Touch of Grace Massage - Rhae Grace LMT

Touch of Grace Massage - Rhae Grace LMT

Rhae Grace LMT#121731- Providing massage therapy centered on relaxation, wellness and pain management - specializing in chronic pain issues.

With offices both in Austin at 1209 Parkway and my home office at 115 N Lockhart St. in Paige. For two decades I have utilized massage therapy for my own wellness, stemming from a childhood whiplash injury with ensuing chronic pain and misuse. In my own quest for a pain-reduced life, I turned to furthering my knowledge of the body and completed my training in Massage Therapy in the hopes of also h

Operating as usual

The Time Is At Hand 06/19/2021

The Time Is At Hand


The Time Is At Hand Since there are a variety of wellness practitioners in my Austin suite of offices who see a wide range of patients and clients with various health issues, and there are those of us who have high-risk and/or immunocompromised household members, there will still be Covid-19 safety protocols in place i... 09/15/2020

Update on Closure/Reopening

Update on Closure/Reopening - 05/19/2020

Update on Temporary Closure

Update on Temporary Closure - 03/19/2020

Update - Temporary Closure

Update - Temporary Closure - 03/16/2020

Your Safety And Wellness

A friendly update about current appointments and safety protocols.

[07/14/19]   Howdy everyone in the midst of this hot hot summer!

A bit of a change coming up: Starting August 7th, my office hours in Austin will be Sundays 11-8 and Wednesdays 2-9.

No more Thursday evenings, but expanded availability on Wednesdays!

My officemates and I renegotiated our officeshare hours and I'm excited to have Wednesdays and hope that you are too!

Hope to see many of you soon!

[05/29/19]   Howdy everyone! Just in time for hot summer afternoons, when all there is to do is be inside, I will have extended Austin office hours on Thursdays, from 1:30-8:30 during June and July.
And easy online scheduling at

Come on in!

[07/07/18]   Greetings folks! My Austin office location will be moving! Beginning in August, I will be located within The Creekside Whole Health Center at 1209 Parkway, which is just off N. Lamar one block north of W. 12th St. It is a great space and I will hope to see many of you there soon!
My new office hours there will be Sundays 11-8 and Thursdays 430-830.
As always you can easily schedule online or text me for availability.

[12/05/17]   Hey all! I will be out of town and therefore out of the office Sunday the 17th and Tuesday the 19th. But I WILL be in the office this Sun & Tues as well as Sunday the 24th and Tuesday the 26th, regular hours 11-8. So come in for your own holiday gift to yourself or send in those visiting relatives. And remember I do have Gift Certificates! Put them on your wish list!

[06/13/17]   Exciting news, folks! I just purchased a sweet old 1920s home in "downtown" Paige, TX and am busy remodeling the garage into what will be a serene home massage office! I'll be posting more info soon but hope to be able to start seeing clients there within the next month! If you have friends, family, or cohorts out Bastrop/Giddings/Smithville/Elgin way please pass the word along and help spread the news!

I will also still be seeing clients in Austin on Sundays and Tuesdays 11-8 at my office on Dickson Drive.

Multi-county massage!

[03/19/17]   Hello folks of Austin! Who's going to need a post-SXSW massage? (Everybody!) I have appointments available both Monday and Tuesday, to help reconnect you back to reality, relax, recover and rejuvenate your cells. Easy online scheduling so you can choose the best time for you! 03/12/2017

Wellness plans! Office hours changes, and Fascinating Fascia!

It's a new newsletter, full of news! Wellness plans, office hours changes, and...Fascinating Fascia!

[12/20/16]   Still scrambling to finish up that holiday shopping?
Why not give the best gift ever: a Gift Certificate for massage!
It's a gift that says you truly care, and can help steer your dear ones onto a path of wellness and self-care.
Plus, for every $70 (60 minutes) that you gift, YOU receive a FREE 30 minute add-on to your next 60 minute massage!
It's a gift for everyone on your list, including you!
It's also a great way to support a small local business and to help me continue to grow my clientele. So, it's your gift to me too!
See how we all win here?
Gift Certificates are easily purchasable via my website:

And I will be open next Sun-Tues 11-8 for those needing holiday stress relief. Or needing to get away from your family. Better yet, send your family to me, I'll make them more tolerable! 12/14/2016

Gift Certificates!

Gift Certificates! The best gift! 11/01/2016

Autumn!  News!

It's the Autumn Newsletter. Bountiful Gratitude and a Quad muscle! Plus, Year-End Review! 09/06/2016

HAAM not Spam!

The newest newsletter! HAAMing it up! Plus, the subscapularis and more! Subscribe now for all the fun.

[09/01/16]   Hello Folks! May we take a few moments to learn about my massage work?
While massage has definite relaxation benefits and the mental/emotional boosts are many and my work is known to help clients reach a deep state of relaxation, I would also like to talk a bit about the specific pain management work I do. Incorporating a modality called Trigger Point Therapy and what is most commonly referred to as Clinical Massage, I work with the client through a thorough assessment and intake to learn what pain issues they are having, and try to determine the root cause of that pain. Often it is an injury or accident, sometimes decades old, and ofttimes in an entirely different area of the body, that is the actual precursor of the current pain. These types of referred pain culminate from years of compensating for the previous injury, and can throw the whole musculoskeletal system out of whack. Other times the pain is emanating from repetitive use, overuse, misuse, or poor posture (we're all staring down at our phones!) and I don my detective hat to determine what activities may be the culprit and then work not only on the specific muscles that are holding the tension and restricting full movement but also discuss changes to the ergonomics of their work or habits along with instructions on self-massage and helpful stretches. I consider myself a part of a team with the client, with us both working to understand the issues at hand and then working together to achieve a reduced-pain or hopefully pain-free result! While this can be deep and painful work, I also strongly believe in utilizing relaxing massage techniques as well so the body can be in a more receptive place for structural reformation. The outcome is usually profound and immediate changes in range of motion and pain reduction are common, though if the issue is chronic and of long-term origin working together for a series of sessions and follow-up maintenance is often required. I offer discounted wellness plans for just that reason! So while I can most definitely offer a relaxing and nurturing massage experience for any client, I thrive on working with folks to help resolve pain and move towards a renewed vitality and I most love working with musicians to help alleviate a plethora of repetitive motion issues and to keep these folks playing and working for the betterment of us all.
I am also still extending the first-time visit discount to my new office, so please schedule an appointment soon and see for yourself what my work is really all about!
60 min - $45 (reg $70)
90 min - $70 (reg $95)
Office hours Sun-Tues 11-8
Super handy online booking is available: 07/24/2016

Meet My New Office! 

It's the Summer Newsletter! Meet my new office, and grab a discount!

[07/18/16]   Yesterday was the first day of seeing clients in my new office space. It was so wonderful! I really do love the office and our suite and the contentedness of growing my practice and doing this work and helping others is a profound and humbling thing. I know it will be a slow unfolding of how this will move forward and all good things take time, but I hope that many of you will come to see me soon and let me share my work with you, and that you will refer others to me as often as you see fit!

And I do have that sweet referral deal where if you send 3 folks my way who book at least a 60 min massage, you will get a FREE 60 minute massage for yourself! Don't worry, I'm keeping track for you!

Plus, it's too dang hot to be outside, so book yourself a massage!
We have great A/C!
Appointments available today after noon! 04/21/2016

April showers bring... a new newsletter! 

Spring!...and other things! The Levator, new office location and more!
Sign up for the somewhat monthly newsletter if you haven't already. Please. And thank you. 01/20/2016

It's a New Year! 

Another newsletter, more stuff to learn! 12/21/2015

Gift Certificates, the Piriformis, and MORE! 

December news, The Pesky Piriformis, and don't forget those Gift Certificates!

[12/09/15]   Oh yes, it's that time of year when we buy gifts for one another! Looking for that perfect gift that is useful and thoughtful and says, "Hey, I really care about you and how you are and want to get you something that can be of benefit to you!"? Well, how about a gift certificate for a massage?
Here's the deal: for purchasing a $60 one hour gift certificate you the purchaser ALSO get a free 30 minutes added onto your next 60 minute massage! AND, in keeping with my usual intro rate, if you purchase a gift certificate for someone that is a new client, they get a 90 minute massage for the price of a 60!
Someone on your list gets a massage, knowing you thought of them and their health and well-being, YOU get a bonus on your next massage to take care of yourself, and everyone gets to give me support in my small business!
See how this gifting thing can work for all of us? Yay gifting! 11/25/2015

First Newsletter! 

This months' newsletter just went out! Get in on the fun and information by signing up for the next one! 11/24/2015

Client Newsletter

Hey y'all! I'm working on putting together a fun and informative (and SHORT!) monthly e-newsletter for my massage practice. Each month I will highlight a different muscle, its uses and common problems and strategies for self-care, as well as current specials and discounts, along with other fun tips. Want in on this? Then click and sign up! Try it out for a month or two at least and then you can opt out if it's not for you. It'll be good times, I promise. Client Newsletter Email Forms 08/05/2015

Touch of Grace Massage

My new home office is ready! For now, I am accepting clients by referral only (friends, friends and colleagues of friends, etc.). First time clients who book a 60 minute massage will receive an additional 30 minutes for FREE! Returning clients, for every 3 referrals who come in for a 60 minute massage, YOU receive a 60 minute massage for FREE! Everyone gets a great deal!
Gift certificates are also available, and don't forget that I will work with you to establish a wellness plan customized to fit your budget so we can work through chronic pain issues or get you back on track with relaxation and renewed focus. Check out the website for rates and other info and I hope to see many of you soon! Rhae Grace LMT#121731 06/01/2015

Touch of Grace Massage

Hey everyone! I'm currently accepting appointments by referral only at my home office. First time clients who book a 60 minute massage will receive an additional 30 minutes for FREE! Returning clients, for every 3 referrals who come in for a 60 minute massage, YOU receive a 60 minute massage for FREE! Gift certificates are also available.
Check out my website for rates and other info and I hope to get to share my work with many of you soon! Rhae Grace LMT#121731

Our Story

With offices both in Austin at 1209 Parkway in the Creekside Whole Health Center and my home office at 115 N Lockhart St. in Paige.

For two decades I have utilized massage therapy for my own wellness, stemming from a childhood whiplash injury with ensuing chronic pain and misuse. In my own quest for a pain-reduced life, I turned to furthering my knowledge of the body and completed my training in Massage Therapy in the hopes of also helping others restore wellness and vitality to their lives.

I began my practice with a focus on musician-specific pain issues yet much of the methodology can be utilized for those in other professions, from those at desk jobs to construction, to regular ol' daily life where we over use our muscles in repetitive ways or in recovering from acute injuries or the byproducts of long-ago injuries that our bodies have long been compensating for. Currently I have many clients pairing massage with physical therapy as they heal from joint replacement surgeries or injury issues that we all incur as we mature through life.

My work incorporates elements of Swedish relaxation massage, gentle stretching, clinical massage, trigger point therapy, instruction of self-massage and education, and development of a wellness plan customized to fit your budget.

Austin Rates:
1 hour - $70
1.5 hour - $95

Paige rates:
1 hour $60
1.5 hour $85

I also offer pre-paid discounted wellness plans of 5 or 10 sessions to ensure that you stay on a regular maintenance schedule and so that we can continue our work on any chronic problems.




1209 Parkway
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Wednesday 11am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 8pm
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