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I received my Primal 7 in January. I realized I do not have the proper doors to install this so I returned it in its original package unused. According to my USPS tracker, they received it on Feb 15th. I did email them ahead of time as instructed and returned to the address listed in the returns page. I have been trying to contact them since March 1st to no avail via phone, email and form on contact page. No refund, no return call, no email, nothing!! This is not very good customer service and I will be contacting the BBB to file a complaint.
Our Mobility Program accommodates individuals with a vast range of neurological conditions and varying ages from tiny children to mature and elderly athletes. We utilize advanced technologies combined with physical therapy interventions to innovate nerves and isolate muscles into action.

Heather Sobers has Wernicke encephalopathy (WE), which is an acute neurological condition characterized by a clinical triad of ophthalmoparesis with nystagmus (weakness or paralysis affecting horizontal eye movements), ataxia, and confusion. This is a life-threatening illness caused by thiamine deficiency, which primarily affects the peripheral and central nervous systems.

This condition impacts Heather’s balance and endurance. She has been a client at Bridging Bionics for a little over 2 months. She begins her session with a postural stretch on the Galileo vibrational tilt table, and then warms up on the NuStep recumbent cross trainer, which facilitates reciprocal movements engaging arms and legs. It’s a true cardio workout! The Primal 7 physical support system triggers large muscle recruitment and strengthening. Heather finishes her session with balance and core exercises on the Galileo vibrational platform. She is now able to complete a 90-minute session with minimal rests. Her therapists have noticed improved endurance and steadier feet when walking! Keep on moving and improving Heather. You are doing it!

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Tyler Williams continues to make progress!! He is living up to his reputation as an extreme athlete - a former competitive skier who stood on the podium several times in his career.

Tyler has a rare condition called AVM (arteriovenous malformations) consisting of tangles of abnormal blood vessels in his brain, causing right-sided paralysis. There are fewer than 200,000 cases per year in the US with this condition.

Tyler has worked with Bridging Bionics since the Summer of 2020. Utilizing a mix of technologies and therapeutic interventions, in combination with various strengthening and balance exercises, his endurance and fortitude is increasing. He is now more capable of isolating muslces on his right side. He is slowly getting more contol and endurance with all exericises and repetition. Yesterday he was able to walk up a hill outside of the clinic with help from an exoskeleton to help augment his abilities. He is motivated to get rid of his crutches for daily walking and stability, and it might not be far off! Tyler’s determination to keep giving it his all is such an inspiration!

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Primal 7 allows you to do movements no other suspension trainer can. Awesome in-home fitness training device!

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We get asked a lot about how our system is different from TRX 🤔 The answer boils down to two things: support and hands-free movement 👉 The addition of interchangeable bands on Primal 7 unloads a portion of the user’s bodyweight, making advanced exercises more accessible to everyone, while also forcing proper alignment through the body to correct any compensatory habits and prevent injury. For those that need it, the band can offer support for functional training, mobility work, enhanced movement for beginners, and rehabilitation. For those that don't, the band offers hands-free training for sprint work, jump work, and incorporating other tools. This all results in a safer, funner way to move for virtually every body type 💪🙌 What other questions do you have about Primal 7?
Chin up, buttercup 💪🏽👩🏽‍🦽

Myra is up and at it today using the Primal 7 to strengthen her upper body and core! She makes it look easy!

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are we suppose to be following Conquer your Can't on Instagram or Primal 7?
Pulaski cheerleader with recurrent ankle sprains is working hard on the Primal 7 to get stronger to return to cheerleading!

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I just got my Primal & yesterday and am very excited to try it. I purchased it because your advertising includes people with large bodies like mine. Are there any tips or videos for getting started as a much larger person?
Any studios/gym in the Wellington/Royal Palm Beach area that features Primal 7? Please and thankyou!
I just got a basic, but think I might need to buy a pullup bar to increase where I can set up my Primal7. Upset that I see that attachment straps are sold out! Any ideas?

Here to help you move your body, boost your confidence, and ditch the pain. #Primal7 #ConquerYourCant

Operating as usual

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Happy Friday! What's your breakfast profile? Eggs, smoothie, oatmeal -- other? Share in the comments! #ConquerYourCant


We are so inspired after watching @root_to_rise_health on her Primal 7 system 🔥🔥🔥 Watch and see if you learn some new ways to use yours, too! 💪 #ConquerYourCant #repost

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"It is so much better to love yourself for everything you are than to hate yourself for everything you’re not because I promise you everything you are is a way longer list! If you would’ve told me six months ago that I would put on this bathing suit and walk into a pool and be proud I would say absolutely not! But that’s what I did today and I feel amazing! Please understand that being body positive doesn’t mean that I accept being an unhealthy way it just means that I choose to love myself as I am, today than to wait and dislike myself because I’m not physically where I want to be yet… In essence y’all I’m choosing to live instead of exist and I invite you to do the same!!" 😍😍😍

Stacey, the Fluff to Buff Diva, does it again! If you haven't read our interview with her yet, you really need to pause what you're doing right now and check it out. It's that powerful 🔥


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Hard truth 💪 #ConquerYourCant

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Repost from Coach Jesse Ruiz, who is using Primal 7 to help rehabilitate Joey’s ACL 💪👏 #ConquerYourCant

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🙌 We know that you are taking a leap of faith when you decide to give Primal 7 a shot, because let’s face it — we’ve all bought treadmills that become coat racks or cool-looking gear that ends up collecting dust 🙅‍♀️ This is why we've designed both Primal 7 and its programs to be simple, confidence-building, and fun. Pursue movement with us and discover how to #ConquerYourCant 💪

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#MondayMotivation = moving your body under a blue sky 👌☀ May your day be filled with fresh air and post-exercise endorphins 💪 #ConquerYourCant

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Hello beautiful humans 👋 Just reminding you of your worth, in case no one else has today! 💪 #ConquerYourCant

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One of our core beliefs at Primal 7 is to keep it simple 👌 In what areas of your life does less = more? #ConquerYourCant

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🤔 Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below 👇 #ConquerYourCant

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#FlashbackFriday with Suma Jane Dark: "Bodies of all sizes can enjoy working out! I’ve really enjoyed having a way to do squats and push-ups again with extra support -- I feel like it’s opened up a whole new world of routines." 🙌🔥💪 #ConquerYourCant

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👏👏👏 Thanks for this one, Fleur De Lis Speaks

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stacey on progress

"This doesn't happen because I wish it. It happens because I am an active participant in my own journey." Stacey always leaves us with a word! 🔥

Make sure you check out our interview with her if you haven't yet:


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It's true -- we have a program for anyone at any level on their fitness journey 😉Versatility, ftw! #MondayMotivation


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20% off happening now at 🙌 #ConquerYourCant

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#TBT to sharing Primal 7 with the Houston Rockets 🚀 in 2014! Here, their Director of Performance Rehabilitation was practicing the #Primal7 lateral lunge to learn how to use our system as a rehab tool to improve lateral hip strength and stability 🙌 Did you know that 6 different NBA teams use Primal 7? 🏀 #ConquerYourCant

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Honestly, this. No one is good the first time that they try something -- embrace the freedom that being a beginner brings 💪 #ConquerYourCant
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#MondayMotivation via @liftbyselina 💪 Primal 7 is a versatile tool that can be adapted for all fitness levels 💥 How will you pursue movement this week? #ConquerYourCant

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Happy Friday 😉 How are you planning to rest, recharge, and protect your energy this weekend? #ConquerYourCant

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Stretch inspo via Meg Boggs 😍 Remember to move your bodies in ways that feel good 💪 #ConquerYourCant

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Let Primal 7 be your workout buddy and keep your joints healthy 💪 No wear and tear needed 😉 #ConquerYourCant

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Great advice from our resident nutritionist, Sarah: "Eat the rainbow! 🌈 Take a moment today for an inventory of your kitchen. How many whole, unprocessed foods are in there, or on your grocery list? How many different color fruits and vegetables are you getting? Variety is important because it means more variety in the nutrients you consume. DIet and nutrition are not solely about fats, carbs, and protein. You want to pay attention to the vitamins and minerals that you consume as well. Drop any nutrition questions that you may have in the comments below." #ConquerYourCant to the vitamins and minerals that you consume as well. Drop any nutrition questions that you may have in the comments below." #ConquerYourCant

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Ready to treat Dad (or yourself) to the gift of safe, pain-free movement? 💪 Our 20% off sale won't last long!


Primal 7 Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program 06/16/2021

Primal 7 Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program

You asked for strength workouts, and we're so excited to share: they're here! 🎉 Our new Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program both offer focused, specific exercise routines that target your total body 💪

Best for intermediate to advanced exercisers, we recommend that you feel confident doing all videos in the Foundations series before progressing to these programs. And as always, listen to your body so that you can modify when needed or challenge yourself with advanced movements!


Primal 7 Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program If you're looking for a total body at-home workout on your Primal 7 system and have already mastered Foundations, then check out the Upper Body Program and Lower Body Program for focused strength workouts.


Language challenge: if you catch yourself saying “can’t”, change it to “can’t right now” to remind yourself that you CAN work toward doing something that’s presently beyond your capabilities 💪

Focusing on what you *can* do helps you stay positive and focused 🙌 #ConquerYourCant

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#FlashbackFriday is all about that goood stretch 😌 Especially after long periods of sitting, balance it out with a few minutes of stretching on your system 💪 #ConquerYourCant

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Shout out to Stacey for winning one of the 10 spots in the Bombshell Babe Calendar Challenge 🍾 She just keeps raising the bar, and we are here for it!

If you didn't read our recent interview with Stacey that shares her amazing health journey, be sure to read it here:



Don’t believe anything other than that you can choose to change your life at any given moment 💪 #ConquerYourCant

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Heading into the weekend with intentions of ✨joy✨ as pictured radiating from our resident nutritionist, Sarah 😍 What brings you joy? How can you move your body in a joyful way? #ConquerYourCant

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New rule: if your phone is on the charger, then do something restorative for yourself, too. Who's in? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ #ConquerYourCant

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Last chance to save 20%! Sale ends at midnight Tuesday.

Hurry! This 20% off flash sale ends Tuesday night 👉


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Hurry! This 20% off flash sale ends Tuesday night 👉


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#tbt to this form check on a Primal 7 squat hold 💪🙌 Have you tried doing isometric holds on your system? It's a great way to build strength, stability and endurance 🔥#ConquerYourCant

Timeline photos 05/26/2021

“Every doctor said it was impossible to lose as much weight as I needed to naturally — you know, it just can’t be done. I just said, ‘Watch me.’ And I decided from then on that I was going to fight literally from my life and my health until I got to where I needed to be.” ~ Stacey (@flufftobuffdiva on IG)💪

ICYMI, we recently shared an amazingly inspiring interview about Stacey's health journey on our Primal 7 Blog! Click here to read it:

Timeline photos 05/24/2021

Yep. Our brains and bodies need sleep, so do your best to make your zzz's count 💪


📷 Dr. Jenn Hardy

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stacey on progress
Plank Tutorial with Primal 7 Physical Therapist, Jenna Ellis
1-Minute Chest Stretch with Jenna Ellis, Physical Therapist



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