Ez Normz LLC

Ez Normz LLC


I think this is great and everybody should share this so the word gets out.
This is awesome!!

Ez Normz: Normalizing Life & Making it Easier. Home of the ONLY device that lets wheelchair users independently stand in Seconds for an affordable price.

A Standing Frame for Wheelchair users or anyone who has trouble standing.

Operating as usual

[10/26/17]   Thank you for liking my page! There was an outstanding response and the number of likes quadrupled!


The Second Stand in action!
From Wheelchair to Standing in T-Minus...
Press Play!


A picture says a thousand words.


Ez Normz LLC


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eznormz.com 08/19/2016

My Second Stand

The Second Stand will Not be found on a hospital feeling homepage.
It's a piece of furniture for the living room. It's not like the others bc it's Not hospital equipment.

eznormz.com Independently go from sitting to standing in one second! This is a revolution in the world of wheelchair users and rehabilitation.

[08/19/16]   Comfortably stand in front of your tv instead of sitting.

[08/06/16]   Confidence - if you ever lost a sense of yourself, standing will bring it back.


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[07/29/16]   We wheelchair users basically do everything, except the whole standing part. It's that last part, the standing part that the Second Stand helps people do in a matter of seconds and by themselves. You can see the Second Stand is here, its for sale, it's online, it's packaged & ready to ship!

You all killed it last time & shared so many times it hit the century mark with over 100 shares & 3,000 views in only 36hrs, total 6.5k views.

This stage is Organic and I need all of my friends help!
Please, push the buttons on your screen to Share with Groups and people who can use it.
There are many online groups: like Scary clowns anonymous, Retirement homes, rehab centers, hospitals, Wchair sports, Wchair basketball, puppies, Veterans, wounded warriors, Spinal cord rehab centers, disability groups & lil kittens. The media: local news station, newspaper, magazine or small business development centers.

You, Me, Our small group can be part of something that changes lives and makes POSITIVE News headlines.


It's Amazing to Work while standing for over 3hrs!
Not only can you get things done but you also get an unmatched mental boost. The feeling comes from knowing how much physical good you just did for your legs, muscles, tendons, digestive track & body as a whole.


Relaxing with a little ps4 or TV is perfect! Stretches your tendons, muscles, & increases blood flow vs... Sitting.


Sleeping & Standing


The Second Stand Foot Plate prevents heel slippage.


360 Degree View.
There's nothing better than a needed Standing stretch to strengthen your legs & body while relaxing on your laptop or tv!


Standing from a wheelchair & back to sitting in only 16seconds.


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Ez Normz LLC's cover photo


Ez Normz LLC

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The Second Stand in action!From Wheelchair to Standing in T-Minus... Press Play!
360 Degree View.There's nothing better than a needed Standing stretch to strengthen your legs & body while relaxing on y...
Standing from a wheelchair & back to sitting in only 16seconds.


Second Stand
Ez Close Door Handle



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