Behaving Healthy

Behaving Healthy


I am over the moon excited about this beautiful friend right here joining my team with Arbonne!!! 🌱We are on a mission to educate everyone about the hidden toxins in our everyday products, help others live a lifestyle where they become healthy from the inside out, give back to our community by creating a movement to make this world 🌎 a better, happier place!!! Divine appointment for sure, love ❤️ you Deana!!!

Behaving Healthy


Wrapping up week 1 of keto pre-made meals for my Keto Kickstarters!

It's been a week of growth- not only for my little business but also my confidence in knowing that I can handle anything.

Having faith in myself is something I lacked and this week has proven that I should've done this a long time ago!

If you're following a keto lifestyle - I'd love to have you join us in my group Keto Made Easy!

I'm gonna be honest- you can call healthy eating whatever you want. You don't have follow a keto lifestyle to do that.

These meals can adapt to any kind of lifestyle because in the end it's about CUTTING OUT carbs and sugar!!

That's it. Bottom line. #truth #ketolifestyle #eatingclean #CutOutCarbs #ScrewSugar #JerseyGirl #KetoCoach

PS- if you're in the Austin area, I make these meals for you! Fresh! I'm working on meal planning for week 2 of 3

If you're interested, reach out to [email protected]


Here's the inspiration for what I chose to bake:

I LOOOOVE coconut!! So I'm baking Coconut Lemon Custard Tarts

My kids and hubby LOOOVE brownies - so I'm baking Double Chocolate Brownies

And because Jersey Girl's grow up on bagels, I'm making them too!

And the number $26 is not only my birthdate, but it's my FAVORITE number. My birthdate has shown up in my life in so many ways! My WHOLE birthdate happened to be the skew number of my wedding dress- my FULL birthdate... 12675! NO JOKE!

So all of these KETO baked goodies for $26

2 bagels
2 brownies
and 1 coconut lemon custard tart
That's the birthday bash special!!
Help me celebrate!!

If you’re in the Austin area, I’m taking orders through tomorrow!


I'm not big on having a spotlight shine on me- literally or figuratively. But, over the past few years (mainly this past one) I've come quite far when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone.

One of the biggest steps has been having confidence in myself, belief that my voice counts, building upon my identity that truly helps me to shine and doing what I've always wanted to do since I was little- Help people in some way shape or form.

The other big step I took was starting an at home business baking keto based treats! In July Bobby and I started to follow the keto lifestyle and I started a group page Keto Made Easy! to find others who loved that lifestyle as well. ps- Bobby and I collectively lost 50 pounds!!

Admittedly, I've put some of that back on because - well stress due to life events. It happens. But, as a true blooded Jersey girl, I dust off, put on my big girl panties and move on!

So today, one day before my birthday, I'm celebrating me- and because I hate the spotlight, I'm also celebrating everyone else who has joined me in my Keto Made Easy! group and the lifestyle.

Anyone who really knows me would be shocked to find out that I've been baking and cooking A LOT!!! Because they know I have never been a fan of it... LOL. And in true Jersey girl fashion- I'll be straight up serious.. I'd much rather hire my own personal chef. BUT, my passion for helping others runs deeper. It's not about the cooking, it's about how I've helped made someone else's life better at the end of the day.

Sooooo I'm baking today for those local in Austin!! The the theme and inspiration behind it is A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS... (because,... my birthday)

Can anyone guess what it is that I could possibly be baking?? I think the bagel and maybe the dish of chocolate is self explanatory.. but the coconut???

(and if you know me- NO I'm not turning 26)


Been busy baking NEW keto goodies!!

Cinnamon Walnut Streusel Muffin and Keto Breakfast Bars!


My husband and daughter LITERALLY fought over one muffin- and there were 11 more in the fridge 😆

So this week, I'm baking these babies for my local Austin neighbors along with the oh so popular keto bagel. 👏👏🎉

WHO'S GRABBIN' some while you wait for the Eating Keto Clean in TWENTY-19 program to kick off?

I'm working on a link with all the details (price, quantity..) 👍


If there's one thing you do differently in 2019- change what you do daily. 🌟

Just ONE ☝️ change daily. Do that for 28 days. Yes, it takes 21 to change habits but after those 21 days it'll be easy to go another 7.

Then change ONE more thing daily for another 28...

Before you know it you have a new lifestyle. 🙌👊

What's ONE thing you can change (or maybe you already have changed) for 28 days?


Yes, it's Monday and even worse it's the first Monday after a long holiday break for some. BUT, it's a fresh start for the first Monday of 2019!


Behaving Healthy's cover photo


Every morning you have a new page to begin another story. This week we gained the opportunity to begin many new chapters in the book I’m going to call

“Turning Lemons into Lemonade in 2019” 🍋

2018 ended on a rollercoaster of emotions for me. While I started learning more about myself and finding my voice in 2013, 2018 added to that voice and found words that described my identity. I will speak more about that in 2019. For now.....

The journey over the past 5 years has been fun and challenging (but a good challenge).

When I started Keto Made Easy! this past July, my husband and I decided to start a new journey living a keto lifestyle.

As a certified health coach, I wanted to do more with that journey so I started this group page with the intention that it would start small- maybe 20-30 people and begin inviting my Rocky Creek neighbors.

I was so blown away at how engaged everyone was and how lots of people starting seeing results immediately. I’m not just talking weight loss, but energy levels increased and inflammation decreased. Weight loss was a bi-product of that.

I was inspired by it all and knew I had to expand my reach. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and began posting in local group pages. Long story short within maybe 2 months the group grew to over 70 people. Now for me that was big!

I kept going strong encouraging and supporting people with my Keto baked goods and 1:1 support.

But then I hit a wall in late September when my dads dementia turned into moderate Alzheimer’s. I couldn’t get a grip of myself and forgetting about the identity that I had finally found.

To avoid getting on a soap box, I’m going to save that chapter of my 2018 story for another day.

I’m now turning those lemons into lemonade and starting a new chapter book.

And it begins with Eating Keto Clean in 2019.

I’m currently working on that “chapter” and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Part of my 2019 story will be adding new people to my 2019 Story. I’m going to doctors offices and integrative health clinics to expand my reach and help others live a healthier lifestyle.

It may get crowded in here- I hope it does. And I hope you stick with us!

Keto Made Easy!


Good morning!

After I get my little one off to school, I start off with a Ketone Lemonade and then my morning Keto coffee around 10:00.

This coffee is not like the Starbucks mocha latte that I was addicted to. It would only intensify my sugar cravings and definitely helped pack on a few pounds with 20g+ carbs.

Instead, I’m now satisfied and don’t even feel hungry for a few hours- and the sugar cravings? No more!

Even better, good things do come in small packages! Within 40 seconds my coffee is brewed! No hassle, no mess!

How do you start your morning?? What helps you get your day off to a good start?


Sunday's can't get much better when Monday is a day off!

Enjoy your long Labor Day weekend!


September is a good time to restore and renew.. Kind of like the New Year!

It's so weird to say but the holidays are around the corner- start living a healthy lifestyle now so that you won't have to worry about losing another 10 or 15 pounds in January!

Find out more:

Join my facebook group: Keto Made Easy! 08/29/2018

Keto 14 Day Jumpstart Program

2 months ago, Bobby and I started following the keto lifestyle. On a whim I decided to open up a group (Keto Made Easy!)to anyone interested in learning more about it and to provide a place for support, motivation, and creative ideas/recipes to help keep us all on the right track.

I'm so happy and excited to say that it's unexpectedly taken on a life of it's own! In our group I have some people from multiple states and many others from right here in my own neighborhood and surrounding areas.

I've had so much fun hosting a meet and greet where we talked about all things keto and health/wellness as we tasted keto coffee, (keto) cheesecake and (keto) bagels. I'm even delivering homemade baked keto goods locally so that they don't have to feel punished by restrictions and can enjoy something delicious that fits within their plan.

I'm absolutely LOVING it!! It has inspired me to not give up on a dream/idea/passion that I began almost 5 years ago.

With that said, to celebrate a new beginning, I'm offering a 14 day Keto Jumpstart program that starts on September 4th!!

Here's what the program includes:

You can join alone for $20 or split that between you and a friend/spouse/partner.

Days 1-6: (begins September 4th):

>> A 30 minute session where we'll talk about your goals and what you really want to achieve days 7-10.

>> A personalized plan for you whether that be to determine your macros or simply come up with a daily routine that you can stick to for the next 7 days (they'll likely become habits)! Or maybe both!

>> More preparing and mindset strategies that I will announce during the week.

Days 7-10 (begins September 11th):

>> A 7 day meal plan, recipes for the meals and a shopping list.

>> A final 30 minute session to wrap up the program and discuss the next steps.

>> Personalized coaching throughout

>> Joining now, guarantees you a discount on future programs.

If you're interested, you can read more and sign up by clicking the image below.. AND

Join my Keto Made Easy! group for add'l information and support!

Looking forward to supporting your healthy lifestyle! There are TONS of fad diets out there. I know. And you probably stumbled upon the word KETO so many times on Instagram that you can’t even count. But, this is NOT a fad diet. It truly works, and it’s work for even the toughest of cases.KETO stabilizes your body: Your blood pressure and Cholester...


I'm just about caught up from all the back to school craziness and am now transitioning from 24/7 mom mode to Keto coaching mode 10 hours a day 5 days a week- starting this morning with an awesome brainstorming session!👏🎉

What does that mean for you??? You'll find out on MONDAY!

Join Keto Made Easy! 📣


PHEW!! We made it through the first day of school! MAN! Yesterday was craziness at the MacNeil house!

Have you ever sat in a quite house, had a list of things to do and then just waste time doing a bunch of somethings you can't even explain?

I think I've been waiting to have this time for so long that now that I have it, I don't know what to do with myself.

This is where having a routine is so vital. I'll get myself back on track and all things Keto ASAP!


It's the weekend again!! But it's never to early to start setting goals for the new week!

Whether that be to meal plan, get back on track, take time out for yourself OR for lots of us here in Austin, it's to make it through the first week back to school and to get back on regular schedules.

Think of a goal, write it down on a post it and then place it somewhere you'll see it often!

After that, your goal is to enjoy the weekend!💗


Living a keto lifestyle has been life altering. Even as a health coach, I've changed the way I look at food and have really started pay attention to how my body responds to food.
4 years ago I lost about 40 pounds by eating healthier and I changed soooo many of my habits- many of which have stuck with me to this day.

But having gained about half of that back, I realize my lifestyle had to change even more. While I have a better relationship with food and I am 80% better than I was 10 years ago, there's the emotional aspect of eating that was a hidden habit. And ya know what, that will always be there and because I've accepted that now I can move forward at my own pace and take the time I need to make lifestyle changes.

I don't care if you follow Keto, Paleo, the Mediterranean diet, in the end your relationship with food has to change. And even though each of these "diet" methods have their own guidelines, the common denominator is cutting out and even eliminating carbs and sugar.

The difference is, ONE of them will fit your lifestyle best!

If Keto fits your lifestyle come join Keto Made Easy!



What if I told you that you could have your coffee and burn fat too?? It’s like having your cake and eating it too!!

I know its possible because I’ve lost 12 pounds so far! Of course, I could lose weight without coffee BUT why quit drinking it when it helps me get the results faster?? See for yourself and try a sample! 😁

Join my Keto Made Easy! and message me for more information or message me directly so I can support you as you begin the keto llifestyle OR on your journey with it now! 💗


We all need a little inspiration once in a while.. but you have all you need within yourself to shine. #JustBelieve

#youalreadyknow #believeinyourself

[08/08/18]   Low Carb Chocolate Chip Muffins


Hubby is off to San Francisco and taking my oldest daughter with him 😐. She’s spending 5 days/4 nights with good friends that she misses dearly.

It hit me as I was baking this muffins to take with him (so he can have something quick that's keto friendly for breakfast in the mornings), she's never gone out of state without me. I've gone without her like 8 years ago while she was with my parents.

But this time, I'm 1500 miles away. She's in wonderful hands so I'm not worried about that, just a strange feeling to know she's more than 20 minutes away.


I turned last nights Italian dinner into today's greek lunch! Added some homemade vinaigrette dressing to some cool cucumbers 😀

Join me in Keto Made Easy! to get recipes like this and more!


Keto meatballs in the making..

1.5lbs ground beef (80/20)
2 Tbl fresh parsley, chopped
3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
1/2 cup almond flour
2 eggs
1 tsp kosher salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp dried onion flakes
1/4 tsp dried oregano
1/2 cup warm water (not really sure why this is needed. I put in about 1/4 cup of water as I'm not a fan of soggy meatballs.

Combine all ingredients and form into (15) 2" meatballs. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

*Optional*- When done, spoon approximately 1 Tbsp tomato sauce over each meatball and cover with about 1/4 oz of shredded mozzarella cheese. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until heated through and cheese is golden.

Approx. nutrition info per “naked” meatball: 121 cals, 8g fat, .7g net carbs, 11g protein

Approx. nutrition info per meatball parmigiana: 151 cals, 9g fat, 1.7g net carbs, 12g protein


After pouring my heart and soul into my website this weekend (and early today), I needed something sweet.

Rather than, indulging in something high in sugar, I made dark chocolate macadamia nut fat bombs.

The dark chocolate will help lower my blood pressure 😜and the macadamia nuts have monounsaturated fats- the HEART HEALTHY fat and can help raise fat burning metabolism!



👇🏼👇🏼THIS. RIGHT. HERE!! 👇🏼👇🏼😲

Only after 5 weeks of keto and all meds for autoimmune diseases - GONE! No more!!

This is why I’m passionate about the keto lifestyle and am having soooo much fun coaching 80+ people in Keto Made Easy!


The keto lifestyle is strongly based on eating HEALTHY fats such as avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil versus things like vegetable oil, margarine and fats that are found in donuts, cookies, conventional mayonnaise..

There is a fear with living a Keto Lifestyle that it raises cholesterol levels. That is simply not the case IF you're following the lifestyle as it's designed to be followed.

There's 4 kinds of fats: Saturated fats, Monounsaturated Fats, Polyunsaturated fats, Trans fats. The fear that saturated fats cause high cholesterol has not been proven. However, it has been proven that diets high in carbohydrate consumption does increase cholesterol as they are generally processed.

The two that we should mainly be consuming are SATURATED FATS and MONOUNSATURATED FATS.

SATURATED FATS: Beef, coconut oil, lamb, chicken, butter, bacon.

A note about beef: Look for grass fed meats as they're higher in omega-3's than conventional grain-fed meats which are higher in omega-6. If you can't find or feel that grass fed beef is too expensive, go for the leaner version of beef and add you own healthy fats.

MONOUNSATURATED FATS: avocado oil, olive oil, almond oil, macadamia nuts, avocados, hazelnuts. These are good for light cooking between 320 degrees and 350 degrees. Be sure to look for "cold-pressed", "centrifuge-extracted", and "expeller pressed". These are minimally processed and little chance of consuming oxidized fats which lead to cell damage.

POLYUNSATURATED FATS: These kinds of fats are always in liquid form so you have to use caution when cooking with them, unless they're naturally refined and the label on it indicates that it's "cold-pressed", "centrifuge-extracted", or "expeller pressed". Foods containing these oils are salmon, trout, h**p seeds, chia seeds, and flaxseeds. These contain omega-3 and omega-6. The body can not make these kinds of fats so they have to be consumed through food or supplements.


A healthy ratio of omega-6 to Omega-3 is 1:1 but typical American Diet consumes between 10:1 and 25:1. Too much omega-6 is linked to inflammatory diseases like: metabolic syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and psychiatric disorders.

**** A KETOGENIC DIET that is high in saturated fat and low in processed oils (like those found in packaged and processed foods) is naturally balanced in omega-3 and omega-6!!!


These fats are man made. Particularly hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. RUN AWAY from products with those words labeled on it!!

With that said, there are naturally occurring trans fats found in small amounts in dairy products and meat from grass-fed animals. These are beneficial as they can reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and potentially curtail the formation of breast cancer.

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Are you ready to change your life ???Find out more about this amazing program; click the link below! 🌱🍎🥑www.bepureinside...
The results are in! Did the Himalayan salt remedy work??
Ever wake up with a migraine?? Here's a tip!!



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