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Rest In Peace Sergeant Steven Robin & Officer Branden Estorffe. My prayers are with their coworkers, families of all involved, friends, our community, & the poor child who witnessed all of the chaos unfold.

God rest their souls.
May angels lead you in.



Lucy came back to see me for her 6 month portraits and I could just eat her up

Photos from Studio E's post 08/06/2022

Got some amazing behind the curtain shots for Studio E’s recital in June.. This company, the staff, & the parents are beyond inviting, warm, & kind.

If you’re looking for an inclusive, patient, God-serving studio for your child… this is the one. 🀍



Senior Banner time! Are you a Bay High senior athlete and would like to purchase a keepsake banner? These banners are displayed around our school athletic facilities to showcase your senior achievements. See below for more info!


Proud to sponsor the Bay Middle Cheerleaders for the 2022-2023 season πŸ’›πŸ’™ Let’s Go Tigers!

Thank you to Brittney Bostick owner of Brittney Violet Portraits for your Bronze Sponsorship! Brittney also took our 2020-2021 cheer pictures and her oldest daughter Anna cheered with us last year! Thank you for giving back Brittney!


2 ways to book your newborn session:

1: private message me on Facebook

2. Send me an email from my website!


Q: When should I book my newborn session?

A: For the best (& most custom) experience, newborn sessions should be booked a few months ahead of time. I want to provide and create a custom experience for you!

I want to hear about your nursery colors, special pieces you’d like to incorporate, & see if there are any special pieces I can order beforehand (such as rainbow baby pieces or special colors/themes you’d like).

Did you know I require a $150 retainer fee to book & that it is applied towards the package of your choosing? The balance won’t be due till your newborn session.


guess whose gallery is going live this week... ✨

I've got some exciting news coming.. stay tuned. It's HUGE.


Rebecca Louise | 10 days


Rebecca Louise | 10 days

Photos from Brittney Violet Newborns's post 10/28/2021

Excuse the cell phone quality pics from my kitchen…. But who is bringing me a Christmas baby this year?!? 😍😍😍


β€œDreams really do come true, my sweet rainbow baby, I’ve been waiting for you.” β€” Unknown


Levi Benjamin | πŸ’š 13 days old


My best friend is having her first girl after two rough & tough boys. I could not be more excited!

Photos from Brittney Violet Newborns's post 10/14/2021

I will always love beach portraits.. Thank God we live somewhere so beautiful


Happy Spooky Season, y'all! I'm baaacckkkk! Well... according to my last post on this page, I'm back lol... To tell you the truth, I've been back from maternity leave for almost a year now. But I was posting on my friend page that was recently hacked. Unfortunately, I'm locked out of that page for the unforeseeable future. Fortunately though, weirdly, I do have access to the messenger (for now, I assume). I will be redirecting those messages to this page though to help keep them all in one place.

To help with the transition, I'm going to be conducting messages, referrals and sneaks through this page from now on until I can regain access to my page (*assuming I will ever be able to do that*).

SO do me a favor friends! Share this page, like it... press follow or whatever the things are so you get notifications. Refer away.. I've been collecting quite the stash of new props for all these new babies being sent my way ;) I'm also restructuring newborn packages so there are options for EVERYONE!! I'm so excited to snuggle some babies again, friends. πŸ–€πŸ§‘


Hi Friends!

Just 4 weeks left till our little one is expected to arrive and I am officially announcing my maternity leave. Be on the lookout, I will be accepting clients again (on a limited basis) around the end of May/June & will announce available sessions here.

Do you have an inquiry? Reach out! I have plenty of friends I can recommend you to :)


Happiness Is So Simple



Remember EVERYTHING πŸ₯°


Man encourages wife through labor

I’m totally crying. 😭😭

Photos from Sadie Sampson's post 09/16/2019


Photos from Rachel Smith Photography's post 09/15/2019

😭😭 Rachel is such a talented photographer with such a gracious & sweet heart. Always love seeing her NICU shots ❀️ sure makes ya realize what real miracles & heroes are ❀️

New Mom Takes Her Own Life After Silent Battle With Postpartum Depression: Why All Of Us Must Share Her Friend's Plea - Her View From Home 09/09/2019

New Mom Takes Her Own Life After Silent Battle With Postpartum Depression: Why All Of Us Must Share Her Friend's Plea - Her View From Home

Normally, I wouldn’t be sharing something with so much sadness around it on this page.

But this is so very important. Pre & Postpartum Depression are real. Check in with your pregnant & new mom friends, sisters & family.

Twenty-four hour National Su***de Prevention Lifeline hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

New Mom Takes Her Own Life After Silent Battle With Postpartum Depression: Why All Of Us Must Share Her Friend's Plea - Her View From Home Allison was a beautiful ray of sunshine in my life. The life of an Army wife can get lonely at times – moving around so much, searching for new friends, and trying to make a strange house and new town feel like home. A mil-spouse herself, Allison knew the struggle, and reached out to my …



Daddy Chronicles

Last Month was Breastfeeding Awareness Month. So I figured id drop some knowledge on my fellow Dads and soon to be Dads. Here's what it looks like for the first few weeks or months after your child is born. Yup if mom breastfeeds they pretty much are tucked like this and at times you'll wonder "what is there for me to do?" Here's my top 5 tips for any Dad after your child is born.
1. For night feedings. When mom wakes up in the middle of the night. You get up and ask if she needs any help or water. The truth is most of the time she will say no but just the fact that you offered will go far.
2. Ask mom if she can pump and then pick 1 feeding that you will always do. Mom will take on almost everything and will burn herself out if you let her. At times you may have to force her to rest without worrying about the baby. This is an easy way to do that without a fight.
3. Don't put a time limit on how long mom breastfeed the baby. It's not just about feeding your child it's about them bonding as well. I know everyone has a diffrent length of time they will breastfeed and as a Dad it's hard to fully understand. Do not I repeat DO NOT try and rush this process it's not our place and it's not safe. You will open yourself up to a fight you can't win.
4. Be patient. I know as a Dad the first few weeks we are equally excited and yet not as important yet. Your time will come faster than you know. Babies grow fast and the stronger bigger they get the more Daddy Time will be coming your way.
5. Paternity leave! If you have it TAKE IT. The early stages of a childs life are not just for moms to enjoy. I know as men making the money especially after having a baby but trust me. You can always make money but there are no instant replays in life. It doesn't make you more of a man to not take the leave. It's equally as important that you as a Dad get to be a part of the early development of your child.
Someone needs this info Tag them



Today Is National Rainbow Baby Day In The USA 08/22/2019

Today Is National Rainbow Baby Day In The USA


Today Is National Rainbow Baby Day In The USA Rainbow babies are babies born immediately following a miscarriage. My son, Shep, is my rainbow baby! He was born 348 days after my miscarriage.


Miss Harper's gallery went live and it's full of smiles


These tiny details make my heart melt

Timeline photos 05/22/2017

Someone buy this & book a session with me! 😍😍 I'm in love!

Boho llama love πŸ’•πŸŒΏπŸ’•
Releasing today at 3 est
Tag a friend who would love this 😍


To the mother with an aching heart

& to the moms out there who have suffered the unimaginable pain, "from one mother to another, you are loved."


Honoring Mothers

I dare you to watch and not be so moved that you cry.

Her baby arrived. Now this Gulfport mom needs a heart. 04/25/2017

Her baby arrived. Now this Gulfport mom needs a heart.

Unthinkable... please donate if possible & share!

Her baby arrived. Now this Gulfport mom needs a heart.


Ford Designed A Crib That Simulates A Gentle Car Ride



Willow: Hands-On

This is pretty dang cool!

Timeline photos 11/30/2016

Cyber Mon---- er... Wednesday! yay! We're happy to offer Cyber Monday all week long!

Timeline photos 09/08/2016

50% due to book, 50% due at session..

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