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MUA & Licensed Esthetician studying for my personal trainer and nutrition certifications: @samijofit I'm a licensed esthetician, professional makeup artist, and certified ISSA Master Trainer.

I’m here to offer services as a one stop shop for all things beauty and wellness. Wellness begins within and making healthy lifestyle choices. I'm here to help you create beauty and wellness in your world. I also love coffee so let's grab some sometime and talk about our dreams together!


No need to hide behind a mask. Shine bright. Just be you. Just follow your heart and your goals and don’t let anyone bring you down… especially your own self talk! Thoughts become things. We are constantly manifesting. No one is stuck where they are. Let go, grow and glow! ❤️✨



Can’t wait for more of this at my parent’s farm this summer. 😍🙏

“Little darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter… here comes the sun.” 🌸🌞🎶

I love spending time with my loved ones, especially these precious babies. Getting to be in their lives and help raise them and influence them is not something I take lightly. I consider it one of the greatest privileges one can ever have in the world, to instill the beliefs and love within a child that will undoubtedly shape them into the kind of adults they will become is such an honor.

It’s seriously THE most important job on the planet AND the blessing of being in the countryside at my parent’s farm, enjoying nature all at the same time?!

Feeling absolutely blessed beyond measure. I cherish every moment. Thank you God.

Look at all that verdure?! 😍🍃 They don’t call this part of Oklahoma “Green Country” for nothing.

This is my niece, my sister Jessica’s youngest, baby Carolyn (named after my mother). She’s the baby of the whole family. The older kids were at school and she just came over to hang out with me then this happened. 😭❤️🙏🎶



I just want to take this time to thank my mom & dad. ❤️🌹


Falling more in love with Houston every time I visit. I got so many compliments on my boots and they aren’t just for fashion either. I’m proud of my country girl roots. Cowgirl style is really trending rn apparently. 🤠


Just an old soul time traveling to the past, present, and future. ❤️🎶💫

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New moon vibes. 🌚✨


Slow motion lighting from the storm the other night. 😍🙏 I’m always so amazed by God’s work. I literally have 30 minutes of footage because there was so much lighting and thunder like I’ve never experienced before. It was thrilling and breathtaking and absolutely electric, I’m grateful I was able to enjoy it this way. Glad everyone I know made it out safely and that our home was protected. So much power and energy charging the earth and everything around us. ⚡️❤️


Seasons change and so do we. Everything changes— it’s the only thing that stays the same. We are not still nor solid, we are a trillion atoms constantly ebbing and flowing like a river. With each second that passes, try to remember to enjoy each moment for what it is.

Nothing more.
Nothing less.

No expectations. If it goes let it go but enjoy it while it’s here. Just live in the moment and try to savor as much as you can whether it be easy or hard or frustrating or fun. Every moment has a gift to offer. 🎁 Feel it and grow from it and love it for what it is as it is a necessary piece to the puzzle that is our next evolution. Everything is happening for our highest and greatest good even if we cannot see or understand it. 🙏

Every step of the way I’m grateful for every single thing. ❤️

The way of is something teaches. To bend like the reed when life’s floodgates open and you will remain in tact, unlike the mighty oak tree that stands firm and resists the changing tides. Even though the oak is big and strong, which one do you think remains after the storm is over? Whatever you are going through, surrender to the way energy pulls you and everything will work out perfectly.

Bend like the reed. 🌾



Summer bodies are built in winter. 💪❄️

We have 30 days until the first day of Spring () 🌼🌷🐣🐰 … and Summer is just around the corner. 🙃

That means, now more than ever, stay committed to your workouts and strategize your nutrition if you want to tighten up by Summertime.🤌

I recommend to start learning about and following a plan to change your fat to muscle ratio. Focus on hitting protein, can help you with that and if you have questions about fitness and nutrition, I can help you with that. 😉

Drop your Summer goals in the comments! 🏖


Bracing for the storm. 2/2/22.🔥🙏❤️❄️🥶


Reposting this so that a video of me 🎤 my is easier to find. ❤️🎶 So grateful I got to sing last summer with some awesome people. Oh how the lyrics still ring true in #2022. What IS going on? And who doesn’t love some 90s girl grunge to get you through it? Here’s our countryfied version of “What’s Going On?” And how kismet that we happen to be 4 Non-Blondes. (Jake on bass not pictured) 😆


You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl. ❤️

December in Austin be like… 😆 Today is a high of 79 degrees but January is when the cold really sets in.

I will use my water trough for roping practice and see how it goes. Getting better at roping is just one of my goals for the new year.

What are some of your goals for the new year? #2022 is here!!! And it’s season y’all! The season for going inward and hunkering in on goals and growth. Time to hibernate. ❄️

My birthday is coming up— January 4th.
My number is 22/4 and I’m the 4th born of 5 girls. 🎂♑️✨

Can you believe 2021 is already behind us? ***“Time Marches On” fade in*** ❤️🎶

#2021 #2022

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Fitness but make it Christmas. 💪🎅🎁🎄⛄️


Every day is Christmas with you.🎁❤️🎄We will be celebrating our 8th Christmas together this year. Feeling so blessed and grateful. Photo taken from Christmas 2015. 😍🙏


With Thanksgiving right around the corner… I’m the heaviest I’ve ever weighed— 5’5’’ 156lbs. and I’m thankful for every curve. 🧡🤎


Only 3 more sleeps. ✈️💗


Scorpio season. 🌞🦂 Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During that "season" you will feel the energy of the prevailing astrological vibe—no matter your Sun sign.

Scorpio season began October 23rd (my dad’s birthday) and will end November 21st with a full in Taurus (my mom’s sun sign) on November 19th (my little sister’s birthday!). 😆

Scorpio (my Mars in in Scorpio) is the second of the zodiac's three water signs and part of the fixed quality (or triplicity), which includes Taurus (my mom), Leo (my rising sign), and Aquarius (my Venus sign).

These star signs are about security, planting a flag in the turf, and establishing dominance. We are colored by extreme passion right now. No more taking the safe middle ground or avoiding conflict in order to be liked. 💯

Scorpio's energy is about zoning in on a target. Think power mergers, strategic alliances, and behind-the-scenes developments. If Scorpio energy could be described in one word: INTENSE. 🎯

The is a time to relax and rebalance in nature. Spend time connecting to nature, grounding, and soaking up the beautiful world all around you. The eclipse is a time to confront our , let go of what isn’t serving us, and move into our next transformation. 💫🔥🦋🙏❤️✨


80s baby. 💖 #1988


Heart of glass with a great … personality. 😘

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Everything changes, it’s the only thing that stay the same. If you’re going through a tough time, keep going. This too shall pass. 🍂


Create the kind of life you don’t need a vacation from. ❤️🙏


Olive juice. ❤️🫒 .greenstar

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The art vs. the inspo. ✨

So grateful for these edits that found their way into my dms. I love seeing the art. Credit:


Take nothing for granted. This life isn’t promised forever. 🕊


Happy Friday! I’m craving a night out dancing. It’s been tooooo long. 💃🏻


It’s ok if you’re talking behind my back. God’s gonna keep blessing me in your face. 🖤💯

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I'm a licensed esthetician who specializes in makeup application, beauty, and fitness (Sami Jo Fit). My vision is to help make the world as beautiful as it can be in every aspect of life. From our looks to our surroundings but especially about how we make each other feel. Making people smile is what I love the most about my job. I'm here to help you create beauty in your world. I also love coffee so let's grab some sometime and talk about our dreams together!

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