keep track of their results with your product and meet periodically to review the entire picture (their business, industry, trends, competition, etc.).

15: Keep the lines of communication forever open.
As in any relationship, you must be able to exchange grievances, ideas praises, losses, and victories.

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Timeline photos

Mike Yard - Jamaican Waitress 11/26/2012

Mike Yard - Jamaican Waitress

And here in lies the problem..... Bryan Service Companies has solutions to help your business to develop & implement a Customer Satisfaction Plan

Mike Yard - Jamaican Waitress Why you should never make a Jamaican waitress upset... See more at Ginger Candy Comedy's Youtube channel! Then follow us on Twitter @GingerCandyCmdy and like...


Each decision being made in setting up your business should be analyzed for its impact on the customer.


Wealth Institute inc

Blessed to be partners with such an amazing organization

Wealth Institute inc We are a group of individuals who Specialize in showing people how to become wealthy an Control Your Destiny!!!


McDonald's Ranks Last in Customer Satisfaction Index

Not a recommendation to eat fast food, but that improved CUSTOMER SATISFACTION leads to improved bottom line results.

McDonald's Ranks Last in Customer Satisfaction Index Guess McDonald's customers aren't having it their way. McDonald's finished last in a ranking of its restaurant peers in a report released Tuesday by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

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1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning —the first day. Genesis 1: verse 1 - 5

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If you want to increase your bottom line results you need to appeal to the needs of the customer and you have to design every aspect of your business with the impact on the customer in mind.

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