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Petals, ink.


Planning your 2023 wedding (or a wedding styled shoot!) in Austin? Check out these talented peeps! 👇

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Style shoot organized by Camilla Kaiser-Lockwood // Camilla Kaiser Photography
Have you heard our conversation with Gretchen at Petals, ink.? Thinking about it this afternoon and wow! Time flies! She was our 5th guest EVER on the BB Podcast. And we even had a little surprise visitor at the end of the conversation ;) Time for a follow up, I think!

Listen here:

In honor of all the amazing mothers out there, we are partnering with some of our amazing vendors to bring you and your mom a treat this Mothers Day!

How to enter:

1. ✅ Follow all participating vendors:
Nut Monkey
Tapio Foods
Texas Black Gold Garlic
Babka ATX
Monarch Herbs
So Good Brazilian Treats
Petals, ink.
Indigo Soil

2. 💚 Like and share this post

3. 👩‍👦Tag the mother figure in your life!


This Saturday (5/7) bring your mom or the person who represents a mother in your life, take a photo with them, post it and tag us for an extra entry!

Check out the giveaway prizes below 👇🏼

Nut Monkey - gift certificate
Tapio Foods - plant based Tapi-tots
Texas Black Gold Garlic - gift basket
Babka ATX - Babka Loaf
Monarch Herbs - Tranquillity Herb Box
So Good Brazilian Treats - box of brigaderios & a bag of guava cookies
- Scull House Treats T-Shirt
Petals, ink. - bouquet of flowers
Indigo Soil - succulent arrangement

*Winner will be announced Saturday

Happy Easter! We will be open this Sunday and ready for all your Sunday needs. What goes great with farm-fresh produce? How about a gorgeous Petals, ink. bouquet to brighten up your kitchen for your Easter meal prep!

Looking for a sale? 👀 We have our reusable tote bag promo! Buy a Texas Farmers Market tote bag and get a FREE reusable water bottle! Stop by Texas Farmers Market booth’s for more information!
See you soon!!

🥦Broccoli, green beans, collard greens, cabbage, bok choy, brussels sprouts, green onions, kale, rainbow chard, and green garlic from Bernhardts Farm
🍅Tomatoes from B5 Farm
🍠Broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli micro greens, lettuce mix, lettuce heads, arugula, spinach, fennel, chard, scallions, radish, shish*tos, carrots. beets, celery, turnips from Emadi Acres Farm
🦆 Duck pot pie, veggie lentil pot pie, berry pie, beef, sauerkraut, lard soap, green onions and pork from Munkebo Farm
🍄 Mixed greens, Arugula, Beets, Carrots, Radish, Pac Choi, Cabbage, Oyster mushrooms, and Lions Mane mushrooms Growtopia Farms LLC
🌿Broccoli, Spinach, Spring mix, Radishes, Fennel, Bok choy, Bunching onions, Dill, Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Cilantro, Microgreens, and Fresh cut flowers from Bouldin Food Forest
🧄Arugula, beets, radish, green bibb, romaine lettuce, collards, dill, garlic, onion, Swiss chard, turnips, basil, kale, and bok choi from Simple Promise Farms
🍠 Seasonal pickles and kimchi, Broccoli crowns, First cut arugula, Cut leaf lettuce mix (ready to serve), Cut spinach (bloomsdale, red vein mix) , Garnet mustard greens, Mixed braising greens (collards, broccoli, cauliflower), Bibb lettuce heads , Young beet greens, Mizuna, D’avignon radishes, Spring onions (mixed red, yellow), Green garlic, Bunching onions (Japanese variety), Nasturtium greens (young, small), Bronze fennel fronds, Italian oregano , Lemon balm , Viola blossoms, Coral honeysuckle, Cilantro, Coriander flowers from f-stop farm
🐮 Farm fresh beef and more from Winters Family Beef
Thank you so much to all who tuned in for last night's International Women's Day virtual panel! And a special thank you to our incredible panelists - we truly appreciate you spending this time with us and sharing your stories. Your openness and strength is so inspiring. For those who missed it, the video recording has been uploaded to our youtube channel at the link below!

Jake & Jubi's Snack Co. Luv Fats Ice Cream Oatmeal & Company Petals, ink. Teddy V. Pâtisserie Winters Family Beef

Youtube link:

Tuesday March 8th 2021
In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8th, 2022 join Texas Farmers' Market for a virtual panel discussion showcasing some of our beloved female farmers' market vendors!

Tune in on March 8th at 7pm to hear from Amy Greer of Winters Family Beef, Chi Ndika of Luv Fats Ice Cream, Darian Washington of Oatmeal & Company, Elisia Velasquez of Teddy V. Pâtisserie, Gretchen O’Neil of Petals, ink., and Katie Liesmann of Jake & Jubi's Snack Co. as they discuss what it means to be a part of the Texas food community here in Austin. The talk will be moderated by Texas Farmers' Market Executive Director Laura McDonald.

Click the link below for more information or to reserve your free tickets now!
It's no secret that my colorful heart loves a bright, colorful wedding palette. I absolutely LOVED the way these blue bridesmaids dresses popped and the pops of red and blue in their bouquets! I just feel like color adds so much joy and vibrancy to celebrations and life in general. Color makes me happy.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all the colors to come in 2022!!!!

What colors would you like to see from a wedding palette?! It's okay if you're already married, I'd love to hear your thoughts ;)

Vendor Team

Venue + Catering The Retreat at Balcones Springs
Hair + Makeup Renée Lathers
Wedding Dress Blush Bridal Couture
Video Rebecca Lynn Videography
Hill Country DJ
Florist Petals, ink.

[FRESH AT MUELLER] We're so lucky to have access to fresh, locally grown, seasonal produce all year round here in Austin! Take advantage and stock up at the market this Sunday - here's what our farmers will have:

🌿Cabbage, Napa cabbage, romaine lettuce, cut leaf spring lettuce mix, arugula, spinach, mustard greens, collards, kale, braising greens, green tomatoes, radishes, carrots, green garlic, fennel, cilantro, thyme, dill, oregano, rosemary, okra, kimchi, pickled okra, smoked pickled beets, pickled red onions, & dill pickled green tomatoes from f-stop farm
🥕Pak choi, beets, carrots, salad greens, radishes, sweet & hot peppers, mushrooms & more from Growtopia Farms
🥦Green beans, broccoli, squash (yellow, butternut, spaghetti), cucumber, elephant garlic, sweet peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, kale, bok choy, collards, rainbow chard, arugula, Tokyo bekana, mizuna, lettuce, longevity spinach, small tomatoes, green onions, Chinese leeks, & cabbage from Bernhardts Farm
🥕Shish*tos, habaneros, sweet peppers, carrots, celery, beets, radish, scallions, & chard from Emadi Acres Farm
🍅Tomatoes (red juicy slicers, sweet pink Japanese, and deep red plum), & golden zucchini from B5 Farm
🥬Kale, spinach, bok choy, broccoli, Swiss chard, squash blossoms, fennel, parsley, green beans, salad turnips, spring mix, farm mix, radishes, arugula, summer squash, persimmons, cucumbers, okra, jalapeños, serranos, poblanos, purple bell peppers, tomatoes, basil (holy and Italian), micros (sunflowers, radish, broccoli), & fresh cut flowers from Bouldin Food Forest
🌿Lettuce, beets, radishes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cilantro, basil, & oregano from Bird Dog Farm ATX
🌶Romaine lettuce, swiss chard, kale, collards, beets, bunching onions, cabbage (red, green), broccoli, tomatoes (slicing, cherry), Asian eggplant, rainbow chard, peppers (shish*to, bell, habanero, jalapeno, habanada, serrano, hatch) from Simple Promise Farms
🥬Arugula, spicy greens mix, turnips, radishes, kale, collards, chard, bok choy, & herbs from New Leaf Agriculture
🍅 Tomatoes from Engel Farms
🌱Lettuce heads & microgreens from Joe's Organics
🥧Zucchini, squash, squash blossoms, kale, magenta spreen, radishes, garlic chives, pot pies, pork & more from Munkebo Farm
🌾Dried flower boxes, wreaths, dried bouquets & dried gomphrena ornaments from Petals, ink.
[FRESH AT MUELLER] We hope everyone had a nice holiday yesterday! TFM at Mueller will be OPEN on Sunday from 10am-2pm. Take a stroll, stock up on fresh, healthy produce, and get a head start on your holiday shopping!⁠

🥦Broccoli, green beans, squash (yellow, butternut, spaghetti), cucumber, elephant garlic, small tomatoes, zucchini, sweet peppers, jalapeno, shish*tos, poblanos, eggplant, leaf lettuce, collards, rainbow chard, bok choy, arugula, Tokyo bekana, kale, mizuna, okra, green onions, & mustard greens from Bernhardts Farm
🥬Kale, spinach, bok choy, broccoli, Swiss chard, squash blossoms, fennel, parsley, green beans, salad turnips, spring mix, farm mix, radishes, arugula, summer squash, persimmons, cucumbers, okra, jalapeños, serranos, poblanos, purple bell peppers, tomatoes, basil (holy and Italian), micros (sunflowers, radish, broccoli), & fresh cut flowers from Bouldin Food Forest
🥕Shish*tos, habaneros, sweet peppers, carrots, radish, scallions, & chard from Emadi Acres Farm
🥬Romaine heads, cut lettuce mix, green cabbage, Napa cabbage, collards, kale, edible flowers, arugula, chard, sweet potato greens, cilantro, tulsi, beet greens, radishes, carrots, fennel fronds, okra, bok choy, herbs, kimchi, pickled veggies, & squash blossoms from f-stop farm
🍄Radishes (watermelon, daikon), bok choy, arugula & mushrooms from Growtopia Farms
🥧Zucchini, squash, squash blossoms, kale, magenta spreen, radishes, garlic chives, pot pies, pork & more from Munkebo Farm
🥬Arugula, spicy greens mix, turnips, radishes, kale, collards, chard, bok choy, & herbs from New Leaf Agriculture
🍅 Tomatoes from Engel Farms
🌶Squash, kale, chard, collard greens, peppers, radishes, pickled veggies, hot sauce, & more from Simple Promise Farms
🌱Lettuce heads & microgreens from Joe's Organics
🌼Fresh & dried flower bouquets from Petals, ink.

Contact our floral studio at 512-203-0508, or via Flower farm & Design studio located in Manor, TX serving Austin and surrounding areas.


Harvested the last of the basket flowers, and the first of the nicotiana this week. Ranunculus season feels like another lifetime, and I’m having mixed feelings about the zinnias taking up residence for the next 5 months 🤣 Early & late Spring crops are just so lovely & special, Its painful to see them go! This transition time is my least favorite on the farm. Our abundance of blooms slows down a bit and the w**ds, mosquitoes, and sheer volume of beds needing to be torn out and re-planted swells. It’s overwhelming. It’s hot & itchy. My PTSD about rattlesnakes keeps me jumpy. It’s an ugly mess, really. I’ve had to remind myself a dozen times these past couple of weeks—it’ll get better. We’ll tear it all down and build it back up. The puddles (and hopefully the mosquitos!) will recede, and we’ll be back in the abundance of celosia, then all our different varieties of marigolds, then chrysanthemums—which are looking SO promising. This gig isn’t really about flowers, it’s about resilience. Luckily we always have an abundance of that, regardless of the season! ❤️

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 06/01/2023

Gorgeous gallery from the talented landed in my inbox last week! This Spring wedding at with was a total stunner! Congrats to Tara & Steven!!! ❤️🍾👏


Wildflower season!! Colorful spikes, airy tendrils, ethereal textures—it’s a whole VIBE out at the farm right now. 🤩 We’ll be taking Mother’s Day orders for delivery Friday & Saturday just one more day. Featured here is our Deluxe—our biggest, showiest display of the season’s finest. After deliveries close, you can still score our small farmers market bouquet from the farm shop Saturday 9-4, and on Sunday 10-2.

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 04/28/2023

This week’s fave colors & textures on the farm ❤️


We’re hiring! In search of helping hands this summer & Fall season on the farm. Farming experience preferred, but mostly looking for a hardworking person with a positive attitude! This position includes manual labor (planting, harvesting, flipping beds) and running our farmers market booth on Sundays. Hoping to find the perfect fit to start by early May. Interested peeps, please email [email protected] for further details. Hourly rate based on experience and performance, with a generous end of season bonus.


It’s Godetia season at the farm and this is the best crop we’ve ever had! Multiple buds per stem that open over time, delicate looking blooms with an incredible vase life—what’s not to love?? Get yours tomorrow at 10-2 in Mueller


Wedding season is in full swing—alongside Spring season at the flower farm (aka harvest morning, noon, and night season!) It’s hands down our busiest time of year— and the most beautiful! This bouquet was from last week for one of our brides who used 100% farm flowers. She requested a vibrant, round & textured bouquet highlighting orange & yellow. We loved shopping the flower field for this one!

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 03/04/2023

That kiss! And those smiles! Wedding days are THE BEST. Shout out to .photography for capturing all of Rebecca & Nicholas’s details so perfectly!

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 02/23/2023

A peak at what’s blooming on the farm right now 😍 Last week we were covering plants for a freeze…this week we hit 85. These are the fleeting beauties of our season—ranunculus, anemones, sweet peas, Iceland poppies and butterfly ranunculus. They can’t take the heat! Let’s hope it’s not here to stay—it’s way too early for that, even in Texas!


Our return to is happening THIS Sunday, Feb 19! We are excited to bring y’all the first of this season’s finest— long lasting ranunculus, ethereal Iceland poppies, flawless anemones and mixed bouquets featuring fragrant sweet peas and frilly butterfly ranunculus. 10-2 at the Mueller Pavilion. Please arrive early to ensure you get the goods—limited supply till warmer temps set in. Xoxo Gretchen


*GIVEAWAY* We had an amazing Valentines Day thanks to all of YOUR support! As a thank you to the incredible Austin/Manor/Pflugerville community, we are giving away 2 tickets to our first workshop of the year! We’ll be celebrating our faves—Iceland poppies- with paper artist You’ll harvest & take home fresh poppies and learn to craft paper poppies. It’s going to be a blast!! Feb 26, 10-12:30 at To enter: 1. Like this post. 2. Tag the friend you’d like to take to the event. 3. Follow Winner will receive two tickets. We’ll announce on Friday!


Valentines Day Pre-Orders are now available in our online shop. Juicy ranunculus, ethereal Iceland Poppies, fragrant sweet peas and flawless anemones all grown on our farm . We’ve loaded the site with several options—all limited, as this is the very start of our season. Don’t delay in reserving! We’ll be updating as the flowers trickle in. ❤️ Link in Profile.

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 01/26/2023

Poppies! Poppies! Poppies! Our first workshop of the year is available—come to the flower farm February 26 to craft Italian Crepe paper Iceland poppies with paper artist ! Kerry Joyce is a talented artist making realistic paper blooms—swipe to see our fresh poppies on the left, besides her paper creations on the right 🤯— there will also be a tour of the greenhouses complete with the opportunity to harvest poppies & take a bundle home to enjoy. Full details & ticket purchase found on our website under the Workshops & Farm Tours section.


My forever favorite photo by ! These Colibri Iceland Poppies are typically our first crop of the year to take off on our flower farm. Their large, papery faces are always a welcome site! Sherbet tones & a long vase life—what’s not to love?? I just listed a few options for deliver this week. And don’t worry— we’ll have plenty to go around in another week or so :)

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 11/27/2022

The last armloads of fresh flowers for 2022! While they are a bit of a diva, chrysanthemums win our heart year after year—especially Pink Fleece with her adorable, soft lavender buttons and Seaton’s J’Adore with her creamy blush tones. Happy Sunday flower lovers!


This is how we Halloween 👻 bouquets by


Question: if you don’t post an armload shot all year, did you even farm flowers?? 🤣 coming in hot at the homestretch of the season! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again—farming in a zone which allows for nearly year-round production is a blessing AND a curse. There is little room for pause & reflection & rest. Honestly, I spent a good part of the season working on getting the joy back—it gets buried sometimes beneath the dirt and muscle and sweat and troubleshooting and constant stress and worry about weather, pests, the state of the economy and on and on. Sometimes I just keep my head down and WORK. If the thing you love and built is also a sh*t-ton to carry sometimes—I see you! A lot of not-pretty happens outside of these picture frames. Give yourself a minute. It doesn’t make you ungrateful to acknowledge that things are hard or overwhelming at times—it just makes you human! Human on entrepreneurs! Joy always rises to the surface, promise! ❤️

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 09/28/2022

It’s almost here! My favorite workshop of the year, this time with a Fall twist. Join us Sunday, October 9 at 9:30 AM as we host local fine artist for a lovely painting workshop inspired by the blooms of the season at Farm tour, painting instruction and beverages included. Grab your bestie & come out & create with us!!


Raise your hand if you’ve been following along since my rattlesnake bite in 2018? Well dear people, I am thrilled to report that this week I have paid that b*tch of a medical bill in full. Can I get a Hell Yeah!? While I can certainly think of at least a dozen other things I’d rather have spent that $$$ on, I’m here to give you a few tips should you too live in a wretched landscape that is home to venomous snakes. #1: locate your nearest hospital **with a trauma center** that has a supply of antivenin. It is entirely possible there is a facility closer to you which has antivenin, however once they administer it, you are considered a trauma patient and need to be in a trauma unit. (If you are having an immediate severe reaction, call an ambulance or go to the closest one—this was not the case with me and after driving myself to the hospital I actually had to wait and watch the swelling progress for an hour before they made the call to start antivenin) They *will* transfer you in an ambulance and that will add *thousands* more to your astronomical bill. #2 Have health insurance. Less than 24 hours in the hospital with 6 vials of antivenin administered cost $120,000!!! I maxed out my deductible and entire out of pocket yearly expense in ONE day. I paid a fraction of that bill. #3 After you get home and the bills start rolling in, call them up and see what you can negotiate if you pay in full. The ambulance folks knocked almost a 1/3 of the bill of for paying in full. Hospitals will set you up on a zero interest payment plan for the rest. #4, just an observation really—the *same exact vial* of antivenin cost upwards of 10k more at the newly built, smaller facility near my house than the trauma unit at an established hospital. Just a hunch the new facility is fast tracking paying off their construction costs. 🤷‍♀️ use that info as you will.
Be safe out there folks! You’ve got just one precious life! Xoxo Gretchen

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 08/11/2022

All of our Spring favorites for next year have been ordered—we’ll plant Iceland poppies, ranunculus and anemones this Fall for a riot of color Mid-January through March. These stunning photos by capture Eleanor & Nick’s 100% grown wedding blooms so perfectly! This sweet couple came on a farm tour & fell in love with the poppies and planned so many gorgeous details of their day around this stunning bloom. While COVID sure threw a wrench in best laid plans, it was an honor to be part of both their intimate elopement, and the big party the following year to celebrate the marriage!

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 07/30/2022

Petals crew redefining Hot Girl Summer. Y’ALL—Triple digits for endless days here in Texas and we’ve got at least 3 months till frost. 😳 Will there even be a frost this year?? Will it be cold in Texas EVER AGAIN??!! I’m having doubts. Despite this hellfire climate, we are crushing it. All those complaints about our clay soil and wet Springs or Fall?— I take it all back! Clay soil is saving our ass right now with its ability to hold moisture, and if there is a silver lining about drought for us it’s less w**d pressure and an ability to prep and plant beds as needed. We are TIRED! We smell HORRIBLE out here! We are desperate for rain and running on exhaust fumes….but we still got flowers for you! 💪💪💪 See you Sunday


This time last year the farm was underwater. After the deep freeze in February the rain just would not quit—very detrimental when working with clay soil—we were unable to prep & plant beds for soooooo long. This year is a complete opposite experience! It’s been in triple digits for a month now, irrigation runs everyday. Thankful for the ability to prep & plant & generate an abundance of blooms for y’all—but DAMN it has been HARD! I suppose that’s the bottom line in farming: it’s all hard! 🤣 Takes a Crew a crazy plant people to keep the machine going! ❤️

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 06/20/2022

Just in: Gorgeous, 100% farm grown bridal bouquet for Kaitlyn. Zinnias, lisianthus, explosion grass, scabiosa & more. Photo:

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 05/16/2022

Been sitting on these gems from for way too long! Do y’all know Dennis?? He’s seriously one of the best humans I’ve met in Austin—an entrepreneur himself, he’s constantly gathering up and bolstering up other creatives to help them shine. He’s full of great ideas & energy, and hanging around the farm shooting with him last fall was such a blast. Oh, and he’s totally Darlin’ - approved! The heat is here to stay folks—and the only good thing about it is our summer crops like sunflowers & celosias coming soon!


Last minute giveaway—A participant in tomorrow‘s workshop is no longer able to attend & donating two tickets! Workshop is from 10am-12:30 Saturday May 14 at the farm in Manor. Signed liability & close toed shoes required. Tell me your fave Spring flower in the comments to enter & 2 winners will be picked at random at 5pm.


Shout out to the farmers, to the florists & delivery drivers and everyone who hustled hard last week to spread love to the moms! New moms, veteran moms, moms to be and everything in between. It was record temps here in Texas, and despite several crops crashing in the stress, we managed to create a small army of gorgeous arrangements and bouquets for so many mamas! Shout out to my team for working extra hours to make it happen! And thank you to everyone who supported locally grown flowers!!


Mother’s Day week is going to be a blast!!! The field is looking gorgeous and we are so excited to spread the locally grown love to all the mamas!! Ways to score blooms this week: 1. Order online for delivery to select zip codes in central Austin for Friday or Saturday delivery. 2. Swing by our farm shop in Manor located at 10801 Schmidt Lane between 10-2 on Saturday. We’ll have bouquets and vased arrangements. Casual farm tour at 11 and 1 for ages 13 and up with sturdy footwear (no exceptions). No ticket required, just come on by! 3. Visit the on Sunday in Mueller between 10-2 or sold out. Yay for the moms! Treat her right-local lasts longer & the Texas wildflower season is in full effect ❤️

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 04/14/2022

Pastels & a pop for this gorgeous Easter arrangement that went out this morning. The farm is headed into its wildflower phase—spikes & textures and all the unruly blooms. We are big fans! Wishing everyone a safe & fun holiday weekend.


We are losing one of our employees to the great state of Maine! 😢 Was our Chamaeleon, having a hand in everything from daily deliveries to seed starting to event set up and retrieval. We are sad to see her go but excited for her next adventure! This leaves us looking for our next Jane of all trades! If you have flexible hours, are a night owl, like a wide range of tasks, work well independently and with a team, and have a crystal clean driving record please shoot an email to [email protected] with “team opening” in the subject line. Bonus points if you drive a car big enough to haul bales of smilax and tons of fun glassware ;-)

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 02/18/2022

The most gorgeous gallery just landed in my inbox 😭 Alison & Nelson in all their wedding day bliss!!! Stunning captures by So excited to kick off the 2022 wedding season!


We are back baby!! THIS Sunday in Mueller, 10-2 (or sold out.) Bloom supply is limited, so get there early! We will have Iceland poppies, ranunculus & anemones. 🎉🎉🎉🎉 (Also the center of poppies are pretty dang incredible 😭)


I know it’s only February, but it sure is feeling like the year of the POPPY over here! 😍 So incredible to have a stellar crop after last year’s supply issues & winter storm. We’ve got an extended delivery schedule next week—we’ll be slingin’ beauty all around Austin on Monday. Get your Love some poppies! (Or ranunculus! Or Anemones!) Late winter blooms are THE Best. Visit the Shop section of the website (Link in profile) to secure the goods!

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 02/11/2022

Hey Lovers-- Need a last minute Valentine's gift? Order flowers by 2 pm today for delivery Saturday, or book by 2 on Sunday for Vday delivery. We've also got farm tours, flower subscriptions and flower workshops-- the flower possibilities are endless!!

Petals, ink. updated their info in the about section. 02/11/2022

Petals, ink. updated their info in the about section.

Petals, ink. updated their info in the about section.

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 12/03/2021

Our Holiday shop is LIVE. Visit our website for hand-crafted gifts like wreaths, succulent boxes and ornaments, or flower subscriptions for the flower lover in your life! Holiday deliveries available through December 18. Flower subscriptions available till sold out. Thank you!!

Photos from Petals, ink.'s post 12/02/2021

Rolling out Holiday Gifts this weekend We’ll have succulent/cactus & dried flower boxes, wreaths (sneak peek in stories) Dried bouquets & dried gomphrena ornaments. We anticipate December 12 to be our last market of the year, so come out and see us & treat yourself to some dried farm beauty till the next season begins!


Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! As the growing and wedding seasons wind down, I’m struck by all we have accomplished this year despite many unexpected challenges (ahem—I’m looking at you Mother Nature!!) Grateful for the perseverance and grace of my whole team as we kept moving forward, no matter what! We’ve put so many farm blooms out into the world this year, and flowered dozens of weddings for some folks who waited and waited for that day to come due to covid! I’m grateful for all our loyal customers and clients who allowed us to keep flowering and flowering! Shout out to the whole Petals crew: .bishop 🙏🙏🙏


Fall on the farm has been SO good to us this year!!! Record-breaking-makes-up-for-the-winter-apocalypse-GOOD. The heirloom chrysanthemums are INSANE!!! We’ll be in Mueller this Sunday the 27th with tons of them—likely our last load of fresh blooms for 2021. ✨✨✨

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Last night was a BLAST! 60 gorgeous, flower-lovin' ladies (and 1 gent!) turned out to sip wine, shop for pretty things, ...
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