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Hi! Do you sell a wildflower seed mix appropriate to Illinois? And do you think it would be okay go plant them now? Thanks!
Friendly service-great prices. Delivery exceptionally priced!
Pablo is a good man!
He went over and beyond the call of duty to help me out in my time of need. He poured the decorative stones for me (seeing that I was unable to due to my injuries) - took away the brush we talked about and even raked and cleaned up afterward.
Thank you Hoelterhoff's Nursery for the great service!
Thank you so much for your fantastic pricing and incredible customer service. Your nursery was able to surprise us with same day delivery. Thank you for being so helpful and kind. We appreciate you!

Retail garden center focusing on the landscape needs of homeowners and gardeners. We sell bulk mulch and soil amendments, sod, stone, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and vegetable plants.

Delivery available. **11/5/21 Closed for the season. See you in the spring!**. Family owned and operated local garden center in Bartlett since the late 1960's. Originally started on Harlem Avenue in Chicago in the 1940's. Specializing in mulch, top soil, sand, stone, annuals, perennials, small fruits, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, trees, sod, fertilizers, tree care, and more. Experienced staff. We deliver!

Operating as usual

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🌲Wondering how much mulch, soil, stone or garden mix to order? Here are some tips to help you figure it out, along with a rough sketch illustration. Google “mulch calculator” and you will find a ton of them online. But drawing it out allows you to keep that information from year to year and easily and quickly make changes as your landscape evolves. All you need is a measuring tape, paper and pen. 📏📃✍️

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Add some color to your landscape with bulbs! Bulbs are super easy to plant and will brighten up that space in front of your evergreens or nonflowering perennials. Early spring flowering bulbs can be planted under deciduous trees as they will receive plenty of light before the leaves emerge on the tree. Use around the edge of a vegetable garden or flower bed, in rock gardens, and especially in containers. Bulbs prefer a well-drained, sunny area so keep that in mind when choosing a location.

Check out our selection of Asiatic Lilies, Gladiolus, dinner-plate Dahlias, and more!


🌷🌼 What a beautiful first day of spring! While we may have a few cooler days in the next couple of weeks (dare I say the “s” word) we sure are enjoying this amazing weather! This is the perfect time to make your plans. Plan your garden, plan to plant that tree, plan to add some new perennials. A good start is adding our signature CUSTOM MADE GARDEN MIX. This mix gives your landscape and garden the right combination of soils, composts, and fertilizers to help your plants thrive! We have been making this mix for a decade and our customers love it!

We are now open for pick up or delivery. Reach out if we can help you with your plans and stop by or check back here frequently for tips, tricks and updates on new stock coming in every week.

Happy Spring! We can’t wait to see you again! 🌺🌳

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There may be snow outside but we are indoors at the show checking out what’s new for spring! The colors are amazing! Can’t wait ‘til spring! 😍🦋🌸🌺☀️🌷🌳🌹


As we think about what we are thankful for, we think of YOU! Wishing you and yours many blessings, much gratitude and an abundance of laughter today and throughout the year.


It’s that time of year again. We’ll spend the next couple of months getting ready for the spring so reach out if you need any information. Thank you for your business! See you in the spring!

Hoelterhoff's Nursery, Inc. updated their information in their About section. 11/05/2021

Hoelterhoff's Nursery, Inc. updated their information in their About section.

Hoelterhoff's Nursery, Inc. updated their information in their About section.

Hoelterhoff's Nursery, Inc. updated their business hours. 11/05/2021

Hoelterhoff's Nursery, Inc. updated their business hours.

Hoelterhoff's Nursery, Inc. updated their business hours.


Here are the some of the hydrangea we sold this year and the category they fall under, along with the chart posted yesterday:

Endless Summer Blushing Bride
Endless Summer The Original
Endless Summer BloomStruck
Endless Summer Summer Crush
Endless Summer Twist-n-Shout

First Editions Berry White
First Editions Diamond Rouge
Little Lime
Little Quick Fire
Quick Fire
First Editions Strawberry Sundae
First Editions Vanilla Strawberry

First Editions Jetstream Oakleaf
Ruby Slippers Oakleaf


Wondering if you should cut back your hydrangea or leave them go? Some hydrangea bloom on old wood and some on new. Macrophylla bloom on old wood = don’t prune. Paniculata bloom on new wood = prune. If you are unsure what type of hydrangea you have, the best thing to do is wait. Wait until spring to see if the growth is coming from the ground up or from the old wood. Make a note of it so when winter comes around, you know what to do.

And don’t forget to add some shredded leaves or mulch to the base of your hydrangea. This will help keep the soil temperature from fluctuating and will keep the root ball from freezing.


Protect your plants this winter! Mound an extra layer of 2-3” of mulch over the root ball of your perennials, shrubs and trees to help regulate the soil temperature over the winter months. This will not only protect the shallow roots from freezing but will also stabilize the temperature of the soil. The cold temps freeze the soil but the warm winter sun can also heat the first few inches of soil. This pattern creates confusion for the plant’s root system which will stress your plant out. A stressed plant will not grow properly and to its full potential and may even die back. It doesn’t take much. Use shredded leaves (not diseased) or shredded bark for best results. And brace yourself - the cold and the beautiful s-n-o-w is coming! As you pull out your gear from last year to see if it still fits and is in good condition, check your landscape and see if it is ready for winter as well. If not, take some time to add the fall mulch. Your plants will thank you!


We have been thoroughly enjoying our unseasonably warm October weather, but now with temps dropping slightly, we need to once again turn our attention to the garden. It’s just about time to put it to rest for the winter. Here are 3 easy steps you can take now to make starting your garden in the spring so much easier:

1. Pull up old vegetable plants and discard any that are diseased or infested. You don’t want any insects to overwinter and return in the spring so be sure to throw these away. Compost only non-diseased foliage.

2. Remove weeds and throw these away. Do not compost weeds.

3. Rejuvenate and replenish your soil by adding a layer of mushroom compost or manure. Cover the garden beds with a couple of inches of compost. Save the rototilling for spring and just let the compost sit on top of your garden bed for the winter. It will work it’s way into the soil and the nutrients will help jump start your spring garden.

**Bring Your Buckets! We sell Mushroom Compost and Organic Compost by the 5 gallon bucket. Each 5 gallon bucket is $1.80. For larger gardens, we also sell both composts by the half of full cubic yard.**


🍄 Discussing a little fungi on this fair-weathered Friday. In our world, the word “fungus” typically equals “problem”. We do everything possible to get rid of it. Black spot, powdery mildew, blight. We work hard to control these. And rightfully so. Fungus can quickly get out of control and weaken other plants. But this brief article from Garden Center magazine, highlights the research done by Kew Royal Botanic Gardens (just outside of London) on the positive impact of other types of fungi. Check it out!

P.S. A visit to Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is definitely going on my bucket list! Check them out at www.kew.org.

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2️⃣0️⃣% off perennials! Hostas, grasses, coral bells and more on sale until the end of the season. Plant perennials now and put a little extra mulch around the root ball to help protect them from our sometimes harsh winter weather.

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If you’re looking to decorate your outside for fall, come check us out. We have corn stalks ($7.99) and large straw bales ($9.99) along with pumpkins, mums, ornamental peppers, kale and aster.

Also start stocking up on firewood for those amazing fall evenings around the outdoor fire pit. We still offer the pile of scrap wood for $15, half a face cord for $60, a full face cord for $111 or by the piece $0.55.

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It certainly feels like fall! And with it, a new shipment of fall flowers. Sunflowers, mums, ornamental peppers, kale and asters. Come on out this weekend and see if we have what you are looking for.

We carry soil, too dressing mix, mushroom compost, stone, mulch and more well into the fall. And don’t overpay for sod. Ours are $4.50 for each 10 square foot (2’x5’) rolll!

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Fall is the perfect time to work on your lawn. A little effort now will help your lawn survive the winter months as well as give it a kick start for spring.

Most lawns have three major problem areas: compacted soil, prone to drought, and weeds, weeds, weeds. While fall is not the time to necessarily fight against the weeds, it is the best time to correct your soil and make healthier grass roots, which is the best weed control of all! A healthy lawn and soil is key to kicking those weeds to the curb!

So what can you do?

1) Aerate - this will allow any soil conditioners, fertilizers and seed get (quite literally) to the root of the problem

2) Condition your soil with Love Your Soil to loosen up compacted soils and stimulate soil microbial life (if you cannot aerate, at the very least use Love Your Soil)

3) Fertilize with Winter Survival (can be used on newly seeded lawns). Winter Survival helps promote deep rooting, helps recover from summer stress, and promotes early spring green-up.

4) Overseed your lawn with Fall Magic Grass Seed. Fall Magic is specially formulated for successful fall seeding and helps repair lawns suffering from summer disease and insect damage. Use it to thicken an existing lawn or use it to plant a new lawn. You can certainly use other grass seed to overseed your lawn. The point is if you’ve never overseeded your lawn, try it this fall and you will see a difference in the spring!

A couple of other tips to winterize your lawn:

1. Drop the height on your mower to two inches for the last mow before winter. If the grass is too long, it will become matted under the weight of the snow and could promote fungus or disease. But don’t cut it too short either, which could lead to stress on the roots and your lawn could die out. Two inches is the optimal height for the last mow before winter.

2. And finally remove all leaves on your lawn before it snows. Leaves on the lawn will collect water and block out sunlight which will create bare spots. Also leaves are acidic and can decrease the pH in your soil. Piles of leaves will create a mat under the snow which (just like long grass) could bring on disease.

Take these steps this fall and you will start to see the difference next spring. Your reward? A lush, green lawn and healthy soil!

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They’re here!! Straw bales, corn stalks and pumpkins and gourds of different colors, shapes and sizes.

One week until the beginning of fall! While we are enjoying the end of summer flowers, emerging fall plants, and still growing cold tolerant vegetables, this is the time of year we start thinking of preparing our landscape for winter. Starting tomorrow, check back here for tips on how to winterize your lawn and garden. Up first: lawn care with tips from Jonathan Green.

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Checking out the new varieties from First Editions! ‘Little Hottie’ Hydrangea, Easy Elegance ‘Super Hero’ Shrub Rose, ‘Little Spark’ Spirea, ‘Northern Exposure Red’ Coral Bells (also in black and amber), and a new Allium (ornamental onion) called ‘Lavender Bubbles’! Also couldn’t resist snapping a pic of the always gorgeous ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’ Coneflower in full bloom.

We’re getting our orders in for next spring! Super exciting to see the new varieties! Can’t wait to get these in April and May. 😍😍😍


We will be closed this weekend, September 11th, 12th and 13th. We will be back to regular hours on Tuesday the 14th. And we are still open tomorrow, Friday the 10th, from 9-5pm if you need anything for the weekend or Monday.

This is the weekend we start thinking about next season and begin ordering for next year. Reach out if you’re looking for something specific and we will look for it.

And the corn stalks, pumpkins and hay bales will be in at the end of next week!!


It’s Labor Day today! Rest from your regular routine means fun working in the yard for some, or extra time to check something off the “To Do” list for others.

Today, we will be open from 9-3pm!

It might be a good day to start planning for late fall: planting trees or shrubs, overseeding and winterizing your lawn, amending your garden in preparation for next spring and adding an extra layer of mulch to your existing beds. Or prep for winter and pick up and stack some firewood.

Whatever your plans, the sun is up! Enjoy this beautiful day!


Welcome to the weekend! And it’s a holiday weekend with a forecast of nearly perfect weather! It’s a great weekend for camping or hanging out in the backyard, enjoying the cooler nights around the fire pit.

Enjoy your weekend and give us a call or stop in if you need firewood or anything else for your landscape project.

Full face cord $111
Half face cord $60
Per piece $0.55
Pile of scrap wood $16

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9-5pm; Sunday 9-4pm, Tuesday 9-2pm

**We will be closed September 11th through 13th. We can still make deliveries on these days but our office and yard will be closed. Just call or stop in anytime from now until Friday the 10th to schedule your delivery. Sorry for the inconvenience!**

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Family owned and operated local garden center in Bartlett since the late 1960's. Originally started on Harlem Avenue in Chicago in the 1940's. Specializing in mulch, top soil, sand, stone, annuals, perennials, small fruits, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, trees, sod, fertilizers, tree care, and more. Experienced staff.

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Bulk mulch, soil, stone, compost, sod, perennials, annuals, vegetable plants, shrubs, trees, Jonathan Green lawn care, Fox Farm bagged soils, bagged decorative stone, boulders, flagstone, firewood, tree care, some statuary and planters.



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