Austin Gentle Chiropractor

Austin Gentle Chiropractor

Dr. Stephen Summers, Austin's "Gentle Chiropractor", 35 years experience helping people of all ages with back pain.Kind,friendly,excellent skills,low fees.

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Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their business hours. 11/15/2021

Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their business hours.

Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their business hours.

Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their address. 11/15/2021

Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their address.

Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their address.

Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their website address. 11/15/2021

Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their website address.

Austin Gentle Chiropractor updated their website address.


Zinc inhibits #COVID19 activity, blocking its replication. Dr. Anthony Carrillo confirmed Hydroxychloroquine is a delivery vehicle of Zinc into the cells to block #COVID. 12/17/2019



Slice of Life 12/05/2019

Are your potato chips poisoning you? Frito-Lay products found inundated with glyphosate

Beware what corporation makes your food. According to agricultural researcher Charles Benbrook,Ph.D., 1.6 billion kilograms of Roundup have been spewed globally since 1971. (One kilogram is approximately 2.2 pounds.) With more than 90% of USA corn grown from genetically engineered seeds, there’s little doubt that, whoever’s crunching c...


We are getting settled in our New Location at 4107 Medical Parkway suite 100. It's a nice new clean and bright place with windows out to a serene, tree-covered courtyard. There is plenty of parking and my door is a short few paces from the parking lot. Warm smiles and beautiful people will greet you on the inside. You to can have Dr. Stephen Summers, Austin's Gentle Chiropractor, winner of Austin Fit's BEST CHIROPRACTOR IN AUSTIN award, as your personal body tune-up specialist! Call us today! 512-458-5880. Our fees are low and our care is great!


Celebration! We have a great new location just 2 blocks from our former office! 4107 Medical Parkway suite 100. Still right at the center of everything wonderful! Come in and get yourself healthy and well and tuned up! Call 512-458-5880. Our fees are low, affordable and our care is high!


We are moving to a new Location! Please call us at 512-458-5880


Many times people with lower back pain mistakenly think it's either solely muscle spasms or to the other extreme, they assume they have a ruptured disc. In many cases its something in between - something called "Facet Syndrome" which is a fancy name for a jammed or misaligned vertebra which is pinching a nerve root or causing nerve pressure within the FACET Joint. These are relatively tiny joints where one vertebra laps over another. These conditions can be quickly and easily corrected and pain greatly reduced with Chiropractic treatments. We use hands-on technique to shift the pressure off the nerves and correct the cause, rather than just cover up the symptom of pain with drugs. If you or anyone you know needs a low cost, highly skilled assessment of their body or spine condition, don't hesitate to call us at 512-458-5880. Dr. Summers has over 40 years of clinical experience and also...GREAT bedside manner - he's very kind and gentle and easy to talk to.




Dr. Joseph Mercola

The first reason why you shouldn't take statins -- they don't work! 04/23/2018

Big Pharma Suffers Another Major Blow As Study Debunks High Cholesterol Myths, Admitting Statins Are Totally Worthless Big Pharma Suffers Another Major Blow As Study Debunks High Cholesterol Myths, Admitting Statins Are Totally Worthless 04/23/2018

Ohio lawmakers, doctors suggest chiropractic care instead of opioids The Ohio Attorney General, lawmakers and chiropractors had a press conference Tuesday to talk about the alternative to pain medications.


Health Freedom Action


Austin Gentle Chiropractor

BIG NEWS ! Look! You can now book your appointment with Dr. Summers ONLINE via our new online appointment scheduler! just go here and click on the type of appointment you need: 04/15/2018

Oklahoma Woman Begs People Not to Take Cipro or Levaquin Ann Winslow suffered kidney failure, nerve damage and aneurysms after taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics Cipro and Levaquin. She warns others.


Family Chiropractic Center 3907 Medical Parkway Austin Tx

BIG NEWS ! Look! You can now book your appointment with Dr. Summers ONLINE via our new online appointment scheduler! just go here and click on the type of appointment you need: Schedule your appointment online with Family Chiropractic Center 3907 Medical Parkway Austin Tx 03/17/2018

Statin Scam Exposed. Cholesterol Drugs Cause Rapid Aging, Brain Damage, Diabetes

Buyer Beware. Statins are prescribed to patients who suffer from high levels of “bad” cholesterol,…


I Love Being a Mom

I approve of this message! turn on the sound!

Who knew dancing could be so beneficial for giving birth? 💃 💃 💃


Today is Christmas. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. I give deep thanks for all my friends and family and for the privilege of serving the Austin Community via my healing skills as a principled Chiropractor. Chiropractic was founded on the premise that the power to heal the body resides within each body and that power can be encouraged to flow via hands on techniques of touch and movement. All healing comes from the Innate wisdom, energy and intelligence within the body. Merry Christmas.


What's the best thing to do for constipation? If I tell must promise to actually TRY it, not just nod your head and say "hmmm'. Don't just scoff at the remedy as "too simple" or "not medical enough". What is the quickest and best and easiest remedy for constipation? Drink 32 ounces of WATER! Find a giant tea glass or a big jug and fill it with water and drink the WHOLE thing down. Even if you have to force it down. Even if you "don't feel thirsty". Just DO IT! and see what happens. When this works - you will be amazed at how well it works, and this will be your wake-up call as to how chronically dehydrated you are and how important it is for you to increase your DAILY water intake DRAMATICALLY. A gallon per day is NOT too much. 1/2 gallon minimum! everyday!!! 11/02/2017

Why Sleep Cycle Scientists Won The Nobel Prize

very important. please read and share. The Nobel Prize in Physiology has been awarded to three US biologists for their discovery of master genes that control your body's circadian rhythms.



Bad Oils = bad Liver/gallbladder. It was found that even 7 of the biggest olive oil makers in the USA, mix their items with cheap oils to get more profits. Namely, one of the products we regard as healthiest and a remedy for longevity has been corrupted. Apparently, even 70% of olive oil sold in the U.S. stores is fake, as they have... 10/29/2017

Farmed Salmon — one of the most toxic foods in the world

Word to the wise. Nicolas Daniel’s documentary “Fillet-Oh-Fish” takes a critical look at the fish industry, featuring exclusive footage from fish farms and factories across the globe. Many still have a rather romanticized view of fishing, but when it comes to large-scale food production, the picture is actually rathe...


DIY Health

Relieve Earache Pain In Minutes! (Homemade Remedy)


This is why its important to get regular Chiropractic adjustments to clear out any pressure or interference to the nervous system.




Easy-to-use, powerful, and called a "game-changer" by the world's elite athletes. 04/07/2017

How To Get A Deep Piriformis Stretch To Get Rid of Sciatica, Hip & Lower Back Pain Many people suffer from lower back pain that spreads downward to the limbs and feet. This can often be alleviated by doing a deep piriformis stretch – a stretch that releases tight piriformis muscles, and relaxes the sciatic nerve. Constriction of the piriformis muscle can irritate the sciatic nerve...



Great Idea!!

How To Grow Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps



From a friend:
A Personal Perspective on Pneumaplasm
I am inspired by Lloyd Meeker’s personal realization about pneumaplasm in his facebook article of February 9th, 2017.
When I attended the six month Emissary Class on Sunrise Ranch in 1962 with June and our three young children I found Uranda’s and Martin’s introduction of pneumaplasm to be the central or key factor introduced in the Class work. Pneumaplasm – the connection between spirit and form. It touched my understanding in a passionate way. Here was a recognition of a dominant spiritual substance that brought me deep joy and inspiration.
Earlier on I had changed my educational journey from Medicine to Chiropractic because of a philosophical concept within Chiropractic of an Innate Intelligence within every person that was the central influence in development, birth and a vibrant meaningful life. My concern later as a practicing chiropractor was to locate the interference to the expression of that intelligent flow and assist people through spinal adjustment and perhaps a suggested attitude change to release impediments to the free flow of “Innate”; IT knows how to direct and coordinate all human functions into an aligned integrated state needed to restore health. And to continue to live and function according to that vision.
In my own evolving consciousness over the years I functioned as a scientific chiropractor; later using only a light sensitive touch; then to what we called attunement or spiritual healing; eventually to what I termed Vibrational Healing in my personal practice after EDL. In any case I learned that it was the interaction of pneumaplasmic vibrational energy between the client and me that released the magic in them and living became a gift instead of a struggle. As well it radiated a gift for those around us, even reaching out to affect the consciousness of others in this potentially creative body of humankind.


Grow Food, Not Lawns

Sea salt vs. table salt...Choose wisely...


David Wolfe


Infórmate - informa

Truth about pharmaceutical drugs. They kill lots of people.

(Dr. Peter Gøtzsche)

En comentarios, RECOPILADOS en comentarios unos 3.000 documentos sobre la FARMAINDUSTRIA y sus criminales protocolos oficiales (iatrogenia)

How to get help with your body.

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