XOXO Vapor Bar, Austin

XOXO Vapor Bar, Austin

Coming soon to Austin


Nicotine being tested for COVID-19 supression?!

https://www.dashvapes.com/ France Study: https://bit.ly/2S8CItA Researchers in France are currently studying the effects of nicotine on COVID-19. Could this ...

youtube.com 04/21/2020

Brutal Hot Mic at Trump CV Briefing

youtube.com The Choice & My Friend Within- Paul Romano Author Page https://www.amazon.com/Paul-Romano/e/B009MOUQFY/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0 Paul Romano Backup YouTube Channel ...

youtube.com 04/17/2020

What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step.

youtube.com Global Footage proving this admitted plan is playing out exactly as intended. Please go to www.missdanaashlie.com to be put on my direct emailing list in cas...

vice.com 02/21/2020

A Major Study That Fueled National Vape Panic Has Been Retracted

vice.com The paper, published by the American Heart Association's scientific journal, claimed that vaping could lead to a heart attack.


The Real Reason for the War on Vaping

So many regulations, laws and opposition to a life-saving product. Why? The answer is simple... Follow the money.

hightimes.com 12/14/2019

FDA Approves Candy-Flavored Amphetamines for Kids • High Times

hightimes.com While some lawmakers in legal marijuana states are pushing to outlaw cannabis edibles that resemble sugary treats in an effort to protect the well being of the children, the federal government has just approved a candy-flavored amphetamine-based medication that will be marketed to kids with attentio...

tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com 12/11/2019

Anti-Smoking Groups that Oppose Electronic Cigarettes Received an Additional $1.4 Million from Big Pharma, Beyond the $2.8 Million Revealed Earlier; Groups Repeatedly Failed to Disclose this Conflict of Interest

tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com Previously, I revealed that anti-smoking groups which opposed electronic cigarettes received payments from Pfizer to the tune of $2.8 millio...

vice.com 12/11/2019

Here's More Evidence That Flavors Aren't the Reason Teens Vape

vice.com "Mint" and "unicorn poop" might not be as compelling to young people as trying something kind of weird and maybe even dangerous.

vapes.com 12/11/2019

CDC finally confirms: ZERO nicotine-based e-cigs linked to ‘vaping-related’ illness

vapes.com On Friday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was forced to admit publicly that zero nicotine-based vapes can be linked to the “vaping-related” lung disorder of this past summer. Public health experts like Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University have been very critical of ...


22 Ethan Nadelmann

This is "22 Ethan Nadelmann" by The E-Cigarette Summit on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

realclearpolicy.com 11/25/2019

Heads Should Roll at CDC after Botched Vaping Investigation | RealClearPolicy

realclearpolicy.com The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally identified a primary suspect in the wave of vaping-related lung illnesses and deaths. Examining lung tissue samples of patients...


Industry Insider: CDC Exposed For Botched Vape Research

Examining lung tissue samples of patients hospitalized with vaping-related illnesses, The CDC now says that 100 percent tested positive for vitamin e acetate...


United States Vaping Association- USVA

“What you saw yesterday was a violation of the non-delegation principle in action,” and “it’s time to smash the gas” on our injunction request against the PMTAs, flavor ban, all of it.

insider.com 10/23/2019

The creator of the nicotine patch says that 'anti-vaping forces' are trying to kill the life-saving e-cig industry

insider.com Rose was the first person to develop a nicotine patch, and he also pioneered an e-cig that he said was "a bit too far ahead of its time."


Opinion: I'm an American doctor. Here's the truth about Juul, vaping and legalizing marijuana

Fear-mongering does none of us any good. We need to talk about the actual evidence


Case Closed | Study Shows No Lung Damage from Vaping!!!!

No lung damage. That’s the key finding from the first of its kind long-term study investigating the health impacts of vaping. Conducted by Dr. Riccardo Polos...

business.financialpost.com 10/16/2019

Vaping illness, deaths likely very rare beyond U.S., experts say

business.financialpost.com LONDON — E-cigarette or vaping-linked lung injuries that have killed 29 and sickened more than 1,000 people in the United States are likely to be rare in Britain and other countries where the…


Vaping 'Facts not Fiction', BBC Breakfast (11/10/19)

theonion.com 10/08/2019

FDA Moves To Ban All Flavored Jolly Ranchers

theonion.com WASHINGTON—Amid a recent spike in mysterious confection-related deaths, the Food and Drug Administration announced Monday its plan to ban all flavored Jolly Ranchers, allowing only the original flavorless variety to remain on shelves across the nation. “These hard candies are only suitable for c...


The War On Vaping



Change.org is the world's largest petition platform, using technology to empower more than 100 million users to create the change they want to see.

realclearpolitics.com 03/16/2019

FDA's Vaping 'Epidemic' Doesn't Hold Up to Inspection | RealClearPolitics

realclearpolitics.com Prior to announcing his resignation last week, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb had made ending teen vaping a central goal of his tenure. Determined to eliminate what he frequently referred termed an...

usatoday.com 03/06/2019

E-cigarettes are much safer than smoking but few know it. That's a public health tragedy.

usatoday.com Vaping makes it easier to quit smoking than patches or gum, and it's a lot less dangerous than smoking. Americans should be encouraged to switch.

atr.org 02/09/2019

ATR Leads Coalition Urging President Trump to Halt the FDA's Regulatory Assault on E-Cigarettes

atr.org Today, Americans for Reform President Grover Norquist led a coalition of free market, limited government, and conservative organizations calling on President Donald Trump to halt the Food and Drug Administration's aggressive regulatory assault on businesses who sell electronic cigarettes and vapor p...

atr.org 02/05/2019

ATR Leads Coalition Urging President Trump to Halt the FDA's Regulatory Assault on E-Cigarettes

atr.org Today, Americans for Reform President Grover Norquist led a coalition of free market, limited government, and conservative organizations calling on President Donald Trump to halt the Food and Drug Administration's aggressive regulatory assault on businesses who sell electronic cigarettes and vapor p...

discovermagazine.com 01/14/2018

Discover Magazine: The latest in science and technology news, blogs and articles



England Officially Supports Vaping | Vape About It

vapeaboutit.com England Officially Supports Vaping Posted onAuthor In an unprecedented move, Public Health England, a government health organization has announced their full support in offering vapor devices to aid in smoking cessation. Marking the first time any government health agency, anywhere in the world, has...


ABC News

And people complain about traffic in Austin

Aerial footage shows bumper-to-bumper traffic in Los Angeles as Americans get a head start on Thanksgiving travel. http://abcn.ws/2BbCqrQ


Lots of new inventory! XOXO


Political Cowboy

Anyone politically right of Maxine Waters is now a nazi. Let me help you with that classification a little bit. Visit politicalcowboy.com for more.


Funny Or Die

The experts know everything.

Even a time traveling dietician can't give us accurate advice

huffingtonpost.com 07/15/2017

Democrat Attorney General Encourages FDA to Reconsider E-Cigarette Regs

huffingtonpost.com Iowa’s Attorney General Tom Miller is no friend of big tobacco. The 9-term Democrat was one of the Attorneys General that led the charge suing big tobacc...

washingtonexaminer.com 05/18/2017

FDA urged to kill Obama's e-cigarette regs, $1M tax on vape shops

washingtonexaminer.com With the burgeoning vaping industry facing crushing potential fees, supporters of e-cigarettes in Congress are stepping up their push on the...

washingtonpost.com 05/03/2017

FDA delays enforcement of stricter standards for e-cigarette, cigar industry

washingtonpost.com The three-month wait period will affect cigar warning labels and the disclosure of e-cigarette ingredients.

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