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Timeline photos 04/14/2023

Crunchy, dry, brittle, green hair post-dip? Not here! 🙅‍♀️ Malibu C’s Swimmers Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner fights damage and restores moisture. Leave a “💧” below if you want to try it!


"You know how I always dread the whole year? Well, this time I'm only going to dread one day at a time."
— Charlie Brown

I no longer make resolutions but I do like to set intentions. This year my intentions are all about giving myself the nurturing attention I’ve been craving. More rest, quality time with the people I love, consistent exercise I enjoy, nutritious food, quality skin care, and treating my hair with the same love I give to my clients hair. It’s not easy to prioritize our own health and wellbeing but this is the year! 🎊🎊🎊

I’d love to know what your intentions are for the 2023. Let me know in the comments! 💖


Why are regular haircuts important???

Split ends don’t stop at the bottom of the strand. Once the hair fiber splits it will continue to separate up the shaft in multiple sections. Each section can break leaving the ends frayed and fragile.

The best defense is regular treatments and trims. You should be scheduling a haircut every 6-8 weeks if you’re maintaining a style/length or every 8-12 weeks if your goal is to gain length. Add a moisturizing or protein treatment at least every other appointment.


Why your color is fading - pt 4

Swimming Pools!!! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️

Oy, this one… it’s almost impossible to completely protect your hair from pool water. My best tips are these:

-Wet your hair with filtered or distilled water before jumping in the pool.

-Use a leave in conditioner as added protection (or a regular conditioner with a very light rinse).

-Using a swimmers shampoo will help the texture after swimming but will also fade your color.

-Your best best, pull your hair up and keep it above water. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 👆🏻

Thanks for following along with my tips on how to protect and prolong your color!


Why your color is fading - pt 3

UV Damage! 🌞🌞🌞

Hair needs to be protected from the sun. Sun damage ages hair like it does skin and even a little sun exposure can fade your new hair color. It’s an easy fix though!

-Use UV protection before prolonged sun exposure. Lots of products have UV protection added so read your labels.

-For extended fun in the sun please use a dedicated UV protection spray. It’s like sunscreen but for hair!

-Wear a hat! I know, duh… But it really helps. 🎩👒🧢


Why your color is fading - pt 2

Hard Water! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

We’ve talked about this before. Minerals and heavy metals from the ground are pulled into the water and end up in your hair as you wash. Dirt, products, and sweat out/hair destroying minerals in.
Hair color will fade, look dull, and possibly change all together. What are your options? 😭

-Homeowners should install a water softener or reverse osmosis system on the house

-Renters or apartment dwellers can attach a filter cartridge or filtered shower head to the pipe that extends from the wall into the shower

-If a filter isn’t possible, grab some bottled DISTILLED water for hair washing (and for your face).

-Get a chelation treatment every 3-6 months to remove all the build up from your hair. 🛀


Why your color is fading - pt 1

Low-quality products! 🙀🙀🙀

I get it, you’ve just paid hundreds of dollars for color and now your stylist is advising you to spend more money on professional products. You do the math, you can find something cheaper on Amazon so you pass. But those products your salon sells are made to prolong your investment. They are not a gimmick, they’re an expertly designed tool! 🛠 🧪

-Pro products are formulated with higher concentrations of scientifically backed ingredients to keep your hair healthy and strong.

-Salons carry product lines designed to work synergistically with their color lines so you get the most life out of the color and prolong that glassy shine!

-Over moisturizing or over keratinizing (too much protein) is a common problem when using store bought products. Our hair requires different things at different times. And your stylist should be an expert at determining what you need and when.

Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on color only to ruin it with cheap hair care products so you can save 20 bucks??? 🤪


Don’t you just love the shine and brightness of freshly colored hair?😍

But why doesn’t it last??? 🤔

Fading between appointments is normal but if your color looks dull after a few washes there may be a few things working against you…

Follow along to learn my top 4 reasons your color is fading! 🙀


It’s a marathon not a sprint 🏃‍♀️

Healing from scalp issues, hair loss, or damage requires multiple visits and treatments. Avoiding chemicals, hormones, and other dangerous ingredients is a trade off for a quick but temporary fix. Most courses of treatment takes 3-6 months and involve weekly or bimonthly visits.

I’m in it for the long haul. I’m committed to helping you reclaim your confidence, and empower you with knowledge going forward.

Practice patience, trust the process, it’s all coming together. 💖 #


There is power in community ✨

Autoimmune disease takes so much energy to navigate everyday. Chronic pain, GI issues, skin rashes, and hair loss are just a small number of the ever-evolving grab bag of symptoms. It can be isolating and lonely. 💖

The best thing you can do for yourself is find people who understand, that you can share your truth and fears with. There are thousands of people experiencing autoimmune illnesses. There are tons online groups available for you to join. 👯

Sharing experiences with my clients who are struggling with autoimmune disease has been healing for me and I think for my clients as well. I know how difficult it is to get up and face it everyday. Please reach out for help. Find your community. You are not alone in this fight! 💪🏻


I’m often asked “How do you know hair is affected by autoimmune disease???”

Here are a few common markers that I look for

➡️ Fragility - the hair may be brittle or have evidence of breakage throughout the head

➡️ Texture - most of the clients I see with autoimmune disease report that the texture has changed dramatically. It usually feels rough when you run your fingers through it. It will lack shine and often look puffy on the ends.

➡️ Thinning - autoimmune hair loss is extremely common. It will be diffused rather than localized and can be extreme. Many clients have experienced the loss of 50-80% of their hair in less than 6 months.

It was through my own health journey that I developed a protocol to address autoimmune hair. Our goal is to slow the shed, encourage new growth, soften the texture and bring back shine.

It can take 6 - 12 months of regular treatments
but if you commit and trust the process you’ll leave with renewed confidence and a new head of hair.

Payment plans now available through Cherry, apply through link in bio.


Hair loss is an emotional issue 😢

There’s no easy way to talk about hair loss. There can be so much shame and embarrassment wrapped up in it. But it’s not your fault. You did nothing to deserve it. You’re still beautiful, desirable, and worthy of love. 💖

It’s important to be proactive, and the earlier the better. The longer empty follicles lack healthy blood flow, the less likely they are to produce new hair. 🪴

In your first appointment I will perform a scalp analysis to determine the cause and best course of treatment. Please don’t wait, let’s face it head on (😏) together.


Did you recently move to Austin and suddenly your hair is just not the same? 🤔

Central Texas has the hardest water in the US. Minerals and heavy metals build up in the hair until it’s unmanageable. Hair can develop a yellow, orange, red, or green tinge. It can feel extra brittle or even sticky. And trying to brush it when wet? Well….this picture says it all. 😬

Even if you have a water softener installed at home, you’ll need regular demineralizing treatments to remove the build up and keep your hair healthy and looking it’s best. I usually perform these treatments every 3-6 months depending on each clients water situation at home. 💖

The more you know…🌈


Do you ever feel stuck in a rut when it comes to your overall look? I know I do.

It seems like every 5 years or so I have to recalibrate my style. Aging is an interesting exercise in learning to adjust to a not always pleasant reality. But that doesn’t mean we lose the desire to be ourselves. Or to do fun things with our hair or makeup and play with fashion. 💖

Maybe the secret to aging gracefully is balancing what we like and what’s possible with our changing hair, skin, and bodies. 🤔

Or maybe the secret is “f**k it, I’ll do what I want”? 🤷🏻‍♀️


You know that popping sound you hear when you brush your hair? That’s the sound of hair being snapped off at these weak spots. Regular hair cuts, high quality products, and professional treatments are a must to avoid damage and breakage.

Meet Sarah Bandy - Voyage Austin 08/16/2022

I was so honored to be interviewed by Voyage Austin Magazine. Thank you for shining a spotlight on local small businesses like mine!


Meet Sarah Bandy - Voyage Austin Today we’d like to introduce you to Sarah Bandy. Hi Sarah, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today. Hi! Well, I’m a holistic hairstylist. I specialize in women’s hair loss, scalp conditions, and hair affected by autoimmune disor...


Did you know Autoimmune Hair is a thing?🤔

People with chronic illnesses will see the effects on their hair but autoimmune diseases create a variety of issues. Hair can feel brittle, dry, limp, fragile, sloooow to grow. Before I got my health under control my hair felt somewhat like “sandpapery spiderwebs”🤦🏻‍♀️

Autoimmune hair needs extra care. Intensive treatments, regular trims (terrifying I know), and to be pampered. Using the right products is a must.

If you suffer from autoimmune disease you need to eliminate chemical fragrances and endocrine disrupters from everything, ASAP. Everyone should really but for us it’s non-negotiable if we want to be in optimal health. 😊

It can be overwhelming to make big changes but I’m here to help. If you’re not local, search for a holistic stylist or Oway salon near you. You’re not alone on this journey. 💖


Have you experienced a major hair loss event? You know how distressing it is 😟

Have you been losing hair consistently for a long time? You know how worrisome and frustrating it is 😞

Hair loss sucks. Straight up 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Finding the right products and nutritional support for your body is extremely important. But prioritizing your mental and emotional health is everything. ✨Hair loss is E.MOT.ION.AL as hell. You need support and reminders that your worth is not determined by the hair you do or don’t have. 🧑🏼‍🦰

One of the hardest but most healing exercises I’ve learned is to stand in front of a mirror, look at myself in the eyes, and say all the things I’ve longed to hear from other people. 💆🏻‍♀️

“You’re beautiful”
“You’re worthy of love and compassion”
“I love you”
“I’m proud of you”

What do you need to hear? What can you give yourself right now to start healing those painful beliefs and feelings? 🌈

I encourage you to step through the discomfort and give yourself a big dose of the love you deserve 💖💖💖


I take my wishes veeery seriously…😂


When you spend so much time making sure the bride and bridesmaids eat you forget to feed yourself until 3 minutes before the ceremony…🤦🏻‍♀️ .O.B.


Throw back pic to when the shelves were fully stocked and new products were just a click away 😆

This supply chain shortage is especially hard on small businesses like mine. Prices are going up as products are less available. In order to keep costs down I’ve trimmed the list of products I will stock in the salon. But not to worry! You still have access to the online store through my link and I’m confident the warehouses will be restocked soon. 🤞🏻

I want to thank you for your patience and continued support during this tumultuous time. If you need refills or you’re new to Oway and want to check it out, visit the Our Products page at


Change can be scary. It can be painful. Often we hold on to that which no longer serves us out of fear of that pain.

But what if that change gives you something you didn’t know you needed?

What if you let go of the old stories and beliefs leaving a big welcoming space for good things to flow?

What if you walk through that fire and come out the other side a stronger more authentic version of you?

I believe hair holds memory. That it’s infused with the energy of the experiences and emotions we feel as our bodies generate the cells to create that hair. Have you ever gone through something painful like a death or break up and wanted to cut off your hair in the aftermath? I certainly have.

If it no longer serves you, it’s ok to let it go…💖


Let’s talk Covid hair loss 🥺

Many people who’ve contracted Covid and became severely ill are seeing extreme hair loss about 3-5 months after the infection. Illness puts stress on the body and stress is a major factor in hair loss. 😷

It’s traumatic to lose so much hair so quickly. It feels like it won’t stop until there’s nothing left and it’s hard to believe it will get better. But it WILL come back. It’s a temporary situation. Once all the affected hair has shed you should return to your normal growth/shed cycle. 👩🏻

Regaining length and fullness will take time but there are steps we can take together to speed up the process. If you’re struggling with post-Covid hair loss, I can help. Book the Analyze It scalp analysis. Or, If you’re outside of Austin, book the Virtual Hair Loss Consult. I’m here for you 💖


I love reds in the Fall & Winter! 💖

Red and Copper need special care. Especially in the dry winter months. 🥶

Up your moisturizing products and ALWAYS use sulfate-free color care shampoo & conditioner 🙌🏻


Effective immediately


Am I the only one who gets anxious about projects like this? 😬

I was so excited when my sign finally arrived! Like, “Yes! I'm getting it up tomorrow!” and then I unpacked it and got stressed. So I packed it back up and decided to “try again tomorrow”. This played out four days in a row before I was frustrated enough with myself to just do it 🙄

So the next time you’re in the salon and see my big beautiful sign, just know, it's a big freakin’ deal...😂


I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with something to post and feeling frustrated. Because the truth is, I am bad at social media 🙄

That’s the truth. I don’t post enough, I don’t show enough of my work, I don’t even remember to take pictures as often as I should 🤦🏻‍♀️

I made a commitment this year that I would work on it. That this was THE YEAR that I would make my social media game strong 💪🏼 And, well…

I am working on it though. I look back at my business pages over the last two years and I see improvement. It’s a process, right? 😐

What’s something you struggle with that you’d like to improve?


Let's talk about “Wellness” 🤔

I think the word is tossed around too much. Its become commodified. Companies throw it out there to promote all kinds of things but do they really care about our wellbeing? 🤷🏻‍♀️

To my mind, Wellness isn't a product. It's being deeply in tune with ourselves, consciously bring balance to our inner and outer lives. Like spending quality time with people we love and equally prioritizing solo time to recharge. Taking care of our bodies through exercise and nutrition but also giving ourselves permission to take a day off and live a little. Letting yourself experience pain and tears and also lean into joy and silliness. 🤗

What does Wellness mean to you? What needs to shift in your life to allow your inner and outer worlds to be in alignment? 💖

Drop me a comment below...


Dad appreciation post! 🕺

I just want to shine a spotlight on this guy right here. Without him, the new shop would not be as put together as it. Fact, I would still be working out of boxes without his help!🥳

This is him figuring out how to repair a piece of furniture that arrived severely damaged. I desperately needed it and had no time to find a replacement before opening day. It was just one of several mini-disasters he salvaged during the move-in. 😩

He's a holistic doc, so there’s the whole apple/tree thing. He's taught me everything I know about carpentry, which is admittedly very little because it goes in one ear and out the other. But that just means I call on him when nonsense like this happens.🤷🏻‍♀️

Fortunately, he doesn't seem to mind. Thanks for always showing up dad! Love you bunches! 💖

Wisp Organic Salon is now open in the Salon Lofts at the Bowie 🙌🏼


The shelves in the new space are fully stocked and my bangs are really working today!

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Sarah Bandy - Owner & Holistic Stylist

I’m an Austin native, human mom and dog mom, swing dancer, and nature lover. I began my career 16 years ago training under a master stylist in Portland, OR. I then spent three years working in film and television as a colorist before moving on to fashion shows and editorial work. I became a salon owner in 2013 and discovered my passion for helping my clients tap into the best version of themselves.

As a fine-haired lady myself I have honed my expertise in the care and styling of fine hair as well as thinning hair caused by age, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or genetics.

Due to my own chemical sensitivities, I strive to keep chemical content and artificial fragrances to a minimum. I offer ammonia and PPD free color, keratin treatments that are free of formaldehyde and carcinogens that require no wait time for washing or styling, and organic hair care and styling products fragranced with natural essential oils. It’s my goal to protect your health as much as mine while creating a luxurious experience and producing consistently outstanding results.

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You know that popping sound you hear when you brush your hair? That’s the sound of hair being snapped off at these weak ...
Birthday under the full moon with all my besties
Am I the only one who gets anxious about projects like this? 😬I was so excited when my sign finally arrived! Like, “Yes!...



311 Bowie Street # 100
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 11am - 6pm
Wednesday 11am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 4pm
Friday 1pm - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

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