Freer Parent Teacher Organization

Freer Parent Teacher Organization


Hey there! Just got the message about schools closing for about a month. I am not sure if anything is happening to assist in making sure kids have food/lunches during the time off... But if Freer is doing so, where can I drop of donations?
Thank you Freer Teachers and Staff! We are lucky to have such wonderful people involved in the lives of our kids! For those of you interested, here are the recipes for the queso and guac from the appreciation lunch today.

Queso (scale as desired....this was a huge batch)
1.5 sticks salted butter (3/4 cup)
3/4 cup flour
3 cans filled evaporated milk
1 tbsp chicken flavored soup base
1.5 quarts chicken stock
16oz heavy cream
1lb (16oz- 2sm bags/blocks) ea Monterey & Pepperjack cheeses (2lbs - 32oz)

Melt butter in an 8qt stock pot on med heat, add flour to make a blonde roux. (2 min)
Add chicken base, stock, & evap milk. Bring to a low boil, stirring very often. (approx 5-7 min)
Add heavy cream and all cheese, stir very well and remove from heat. Continue stirring (I use a whisk) until fully incorporated. Can be made ahead and refrigerated.

Guac (makes approx 48 ounces)
4-5 cups mashed avocado (I had 12 small ones that all had huge pits & I didn't measure really so this is an estimate)
2 med limes, juiced (maybe 1/3 cup)
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tbsp grated white onion
1 tbsp dried red bell pepper (I keep this on hand for all kinds of stuff, at Schnucks in the bulk dried food section)
16 oz sour cream
3 packets McCormick Mild Guac Mix (pic included)

Mix all ingredients well. Chill overnight.
Thank you so much to the PTO volunteers who served us lunch today as well as the parents that sent in food/supplies or a monetary donation! It was a wonderful lunch and very much appreciated!
We had a successful week of talking about Autism Awareness. We want to thank everyone for your support on Light It Up Blue day. We raised over $200 for our handicapped accessible playground!
Our family would like to thank you for the wonderful family fun bingo night, and we are SO EXCITED, and looking forward to having a fun filled day in Kimmswick!! Thanks again!😊💜

This page is for communication about events, fundraisers, and requests for the teachers and families

Photos from Freer Parent Teacher Organization's post 05/11/2023

We have had so much fun surprising our staff every day this week for Teacher Appreciation Week! We are so grateful for all of the hard work they put into our students all year long. Don’t tell them but they have something else exciting coming tomorrow. 💕😉

So far we’ve been able to gift them indoor recess kits to expand on each coming year, bagels and coffee creamer for breakfast, fun surprises in their mailboxes and a “thank you gift” cart they each got to pick from.

We would like to express a huge thank you to everyone that has supported our events and fundraisers throughout the year. Also, to all of the family and members/businesses of the community who have donated to help us give back to the staff and students of Freer Elementary. Without you none of this would be possible.

-❤️Freer PTO


Tomorrow, February 18 is our Family Group Act of Kindness Event! Come join us at the Freer campus and help clean up trash and debris from 10:00 am - Noon. Trash bags and gloves will be provided.

Log this as one of your Raise Craze Acts of Kindness! ❤️


Don’t forget to log those acts of kindness! Log into your student’s account and check them off in their Acts of Kindness Tracker!

You can register at

Don't forget to sign up for our family group act of kindness on February 18, 10:00 am - Noon. We'll be cleaning up the Freer campus. Gloves and trash bags provided.


Tonight is the night!


Our Raise Craze fundraiser is off and running! Our school-wide goal is $10,000 for the outside classroom! Register at and start spreading kindness!

Don't forget to sign up for our family group act of kindness (AOK) on Feb. 18 as one of your AOK. We'll be cleaning up the Freer campus from 10:00 am - Noon.

Curious how fundraising through kindness works? Check out the brief video (!) and make your mark on the world.


Save the date!


Don’t forget! Order pizza for dinner and support the school and PTO.


Our next PTO meeting is this Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30pm in the Library. Come and find out what plans we have for the school year.


Tomorrow is our first meeting of the year. We hope to see lots of new people there.

Photos from Yard Card Nut's post 08/22/2021

Look at this awesome display set up in front of school from Yard Card Nut! Make sure to not climb up on the mulch when taking you child’s pictures tomorrow. They can either stand behind on the sidewalk or in front on the side walk. NO MULCH! Let’s all be safe while taking advantage of this great picture opportunity! ♥️


Come check out our table at open house in the cafeteria. You can sign up to volunteer or put in your interest in one of our open positions.


From the desk of Our Principal...🥳🥳🥳

Freer Families,

I hope all is well with you and your family. We received some exciting news this morning. Freer Elementary has been named a National School of Character!!! I would like to thank the students, staff and parents for their work and dedication in making Freer a sought after school for families.. We will have a celebration once we are able to. This is quite the accomplishment.

This coming week is out final week of school. The last day is set for May 20th. I want to thank the parents for your support and hard work during these unprecedented times. I know that the changes have not been easy, but you have all done an amazing job.

Our student material pick-up/drop-off schedule is below. This will also be a great time to say hello and goodbye to the staff members that are present. Please remember to stay inside your cars.

As the school year draws to an end, here is the plan for picking up your child’s items (art work/boxes, folders, report cards, certificates, etc) that go home at the end of each school year.
All items have been bagged by your child’s teacher.

We ask that at this time you return any school owned items ( library books, classroom books (ie. First Grade Blue Reading textbook), etc). Please bag and mark with your child’s name and teacher.

This plan minimizes interactions while keeping 6 feet social distancing guidelines.

Pick Up will be at the front of James E. Freer building. Following the times/dates below, please pull to the front of the building, remain in your car and a staff member will hand your child’s items to you (or place in your opened trunk or rear hatchback). If you have children in several grades, please come at the oldest child’s assigned pick up time and we will give you all of your
children’s items. Staff will be wearing masks and sanitizing hands when exchanging these items.


Monday, May 18 9:00 am - 11:00 am 2nd Grade
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm 1st Grade

Tuesday, May 19 9:00 am - 11:00 am Kindergarten
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm Pre Kdg (Davis, Flamm)

Wednesday, May 20 9:00 am - 11:00 am ECH (Belmar, Darnton, Schwartz)
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm ECH (Barnowski, Rosener)
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (All, if a later time is needed)

Thanks for your flexibility and support over the last quarter of the 2019-2020 school year!!
It is greatly appreciated.

Have a GREAT weekend!!! Stay Safe! Stay Well!

Mr. Bouzek



🌈🌞😷Hello Freer Family😷🌞🌈
🤎💛❤🤓It has been a while since I have checked in here! I apologize for my absence, but there is no way I could let the year end without showing a little PDA from the PTO, Brown & Gold-Style🙃🤎💛❤🦉

Join me as I extend some incredibly deserved
to our fabulous Freer Teachers, Staff, and Administration...Thank you all soo much for everything you do, everything you have done, and everything you will likely have to do in the future🥴😬😷, as we nudge our way toward a new normal🤪. The 2019-20 Freer PTO Board sends a HUGE
🤎💛❤🦉Hoot! Hoot!🦉🤎💛❤
to all of our 🦉Owlstanding Educators🦉, Windsor-wide🤎💛❤.

To all of our 🤎💛❤Freer parents/guardians...whether you've been amazed with yourself bc you actually remembered that Theorem from 8th grade Pre-Algebra🔺️ or you've been forced to put yourself in "common-core timeouts"🤯, repeatedly....go ahead and give yourself a ⭐gold star⭐, or a few⭐⭐⭐. We'll check the boxes next to: selfless dedication✅, continued perseverance💪✅, and genuinely awesome human✅✅✅ for all of you!!! P.S.(🤎💛❤That goes triple+ for our seemingly tireless and incredibly efficient Secretary Heidi Hogan! We'd be lost without you! 🤎💛❤🦉Hoot! Hoot!🦉🤎💛❤)

I 💫wish we would have been able to properly honor the 🤎💛❤Freer Staff with our regularly scheduled, PTO-sponsored luncheon🥪🥗🍪. I 💫wish we would have been able to 🥳celebrate summer🎉 with all of our 🤎💛❤Freer Family🤎💛❤ at our school 🎡carnival🎡, formerly scheduled for last Thursday. I 💫wish we would have all been able to play a few games🎯⛳🏀, walk with a few cakes🎂, enjoy a social gathering 🚫without🚫 the worry of ☣social distancing☣, and indulge in some quality 'que from 🏆Sauce Magazine's 2019 Best STL Food Truck🏆....bc I had the 🍗🌭🥩🚍Mann Meats BBQ School Bus 🚍🥩🌭🍗 booked to feed us 🙄🙁...

I 💫wish we could have held our 🌿🌺🌴jungle-themed🦓🐅🐘 Book Fair📚. I 💫wish we could sell 🍕 pizza at Family Night or deliver Gus's 🥨 pretzels to the classrooms, just one more time. I miss the smiles from your kiddos!!

To , I miss your faces🤎💛❤. Anyone who is interested in joining the PTO Board or donating time/resources for next school year, please email me at:
🤎💛❤[email protected]
🤎💛❤Check us out on Twitter


☆Tomorrow's regularly scheduled, 4th Tuesday, PTO meeting is cancelled due to the Guardian Owl PTO Skate Night.
☆We hope to see you Thursday morning to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Suess at Breakfast with Books, 730am @ Freer Cafeteria. Anyone who can help set up Wednesday at 3:30, email me @ [email protected].
☆Also, the March PTO meeting will be held on the 2nd Thursday 3/12. We will be looking for volunteers for the Spring Book Fair! Email Jamie Hill @ [email protected] if you can help. Family Night will be Tuesday 3/24.
☆Our Freer Carnival is scheduled for the evening of May 7th. It's a Thursday. If you know someone who has a food truck or you just have a favorite you would like to see at the Carnival, please email me @ [email protected] 🙃


Join us!!


Join us next Tuesday!


Fyi, there will be no popcorn sale this week for PTO. We found out movie theater popcorn is popped in coconut oil.


Got a lot of "yes I will" responses yesterday! Wrapping up party planner assignments this morning! Thank you to our volunteers!!!


Hey there Freer Family. I apologize, I got busy putting away Christmas this weekend and forgot about the Valentine's Day parties. I'll start contacting people from the Open House lists today. 🙃


Emails and texts will go out to potential Valentine's Day class party planners (Head Room Parents) this afternoon/evening.


Welcome back Freer Family. Hope your vacation was great! Fyi, Valentine's Day party planners will be contacted this week. 💘

Photos from Freer Parent Teacher Organization's post 11/20/2019

Nevermind me folks...just uploading some pics....




So I'd like to say thank you to all of the Freer Family for your contributions to the PTO fund via your purchase of Gus's pretzels last Thursday. I would also like to put the word out that one of your lovelies has offered up a Silver Certificate as payment for said pretzels. Check your scrapbooks/shadowboxes/"special" piggybanks and get back to me if you're missing something....🤦

Bingo night flyers went out via email today. Paper copies will go home Friday or Monday. I will put a copy under files here later tonight. Bingo is free and the PTO will be selling pizza, drinks, and other concessions for cash, starting at 5:30. We are taking pizza pre-orders (see the flyer).

Want to know what we do with the PTO fund? Join us in the library next Tuesday, November 19th @6:30. Babysitting and light snack provided.



Pretzel Day is tomorrow, Thursday 11/7. Please spread the word and send $. I was a bit slow in getting the flyer out. PTO will deliver Gus' soft pretzel sticks to classrooms tomorrow at about 9. Teachers will decide when each class will enjoy their snacks.
Want some for home? We can do that! I'll bag them in a brown paper bag and a ziplock for freshness! $1/each


📚🍓🍪Don't forget your Trail Mix Bar donations this week🍪🍓📚

Photos from Freer Parent Teacher Organization's post 10/21/2019

🎳WMS 8th Grade Fundraiser @ Imperial Bowl on Nov. 1st!!🎳


Just a "few" reminders...🙃

10/14 ECH Culver’s Night 5-8 pm

10/14 Helping Hands and Horses presentations

10/14-10/18 Pennies for Ponies

10/15 Kindergarten Field Trip

10/16 Class Shirt Day

10/17 PJ’s for Ponies – $1 donation to Helping Hands and Horses

10/22-10/24 BOO Grams sales – $.50 each

10/22 PTO Meeting @ 6:30 pm – Freer Library

10/22 Soccer Field dedication to Dr. Borman 5:30 pm

10/23 Deadline for Trail Mix Bar contributions (flyer going home 10/16)

10/24 Early Dismissal / Conferences / Tom Evans delivery

10/25 No School

10/28-10/31 Red Ribbon Week

10/28-10/30 BOO Gram Sales-$.50 each

10/30 Land of Smiles dental health presentation

10/30 ECSE Fall Parties

Morning classes 10:15-11:00

Afternoon classes 2:15-3:00

10/31 K-2 Fall Parties 1:45-2:45 pm


Kids helping kids with cancer! These are your people Freer Family! Be proud...I know I am!!! If Carrie approves, someone post today's donation total here please. If you weren't able to make it by the lemonade stand today, please follow the link to Carrie's St. Baldrick's page.


🎃🕸🕷Halloween party contact info will be going home this week with the children of those selected as Party Planners. That just sounds soo much more fun than Head Room Parent, right?🕷🕸🎃
Sign ups took place at Open House this year (a first in my memory but a welcome change, IMO). If you didn't already sign up to help, but want to join the fun, message us here, ASAP! We would love to add you to the class list 😍
📏🍎📎Teachers, wanna see your list? Send us a message.📎🍎📏


Items on loan to PTO for the Book Fair are in the hall outside of the office. Please pick them up ASAP.


🍋🍋🍋Attention Freer Family!!!🍋🍋🍋
Next Saturday, please take a moment to become a small part in the wave of positive energy that has followed the tragic loss of one of our own. Jack was one kewl kid, for sure. His leather jacket and spiked hair (1st grade picture day below) only brushed the surface of his incredibly vibrant spirit. Let's show up and show out for Team Jackson!!


🐧❄Thank you, thank you, thank you Freer Family! Our Book Fair Family Night was a HUGE success!!!❄🐧


Sorry folks, we will not have pizza in the cafeteria until 6 p.m.
Enjoy the Bubble Bus!!


❄🐧FYI folks, pizza has been pushed back to 5:30 tonight🐧❄


Alright folks, we're approaching the Main Event in T minus 2 days. Final decorating will start by 10am tomorrow and will continue until finished or 5pm rolls up, whichever happens first. If you have some time, swing by and lend a hand😜

Don't forget to pre-order your pizzas for Thursday night!


We are in immediate need of pant hangers... like the plastic ones with clips that come with your pants/skirt from the store or maybe from the dry cleaner... we will even take just plain wire hangers from the dry cleaner.

We help you avoid a "Mommy Dearest" moment 🙄😮 and you help us display our Book Fair posters🙃🤐.


Book fair decorations committee will officially meet at 4 in the atrium outside of the office. You should probably have your driver's license handy for check in at the door


Excellent meeting tonight folks! Well underway for the year but still looking for a little Book Fair help😁

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🎉🦉🤎💛❤🦉🥳🦉🤎💛❤🦉🎉🌈🌞😷Hello Freer Family😷🌞🌈🤎💛❤🤓It has been a while since I have checked in here! I apologize for my absence, b...
As a reminder, there are only 4 people on the PTO, so we need your help!! Please!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
PTO Meeting- February 26th!
Latest update on upcoming event!
Next week’s Family Night at the Book Fair! Be there!
Next week's PTO events
We need volunteers for the Bingo night which has moved to Thursday, September 20th!
6 reasons people might not join the PTO!
Our students sure know how to show some school spirit! 📣
We were truly overwhelmed by the amount of parents who took time out of your busy schedules to join us for breakfast.  W...




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