The best & most interesting candies in the world- we've seen a million tongues' faces and we've rocked them all. We make & sell the best candy in the world.

We didn't invent the lollipop, we just made it awesome (tho we DID invent the bacon lollipop). We've won awards & accolades and been loved by the likes of Maxim, Elle, and (weirdly) Penthouse.

[05/09/18]   🎉 📦 🍭 💕 🍬

Did you snag a party for Mom yet? They are almost gone, Be sure to include a special add-on gift for her too. These are my personal favorites for Moms!”

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get your vitamin S E A with our mermaid lollipops!


5 delectable lollipops!
Mermaid, fruity cereal milk, absinthe, pomegranate tangerine & dreamsicle. Order yours today!


We're pretty sure we are offering the only mer-flavored & mer-approved candy in history.
What's it taste like ?
Kinda like a tropical drink after a quick swim in the Caribbean, kinda like magic, and kinda like the drowning deaths of thousands of love struck sailors.
mermaids are real !


In one of our worst/best brainstorming moments, someone here said, "how about pizza?" and then one thing led to another and here we are. No turning back now. 07/31/2017

Too mature for Jell-O shots? Try these 5 booze-infused treats | Wine & Spirits | Dallas News

Thanks to Dallas News for putting a little word for Lollyphile about our cocktails, beers and wines lollipops! If you never tried one, it's about time! 😘😎 I guess it started with Jell-O shots, the idea that booze didn't need to be relegated to glasses and Mason jars and could also be, in fact,...


Food & Wine

Happy National Lollipop Day, we guess. 07/19/2017

Lollyphile brunch-inspired lollipops

Our brunch lollipops flavors are now on!
Bon appetit lollipop lovers! Brunch lovers don't have to wait for the weekend to enjoy a taste of their favorite beverages.


Liquid Liberation

wine news !

This week's wine related news #winenews:

WINE FLAVOUR LOLLIPOPS. You shouldn’t ever have to grow up too much - US-based sweet company Lollyphile! has launched a range of wine-themed lollipops for adults. What flavour do you fancy? Read more from Decanter:

WISTON ESTATE CUVEE BRUT 2013 WINS SECOND TROPHY. English fizz makers Wiston Estate Winery have come out on top of a growing number of excellent UK wines after being awarded the English Sparkling Wine Trophy 2017. If you’ve not tried it you really should! English Wine Producers have the full story:

5 WAYS TO CHILL WINE. Too hot for you? Why not cool your wine with frozen grapes to avoid diluting your favourite tipple? The Telegraph have five top tips for cooling wine:

HEINEKEN SIGNS UP TO AMAZON DASH. Ever wanted to order more beer but can’t be bothered to walk to the shop or even go online? Amazon Dash lets you order at the press of a button. The Drinks Business reports on the first beer producer to get involved. One for our future?

AMAZON BUY-OUT WHOLE FOODS. The UK has 9 stores, all sell wine by the bottle and some from the tap. Will the big supermarkets respond? See more from The Drinks Business:


Lick Your Lips ‘Cause Wine Lollipops Are Officially A Thing

Lick Your Lips ‘Cause Wine Lollipops Are Officially A Thing!

thanks for the write up Cupcast Take My Money: 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅 9/10 One of the best things about being a kid was the lollipops. Doctors, Shopkeepers, Waiters, everyone was always giving you one. Then you grew up and it felt like doctors, shopkeepers, 06/06/2017

This brand makes wine-flavored lollipops, and we’ll cheers to that

Thank you HelloGiggles for this adorable write up!

We love you too! You had us at Merlot. 05/25/2017

Vino Treats to Try for National Wine Day

We made The Daily Meal vino treats to try on national wine day! Treat yourself 👅 For some lucky few, “wine o’clock” is all the time — 365 days of the year. For the rest us wine enthusiasts, May 25 signifies a day of celebration: National Wine Day!


The Beer Necessities

Let's eat.

Check out these beery treats from Guinness, Burts Potato Chips, ReGrained, Lollyphile!, Wondermade, Sweet Action Ice Cream, Sweet Palace, Philipsburg, The Real Dill, and Craft Beer Jerky.


Omg @nycfoodchaser this looks so good 😋


Thanks for the great post and great picture @foodietwin ❤️



Shamrock Stout lollipops for St Paddy's Day! Use discount code GETLUCKY for 15% off your entire order- but order by 3/14 to make sure you get them in time!

[03/09/17]   Limited time only! Shamrock Stout lollipops- order by 3/14 for a St. Paddy's Day delivery! Use discout code GETLUCKY for 15% off your order. xxoxox 02/10/2017

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Lollyphile lollipops – the way to say, “I’m romantic, sweet, and creative too!” It's officially February which means that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. So what are you going to get your favorite Quintessential lady? Yes dinner, flowers and jewelry are a must but what is 11/26/2016

The best and most interesting lollipops in the world!


Use code COMPULSIVE for 40% off your entire order all weekend! Lollyphile specializes in uniquely flavored lollipops that are both gourmet and novelty, as well as vegan and gluten-free. Order yours today! 11/25/2016

Unique Pizza Flavored Lollipops by Lollyphile

Big ups to LaughingSquid, we've had your sticker on our laptops for literally as long as we've had laptops. Fun fact: we once crashed a Halloween party at Violet Blue's house!

Love you & xxo In what they call one of their “worst/best brainstorming moments”, the wonderfully kooky Lollyphile Lollipops of Austin, Texas has packed the distinct cheesy-tomato flavor of pizza into… 11/24/2016

The best and most interesting lollipops in the world!

Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale! Get 40% OFF ALL Orders with discount code: COMPULSIVE! Offer ends Nov 28, 2016. Shop Now. Lollyphile specializes in uniquely flavored lollipops that are both gourmet and novelty, as well as vegan and gluten-free. Order yours today! 11/14/2016

You Need To Try These Beer And Wine-Flavored Lollipops

Simplemost called us geniuses! And we didn't even pay them! We, as a nation, love our beer. And we also love sweets. Knowing this, the geniuses at Lollyphile, a gourmet lollipop company, came up the idea to combine the two. Introducing beer-flavored lollipops! Lollyphile has created just about every flavor lollipop you could imagine. From pizza to green tea…



These pizza flavoured lollipops are the perfect trick-or-treat sweet

Let's talk about this amazing Lisa Frank picture Metro UK made for us... We've got to admit, we think they're awfully pretty and anything with the word 'pizza' in it has our vote. 10/27/2016

🍕 pizza lollipops 🍭

🍕 pizza lollipops 🍭 Lollyphile specializes in uniquely flavored lollipops that are both gourmet and novelty, as well as vegan and gluten-free. Order yours today! 10/24/2016

Irish Cream Lollipops!

Treat yourself to a Irish Cream Lollipops!. Irish Whiskey & cream. Dear Everyone: we live in the most perfect of worlds because someone took the time to combine these things. We took it a step farther 10/18/2016

A New Release From The Same Company Who Made a Breast Milk Lollipop

WE WERE CALLED THE STEPHANIE TANNER OF CANDY We tried and tested Lollyphile's new pizza lollipop


The Pizza Journal

Mainly we're excited that there's a Pizza Journal in the world at all, but also that they've weighed in on our lollipops! Bliss.

I got one of these out of the candy basket from the bank... tasted just like pepperoni pizza. The down side is that it doesn't satisfy you and makes you hungry and crave pizza even more!

[10/11/16]   Hay just got interviewed by Dudley & Bob on KLBJ and I almost sounded sober! But I wasn't!

Ugh yes I was, I was just nervous because I've been listening to them since middle school.

But also- holy s**t, these guys have been having a conversation for literally over 20 years! I've probably spoken at all less than they've spoken to each other. That's so cool! And probably statistically incorrect but whatever!

Anyway, thanks, KLBJ! And also Cultivate PR for increasing our fameishness!

Ps shoulda selfied. 10/07/2016

Would You Eat A Pizza-Flavored Lollipop?

Delish misspelled our name every time but they also called us "the Quentin Tarantino of lollipops" and while we don't know what that means we TOTALLY DIG IT. Some things might not need to be pizza-fied.



The best and most interesting lollipops in the world!

Hey, guys! Sorry about the confusing last few months of social media, we were abusing painkillers & somehow thought a bunch of poorly attributed quotes and stick figures would be interesting.

Won't happen again. Anyway we have a new website! It's up & it's GLORIOUS (for a candy website). ...and we somehow just got better.  


Lollyphile!'s cover photo




Our #mcm has a sweet tooth. And legs for days.


lollipops, yo. and candy. and soon to be other stuff, as well.



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