Walrod Steampunk Curiosities

Walrod Steampunk Curiosities


Thanks for the shout out from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities! We are so looking forward to seeing you at the festival, April 2-3! Thanks for including the gorgeous photo of our stunning venue! See you at the park!
We are excited to have John Walrod with Walrod Steampunk Curiosities on exhibit at Union County Heritage Museum in New Albany, MS this December 2021! Opening night of exhibit is December 3, 2021. We hope to inspire young artists to create their own Steampunk Art as they see the work of Mr. Walrod! I am following your page to see what there is along this same creativite line around the world! Wonderful and fun Steampunk Creations!
I love my sunrise.
Thank you making this lovely fabulous gift.
The Charger Bot 'Rectigon'. Assemblage Art by Walrod Steampunk Curiosities
Sonny Dalton, train engine. 1988.
6.5" x 7".
Any interest? Best offer.
More pics in comments.
https://youtu.be/hahs2mEkOng MY STEAMPUNK SET DESIGN
Great stuff.
A pleasure talking to you today!
Are you going to the Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival this year?
I got bit by these love bugs! Curiously cute and well behaved.

Walrod's exploration into the curious realm of assemblage art. Walrod's exploration into the curious realm of Steampunk assemblage art.


Arm westling with Grandcat Sardis in the art studio. Happy Holidays!

Photos from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities's post 12/22/2022

‘Big Pie Safe’, Walrod (Dec 2022). Salvaged wood, old screen doors, punched tin, old door hinges, old pull handles, and painted pine siding (courtesy of Vicki Niolet). This heirloom work will be available for purchase at the new Mississippi Antique Galleria in Gulfport, MS. Enjoy!


Things about to get REAL serious in the art studio, fueled by our hand-picked playlist of maynard’s most energizing tunes.


Thank you Arts Hancock County! Our Steampunk Angel piece was selected 1st place in the annual juried show.


You are cordially invited to join us this Saturday night for an art reception at the new arts center in Bay St. Louis.


Our studio cat Sardis is keeping a close eye on the glue-up of the door frame of the punched-tin pie safe that we are working.


Whhhaaattttt - $59/can on amazon?!?!?! OK. This pandemic business disruption pivotal thing has now gone too far. For the past 20 years or so, Johnson Paste Wax has been a staple in our wood workshop and art studio. Good on metal. Great on wood. VERY handy to lubricate woodscrew threads. Dad (Eugene W) used it in his woodshop, and his Dad (Gerald W) probably used it too. It was an affordable quality product to protect heirlooms. Even in a busy studio like ours, a couple cans would last a year or so. Looking into the ridiculous amazon pricing, we discovered this 'product discontinued' news, making us feel downright old... NOW ISO a good replacement wax - please let us know. Thanks. In the meantime we will be hoarding whatever leftover cans we can find. https://umgf.com/no-more-sc-johnson-s-paste-wax-did-you-know-t218826.html

Photos from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities's post 11/11/2022

It’s only simple assemblage, but I like it! Needs a good artwork title, help me out, what you got?

Cotton District Arts Festival showcases artistic culture 11/09/2022

Cotton District Arts Festival showcases artistic culture

Nice university newspaper article on - with Walrod interview. Thank you MSU Reflector! http://www.reflector-online.com/life/article_6016ce72-58b5-11ed-987e-83db1a4f42c8.html

Cotton District Arts Festival showcases artistic culture Saturday, the Cotton District was flooded with artists and attendees alike for the annual Cotton District Arts Festival hosted by the Starkville Area Arts Council.


Thank you CDAF - we really enjoyed the art fest & look fwd to doing it again next year.


Thank you, Thank you art patrons!! Peter Anderson was a huge success - with nearly 30 of our artworks going to new homes. You provide the inspiration to go back into the studio and push the envelope! btw, An exciting new art event is in the works - stay posted.

Photos from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities's post 11/06/2022

Our big dawg POW! is getting a lot of love today.


Pandora’s Box is under new management. Keep the hope alive!

Photos from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities's post 11/06/2022

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!! Correction- OCEAN SPRINGS!!! The last day of my last art fest of 2022. And that means year-end clearance with best prices on coolest art ever. Come get some. Booth 748 in front of Mary C center.


‘Thermax’ the toasterbot knows how to woo the ladies!


Our DNA-themed ‘Helix’ has found a new home. Thank you Holly!


Ready to roll! Come see us at booth 748 in front of the Mary C center.


Look for Walrod and his curious creations this weekend at Peter Anderson Art Fest booth 748 - near the Mary C center - rain or shine! https://www.facebook.com/watch/live?ref=watch_permalink&v=838678307324649

Photos from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities's post 11/03/2022

All the cool kids will be hanging out this weekend at the 'Other' artist booth 748 - by the Mary C center. See you there.

2022 Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival 11/02/2022

2022 Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival

This weekend, look for us at booth 748 by the Mary C center.

2022 Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival This weekend, the streets of downtown Ocean Springs will be filled with artists, crafters, and food vendors from all across America for the annual Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival.


Look for ‘Venus Rising’ and the rest of Walrod’s curious assemblages this weekend at Booth 748 - near the Mary C center on Govt St.


THANK YOU Cotton District Art Fest for Best in Sculpture award!


She caught this rare bug, ‘Insectus steampunkus’, at our art fest booth today.


Our little K9 ‘Powell’ has found a good home.


It’s 8am at the Cotton District Art Fest - showtime! There’s only one time macine at the festival - right here, booth 231. Come get some.


On the road, heading to Starkville for the Cotton District Arts Fest. Doing a little bit of antique picking along the way.


Say hello to our latest K9 ‘Copperhead’. Look for us this Saturday at Cotton District Arts Fest & next weekend at Peter Anderson Art Fest.

Photos from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities's post 10/23/2022

'Chevy Carb Kitty', Walrod, 2022. This vintage 4-barrel Rochester Quadrajet carburetor came all the way from the backwoods of Potomac, MT - from a 400 engine in Uncle Bob's 1976 Chevy 4WD van (thank you UB!). This work is on display and available for purchase at Antique Maison in Bay St. Louis, MS. Enjoy!


A sneak peek at our studio workbench, a diptych entitled Venus Rising. Found this superb pair of rare old solid brass caryatid figurines in St. Pete, FL. Excited to put them back into play! The pair will make their world debut at the Cotton District Arts Fest next weekend. Enjoy!


Find us and other sculpture artists on Saturday Oct. 29 in Starkville, MS at the Cotton District Arts Fest.


We're a little less than 3 weeks from the Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival!

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal 10/17/2022

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal

Always glad to support our local charities! We donated our little K9 'Bremner' to Coast Episcopal School for their annual Toast to the Coast silent auction fundraiser. Please support the cause and bid on this artwork and other donated items here: https://one.bidpal.net/toasttothecoast/search/walrod(details:item/239)

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal  


Scored some good vintage car chrome today at Antique Maison. Excited about the possibilities!


Save the date! Walrod will be exhibiting at his alma mater town Starkville, MS - 1 day only - Saturday Oct 29 - at the Cotton District Art Festival. See you there.

Photos from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities's post 10/05/2022

Thank you, thank you, thank you art patrons! Here's some of the Walrod works that patrons acquired this weekend at the Twin Steeples Art Market. SAVE THE DATE: Our next show is Cotton District Arts Fest in Starkville, MS on Saturday Oct. 29. See you there.


The inaugural Twin Steeples Art market was a great success. Thank you art patrons for your enthusiastic support. Thank you Twin Steeples staff, board members, and volunteers for a wonderful venue and show. A special shout-out to Kim Zabbia for making it all come together. The new Twin Steeples Creative Art Center is an incredible architectural restoration and revitalization story in Ponchatoula - highly recommended for artists and art lovers.

Photos from Walrod Steampunk Curiosities's post 10/01/2022

THANK YOU Twin Steeples Art Center for the Award of Distinction honor. Look for Walrod & his curious assemblages today in Ponchatoula, LA.


Louisiana peeps! Walrod is at the inaugural Twin Steeples Art Fest in Ponchatoula today & tomorrow. Come on down, the weather & art is AMAZING!


Join us today at NOON for our Village Arts Market!

Can't come today...no worries! We are back again TOMORROW from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM!🤩🤩🤩

Photos from The Cotton District Arts Festival's post 09/28/2022

Look for Walrod Art in Starkville on Oct 29.

Our Story

This is Walrod's exploration into the curious realm of assemblage art. Walrod makes curious 3D assemblage art using rare old artifacts – such as broken toasters. His secret lab & wandering mind are rumored to be somewhere in the deeper forests of Mississippi.

Walrod’s work blends science, myth, & imagination with vintage objects. His odd yet powerful art is highly coveted by inept governments, superheroes, Russian hackers, aliens, dictators, & Heads-of-State with bigger buttons.

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