Allstate Insurance Agent: Briana Ray

Allstate Insurance Agent: Briana Ray


If you know someone that is looking to go back to work or a change message me. (bilingual prefered) Experiance in insurance a plus.

As an Allstate agent in Bay Shore, I enjoy being a part of the community and building local As an Allstate Agent in Bay Shore, I know many local families.

My knowledge and understanding of the people in this community help me provide customers with an outstanding level of service. I look forward to helping families like yours protect the things that are important - your family, home, car, boat and more.


Four years in Bay Shore! 🥳 This month we’re celebrating our agency anniversary and we only want one gift from you! We absolutely love reading your reviews of our agency and can’t wait for more next year! 🎁

Thanks so much to our friends and family in the Bay Shore area for making this possible!


Even if you’re not headed back to school, September is a great month to learn! At the Briana Ray: Allstate Insurance Allstate agency, one of our main focuses is to empower and educate the community about insurance.

Whether you’re well-versed and want to review your policies, or if you’re brand new to the insurance scene, call or stop by our agency today to learn more.


🎉 Four years ago we started our amazing journey as an Allstate agency. Our love for the Bay Shore area is bigger than it has ever been, and we look forward to continuing to help you protect what matters most!


A true leader, on and off the field. Announcing your 2023 Allstate American Football Coaches Association Coach, Michael Locksley! 👏👏


Your world can change in an instant. Make sure your family is protected from life’s uncertainties with life insurance. Give me a call today.


Drumroll please🥁. Introducing your 2023 Allstate American Football Coaches Association ! Get to know the players and learn about their exceptional community outreach:


If you have been contemplating reaching out to a financial professional to discuss your current financial situation and plans for retirement, we are here to help. Contact me to see how I can assist you in planning for your specific needs.


This back-to-school season, The Allstate Foundation is teaming up with Allstate employees and agents to get needed resources into classrooms through DonorsChoose!

Allstaters can request two $50 donor codes: one to donate to a classroom of their choice, and one to share with friends and family to donate. Double the impact! 🙌🤩 View here:


We’re here to help customers rebuild at our Mobile Claims Centers. See locations for filing in-person claims after the :


Support our teachers and inspire young minds to give back with DonorsChoose! This fall, The Allstate Foundation is doubling donations to Community Service projects!

Find local classrooms under Life Skills and help make a difference: 🙌💙


🏈 Football season is finally here and Allstate is thrilled to be a proud sponsor of the Good Hands Field Goal Net Program!

For 18 years we’ve been celebrating the sport and giving back to schools like University of Minnesota. This week, at the Golden Golphers game one lucky fan will get the chance to attempt a 25-yard field goal and win $1000!

If the kick is good Allstate will match that donation to the school’s scholarship fund! Can’t wait to see you there cheering on and cheering us on!


Share the Disaster Resiliency Toolkit, created by The Allstate Foundation with Points of Light, with family, friends and neighbors to help them prepare now for a disaster:


Keep your car protected ahead of a . Get tips to help prep your ride: 🚙


Check out tips to help prepare for a potential :

🌱 Salt-tolerant greenery
🌳 Prune properly
👨‍🌾 Use soft mulch
🌨️ Remove storm hazards

More landscaping tricks:


Choose your way to file claims. Go to, the Allstate app or call 800-54-STORM. We’re here to help.


In the face of disaster, the strength of communities truly shines. As the Good Hands company, we’ll make sure you never have to face it alone. “We want to be the calm after the storm.” – Kenneth Morgan, Allstate Agent


Being ready for is essential for your safety — and your furry pals. 🐈 Create an emergency pet kit:


Preparation is the key to keeping your family and friends safe. Get the full list of emergency items:

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Remember when a gallon of milk cost less than $3? We do too, which is why we know that value is so important in today’s world. Together we can help you review or find a policy that gives you and your family the best value.

Comment below your favorite affordable summer activity in Bay Shore!


Planning ahead saves time, and more importantly, lives. Check out wildfire safety tips to keep your family safe:


Hello Friends and family !
We are excited to announce that our agency is now approved and certified to give the Defensive driving course in our agency!

Give us a call or text us for dates and times that we are giving the class at 631-666-6600. You may ask for Briana, Cristina or Karoline .

We look forward to seeing you in our classes !

Photos from The Allstate Foundation's post 06/16/2023

Inspiring the next generation of leaders is always a pursuit we get behind! ✨


The Allstate Foundation surprised students with Alicia Keys and Roadtrip Nation at a screening of Changemakers: a documentary about the power of young people to make a big difference. Watch now at Tag The Allstate Foundation and share with us how you are changing the world!

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As a parent, you’ve made a lifelong commitment to protect your children. As you age, how will you help protect them from the consequences of caring for you? I can help.


Cinco de Mayo is all about celebrating, but let's not forget to do so responsibly and safely. We understand the importance of being prepared and protected. whether you're enjoying some delicious food or sipping on a margarita. Accidents can happen - that's why having the right coverage in place is crucial. So let's cheers to the festivities and make sure that we're taking the necessary steps to ensure a fun and safe celebration. Remember, having insurance means you're ready for whatever comes your way.


Do you have a plan if the worst happened? Do you want to make sure you never need a go fund me? Ask me who we can help!


From our family to yours we hope you all have a great day with your friends and family ❤️

Identifying a 'Go-To' Storm Shelter | Allstate 04/03/2023

When it comes to shelters, a general rule of thumb is to go low. Plan how to weather the storm:

Identifying a 'Go-To' Storm Shelter | Allstate When a severe storm or tornado strikes, it's important to have a designated safe place in your home to use as go-to shelter. No matter if you live in an apartment or a single-family home, consider these safeguards when selecting a space in your home to use as a storm shelter.


Make sure you check your policy before you think about making deliveries! Whether it's your teen driver delivering pizza or you're considering using your car for a side hustle, check your insurance policy to make sure you're covered. Insurance companies consider making deliveries using your vehicle as business use, NOT personal use. If you get into an accident while working it could lead to your claim being denied, leaving you stuck paying out of pocket!

Do you have any questions? Call our office now and get answers and a FREE quote!


This Hellebore always brings me a little joy when it starts blooming at my house. What brings you joy in your yard or house?

Protect what you love and brings you joy. Let us help!


There's good news and there's bad news...😅
For all your insurance needs, call our team today or visit


"Lucky people create notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives. Being in the right place at the right time is actually all about being in the right state of mind".
_ Dr. Richard wiseman

Things to Have on Hand in Case of Emergency | Allstate 03/14/2023

It’s great to prep for . Better to have an . But what to pack… 🤔

✔️ Cash
✔️ Flashlight
✔️ First aid
✔️ Battery powered radio
✔️ 1 week supply meds & medical supplies
✔️ Personal hygiene items

Start your own kit:

Things to Have on Hand in Case of Emergency | Allstate Be prepared for the unexpected. From a flashlight to pet supplies, learn items are helpful to have in your family emergency kit.


Did you know how much is it to raise a child? Do you have a plan for your child to keep being the raised the way you want it them to be? What if something happened to you?
Ask me more....
Examples 20 year term $250,000
30 year old Female $20.70 a month
40 year old Female $30.81 a month


Spring Forward
You may loose an hour of sleep, but...
Focus on the positive
It's a sign of spring!
More sunlight after work hours
A brighter evening to commute home
Opportunity for an outside work out in the evenings!

Move more : a little walk after dinner
A little sunshine = Vitamin D!


Happy International Women's Day! For a FREE quote from our team call now or visit

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Insure your vehicle against catalytic converter theft:

The cost to replace and install a new catalytic converter can be as much as $3,000. Insurance claims for a stolen catalytic converter in 2020 ranged from $500 to $3,000, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute.

Most comprehensive vehicle insurance can help cover a stolen catalytic converter. Check with your insurer to see how your policy can minimize the impact of a stolen catalytic converter:

It’s important to have full coverage to keep you on the road even when opportunistic thieves strike.

What is a catalytic converter?
Catalytic converters are designed to act as a line of defense against harmful exhaust emissions by turning pollutants into harmless gasses. The technology used in these emission control devices includes many precious metals — like platinum, palladium or rhodium – making them a valuable item to steal and resell.

Why do people steal catalytic converters?

Catalytic converters are increasingly a target for thieves due to:

The current market value of a catalytic converter’s precious metals
The ease of removing a catalytic converter for an experienced thief
The inability to track catalytic converters
In the current market, catalytic converters can be resold to recyclers for as little as $50 or to precious metal dealers for as much as thousands of dollars per ounce, reported the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

Because advanced models of catalytic converters include even more precious metals than older models, thieves have an increasingly attractive opportunity to make quick cash.

Experienced thieves can remove a catalytic converter in minutes, especially with modern power tools, according to Edmunds. Plus, there are no tracking systems on a catalytic converter.

How to tell if your catalytic converter has been stolen?

You may not be able to tell your catalytic converter was stolen by looking at your car, but you’ll know as soon as you start the engine. When the catalytic converter has been removed, your vehicle will make a loud roaring sound that’ll get louder as you push the gas pedal.

Your car might also make a sputtering sound as you change speed, or you'll notice it's not driving smoothly.

An increase in the exhaust — or the exhaust smells — can be a definite sign of a stolen catalytic converter.

In summary, here are the key symptoms that your catalytic converter has been removed:

Loud roar when you start the car, louder as you accelerate
Increase in exhaust fumes, or unusual exhaust smells
Missing parts under vehicle leading to muffler
Uneven or sputtering acceleration due to lack of exhaust regulation
Check engine light or inspection failures

5 ways to protect against catalytic converter theft

nsider these tips to help protect your car from catalytic converter theft:

1. Know if your car is a likely target: hybrids, SUVs and trucks have valuable or easily removable catalytic converters. Etch your license plate number or VIN onto your catalytic converter — this may help alert a scrap dealer that it was stolen and make it easier to identify the owner.
2. Park in well-lit areas close to public entrances, regularly move your car’s spot or use a closed garage.
3. Install an anti-theft device
4. Install motion-sensitive lights and cameras in your parking area
5. Paint your catalytic converter to deter buyers – some local police departments even offer free programs for painting
Understanding when your car might be a target for catalytic converter theft is the first key to preventing it. By following these protective measures, you may help deter thieves from targeting your car.


Is your mind working still on Fridays?
When lying on my side, I am everything, but when cut in half, I am nothing. What am I?

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