Cardiometabolic Wellness

Cardiometabolic Wellness

CMW utilizes structured therapeutic lifestyle counseling, traditional and alternative medicine to reduce metabolic and cardiovascular disease risks.

Cardiometabolic Wellness at LRHC is a 12 week program designed to improve your risk factors for the development of Coronary Artery Disease and/or Diabetes. Utilizing traditional medicine, lifestyle medicine, alternative medicine, and extensive support, to improve diet and lifestyle as a means to reduce blood pressure, glucose, lipids, and body weight. The Program includes:
• 6 visits with a Regist 08/08/2017

Ideal Home Sleep Environment - The Sleep Doctor

Is your bedroom supportive of a good night sleep? The keys to an ideal sleep environment Create your most sleep-friendly bedroom ever It’s tough to overstate the importance of your bedroom environment to the quality of your sleep. Ideally, you want your bedroom to be a sanctuary for sound, restful, restorative sleep. All too often bedrooms are clut... 07/19/2017

Simple Cooking 101: Healthy Shopping Tips - Dr. Mark Hyman

Keeping it real As a busy doctor, I can understand how eating healthy might feel like a Herculean demand, and become short shift among the numerous demands in your life. While eating healthy on a time budget does require a little planning, it’s easier than you might imagine. I find when I invest that time, it pays… 07/19/2017

Simple Cooking 101: Preparing All Three Daily Meals in Thirty Minutes - Dr. Mark Hyman

Keeping it quick Just like you, I get busy. I really do. As rewarding as my work is, it’s also pretty demanding. Adding in time for exercise, eight hours of sleep every night (well, most nights), seeing patients at two clinics, eating well and traveling for speaking and teaching engagements leaves me with even less… 07/19/2017

Simple Cooking 101: Chicken, Seafood and Meat - Dr. Mark Hyman

Keeping it simple You don’t have to have lots of time on your hands to be healthy! This is one of the most common misconceptions I hear. I understand the challenges of trying to eat well with limited time, but I promise you – you don’t have to be rich or retired to eat well and take care … 07/06/2017

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5 Questions I Always Ask My Patients Who Want To Lose Weight

Weight loss involves much more than food choices (as you will see in this article). Our program focuses on your health as a whole, a key component for weight loss and lifestyle changes. For when the scale won't budge. 06/28/2017

Simple Cooking 101: Vegetables - Dr. Mark Hyman A few simple techniques can help you get vegetables on the table in just minutes without a recipe. First, though, get veggie savvy! Click here to view PDF version. Here are a few essential tips: For best taste and maximum nutrition, don’t overcook your vegetables. Many vegetables can be enjoyed raw…


Mark Hyman, MD

Whether you’re preparing food together or passing it around the family table, it’s a wonderful time to reconnect, share laughs, and discuss important events. Start your new ritual by making your kitchen as warm and inviting as possible.

I’ve found these five strategies can help your family gather around the dinner table for a fun, convivial meal: 04/21/2017

Is soda bad for your brain? (And is diet soda worse?): Both sugary, diet drinks correlated with accelerated brain aging

Fuel your body with foods/beverages that make it sing instead of SCREAM! Excess sugar -- especially the fructose in sugary drinks -- might damage your brain, new research suggests. Researchers found that people who drink sugary beverages frequently are more likely to have poorer memory, smaller overall brain volume, and a significantly smaller hippocampus. A follow-up st...


What are some healthy treats you give yourself?



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Her Memory Fading, Paula Wolfert Fights Back With Food

How inspiring! The pioneering cookbook author, who has Alzheimer’s disease, no longer cooks much. But a special diet and persistence keep her as kinetic as ever.


David Ludwig, M.D., PhD

QUESTION: If you have glucose intolerance (like much of the US population), when is the worst time to eat carbs?
ANSWER: Later in the day, according to a new study.
NOTE: If those carbs are natural and slow digesting (low glycemic index), any stress on metabolism would be reduced 02/21/2017

This Is Your Body on Soda

Think before you drink! The effects of soda consumption are dramatic — and speedy. Minutes after you take the first swig, the assault begins, and your body goes into a sugar-induced upward — and then downward — spiral. Here’s what happens. 02/20/2017

How to Leave Sugar Behind — For Real Yes, it is possible to end this sweet affair and not get hurt.

[02/07/17]   "Transform yourself with a new way of looking at eating and weight loss.

If it ’s "white", keep it out of sight.
If it ’s "beige" you had better behave.
If you eat "dark green", you will become lean.
If you eat fake fats, you’ll get heart attacks.
Weight off fast won't last.
Weight off slow, you're good to go."

- Dr. Steven Gundry 02/01/2017

Is skipping breakfast bad for us? New study finds links with heart disease and obesity

"We suggest eating mindfully, by paying attention to planning both what you eat and when you eat meals and snacks, to combat emotional eating." Skipping breakfast or eating late in the day could raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity according to a new study.


Cardiometabolic Wellness

"Sugar and flour are THE main reason we get sick and fat. They form the root cause of our obesity epidemic and most chronic diseases, sucking the life out of our people and our economy."

Be mindful that many "gluten-free" options (i.e. bread, cookies, pretzels, etc.) have additional sugar and additives to improve taste.

Rather than opting for packaged and processed gluten-free options, get creative with nutritious alternatives like spiralized sweet potato in place of noodles. Email Jess - [email protected] for an extensive list of whole food gluten-free ideas. 01/26/2017

Is Gluten Free Diet Good For You

"Sugar and flour are THE main reason we get sick and fat. They form the root cause of our obesity epidemic and most chronic diseases, sucking the life out of our people and our economy."

Be mindful that many "gluten-free" options (i.e. bread, cookies, pretzels, etc.) have additional sugar and additives to improve taste.

Rather than opting for packaged and processed gluten-free options, get creative with nutritious alternatives like spiralized sweet potato in place of noodles. Email Jess - [email protected] for an extensive list of whole food gluten-free ideas. Is Gluten Free Good 01/24/2017

Want To Lose Weight? Then You Have To Give Up Sugar...For Good.

Fabulous fat, sinister sugar According to researcher Gary Taubes, if you want to get thin and stay healthy, then you MUST cut out carbs and sugar. 01/19/2017

Food As Medicine: It's Not Just A Fringe Idea Anymore

Food is medicine...or poison. Which do you consume day in and day out?

If you're interesting in shopping with our registered dietitian to create your very own therapeautic food pantry, please reach out - [email protected] Treating people through nutrition is not a new idea, but it's making inroads as more medical professionals make meals a formal part of care, rather than relying solely on medications. 01/12/2017

Stressed-out people have more heart attacks. Here's why.

More reason to incorporate daily stress relief. A new study using brain scans shows how stress might cause heart attacks. 01/05/2017

Resolutions with Resolve—Advice from a College Student - Kara Fitzgerald ND Naturopathic Doctor

Make 2017 a year you are proud of! With the New Year creeping up very quickly on us all, my thoughts are turning to the best resolution I can make to better myself as a person, and make 2017 the best year I can! 12/05/2016

How smartphone light affects your brain and body

Want to lose weight and improve your overall health?

Eliminate screentime (phone, tv, tablet, computer, etc.) 30-90 minutes before bed...start with 5 minutes, adding another 5 minutes each week until you reach your goal. Looking at your phone at night is a terrible idea. It can disrupt your sleep cycle like an artificially induced sort of jet lag. 11/23/2016

Science Proves That Diet Soda Is Even Worse For Us Than We Thought

A little science to start the Thanksgiving weekend. Sorry, but all that aspartame is causing you endless problems. 11/10/2016

Doctor says you have prediabetes? Take action now before it turns into the real thing

The game changers:
Balanced meals
Sustainable lifestyle

Our Cardiometabolic Wellness Program focuses on these three components (and more!), working with you to establish an individualized program to guide you in achieving optimal health.

Call our office (512/807.3207) to learn more! "Even just small lifestyle changes can make a big difference." -- Dr. Renu Mansukhani, National Center for Weight and Wellness in Washington. 10/04/2016

Believe it or not, your kids can teach you something about good eating habits

"From toddler to tween, children display healthy eating habits that many adults forget to follow." Find your inner child and feed it. You’ll be healthier. 08/12/2016

Effects of high doses of vitamin D3 on mucosa-associated gut microbiome vary between regions of the human gastrointestinal tract

This is a promising small pilot study. We know vitamin D near 60 is associated with better sleep quality and reduced coronary events. This may be another piece of the puzzle. Vitamin D is well known for its effects on bone mineralisation but has also been attributed immunomodulatory properties. It positively influences human health, but in vivo data describing vitamin D effects on the human gut microbiome are missing. We aimed ...



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