Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy

Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy


Our boy Chester passed last night, He weighed maybe five pounds. We were wondering if you could help? Please call us to let us know if at all possible. Thank you Fred and Sue Powers 802-878-4174 or [email protected]

Wildlife art studio producing quality mounts for our customers. Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy is a taxidermy studio operated by David and Tara Bushey.

As a professionally trained taxidermist, David utilizes the highest quality materials to produce lifelike mounts for a lifetime of enjoyment. Every job that comes through the door is someones trophy. From the smallest squirrel to the biggest moose, they all get the attention they deserve!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 05/01/2022

Good luck to everyone headed out Turkey hunting! Give us a call if you’d like a fan mount of any kind done..

Here is our latest creation.. this is from a fall harvested smoke phased hen.

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 04/22/2022

Here’s the porcupine finished from earlier this year!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 04/20/2022

Grey fox finished!


Here’s a weasel with winter fur coloration!

Pretty small but watch out, he’ll eat your chickens!!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 04/08/2022

Full sneak, out the door!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 04/02/2022

Another great VT buck. Check out those brow tine tips!!!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 03/27/2022

A big ol’ buck!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 03/22/2022

Tanned and hand stitched bear fur pillow made with love for our mother, Tammy McFarland.

It took roughly 1000 stitches and a couple pieces of bear hide to complete this pillow.

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 03/20/2022

Thanks for choosing us to mount your deer Michael Thresher.


A great buck shot in Vermont by Gavynn Thresher! Thank you for trusting us with your first (and huge) buck!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 03/18/2022

Really like the look of this mount with one ear forward and the other back. Just like they are in the woods.

Thanks Dan Thresher for trusting us as your taxidermist!


We will work around your schedule when dropping off or picking up.

We just took in this coyote to tan.
Gonna skin it right now!!


If you think a porcupine’s quill is like a sewing needle, you’re wrong…

These darn things are barbed, and take some force to pull out…😫


Today is gonna be fun…

Finally putting the albino porcupine together!!!


Tanning a hide starts with fleshing it.

We use a fleshing wheel to remove all the fat, flesh, and membrane to reveal the skin of the animal. Once it’s all removed it gets salted, then hung up dry.

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 03/04/2022

We prefer you bring us the entire hide of your trophy whenever possible, then we can cut it at the right length for your chosen mount.

Hate to see capes cut short like this one as it limits the pose that you can pick, if we can even use it…


YES, you can carry your whitetail shoulder mount by the antlers, they are screwed down and secure!


Enjoy your Friday night! Mine’s gonna stink!😝

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 02/20/2022

This black bear has really thick fur and made for a great looking shoulder mount!


Another important step that you probably don’t know about….

Every set of antlers gets cleaned before mounting. All meat and membrane on the skull is dremeled off so you’re mount doesn’t attract bugs!

The right side in the picture is cleaned off and ready to mount.


All about the details!

Part of the finish work is texturing the nose pad to give it that life-like look!

Once the mod podge dries(clear) we’ll be able to paint it and the mounting process will be complete.


Got a deer shaved this afternoon during Annabelle’s nap.

Now it’s time for some football!!!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 02/11/2022

Guess we’ll be canceling our Friday night plans.. got a bear to finish sewing up!


Mounted this grey fox yesterday.

It came together nicely, can’t even tell it was shot with a crossbow… twice!

Some minor adjustments over the next couple days while it dries, then some finishing touches and it will look great!


Almost done sewing up the back!

Anyone wanna guess what it is??

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 02/02/2022

Just keep sewing.. it’s the only way!


A deer hide we just finished tanning and stretching…


Smoke phase hen.

Step 1: Lay out the fan


Working on a personal mount while waiting for forms to come in.

This is a smoke phase hen harvested in the fall some years ago… will be putting together some sort of tail fan plaque and might use wings as well.

Stay tuned for finished product!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 01/21/2022

What’s the smallest animal you’ve taken?

This is mine, a weasel shot with compound bow! 🎯

Just got it mounted, after drying he’ll get painted and added to a display.. Stay tuned for the final results!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 01/18/2022

A nice buck taken by a youth hunter in Vermont!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 01/17/2022

A little before and after…

First picture: We got this vintage rug in that was in rough shape.

It was nearly decapitated and the customer wanted the head and hooves removed.

Second picture: We removed the hooves and head, then repaired the rug by hand stitched the backing and felt trim to match.

Third picture: We then took the horns and made them into a plaque.

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 01/16/2022

Check out the white patch on this bear, it looks like a wish bone!

Photos from Bushey's Wildlife Taxidermy's post 01/13/2022



A wide one on the stand today!

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