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Movement-centered Physical Therapy for your best swim, bike, and run! At LatitudePT you can expect a one-on-one treatment that is catered to YOUR needs.

Specializing in conditions of the spine, dry needling, and more!


Mindfulness: "A simple but very potent remedy for a lot of psychological problems. Mindfulness increases happiness, decreases depression, diminishes anxiety, and helps people deal with chronic disease and PAIN ...and importantly... it leads to better s*x..." - Dr. Mintz

Join our book club for more mindfulness, spirituality, science, optimal breathing, and more. Link in bio.


Mobility ✔️

Don't miss out! Upper thoracic mobility: all the cool kids are doing it! Sooooo important for all of us!

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"Be a dynamic human being," --even in the mundane--

One of our mantras over here!

📍LatitudePT, East 6th & Comal


Got running injury questions? We've got answers! This Tuesday we're coming to you after the workout (visit their page for details). Ask Doctor of Physical Therapy, Chris Gumbs, about your problem, and find out what you can do to improve it! See you there! 💪

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Shout out to local legend, fellow natural footwear enthusiast, LatitudePT patient, and owner of the , Eric Anderson, for his unrelenting efforts which have brought him all the way to the 2022 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii! 🤯 Thanks for the opportunity to be just a small part of your long journey to the start line -- furthermore, just honored to know this guy! He's a light everywhere he goes. Tear it up Eric! 🔥🔥🔥

Latitude Physiotherapy updated their phone number. 07/07/2022

Latitude Physiotherapy updated their phone number.

Latitude Physiotherapy updated their phone number.

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You've heard your friends raving about it, but what is it really?

Now's your chance to find out for yourself. It certainly isn't magic, it definitely isn't a substitute for a comprehensive rehab plan, but Dry Needling is still one of the BEST treatments for reducing muscle tension.

Go to to learn more, and call us to find out if it could be a good option for you! (512) 937-2792.

$21 off your first 30-minute Dry Needling session. Look 👉 for the code.


Let's go! What are you waiting for?! No fancy gimmicks here. Just work! 💪 Come in this spring for a spot on bike fit, gait analysis, or dry needling session!


Truly blessed to work with some amazing Austin runners like . I've been running since middle school, and I know personally how hard it can be on the body. I know how difficult it can be to find the right care. We're here to help! Schedule a Consultation today, and let's make a plan to get you back on track!


is here! LatitudePT can help you not only recognize where you're breaking down on the , but also why. Combining a clinical exam of , , and control with your leads our decision making process when optimizing your on the bike. Whether you race , you love tearing up the trails, or you just love spinning around town for everyday errands and , you deserve to feel your best on whatever kind of bike you ride. Hello ! Let's goooooooo!
Book it today! Link in bio.


I was thinking about a post to talk about how awesome the start to the year has been, and then I got my first flat tire during a bicycle commute since forever ago--gotta just laugh sometimes! 😅 I was prepared to fix it, and I couldn't have broken down in a better spot. I was in front of a well lit restaurant playing music, and I was patched up and going again in a few short minutes.

I'm grateful for experiences that primarily bicycle commuting for the last 3 months has afforded me. ~18 miles round trip. I'm happier and healthier and I'm sticking to it. I'm grateful I stuck to my conviction to 🏃‍♂️ as well. Now or never. Excited to join up with the to see what I can really do. It's amazing to feel the progress I've made on my limitations through the power of Physical Therapy. Every hard effort pushes the limit a little further. It's crazy, but I'll turn 36 this year, and I still think I can beat my times from when I was 21 🙃 In fact I'm going to crush them 💪

On the business end, I'm super grateful to be working with some amazing patients right now, including some of Austin's fastest . 🙌 We enjoyed a couple of our most successful months in the last quarter of 2021 at LatitudePT as well. 100% thanks to the amazing people who have experienced what we do and have shared with a friend. Your best swim, bike, or run-- getting back to whatever it is you love to do the most--IS our product and our #1 priority.

Resolutions?! DO NOT DELAY! I always find it interesting we tend to wait until some fantasy date, Iike new years, where we tell ourselves that we'll finally commit to . No more. As much as we can, let's live in the moment, and live life to the fullest! See you out there!


...In the right capacity. When is it a good idea to squeeze the toes together? There are maybe a couple of situations, but you wouldn't want to live that way! Like I talk about in many posts, a cramped toe box destabilizes the foot, and reduces your proprioception (spacial awareness). THUS, shoes with a flat sole with enough space in the forefoot, are always a good bet for optimal the capacity that is right for you! Don't expect to be running marathons in thin minimalist shoes tomorrow. Start with a few good foot & ankle exercises and walking an appropriate amount in the right minimalist shoes for you. There are almost 100 barefoot shoe brands to browse on our website. Follow our page and download our e-book to learn more, and
Texans: feel free to reach out about one-on-one foot help! Plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsalgia, Achilles pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and more, we got you! ♥ 👣

I am SUPER excited to receive my new , the only designed footwear brand (I'm aware of). Naturally I'm fan! CAN. NOT. WAIT! Read about why PTs and Ahinsa love barefoot shoes:

"Have you ever noticed how your shoes have a completely different shape than your feet? Ordinary shoes restrict and cramp your feet, so you can’t wait to take them off at the end of the day.

Try wearing barefoot shoes, which give your toes and the natural space and flexibility they need. In Ahinsa shoes, every step you take becomes a gentle massage for your feet — and your brain. Did you know that walking barefoot stimulates brain centers?

And that’s not all. Wearing barefoot shoes also:

Activates your entire kinetic chain Engages your core stabilization systemSupports the function of your internal organs

Wear shoes that respect the natural shape and elasticity of your feet.

Never worn barefoot shoes before? Give our Comfort Line a try first. These shoes come with a foam insole to soften each step. Once you’re ready to transition to barefoot, simply remove them."

12/08/2021 is indeed a strange pursuit to the average the more informed, intrigue undoubtedly sets in...but don't those shoes look ridiculous? Well, I think you're shoes look ridiculous! But that's not what this post is about. This post is about highlighting all the wonderful small companies out there that truly care about . I can't say the same about most big shoe companies. But won't I get injured? Not if you respect your body's ability to . Maybe barefoot shoes just aren't for me? I'd argue they're great for most people. Begin by mobilizing your feet, get thin minimalist shoes for casual activities, and change your athletic shoes last, at least a month after the first two steps. Even then, only make miniscule changes at a time allowing several months for each small change. Integrate the new shoe slowly, doing only a handful of 1min:1min walk/run intervals at first, then finishing your running for the day in your old shoes. Add a walk/run interval each run and increase the "run" portion of the ratio gradually.
But where do I find barefoot shoes that are right for me? Ones that aren't too much of a change from what I'm adapted to? That is a huge problem, and that's why I've been working on compiling barefoot running shoes on my website with a variety of thicknesses, so that that you can find something that's right for YOU! I'd also recommend reading our e-book and the subheadings of each section for more tips.
🖱 >> Thrive >> Every Step Counts
Barefoot shoes for EVERY occasion coming to our website soon!

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Bikes make you strong, I can't say the same about cars... for full force 🦶 😁 👊


You'll have good days and you'll have bad days, but amazing things can happen, you just have to make sure you get out there and that was my take away, thanks for the inspiration We'll have to crush some trails next time you're in town! Thanks for the awesome 📸


For a limited time only get 20% off individual sessions and up 70% foot friendly physical therapist approved shoes! Link in bio.

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Yet another reason may be my favorite brand. is on the nightly news pretty much every day now for a good reason... Make mindful purchases this , or none at all!

Reposted from Black Friday? We’re not buying in. Here’s why.

Every year, the shoe industry creates billions of shoes – these all contribute to global pollution – both in manufacture, and disposal.

Uncomfortable truths about over-comfortable shoe habits could get us down. But taking on bad habits is what we do.

Last year we sold 19,000 pairs of renewed Vivos through – and this is just the start. So we’re excited for the future and the opportunity to challenge the demands of Black Friday.

And it’s not just our customers who are feeling the preloved love. The global resale market is predicted to be worth $64billion by 2024 – that’s a whole lot of things that are being kept in use. We celebrate all of it.


Do you feel like your just doesn't understand you? Its no secret, many have had a less than stellar experience navigating their injuries in the . I don't blame them for avoiding doctors like the plague. But maybe you've just been seeing the wrong doctors. Which leads me to an important running principle... never accept a final recommendation from a doctor who isn't a runner themselves.
For my patients, first thing's first. We need to learn a thing or two about modern pain science. WHAT?! Your doctor hasn't educated you on the fundamentals of pain science?! If they haven't, then you may be missing a huge piece of the puzzle.
To start learning right now, visit our website, subscribe, and you'll receive two invaluable resources to point you in the right direction today! Link in bio.

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I love 😆 Well, when you're having is what they say! I can't remember if this rounds out 4 or 5 weeks of while only missing a couple of days altogether 🙌 I do it for many reasons... namely 🧘‍♀️ Consideration for the environment is an additional bonus. And it's pretty cool to check in with my super high tech and bright bike lights from for all the cool information they gather.
Apparently I've burnt off the equivalent of over 1,000 bananas since it started recording a couple weeks ago 🐵🙈🙊🍌🍌🍌 It also equates to over 100,000 calories, 60 liters of gasoline, and 120 kg of CO2 saved... 🤯🤯🤯 well to the chagrin of suburban drivers out there, I actually feel like I'm making a difference! It's REALLY important that the out there in our governments get their act together, but each of us can have a significant impact in our own right. Who's with me?! What are some of your favorite ways to show some well deserved lovin?!

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Like my ?
Chances are, you're capable of far more than you think. Your are likely more capable than you think. But experience and knowledge bolster confidence 💪 Traversed 19 miles of some of the most rugged texas terrain yesterday, and my feet couldn't have been happier. Ready to do it all over again 🙃
That's exactly what I love about physical therapy. When you're hurt or inexperienced, things are scary. If you're struggling with what you're physically able to accomplish, give yourself some . You are where you are, and that's ok, its YOUR journey. And to get to the next level, maybe it's simply a matter of learning some new things, not an impossibility.


We help anyone who wants to run, lift, or move freely to heal their injuries or improve their performance without the use of medications, injections, or surgery. Should you absolutely require these services, they're available in our office at METSICare.

We help anyone who's pain feels too heavy to carry alone. When you free the body, the mind is free to create.

In partnership with METSICare, we provide affordable complete wellness solutions with the aim of fostering creative growth within our communities.

Stay healthy. Get creative.

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Mindfulness: "A simple but very potent remedy for a lot of psychological problems. Mindfulness increases happiness, decr...
Mobility ✔️ Don't miss out! Upper thoracic mobility: all the cool kids are doing it! Sooooo important for all of us!#acu...
Let's go! What are you waiting for?! No fancy gimmicks here. Just work! 💪 Come in this spring for a spot on bike fit, ga...
I was thinking about a post to talk about how awesome the start to the year has been, and then I got my first flat tire ...
...In the right capacity. When is it a good idea to squeeze the toes together? There are maybe a couple of situations, b...



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