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Joseph has seen me since I was a kid. He has helped me tremendously with Austin allergies and so much more. He is incredibly knowledgeable with standard process products and genuinely cares about your health . If you are interested in a different approach to your health Joseph can help you get there!
Sometimes a girls gotta fix her pony before pulling 225 straight up off the floor. Thanks to my nutrition program and my protein/essential amino acid intake I recover super quick and I’m not sore.

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Dr. B with her practitioner, friends, and colleagues at the Fall UNS Symposium. So fun to learn and grow with these people. Better Body Clinical Nutrition Divine Design Natural Health Ulan Nutritional Systems
Woke up early to drive to Austin to have my nutrition program checked. Chels always makes the trip with me. Better Body Clinical Nutrition

Getting healthy ✅
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At Better Body Clinical Nutrition we focus on you and work to improve overall health and wellness. At Better Body Clinical Nutrition we focus on improving overall health.


Another Post from Jocelyne Gross NTP A.C.N.

Adrenal Fatigue a 21st century stress syndrome
Book by James L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D.
Photo by Adrian Swancer on Unspalsh

Adrenal fatigue (technically called “hypoadrenia” and “hypoadrenalism”) has been one of our most prevalent yet rarely diagnosed conditions for the last fifty years. Despite being described in medical texts in the 1800s, and despite the development of the first really effective treatment in the 1930s, most “conventional” physicians are unaware that the problem exists!

What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?
Adrenal fatigue, in all its mild and severe forms, is usually caused by some form of stress. Stress can be physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, infectious, or a combination of these. It is important to know that your adrenals respond to every kind of stress the same, whatever the source.

Life’s stresses at their worst come in the form of such cataclysmic events as the death of a loved one, an automobile accident or a serious illness. But stress can also take its toll in less obvious ways, like an abscessed tooth, a bout of flu, intense physical exertion, a severe quarrel with a loved one, pressure at the workplace, an unhappy relationship, environmental toxins, poor diet, etc. If these smaller stresses occur simultaneously, accumulate or become chronic, and the adrenals have no opportunity to fully recover, adrenal fatigue is usually the result.

Signs and Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue.
• Difficulty getting up in the morning (three alarms and you still don’t feel awake enough to lift your head off the pillow)
• Continuing fatigue not relieved by sleep (even despite a good night’s sleep, you still feel tired when you wake up)
• Craving for salt or salty foods (you find yourself eating the whole bag of chips or adding salt to already salted foods)
• Lack of energy (everything seems like a chore, even the things you used to enjoy)
• Increased effort to do everyday task (Everything seems to require ten times as much effort as it should)
• Decreased s*x drive (s*x is the last thing on your mind when you hardly have the energy to keep your head up)
• Decreased ability to handle stress (Little things that never used to both you get to you)
• Light-headed when standing up quickly (sometimes you feel like you are going to pass out when you get up from the bed or a chair)
• Mild depression (why bother making an effort, it all seems so pointless)
• Less enjoyment or happiness with life (not much seem to interest you anymore)
• Increased PMS (bloated, tired, crabby, cramping and craving chocolate)

No single one of these symptoms gives a definitive diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, but taken collectively as a syndrome, they strongly suggest its presence.

In closing, fortunately we, at Better Body Clinical Nutrition, always check the state of your adrenals with our exams and we have a very effective products to restore them to health. Also, it is our experience that, although adrenals are often in need of support, they are not always the priority, so if you are experiencing any of the signs listed above, make sure to come for a visit and we will uncover the reason.


Another Post from Jocelyne Gross NTP A.C.N.

Chocolate Cake Brownies

½ cup palm shortening plus more for greasing the pan
3 oz unsweetened 100% cacao chocolate
5 large eggs
¾ cup honey
¼ cup cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
¾ tsp baking soda
Pinch of sea salt
¼ cup chopped 100% chocolate pieces (chopped in food processor) or chocolate chips if you can find it.
1/3 cup coconut flour

Preheat oven to 325-degree F.

Lightly grease a 9 X 13 inch baking pan with palm shortening or line with parchment paper.

Place the shortening and chocolate in a small bowl over a pot of simmering water and whisk until melted smooth. Be careful not to boil. Set aside.

Place the eggs and honey in the bowl of a stand mixer and beat on medium (or use a hand help mixer).

Add the coconut flour, cocoa power, vanilla, baking soda and sea salt. Beat on low until incorporated, then on high until smooth.

Add the melted chocolate mixture and beat on medium speed until batter thickens, about 15 seconds. Stir in the chocolate pieces by hand.

Pour the batter evenly into the prepared pan, smoothing the top with the back of a spoon.

Bake for 30-35 minutes until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Cool in pan until completely cool. If you put parchment paper at the bottom of the pan, flip the pan upside down to release the whole cake.

Cut the squares and keep in the refrigerator in an airtight container for 4 to 5 days.

Enjoy with homemade whipped cream and chopped walnuts sprinkled on top. Or sprinkle with chopped strawberries.


Another Post from Jocelyne Gross NTP A.C.N.

* Photo by Fillipp Romanoski on Unsplash

Sometimes called the biggest misunderstood in nutrition, Salt is said to be responsible for:

• High blood pressure
• Edema (swelling)
• Bad for your heart

All true if we are talking about today’s highly refined and purified (stripped of its natural minerals) table salt. But this is not the traditional view.

The word “salt” comes from an old Celtic word meaning Sacred or Healing. In some cultures, it has a value higher than gold. It was even used as currency. The word “salary” comes from a Latin word meaning “payment in salt”. Nicknamed White Gold, it was transported in salt trains from the Adriatic coast or from salt mines to the ancient centers of civilization. Wars were fought over its possession. Can this be the same salt we have on our table today? No, not al all!!

What is salt? When speaking of salt, we mean unrefined, unprocessed sodium chloride which contains within its crystalline structure all of the other naturally occurring mineral elements (over 72) which are essential to the human body. Strangely, these minerals also come in the same proportions as is found in our blood.

Salt has valuable electrical properties which are essential to the body as a chemical/electrical “engine”. Crystallization is nature’s way of holding more electrical energy, the super-highly pressurized, 250-million-year-old crystals that are mined from the Himalayan mountains are the most electrically charged. When dissolved in water, the minerals released are in ionic form (electrically charged) and are the perfect size for ready absorption into the cells. You also have sea salt which come from the sea water when the water has been evaporated. You want it to be pure and as natural as possible, not bleached or treated.

What are its benefits?
• Supplies minerals
• By making energy immediately available to the cells, it reduced the craving for acidifying foods such as coffee and sugar.
• Helps normalize blood pressure
• Balances your blood pH
• Un-clumps red blood cells
• Normalizes all metabolic functions including hormonal
• Is readily absorbed by your cells
• Increases the flow of energy in the body and balances the body’s energy field.
• Mined salts (like Himalayan salt) neutralizes radiation (NB old salt mines are used as storage dumps for nuclear waste products)
• Increases elimination of heavy metals
• Helps reverse premature aging brought about by dehydration and lack of minerals
• Helps all other supplements work better.

Have you ever been really thirsty and drank water till you feel bloated only to still feel unsatisfied? May be the body is unable to really use that water. Try putting a ¼ tsp of sea salt on your tongue and swishing it down with water. The difference should be immediately noticeable.

Try replacing your regular table salt with Himalayan crystal salt or a good quality celtic sea salt with its full spectrum of essential minerals needed by the body. See how soon you notice a difference.

NOTE: Sea salt should not be really white, it should contain, depending on the source, a light grey or light pink color.


Another Post from Jocelyne Gross NTP A.C.N.

“Nightshades” Foods to Avoid for Anyone with Chronic Pains.

• Potatoes – The common potato sources include baked, mashed, scalloped, chips, fries, knishes, pierogies, plus potato water in breads, potato starch, biscuits, matzo, soups and stews and vodka. Beware that potato is also included in these ingredients.
o Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
o Modified vegetable protein (MVP)
o Modified food starch (hidden in packaged meats, cold cuts and seafoods)
NOTE: Sweet potatoes are fine (a different family)

• Tomatoes – and their sauces (live barbecue and brown sauces), seasonings, condiments like ketchup and steak sauce, prepared. Meats (like meatloaf), baked beans, gravies, and salad dressing containing them.

• Peppers – include red, green, orange, yellow, jalapeno, chili, cayenne, curry, pimentos and paprika. These are hidden in salads, cold cuts, pastas, sausage and deli meats, olives, tabasco, Worcestershire, steak sauce, coloring on nuts and fish, seasoning mixes, crackers, dips, and spreads.
Note: Black & White Pepper are fine

• Spices – If the word “spices” or “natural flavorings” appear in the ingredients list, do not consume it. These are hidden sources and nearly always in commercial salad dressings, mayonnaise, mustard, condiments, sauces, prepared (frozen) entrees, and soups (they could contain paprika, crushed red peppers, ground red pepper, cayenne, chili, curry).
Note: All other spices are fine.

• Eggplant, To***co & Soy products – Unless organic otherwise they are genetically modified (GMO) with the petunia gene which is a nightshade. GMO are generally to be avoided as it irritates the stomach and intestines and can lead to leaky gut.

As you can see, this list covers many of the foods that we consume pretty much on a regular basis at some point in our week therefore it is not a surprise that many of us are dealing with chronic pain.

IF you have been dealing with constant pain, you definitely need to pay attention to these foods to avoid adding to the problem.

But fear not, there is a solution. Come get tested to get on a program that will handle the underlying cause for the pain and get your body to a point where it is calmed down enough and without constant pain so that you do not have to worry so much about these foods.

*Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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