A Restorative Touch

A Restorative Touch


HI, I would like to know where you went to school for you massage.sound's like something I would like .....
I feel so much better! Thanks You!
What do you offer?
Dear Fran ,
I can't possibly put into words how very grateful I am for your superior service! I was so sore from my wreck.. Your kindness, love and truly gifted hands brought me so much comfort.. And healing! God has truly blessed you with a special gift to bless the lives of your clients..
It truly is never about the money .. But honestly if if were.. YOU WOULD BE WORTH A MILLION! I am so grateful that BNI brought us together.,
And trust me when I tell you..
YOUR NAME IS BEING dropped everywhere! I will be your biggest advocate ,. Because YOU GIVE and WE GAIN so much!
Love lots, Scarlet 💜
Just in case I haven't mentioned it lately, A Restorative Touch is amazing! Canyon is undergoing a med wash. On a whim I took him over just to see if a massage would help with his flapping and pacing. He is still bouncing around here at the house, but let me tell you what I witnessed- it was beautiful and still brings tears to my eyes.
Canyon advocated for himself and chose his music. He positioned himself on the table and giggled and jabbered as he waited. Fran placed her hands on his back in that gentle and calming way that she does and he just let out a long exhale. I wanted to cry, it was beautiful to see him relax. After about 10 or 15 minutes he lifted his head and said "Thank you, I feel better."
As we were chatting at the end, Fran let Canyon see her iPad (which controls the music in the room) with the simple request that he keep it in English. :) Yes folks, she is a kind and brave woman. He went to the notes app; I told him he could write a message to Fran. He wrote, "Thank you for a resting." Wow! Thank you, God. Thank you, Fran.
Thanks for a wonderful massage!
Thank you so much! My back is feeling so much better!
As day 1 comes to a close, I just want to say "I'm so glad A Restorative Touch is here to make a difference in the community and bring calm and healing to many lives."
Wish we were closer, I am always in need!
I can't wait for opening day!

Swedish massage, Deep Touch massage, Sports massage, Mayofascial massage, and Reiki A Restorative Touch is a therapeutic massage therapy studio.

At the heart of our business is the commitment to enrich the lives of our clients and our community by focusing on compassionate, quality care and personal relationships. It is our intention to have your best interest at heart.


Now working at Schmitz Chiropratic in Imperial.


Are you paying attention? Attention to where and how you carry stress? Are you taking time to sit and be still? If not, take a moment...close your eyes, take a deep breath and as you exhale let your shoulders drop, feel your arms release. If you can lay down, feel your weight drop on the table, floor, bed...where ever you are. Notice where you "can't" relax...inhale and exhale it away. Ahhhh, enjoy!!!


I have been putting this off, so here it goes. As of this July, I will no longer have the studio. It has been a hard decision to make, but I need time for my body to heal. It is far more emotional than I thought it would be as I try to look forward to new possibilities. But it hurts to let this part of the vision go. Maybe it is only for a season. I don't know.

Thank you for your friendships. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for allowing me to be present with you. I have been blessed far more than you realize. If I would want to leave you with some wisdom...listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs. It was created to function, to maintain balance. Just listen....


Are you suffering with chronic pain? Are you taking more meds than you want? Did you know that massage therapy can help you manage your chronic pain more effectively? Yes....it can!!

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Add these tips to your daily to-do list and live a more positive, stress free life!!


I was trying to do business the "way" business is done. That doesn't work for me, which probably means it doesn't
work for potential clients who are looking for a massage therapist who works with them...not on them.

While my goal and practice is to work with the body, mind and spirit, I don't think I have conveyed that very well.

If you are looking for a clean, quiet, slow paced massage therapy studio...A Restorative Touch may just be the place.


looking for those who are needing to honor their bodies for all the hard work it does every day.


Welcome! For those stopping by for the first time, I hope you find the information you are looking for. If not, please message me with any questions you may have.

My studio is a place of restoration. You are the focus! With 60 minutes of table time and plenty of time to take it all in after your massage is complete. You are not hurried out of the room, I schedule time between clients to allow you the luxury of just being in the space. The luxury to stretch, take notice of how your body feels and to just breathe.


Why the name Restorative Touch? This name was in my minds eye before I ever finished school. I believe that giving the body, mind and spirit what it needs helps us to live a fulfilling life. A giving life.

Being in a balanced place is not only good for us, it is good for those around us. Teaching others the tools they need to be in a better state of being...is an awesome thing.

Through massage therapy, I listen.... I am guided....I am intuitive in my therapy. Giving the time and attention and a safe environment for you to connect your mind....to your body....to your spirit in order for you to operate out of a sense of wellbeing.

My hope...my prayer for you is that you live the life you were created to live. And to live it fully with great love and passion.


Oh what a beautiful morning...oh what a beautiful day...Enjoy!!


Just for today....practice love...


Just for today...Do not worry....


Enjoy everyday!


No snow this week and nice enough to start that exercise routine! No better way to thank your body than a sports massage!


Shoveling a little too much snow? Are you sore? Stiff? Feel like you have been hit by a Mac truck? Or maybe, just maybe, you built one too many snowmen and slid down that hill one too many times...if there is such a thing for snowmen and sledding...

Let me invite you to be kind to your body? Say a big thank you to your muscles for working so hard. Come in to a warm, calming, soothing studio, where the smell of comfort surrounds you and the table warmer wraps your senses in summertime...


Hope you are all staying well. Drinking plenty of water and eating to fuel your body. The cold takes it's tole on the body, be kind to yourself...

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In 2014, the primary reason consumers received massage was for medical or health reasons – pain relief, soreness/stiffness and recovery from injury.

This data was taken from AMTA’s 2015 Massage Profession Research Report. You can access the fact sheet here: www.amtamassage.org/industryfactsheet


Pain! Chronic pain has been showing up in my studio lately. My Mom suffered from chronic pain I understand the impact it has on a person and their family. Pain management is usually handled with very strong drugs, which in itself robs you from participating in life.

I believe I can help you manage that pain with less pain meds. If we can reduce the amount of drugs you take so that you can enjoy your life....you win!! A plan for treatment may just give you a few more hours or days of less pain. Manageable pain without having to have that "drugged" feeling.

Give me a call, let's talk about it....341 420 8002


Love is in the air!!


Your body is simply amazing and intricately intertwined. I know we all have judgements about the size and shape of our bodies no matter what size the tag says. W are hard on ourselves!

Ever think about getting a massage and look in the mirror and say to yourself, " nope! I'm not laying on a table naked!"? Let me lay your fears aside. First, your body works hard to keep you moving, to help you care for your children, husbands, wives etc. It is sad when you are sad and rejoices when you rejoice!

As a therapist, let me tell you what I see... a masterpiece! As I work I thank the body for it's service. I honor you, your spirit, and the body that you dwell in. Your body serves you well. From time to time it deserves a little TLC!

So, quiet that voice that makes you feel...less than you should. Call me, let's talk about it. I will walk you through the process and calm your fears.


Today I joined the Honors Reward Program in Jefferson County. If you are a veteran, sign up for this program. It is local companies offering discounts to you. A small way to say Thank You for your service. All veterans receive $10 off!

Massage therapy has been shown to help with PTSD and phantom pain. It would be an honor for me to honor you.


I see that I am getting people visiting my page. Welcome! If I can answer any questions, please give me a call or ask here. 314 420 8002. I offer Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. You receive 60 minutes of table time and I schedule 30 minutes between clients to give you time to breathe and take notice of how your body, mind and spirit feels after your massage. I give you time to soak it all in and continue the relaxation to get full benefit. I am looking forward to meeting you....


Looking to ease the pain of over used muscles? Looking to ease the tension of sitting at a computer all day? Take care of the body, mind and spirit with massage therapy. Call for your appointment today!!


It may be cold outside, but the table warmer is on....ooooahhh!!!

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This is exactly what A Restorative Touch is all about. I want you to leave the studio feeling nurtured and cared for. Just a moment when you get to receive what you have given to so many others. Refueled! Rejuvenated!

We all need to be cared for and loved, from the day we are born to the day we do The Journey Home


Have you started that exercise routine? Feeling a bit sore? Feeling like you might want to ....quit? Come in for a sports massage to relax those muscles and speed the recovery.


If you are a "newbie" to the massage world, but would LOVE to try it. This may help put some anxiety to rest.


To all of you.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


I know you can buy your gift certificates anywhere. So why should you consider buying them from A Restorative Touch? Glad you asked...For starters you will receive a 60 minute massage, not 50 minutes. That is 60 minutes of table time. Second, I schedule a half hour between clients, so that you don't have to jump up, get dressed and be out the door. No, at the end of your massage, I quietly tell you to just relax, notice how you feel, stretch and enjoy for a bit. Ahhh, isn't that better?! Another reason, I want you to feel cared for and nourished when you leave my studio. Genuinely, cared for.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2015!!


Has the whole shopping, decorating and baking of the holiday season got you draggin'? Why not take care of you for an hour. Just an hour of massage therapy can rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Ahhhhh!!!


Gift certificates are available!! Buy one get one of equal or lesser value for half price. NOW thru Dec. 23, '14.


Sending prayers for a very blessed day to all. I pray that today you find a sense of love, gratitude and hope. Happy Thanksgiving!

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