Josette landry author & writer

Josette landry author & writer


Finally Home is a great read. The author shares her emotional story so well you become connected to the story. Highly recommend.
Today is a hard day for some . Today some lost their family's some couldn't find their familys and some that didnt even begin to know where to look . Today is the day we all was in panic trying to find everything we all could save . I wasn't even 8 at the time I remember this day like it was yesterday dear Lord I cried so much because I didnt know what was going on all I know was their was family's Torn apart family's begging for their loved ones 😭 the years go by yes but this day specks for alot of people . Could you imagine one day having fun then the next being told you couldn't go outside because a mean woman was tearing s**t up ? Yea that wasn't fun at all being stuck inside with alot of strangers . Faces you never seen in your life coming together and helping each other as much . I remember sitting by the window and watching things fly around I remember looking down and seeing a bird by the door I wanted to save it that's what was on my mind . I got up and went to open then door but my poor eyes seen something no child should of seen . A man flew up aiganist the door . He was gone there was blood dripping down his face I have nightmares to this day about him . But deep down I felt as if he was protecting me form opening the door only to get taking with the wind 😭 to that man's family bless your souls ❤️ to everyone in the shelter thanks for coming together no matter the race we all stuck together . Today makes 14 years bless those who lost everything bless those who couldn't make it out and thank you to all the people that came together an helpped as much as possible ❤️💔 and to the paramedic who saved my hand I wish I knew who you were to thank you for removing the rust out of my hand

my name is Josette Landry I'm psychical medium I'm from New Orleans i have been given the gift of si

I was born in new Orleans Louisiana moved to Mississippi at the age of 10 with my parents I met my husband here in bay st Louis we married in 1994 have three great boys and still live in bay st Louis, MS even after the storm{Katrina}


Happy birthday to my hubby and middle son love yall so much


Hope everyone is having a great day


Our lives were for ever changed

Photos from Pascagoula Police Department's post 08/29/2022

Photos from Pascagoula Police Department's post


Oh fall I have missed you, crisp cooler morning an afternoons releaf from the heat of summer an renew of what's coming




Hello everyone just wanted to let yall know finally home is available please inbox for your order


Anyone from New Orleans
? this was in 77 the second bridge crossing the Mississippi River from New Orleans to the west bank


Ever stop and think well damn this one hell of a story there's a beginning middle and end Ever day is apart of the story we all have a that great novel others want to know whats to come in the next chapter make it worth it


Finally home journey of family's survival before, during and after hurricane Katrina and the author coming out as a psychical medium

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Had such a wonderful time tonight got to meet some wonderful women yall are so awesome congrat to all


Wanted to share this, I'm very honored to have been nominated for the successful women of Mississippi gulf coast magazine just be among all the successful women here on the gulf coast is amazing and a great honor tonight well be fun filled event here's to all the great women out there let's celebrate


If anyone got a picture of eggs please disregard


Nerieds ball of 2022 had a wonderful time

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How beautiful flowers my husband bought me for Christmas


So im so excited and to share with everyone time does fly and our kids grow up so fast but here it is my middle son and his wife just bought their first home so proud of them their now beginning their own journey

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Right here is all of my life threw all the worst and the best in life this is my strength my hope my life my love here's is where my story began and is continuing


Happy Thanksgiving from the Landry family


I don't normally like mirrors they captures the soul they hold memories of what they seen they show us the deepness of our hurt I tears are easily seen and we wish we didn't see them for me I seen what once was what is and what could be I see my fear my worries and all the hurt that has been and still is


I’ve let myself get away from who I set out to be somewhere along the way.
It’s not that I lost my drive or desire, I just got caught up in life.
All the things of my day sidetracked me, distracted me or brought me away from the dreams I was chasing and the goals I had.
I sacrificed a little more of who I was being busy and succumbing to the noise of the world.
It’s easy to lose sight of who you want to become when other things keep popping up and taking you off course.
I realized today that I need to rekindle that fire that once roared inside me.
I have to set aside all the things that try to command my attention and listen to that girl inside me who is waiting to come back out.
Remembering the things that make me smile, the people that are close to me and the moments that touch my heart.
I need to turn that spark into a wildfire and burn everything down in pursuit of the things that make me happy..
The dreams and goals that have waited patiently for me in the shadows of my busy life.
I can still be everything I need to be for all my people that need me and still nourish my soul.
It’s not an “either or,” it’s an “and this too.”
I just lost focus because I stopped believing in myself, my dreams and the magic that would get me there.
Dreams and happiness have to be nurtured to flourish and I forgot that along my journey..
So, I’m stepping back, making my way back to that beautiful girl with dreams in her eyes, peace in her soul and love in her heart.
No more procrastination, excuses or forgetting about where I want to be and the person I want to become.
If it’s meant to be, it’s because of me.
I choose to do more, be more and become more..
But most of all, I choose to start believing in me more.
I’m looking in the mirror and smiling, because I can finally see the vibrant young woman staring back at me..
And I’m just telling her one thing:
“Today is the first day of my new chapter…
I’m coming home.”
It’s time to find my magic once again.

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Hello everyone how are yall doing would love to hear from yall give me a shout


What r yall doing today? Down here on the gulf coast its crabs 🦀and family 👪 so damn good!!!


I'm so in love with this cooler weather it feels so good out side love when the wind blows so happy fall is here!


This year should be a very spiritual time for all us empath, mediums such has happened in the last year half there more to come let's celebrate the blessings we have and honor those that aren't here to celebrate with us


Its fall where's all my witches and warlocks


hello all my lovely people who everyone else is doing okay with all this change we have coming haven't been able to sleep to much in the universe moving around and there's new thing good and bad coming for us. there well be some diffent changes my way for sure my family and i are getting ready for this fall season the way we do it best ,love this time of year but the Vail is thinning between world's and soon our ancestors well be here by our sides to help us threw these trying time its going to be a trying time for us all so lets give thanks for all we've been given and make peace with what we can not change and courage to change what we can blessed be to all




In remembrance 😔🙏🏼 #911


Fall is showing her self cooler morning and nights r here love this time of year blessed be


well hey yall today is the podcast it well be on YouTube as well so hope y'all get a chance to see it wish me luck


No more empty promises and lack of action.
If you want us to work through things and I’m the one you want, then stand up and step up.
I’m done trying to read your mind to understand what you want or what you mean.
If we can’t communicate openly and candidly about our relationship, then I need to rethink where my heart belongs.
I know we could have a great future, but it takes two to put forth the effort..
I can’t keep putting my heart out there and trying to make it work when you’re just stuck in place.
You know how I feel and what I want, I’ve made that very clear..
It’s time for you to do the same.
If you don’t know what you want or if you’re unsure, then I’m not the one for you.
I need meaningful words backed up by honest more empty promises or “hopefully soon.”
That’s not fair to me and I’m through trying to guess what you want.
I love you with all my heart, but this is where two people need more than just love..
They need communication and effort.
I’m not your maybe or possibly kind of gal.
You’re either all in or I’m walking away.
Not because I don’t want this or because I don’t care about you,
But because i love myself more than to be in a holding pattern while you “figure things out.”
It shouldn’t be hard to express your feelings if that’s how you truly feel.
I’m worth the effort and much, much more.
So, I’ve been letting this go on for far too long and I’m done being the one left holding my heart, wondering what’s going on between us.
If I’m not the one for you, just step up and tell owe me that much, at least.
I guess I’ve finally hit the wall where my patience has run out.
I didn’t want to be this way, but it’s an empty feeling wondering how your partner truly feels.
It’s now or never, put up or shut up time..
Are you going to step up and make your feelings known?
If you keep waiting around expecting me to be okay being just an option, think again.
Wait too long and in the blink of an eye, I’ll be gone.
It all comes to down to this..
Can you be the person I need or are you going to be just another broken road?
I don’t need a hero, a Prince Charming or a fairy tale..
I just need real, honest and respectful.
I’m ready for forever..are you?

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Every storm is different. Each has its unique fingerprint. You always hear us say that.


Everyone wants to compare Ida to Katrina. It’s natural. Especially since Ida will make landfall 16 years to the day after Katrina.

But I hope you’ll entertain my story below to help describe the difference.

16 years ago tomorrow I remember covering my first big hurricane.


I went to Gulfport, Mississippi — because I’m a meteorologist — you go to the “dirty side.” The side where the storm surge will be highest. It was. The Mississippi coast took the worst of Katrina’s winds and storm surge. Katrina WAS Mississippi’s storm. Until the levees failed in New Orleans.

While Nola certainly had rain and winds on that left side eye wall, it really did come down to the combo of the long push of water from Katrina (it was a 5 building that bubble of water to deposit on the mouth of the Mississippi for days before making landfall as a 3) right into the Mississippi coast and the mouth of the Mississippi River and eventually lake P and all those rivers PLUS the levee failures. They were not protected for that type of surge plus rain(and wind pushing the water).

16 years later.

I’m on my way to the 9th ward (less than 40% of the pre-Katrina population has moved back despite the levee protection)
right now to meet with the folks from lower 9 ( a group trying to build it back sustainably) . They are still rebuilding 16 years later.

Now most levees protect to 20 feet. The forecast for Ida is for 7-11 feet.

So not only is the engineering/projection better… but this storm will hit differently. Ida can not be another Katrina for Nola. No storm can. We engineered ourselves away from those conditions.

Engineering is different but so is the storm:

Note not just the landfall location differences but the ANGLE it approaches.

South to north in Katrina pushed more water directly against the “wall” of land. At an angle is NOT GOOD for the boot of LA south of new orleans but absorbs a lot of that surge for Nola to the east through MS.

Nola is on the right side this time

Wait, isn’t that terrible??? Isn’t that the dirty side?

Ida should pass west of Nola. The father west the better for Nola because of wind speed — and power outage potential.

Even if these eastward wobbles keep up, it can’t be the same as Katrina in surge. The low marsh land and barrier islands will absorb the biggest surge. Up to 15 feet of surge for some of those communities south and southwest of New Orleans will be devastating.

The closer the eye wall gets to Nola the more wind damage we could see.
There will still be heavy rain (a foot to 20”)— and that causes issues in Nola even when there are just regular thunderstorms.

And of course — the farther west it is the better for Nola but Louisiana had many more communities that could be wrecked by Ida’s winds, tornadoes, flash flooding and surge.

Wishing you all safety and peace — I’ll see you on GMA in the morning.

Possible hurricane takes aim on Louisiana: Latest path 08/26/2021

Possible hurricane takes aim on Louisiana: Latest path

On the 16st anniversary of hurricane 🌀 Katrina Ida heads towards the gulf coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. guess perfect timing for finally home to be out there please pray for us here on Mississippi gulf coast as we brace for another hit i don't need to be writing about another storm not to make lite about it but so worried and scared but no matter where any of us live there's always something, so life does move on be safe everyone on the coast !

Possible hurricane takes aim on Louisiana: Latest path A tropical depression is forecast to strengthen to Hurricane Ida before taking aim on Louisiana this weekend.


Thank you all so much for liking my page greatly appreciated all of ya so much

Photos from Josette landry author & writer's post 05/08/2021

Photos from Josette landry author & writer's post

Our Story

I was born in new Orleans Louisiana moved to Mississippi at the age of 10 with my parents I met my husband here in bay st Louis we married in 1994 have three great boys and still live in bay st Louis, MS even after the storm{Katrina}wrote and published the coming of the storm in 2013 and currently in production and our next book finely home we live a paranormal life i was born with a gift r curse how ever you look at it but i see and feel the dead and able at times not all the time able to see and feel things before they happen. everyday is something new but its a journey either way. I've come to love and understand my gifts and want to share this with y’all in hopes to give a better understanding of what i’m about and what i write about. at times it hasn't been all that great but learning life has twist and turns for all of us and everyone’s journey is unique please check us out and i can’t wait to continual sharing our stories with y’all

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What r yall doing today? Down here  on the gulf coast its crabs 🦀and family 👪 so damn good!!!




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