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Webnbeyond, has been growing successful businesses through our award-winning design and results-oriented marketing and public relations solutions since 1997. Our team is comprised of skilled and accomplished designers, programmers, and marketers who strive to learn about your industry and individual businesses. They apply this knowledge to effectively develop a customized marketing plan that blends strategy and creativity into a results-oriented solution that fits your business needs. Our team collaborates to deliver a seamless product that achieves the most optimal results for your business. Our main goal is always to achieve the most impressive and robust results in the industry. Visit our website webnbeyond.com or call 516-377-7483 for more info about working with Webnbeyond.

Pinterest adds autoplay video ads to feeds, search results 05/24/2017

Pinterest adds autoplay video ads to feeds, search results

Pinterest adds autoplay video ads to feeds, search results After introducing click-to-play video ads last summer, Pinterest is adding the autoplay variety to people’s feeds and search results.

Six Benefits of Internet Marketing - Webnbeyond Corporation 04/26/2017

Six Benefits of Internet Marketing - Webnbeyond Corporation

Learn why internet Marketing is so important visit our blog for 6 benefits of Internet Marketing visit http://webnbeyond.com/six-benefits-internet-marketing/

Six Benefits of Internet Marketing - Webnbeyond Corporation Internet marketing is important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Studies by analysts such as Gartner indicate...

Timeline photos 02/23/2017

If your company is selling products or services, it is imperative you have an ecommerce website to keep up with the current shopping trends. Continue to our blog below to learn more about why ecommerce is important to your business.


Timeline photos 02/17/2017

It isn't just enough to have a mobile website these days. Mobile applications create and nurture a more user friendly atmosphere for your customers/clients.

Read our blog below to learn more about why your business needs a mobile app.


Timeline photos 02/08/2017

Check out our new blog about the growing importance of having a responsive website for your business.


Timeline photos 01/30/2017

The Super Bowl is right around the corner. In addition to the game, we'll all be talking about the crazy advertisements companies like Ford, Mercedes and Anheuser Busch have rolled out. While extremely effective, these ads cost millions of dollars to produce and air. Unfortunately most of us don't have the budget to support these types of advertising campaigns, so we have to think of alternate, more cost effective marketing initiatives.

Web N Beyond has a team of seasoned Marketing Specialist ready to assist you with creating a comprehensive, cost effect Internet Marketing plan to increase traffic to your website and maximize your company's profit!

Visit www.webnbeyond.com or call 516-377-7483 today to set up a free consultation!


Still haven't refined your online marketing plan for Q1? Visit www.webnbeyond.com or call 516-377-7483 to speak with one of our seasoned marketing specialists for expert consultation on how to increase traffic to your website and boost sales!

Make Money Online Through Website Monetization | Google AdSense – Google 09/04/2016

Make Money Online Through Website Monetization | Google AdSense – Google

4 Steps to Optimizing your website

Step 1: Target Market Business Analysis

Website analysis. Analysis of meta sets/keywords, visible text and code to deter­mine how well you're positioned for search engines. For example, how much code do you have on a page compared to text?

Competitive analysis. Examination of content keywords and present engine rank­ings of competitive websites to determine an effective engine positioning strategy. Pick the top five results in the Google listing results to begin this process. Expand as necessary. Use tools such as Semrush.com and Keywordspy.com.

Initial keyword nomination. Development of a prioritized list of targeted search terms related to your customer base and market segment. Begin with this: What would you type into a search engine to find your business website or page? Then, ask your customers!

Step 2: Keyword Research and Development

Keyword analysis. From nomination, further identify a targeted list of key­words and phrases. Review competitive lists and other pertinent industry sources. Use your preliminary list to determine an indicative number of recent search engine queries and how many websites are competing for each key­word. Prioritize keywords and phrases, plurals, singulars and misspellings. (If search users commonly misspell a keyword, you should identify and use it). Please note that Google will try to correct the term when searching, so use this with care.

Baseline ranking assessment. You need to understand where you are now in order to accurately assess your future rankings. Keep a simple Excel sheet to start the process. Check weekly to begin. As you get more comfortable, check every 30 to 45 days. You should see improvements in website traffic, a key indicator of progress for your keywords. Some optimizers will say that rankings are dead. Yes, traffic and conversions are more important, but we use rankings as an indicator.

Goals and Objectives. Clearly define your objectives in advance so you can truly measure your ROI from any programs you implement. Start simple, but don’t skip this step. Example: You may decide to increase website traffic from a current baseline of 100 visitors a day to 200 visitors over the next 30 days. Or you may want to improve your current conversion rate of one percent to two in a specified period. You may begin with top-level, aggregate numbers, but you must drill down into specific pages that can improve products, services, and business sales.

Step 3: Content Optimization and Submission

Create page titles. Keyword-based titles help establish page theme and direction for your keywords.

Create meta tags. Meta description tags can influence click-throughs but aren't directly used for rankings. (Google doesn't use the keywords tag any­more.)

Place strategic search phrases on pages. Integrate selected keywords into your website source code and existing content on designated pages. Make sure to apply a sug­gested guideline of one to three keywords/phrases per content page and add more pages to complete the list. Ensure that related words are used as a natural inclu­sion of your keywords. It helps the search engines quickly determine what the page is about. A natural approach to this works best. In the past, 100 to 300 words on a page was recommended. Many tests show that pages with 800 to 2,000 words can outperform shorter ones. In the end, the users, the marketplace, content and links will determine the popularity and ranking numbers.

Develop new sitemaps for Google and Bing. Make it easier for search engines to index your website. Create both XML and HTML versions. An HTML version is the first step. XML sitemaps can easily be submitted via Google and Bing webmaster tools.

Submit website to directories (limited use). Professional search marketers don’t sub­mit the URL to the major search engines, but it’s possible to do so. A better and faster way is to get links back to your site naturally. Links get your site indexed by the search engines. However, you should submit your URL to directories such as Yahoo! (paid), Business.com (paid) and DMOZ (free). Some may choose to include AdSense (google.com/adsense) scripts on a new site to get their Google Media bot to visit. It will likely get your pages indexed quickly.

Step 4: Continuous Testing and Measuring

Test and measure. Analyze search engine rankings and web traffic to determine the effectiveness of the programs you’ve implemented, including assessment of individual keyword performance. Test the results of changes, and keep changes tracked in an Excel spreadsheet, or whatever you're comfortable with.

Maintenance. Ongoing addition and modification of keywords and website con­tent are necessary to continually improve search engine rankings so growth doesn’t stall or decline from neglect. You also want to review your link strategy and ensure that your inbound and outbound links are relevant to your business. A blog can provide you the necessary structure and ease of content addition that you need. Your hosting company can typically help you with the setup/installation of a blog. http://webnbeyond.com/

Make Money Online Through Website Monetization | Google AdSense – Google

Timeline photos 08/09/2016

The Single Most Important Reason Why Online Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Online marketing isn’t something new for small businesses to consider anymore. In fact, it’s quite the opposite… having been going on for years and seemingly has no end in sight. Yet, far too many small business owners neglect how important online marketing is for their business success. Among the reasons this seems to be is time. Another money. And yet another is that they don’t care. The reality is, however, customers do care and in order to be relevant in today’s crowded marketplace, being online is a must.

Ten years ago it may have been a choice to jump on the online bandwagon, but now it’s an absolute must to survive and thrive as a small business. With over 85% of searches for products and services happening online. Being online means having a responsive, search optimized website as well as an engaging and growing following on social media plus using email as part of your marketing mix.”

Having a website that’s search optimized, being on social media that you actually engage with and incorporating email into your marketing strategy is a hefty load to carry, but webnbeyond is here to help. Call us at 516-377-7483 or visit our website - http://webnbeyond.com/

Long Island Web Design - Long Island Website Design Solutions for Small Business - New York 07/13/2016

Long Island Web Design - Long Island Website Design Solutions for Small Business - New York

5 reasons to updated your website in 2016


Does your website rank good enough in the search engine? Do you need to include new keywords? Does your website have a high bounce rate? Does your website contain unstructured links or even broken links?

A site redesign can help you attract more visitors in a number of ways. Applying modern SEO and strategic internet marketing techniques techniques can help rank your site higher in the search engine result pages. Building search engine hooks into a new site is much more effective than trying to increase your rankings once a site has been built.


Does your website compete with your competitor’s websites? Do you want to attract a new audience? Does your website provide a strong brand image? Is your website able to grow with your business? Are you going to re-brand your products or the company as a whole?

With clear and firm goals and an understanding of your visitors, you can make well-informed decisions on how the site should look, work and feel.


Has your content become outdated? Is your content readable? Does your website have social media integration? Does your website reflect where you’re heading, not where you’ve been?

The first impression of your website would obviously be the overall layout, but a reader is visiting your website because he/she is looking for useful information. The content of a website should be considered to be the most important thing, as it helps in determining how effective a website is. Fresh and unique website content is an very important factor in encouraging people to revisit your site more often.

Content is king. If your site’s content is out-of-date, it’s certainly worth having your site redesigned to enable people in your organization to update content themselves (CMS). A site redesign can also give you the opportunity to re-address how you communicate with all your visitors and to write copy that is simple, on target and more effective.


Is your website browser compatible? Is your source code valid (HTML and CSS)? Does your website meet the basic web standards? Is the technique and/or (version) programming language outdated? Is your website build with frames or is it table-dependent HTML? Is you website easy accessible for other (mobile) devices? Is your HTML code semantic and well-structured?

An important factor you should consider is the increase of usability in web design. Every year web standards change radically and techniques to build web sites become more advanced in order to comply with the latest standards. If your site was developed several years ago, it probably has a lot of unnecessary HTML code, not letting your web pages load fast.

Modern techniques of CSS coding allow to make web pages adaptable on every mobile device, so getting yourself a new custom responsive redesign might be a great idea if you want to increase the accessibility of your site.


Can your readers find the information they are looking for? Is your layout cluttered and confusing? Does your site look a little old and tired?

We will point you in the right direction http://www.webnbeyond.com/

Long Island Web Design - Long Island Website Design Solutions for Small Business - New York Long Island Web Design, Webnbeyond, Long Island's most trusted name in marketing from web design to web hosting to print ad campaigns.

Timeline photos 06/13/2016

9 Must-Haves for the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation, yet most companies don’t use them enough -- or at all. It’s common to give more attention to a website's homepage instead. After all, it is the first room in your virtual storefront when visitors "walk" through the door.

Surprisingly, studies show that the average conversion rate for a website is between 1% and 3%, which means it’s only converting a teeny tiny portion of site traffic. With such a poor outcome, why do businesses still rely on the homepage to do the heavy lifting?

A landing page (also referred to as a lead-capture page) is a crucial must-have for any website because it provides a targeted platform for converting higher percentages of visitors into leads. In fact, landing pages have a 5-15% conversion rate on average. Yet they are often overshadowed by a homepage or other product pages.

This is because, for years, marketers have focused on driving people to a company website without a clear idea of how visitors got there and where to take them next. Today, we now use email marketing, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and other online channels that empower marketers to send traffic to specific locations (landing pages) containing the right messages for each audience.

The job of a landing page is to tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do and why they should do it. Homepages, while still an important element of a website, are typically less focused on a particular task because they are serving the masses. Homepages are great for direct traffic, but when you can control how visitors arrive on your site, a landing page is the best place to send them. When done right, landing pages can have a very positive impact on your lead generation.

While landing pages perform better than main site pages at a 5-15% conversion rate, they can do much better if using the best practices implemented by working with a Webnbeyond professional. Contact us today to discuss building a landing page for your business.

To put this into perspective, if you drove 10,000 visitors to your homepage, you’d receive an estimated 300 leads. If you instead sent them to a targeted landing page with an average 30% conversion rate, you could generate 3,000 leads. Which one would you rather have?

Wondering what it takes to get a stellar landing page conversion rate? Check out the tips below for creating the perfect landing page.

1. Never Use Your Homepage as a Landing Page
2. Landing Pages Must Contain the Following Elements
3. Remove or Limit Extra Navigation
4. Keep the Objective Simple and Clear
5. Match the Content to a Visitor’s Previous Source
6. Reduce Friction
7. Focus on VALUE
8. Only Ask for What You Need
9. Create a Lot of Landing Pages
10. BONUS – Evaluate your landing pages

Effective landing pages are what will turn your website into a lead generating machine. And don’t forget to test your landing pages to see which ones work best for you! We can help you today, just call Webnbeyond or check out our website at http://webnbeyond.com/.

Home - The Landcare Group 06/06/2016

Home - The Landcare Group

Check out The Landcare Group's new redesigned website by Webnbeyond...

The Landcare Group is a full service company, capable of handling everything from larger projects such as landscape development, to something as straightforward as lawn maintenance. Regardless of size, The Landcare Group will treat all aspects of every project with the most meticulous care and precision. http://landcaregroup.net/

Home - The Landcare Group With our large fleet and hard working crew,we are all caring for more than your land.

Timeline photos 06/06/2016

Web Design Trends 2016: If you’re not ahead of the times, you’re behind them. https://www.uxpin.com/web-design-trends-2016-definitive-guide?section=intro

Contact Webnbeyond - Webnbeyond, Long Island Web Design 05/25/2016

Contact Webnbeyond - Webnbeyond, Long Island Web Design

Professional Website Consulting & SEO Pros in NY

Contact Webnbeyond - Webnbeyond, Long Island Web Design Long Island Web Design, Webnbeyond, Long Island's most trusted name in marketing from web design to web hosting to print ad campaigns.

Timeline photos 05/22/2016

How Responsive Web Design Brings Success To Your Business

Just in past few years, we’ve seen the emergence of varied gadgets from desktops, laptops, notepads, tablets, smartphones to smartwatches. With more people using these devices, businesses have to begin investing in to the design of their websites in order to keep up with the competition. After all, the need has arisen for websites to run properly on any of these devices, which your customer may be using. And, here the responsive web design plays it dynamic role to represent your business seamlessly in any of the gadget.

Responsive web design helps build websites that are both attractive and complete. The tricky part comes to perfectly fitting the sites across users’ screens without changing the code. This design enables users to browse the same website easily on various devices having the same features and experience.

With smartphones taking up majority of the market, a huge chunk of people are moving towards mobile searching, which has created a rift for the businesses to reach these customers. Well, companies can definitely reach these mobile audiences and target their customers by offering them their latest products or services through mobile sites.

Here’s how to get your responsive web design to be as beneficial to your business as possible.
Amazing User Experience

Responsive web design provides simple and streamlined user interfaces (UIs) to users. Smartphone users tend to stick to sites that offer proper visibility, simple browsing, and easy-to-understand browsing features. Thus, these factors have encouraged entrepreneurs to adopt this for enhancing the user experience. This simply makes the users happy and opens up a gateway for more business leads.
Cost Cutting in Mobile Development

Responsive web design is one of the best gains when it comes to investment. One design can work on various devices, without the need of developing website for every gadget. Mbile website development also saves a lot of time, enabling developers to embed code into a single document to make the site work smoothly in every screen. This way, it provides double benefit by reducing time and saving mobile development cost.
Improvement in Mobile Search Results

A responsive site dramatically reduces workload and time when it comes to maintaining the site. SEO experts say that maintaining your one mobile site will be easier with a single pack of hypertext links, allowing SEO teams to focus on expanding your business though an effective SEO strategy. Always remember, SEO programs are long time process but having a responsive web design helps the professionals to focus on a single site with the unified codes across devices. Overall, SEO helps increase the visibility of your website on the search engines and improves search results.
Boosts Sales and Conversion Rates

With mobile shopping becoming increasingly popular, more and more eCommerce mobile apps are coming to the market – and audiences can’t get enough. Businesses are looking to target more prospective customers, and at the present scenario, responsive web design is their best tool to increase sales and meeting customers where they are.

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