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Satellite Studio is located in the heart of Austin Texas, just south of downtown. Our blend of digital and vintage analog gear is well suited for music and new media projects.

Recording studio with an incredible gear list and great sounding rooms. We have joined forces with Ice Cream Factory Studio, moving our gear into their facility.


The 5.0 Sessions - Day 1 - You Don't Know How It Feels


The 5.0 Sessions - Day 2 - Nothing From Nothing


The 5.0 Sessions - Day 3 - Dance Pt. 1

The 5.0 Sessions 05/27/2017

Got some friends together to jam for my birthday


Wow... What have we been up to.?.

Jon Roberts and I recorded an Austin legend. Omar and the Howlers... originally from Mississippi, ya'll. Omar has been rocking the Austin music scene since the late 70's.

Omar's vocal is truly a thing to behold. Like the loveliest monster singing your woes away. Add to that a rhythm section of Wes Star (Drums) and Bruce Jones (Bass) a duo that backed up Omar for over 30 years. (Did I mention this is their 27th record)

The session was completed with guest appearances by Casper Rawls (B Bender Guitar), Derek O'Brien (Guitar), Danny Levin (Fiddle/Piano), Nick Connolly (Piano) and Tommy Spurlock (Steel)... and of course much love and respect to Issa Medrano, Omar's partner in crime.

She brought the vibes, they made the music and we put it on wax.


House of Songs at Satellite 09/28/2014

Had a wonderful session with Bent Depui from Norway and his American counterpart Dave Scher. The House of Songs is a songwriter exchange program based in Austin TX.


Therese Aune - Vapid House (live at Satellite Studios, Austin, TX SXSW2013)

This was recorded at the end of SXSW 2013 in the family room of Dave Glassco's house. The video was shot and edited by our friend John Aldrich.

Therese Aune taped a few songs at Satellite Studios during SXSW2013 in Austin, TX on a warm Sunday morning. Her debut album "billowing shadows, flickering li...

Life @ Satellite 08/19/2014

Studio Shots 08/14/2014


The New Mastering A/B Player…

For the longest time, I have wanted there to be an easy way to let someone hear what I do in the mastering process. Describing such a thing, an effort in futility. But trying to find an audio player that would facilitate a true A/B was impossible.

So we asked one of clients, Nathan Hanners, if he would help us out. Nathan is not only a great songwriter and guitar player, but he is a whiz with the code. After many hours of trial and error, he conquered the challenge.

With this A/B player you can easily hear the difference quality mastering does for an album.

We would also like to thank our web designer Martin Grogono for the great work he has done and still does for us.

Enjoy the Music,
~M~ Mastering is a critical juncture in any recording project, the last chance to set the overall balance of color and dynamic range. It’s the process that gives the project it’s overall sound and cohesion. Satellite Studio offers a brilliantly designed ...


AMF Mastering Pannel

Last Wednesday night I got to sit down with Jerry Tubb, Dave McNair, Jim Wilson and Mark Hallman to discuss the art of mastering. I don't get to see these guys very often since we are all very busy. Stuart Sullivan moderated the event and added some fine points about how he chooses a mastering engineer.

All in all, it was a great chance to talk to people about how we approach the job and why mastering is still a very important step in making a record.

I want to thank Alex Vallejo, Bruce Hughes and Stuart Sullivan for putting together such a wonderful event.




End of an Era...

How long is an Era anyway? I've been working with Jim Scarborough on his new record for the better part of three years. He is a great friend of the studio and one hell of a salesman for K*T radio. One of Austin's oldest and most respected indie stations.

His album will feature some of Austin's finest session musicians such as Steve Samuel, Chris Maresh, Van Wilks, and Dave Sebree. Then at great expense and days of contract negotiations, we were able to get... me to play on the last song for the record. Thanks to Justin Morris for helping me out with the recording.



This week we had Reggie Watkins in the studio to work on his newest solo venture. Carmello Torres, master of all things percussion, finished out the recordings with his usual flair. The record features many A list players and should be available later this year.


Today Bruce Hughes and I mixed 5 songs for an upcoming Johnny Nicholas video release. Recorded at the Saxon Pub by Bill Johnson, the tracks include: "Don't Say I Never Told You So", "Hell Bent" and "Roads on Fire".

Hell Bent is Johnny's new band. Consisting of Bruce Hughes on Bass, John Chipman on Drums, Scrappy Jud Newcomb on Guitar, and Cindy Cashdollar on Steel and Slide Guitar. Add Johnny's velvet voice over that and you have yourself an occasion. They can be seen most Wednesdays at the Saxon Pub for their six o'clock happy hour.


Weeping Buddhas Session 02/01/2013

Weeping Buddhas Session


This month we are recording the new Weeping Buddhas album. Bruce Hughes is producing this dynamic duo made up of Dave Glassco and Marc Schaefgen. I am the engineer and John Chipman and Phil Bass will be playing drums.


A fun video of Morris trying some of Jonathan's Marmite. A ye**ty treat from the British Isles.


Bruce and JJ Johnson working out the part...

stephano visits the studio 08/17/2012

and he was nice enough to share his cool pics..


Satellite Studio's cover photo

Resentments "Ghost Ship" Sessions 07/09/2012

Resentments "Ghost Ship" Sessions


It was great having the Grooveline visit...

3 different studios in one month. Love it 10/22/2011

Satellite Studio

The new studio site has gone live. Let us know what you think...


welcomes the Resentments into the studio to record their new record. 05/26/2011

Miro - Free, open-source music and video player.

Just finished all the videos for the new Miro release. Check them out, Miro is a popular, free, and open internet TV application. It brings video channels from thousands of sources and has more free HD than any other platform.


Shooting more webisodes this weekend.


Shooting episodes of our new web show all weekend!


Editing one of our new web shows!


in pre-production on our new web show.


enjoyed having Jeff Plankenhorn in this week.


Shooting on green screen today.


Mixing Jim Scarborough record. 12/08/2010

Midnight Riot

Midnight Riot at Satellite Studio Experience the Riot!


is testing out our new green screen video system.


is mixing the new Johnny Nicholas record this week.


is mastering Chicago Electronica artist Jason Patrick today...

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The 5.0 Sessions - Day 1 - You Don't Know How It Feels
The 5.0 Sessions - Day 2 - Nothing From Nothing
The 5.0 Sessions - Day 3 - Dance Pt. 1
End of an Era...How long is an Era anyway? I've been working with Jim Scarborough on his new record for the better part ...
This week we had Reggie Watkins  in the studio to work on his newest solo venture. Carmello Torres, master of all things...
A fun video of Morris trying some of Jonathan's Marmite. A yeasty treat from the British Isles.




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