Lunapatch is a drug free patch that relieves cramps, pain and fatigue associated with menstrual cycle. Transdermal naked electron patch that is able to relieve menstrual cramps and fatigue immediately, using no drugs.

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Using a product for the first time, especially one like Luna Patch (👩‍🔬) can be a little scary.

That’s why we encourage people to just hang out for a little while.
Get to know us.
Learn all the tips and tricks we share.
And then take a little leap into a better quality of life.

Using a product for the first time, especially one like Luna Patch (👩‍🔬) can be a little scary.

That’s why we encourage people to just hang out for a little while.
Get to know us.
Learn all the tips and tricks we share.
And then take a little leap into a better quality of life.


Some things are just so comforting to look at. Sunshine and warmth, even in a picture really just take over and fill you up.

We all gravitate towards warmth.

For a lot of folks warmth and heat based pain relief products are reassuring and comfortable.

They might look at Luna Patch and be a little turned off by the fact that there isn’t a happy warm sensation that comes along with the pain relief.

Science can seem cool toned and sterile, even at its best. Which is why we are attempting to make our brand as warm as possible.

If you placed an order this month, there’s a good chance you got a little check in email. Written by a real person.

Maybe your email had a custom coupon code to share with friends or just warm wishes for the holiday season.

Either way we’re chasing that warmth and sharing it at every opportunity possible.

📸A May memory from back when I would take pics of literally anything yellow


Lunapatch uses a transdermal delivery system; meaning our free electrons enter your body through the skin.

Dry skin + lunpatch can mean delays in results and even irritation for you!

But skin that is well hydrated is like a super highway!

Instead of relying only a traditional ‘moisturizer’ try adding Aloe Vera to your routine, especially at your lunapatch application site.



Not sure if you’ve heard the news yet...

But lunapatch is super awesome.

A science based, pill-free, scent-free, easy to use, magnesium powered solution to your pain.

By attacking the inflammation that’s at the source of your discomfort, lunapatch can give you hours of your life back and a whole new sense of power over your period.


Inflammation & Frustration
There is literally no wonder these two words rhyme.
They go together like two peas in a pod.
Like coffee and oat milk.
Like a mask and fog on your glasses.

But honestly, that’s sort of for the best. It means that when you get rid of one (maybe with some sort of super cool transdermal patch that fights inflammation with free electrons) the other goes away too!

Leaving you... un-frustrated. And ready for another amazing day of being your best self!!


The sun is rising on a bright new future where we harness big science to solve our every day problems.

Use code NEWLUNA on our website to get your first lunapatch for only $5!!!

Our website and packaging tell you everything you need to know about how to use lunapatch, but we’re building this Instagram community to offer you any extra support you might need!

Don’t be shy and slide into our DMs if you’re curious. 👩‍🔬


The wellness industry has brought so many beautiful and functional plants into our lives.

But minerals can seem a bit more intimidating when they are outside of food sources.

Magnesium is a mineral that has so much potential to improve quality of life.

Do you use magnesium in any of its many forms? If not, are you curious about it?


What’s on the outside of our package?
The same thing that’s inside our package.

luna patch works by transferring electrons FROM a little disk of elemental magnesium, THROUGH your skin and TO the source of your inflammation.

The tech has been around for years, (check out our bro @theheliopatch).

But luna patch wants to get the word out to menstruaters everywhere.



An Instagram launch lining up with #worldcleanupday
Now that’s ✨magic✨

Every month the luna patch team has a little beach date. We stick our toes in the sand and break a sweat keeping our share of plastic out of the ocean. 🌊 🌊 🌊

We’re excited to grow this program as our team grows.

We’d love to see any of y’all give it a try too.


Welcome to luna patch

As a product we are a pain relief patch, hoping to ease your period cramps and make your life easier.

Our anti inflammatory response is powered by ✨magnesium✨ and delivered via a transdermal patch.

Yes we have Big Science Energy.

As a brand we are here to work as a support network for our users.


So many problems come with a quick fix.
Try a gorgeous golden smoothie like this one that @jaylynn_little made.
It’s sure to brighten your day.

But there are too many other problems that we’re taught to endure and wait out. Like menstrual cramps.
That’s not fair.
There are jobs to do! Lives to live! Cities to explore!
Grab a luna patch.
Do. Live. Explore. Without the pain.


Have you even heard of Luna Patch before? If you have, *high five!*
But maybe this is your first time coming across our product. And we’d love to tell you all about it!

Luna Patch is a topically applied and Magnesium Powered 🧑‍🔬 solution to the inflammation that causes the pain associated with me********on.

At Luna Patch we don’t want anything to hold you back, especially not pain. You’re amazing! And you can do so much with each day you are given.
Luna Patch just wants to help.

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Hello Internet!! Luna Patch is back on social after a LOOOONG time away.

We are so excited to be here and to start connecting with and supporting each of you!

Throw a little confetti in the comments if you love Luna Patch!




Lunapatch's cover photo


don't worry, you got this. and when you need a little help head to! 11/03/2016

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Don't let period cramps keep you from the finish line. Like lunapatch to learn more.


luna lets allison be pain + fatigue free for her students all day long. take on the day with lunapatch at 09/27/2016

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lunapatch comes with a full money back guarantee. For more information contact [email protected]


Ultimate Women's Expo

be sure to visit us at the San Antonio Ultimate Women's Expo september 24-25 to hear all about the lunapatch womens*!

Get refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged at the Ultimate Women's Expo. Shop Hundreds of Boutique Exhibits, enjoy Complimentary Makeovers, Massages, Haircuts, Manicures, Wine and Martini Tastings, Inspiring Celebrity Keynote Speakers and more! 09/13/2016

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be sure to visit us at the San Antonio Ultimate Women's Expo september 24-25 to hear all about the lunapatch womens*


how lunapatch works:

1. activate the patch with a few drops of liquid from the included activator.
2. remove plastic liner from lunapatch.
3. apply lunapatch to your
area of discomfort.

become a lunalady today at



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