Hoof and Horn Art Farm

Hoof and Horn Art Farm


need a sticker fix ?
ZaPow has you covered :)
they will sell and ship you some stickers
Hey Zapow Gallery friends, thought you might enjoy the Art Talk I am giving this Sunday. Here is the info.

"Study in Sienna'' A Digital Painting by Edward Taylor Sawyer
"The Flow Towards Essense'' A Digital Painting by Edward Taylor Sawyer
"Fruit of the Vine'' A Digital Painting by Edward Taylor Sawyer
Ashley Holt's "Gods of Geek Mythology" portraits, now on exhibit at ZaPow!
Young artists @ work in our gallery
Seen around Asheville.
solo show 🌈🎨🍺❤️
Sci Fi filmmaking with elementary students! Thought you guys might be interested in the latest production from our film/drama club at Weaverville Elementary
So im thinking of giving "making money off my art" a try and as wondering if you all had any openings? Tho wouldnt be ready until probably next month at earliest

anyway heres an example, current project, of the kinda stuff I do

thanks and good day :)
Come by ZaPow Art Gallery & see some of our fantastic artwork.
PS: I’m here until 8!

ZaPow is now Hoof and Horn Art Farm! We will be teaching art and horseback riding classes as well as hosting art community events.

Operating as usual

[05/04/21]   It is raining today and THANK GOODNESS!
All the grass was getting dry & crunchy.

Rain policy:

so, when I was a kid, my FAVORITE thing to do during thunderstorms was to hang out in the barn with my horse grooming him. It was a fun mix of very safe exposure to a kind of exciting natural weather phenomenon with the cozy warm feeling of spending time with my horse. Kind of like how some times salty & sweet are just the best. So, regardless of how bad thunder and lightning is we can always huddle with our horses in the barn and do fun unmounted work.

However, if a student is really afraid of leaving the house during thunder i can probably find another time for them this week. I have no interest in traumatizing anyone. 🙂

And as per usual. All students can reschedule their lessons themselves up to 24 hours in advance. So if you are extremely rain adverse, check the weather two days in advance and reschedule accordingly. 🙂

Dr. Jacob, DPT | Mobility on TikTok 05/03/2021

Dr. Jacob, DPT | Mobility on TikTok

Im always looking for news ways to work those all important hip flexors that we use when riding. This looks great. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe4tdR7b/

Dr. Jacob, DPT | Mobility on TikTok This hip exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself today! Let’s see it! Anyone to duets I will give you pointers #hips

laurenwordwatterson on TikTok 04/30/2021

laurenwordwatterson on TikTok

Goats gotta be the center of attention


laurenwordwatterson on TikTok Silly goats always gotta be in the middle of ever #goats #horse #farmlife #farm

laurenwordwatterson on TikTok 04/27/2021

laurenwordwatterson on TikTok

What happens between riding lessons: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeCaagG2/

laurenwordwatterson on TikTok A baby goat and his donkey. #donkeyoftiktok #goatsoftiktok #farm #mountain

Photos from Asheville Humane Society's post 04/27/2021

Someone that was just visiting us said that they wanted a donkey of their own... Was it you? Here is a donkey and some retired horses looking for green pastures. Please do not get one of these horses and try to ride them. These older guys are in their retirement. 🙂

Panasonic Lumix GH5s 4K // Location Scouting in Barnardsville, North Carolina 04/23/2021

Panasonic Lumix GH5s 4K // Location Scouting in Barnardsville, North Carolina

Some gorgeous shots from around Hoof & Horn farm were used in this movie scouting trailer.

Panasonic Lumix GH5s 4K // Location Scouting in Barnardsville, North Carolina Location scouting for a period piece in the mountains of North Carolina.Music: "Gone" by Ionna Gike and James Newton Howard from the Snow White and the Hunts...


Horsey Massage Train

Horsey Massage Train


Our Kid unmounted group lessons are about way more than just riding.

Our Kid unmounted group lessons are about way more than just riding.


Welcome our newest addition! Chief! He is ready for his little riders.

Welcome our newest addition! Chief! He is ready for his little riders.


We saw this guy racing past the farm this morning... https://fb.watch/4FrXqWJOd_/


Moose being the caboose on our little horse train.

Jonathsn & I went for a ride after our last lesson. He was riding Duke and I was riding Carla ‘ponying’ Count on a lead line. Moose joined us because he wanted to play too!


BRRRRRR!!! Spring Snow flurries meant that Duke was thrilled to put his blanket back on.

BRRRRRR!!! Spring Snow flurries meant that Duke was thrilled to put his blanket back on.


There are going to be a lot of little birdies born into nests lined by soft Moose fluff.


Just finished putting up the fence around the first section of the new spring pasture & everyone is thrilled!

wlos.com 03/24/2021

Rutherford County family grief-stricken over the killing of horse

This is SO HEARTBREAKING. This is also one of the reasons that we are so thankful to not have any street facing pastures.

Unfortunately, People do all sorts of things to horses in road facing pastures.

wlos.com A horse that pulled three generations of one family through a hard time was shot and killed, leaving a Rutherford County family devastated. Caption: WLOS. The Hill family said their quarter horse, Blackjack, was special, a sign from God that one of the children in the family who was having open hear...


Spring on the farm has been awesome.


I just gave Carla her first bath of the spring. This was her first action upon being released.

I just gave Carla her first bath of the spring. This was her first action upon being released. Her feathers were white for about 30 minutes.


You can lead a horse to water, you can not makr them drink. 🤪

You can lead a horse to water, you can not makr them drink. 🤪


Brandiwyne Tack & Feed

Illustration by Sandy Rabinowitz


Being the food delivery person makes me very popular.

No one in this pasture is hard to catch.


Horse of the West


Just finished setting up the family viewing/ chillout area for our lessons next week. Notice, it’s not tooo close. 😉 gotta give the student a little autonomy.


OFCOURSE, I chose the horse blanket with the cartoon pegacorn for our new sweet not shaggy thoroughbred. (The Clydesdales and Moose have their own natural coat but Duke just arrived from a warmer climate.


Had such a fun ride with this sweet boy today. Duke is the perfect mix of happy to walk but will move out faster when asked.

[02/17/21]   Spring Lessons are Full!
You can still sign up for the wait list for summer


Im such a proud horse momma.
Moose, Count, Duke & Carla all did GREAT for the farrier.

Our first ferrier visit back in the fall was proof that our farrier is a saint. Count literally kicked Tyler so hard that I watched him fly across the tound pen.

After working with them for the past six months, they both stood well for their trims.

Moose, has always been great. This was the first time that Duke had been seen by a farier since we brought him home on Tuesday. He did great.


Misty Morning


I currently have more people signed up for free farm tours than I have spaces available for students.

So, if you have your heart SET on lessons starting this spring, I would say go register now. However, if you want to take it slow that is fine too! You are welcome to come out to the farm and if we sell out for Spring, we can get you or your family on the waiting list for lessons/summer camp this summer.

The response has been truly overwhelming, in a good way. I had planned on only taking on ten students this spring. The response has been so large that I bought another horse on Tuesday.

So, now I am going to accept 15 new students for Spring. ( I currently have nine registered and paid students for Spring 2021)
In order to ensure that my horses are not overworked, I will only be teaching 5 lessons a week on each horse. When the weather is bad in January & February, I and the horses take a little bit of a break so neither of us is in our peak physical condition.

By summer they will be ready to teach ten lessons a week, and I will be in shape to teach more by summer too! Teaching beginner lessons involves a lot of labor on my part as well as the horses. :)

* I am not taking payment or reservations for summer yet. I have not yet decided if we are going to do a summer camp or just regular lessons this summer. I promise to announce summer plans at the beginning of April. People on our waiting list will be the FIRST to hear about our summer lesson/camp plans.
*One other note regarding Covid19. I have asthma and some other genetic auto- immune disorders which make Covid19 especially potentially fatal for me. PLEASE, if you want to be my student, help me by wearing your masks when you are out and about grocery shopping et al. to help minimize the chance that you might become an asymptomatic carrier when you come to the farm. This isn't a political statement. It is a plea for you to help keep me alive and teaching. :) I am FINE with students taking off their masks off when we are outside and I am 15 - 20 feet away. I will ask that we all wear masks, while I help get the kids on the horses etc.
Thank you for helping to protect me.


Lauren Word Watterson

For more Info on Lessons Visit : https://www.hoofandhornartfarm.com/


I love the unicorn weathervane on our barn.


Our Horsebarn is set up!


Everyone meet our newest addition Duke!
He is a little under weight and he has a big cut on his face from getting into a fight with a mean mare at his last home but he and Moose are already bonding. Duke is going to be an awesome lesson horse for people that want to go a little faster. 🙂 He was a dressage show horse then his owner died(not horse related death) and he sadly ended up with an owner that just didn’t know how to care for a big sweet Thoroughbred. She underfed him and he lost all of his fat and some of his muscle.

I rode him yesterday and he moves off of leg and seat commands like a dream. He is SUCH a fun horse to ride.


Baby goats on the farm

Baby goats!


Snoring young Clydesdale. He is just like a 14 year old boy sleeping in.

More snoring giant young Clydesdale. He is just like a big goofy 14 year old boy.

*Watch with the sound on for full effect. 💤💤💤💤


No pressure friends, but I am booking up FAST!!! I have four spaces left for monthly horseback riding lessons.

Also, it has been fascinating how much MORE WILLING people are to pay for horse lessons vs. art lessons. A very interesting peek into our community zeitgeist.

Are you looking for a Covid-Safe Activity to teach your child about Empathy, Accountability, Dependability and Respect?
Are you an adult who has always wanted to learn how to ride and spend more time around horses?

Working with horses teaches compassion, hard work, dealing with success and failure. Perhaps the most important aspect is the connection between horse and rider. Riders of all ages learn to deal with adversity and develop invaluable life experience through this relationship with their partner.

Some of the principal values at our riding lessons are:
🧘‍♀️ Mindfulness
❤️ How to solve problems with kindness and build relationships on trust
🌟 How to create a goal, a plan, and stick to it consistently over time to achieve success
🐎 How to dust off your bum when you fall and try again
🐴 Selflessness- and how to put the needs of the horse first.
🦸‍♂️ True bravery- not through the absence of fear- but how to overcome it and experience the magic of being scared- feeling the butterflies- but riding on and doing it anyway- and when they get to the other side- the smile is anything but fake.

It might sound crazy, but horses will give you someone to talk to when no one else is there to listen. Horses have been there for me through some of my darkest times. Spending time with these magnificent gentle creatures out in our beautiful mountain valley just makes everything feel better.

Click below to send me a message to schedule your first riding lesson and see how this experience can help you or a child in your life.

I only have space for eight more students this spring. A key part of running responsible lessons is not overbooking the horses. So, once these spaces are filled, that is it.

Click below to send us a message to find out more about our spring lessons and reserve a space for you or a child in your life.

Our Story

We Are ZaPow! The Best Illustration, Narrative and Pop art gallery in the Southeast. We opened our doors in 2011 and we are proud to be part of what makes Asheville weird.

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Horsey Massage Train
Moose being the caboose on our little horse train.
I just gave Carla her first bath of the spring. This was her first action upon being released.
You can lead a horse to water, you can not makr them drink. 🤪
Being the food delivery person makes me very popular.
Baby goats on the farm
Snoring young Clydesdale. He is just like a 14 year old boy sleeping in.
Baby Goat Cuteness Overload


We offer art and horse lessons. More to come in spring of 2020


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