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Community Organization Member Austin Museum of Popular Culture recently stopped by Austin Artists to tell a few Austin stories and share a bit about the museum's collection. Listen to the full show at the link, and catch Austin Artists every Monday at 1 P.M.
FREE EVENT ALERT! Austin Museum of Popular Culture presents a celebration of the legendary Armadillo World Headquarters, offering an impressive array of posters, photos, and newspaper clippings to immerse yourself in the venue's well-documented history! All tours and visits are free and open to the public by appointment only on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget your face mask! For more cool events like this one, visit
Has AusPOPMuseum located a new location
Antone's Record Shop in the has from the ! Be sure to check out the virtual exhibit at Austin Museum of Popular Culture.
April had a great time visiting the museum with us today.
Had a fabulous time touring the museum today. Freddie and Leea were wonderful tour guides. They have some great stories to share.
Have you moved into Fat I mean Fast Eddies beer joint?
You can still experience so much of the vibrant culture Austin has to offer from the comfort of home at Cole Apartments. Check out the online content available from South Austin Museum of Popular Culture and other local museums:
I worked at the Armadillo in 78, I was wondering if there are any records of me being there. I think it would be fun to locate an old pay stub or something. July would be a great month to search.My name is Ronald Spence
I washed a lot of beer pitchers, worked in the concert hall, beer garden and gameroom. I remember people ten deep pressed to the edge of the bar all night.What crazy fun. My band played in the beer garden sometimes. Somebody mentioned that Leah Mechling might be able to help me.
Remember, folks, SouthPop is now AusPop and we've moved north to 6416 North Lamar, in the big metal building right behind Threadgill's. Come on by this weekend 1pm to 6pm and see the new space and our current exhibit.
Just in case there are any poster heads out there... the film is finished... here's the trailer.... if you like... then you know what to do....

AUSPop stands at the crossroads of Music, Art and History. The Austin Museum of Popular Culture co


If you are bringing items for signing by the artists at the Sunday Salon be ready to pay $5 per signature. Proceeds go directly to the artists.


Come on by AusPop’s space at the Chronpound on East 40th Street SEPTEMBER 24th. Three of Austin’s OG poster artists will be there for a meet n greet: Jim Franklin, Danny Garrett and Guy Juke. HEAR about what’s coming up for AusPop. SEE some pretty cool vintage poster art. TALK about music culture and how much we love gig posters. It’s a FREE Event. Donations always appreciated.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 09/17/2023

We are having a real fun afternoon in Buda at the Meridian celebrating Austin Museum Day. Gonzo Compadres are performing and we brought some fun posters to view. There is cake!


Remember, AusPop will be at the Meridian in Buda today 2 to 6pm celebrating Austin Museum Day! The Gonzo Compadres will perform from 3 to 5pm...and there will be cake.


Well, hello! On Sunday, September 17, AusPop will hold our Austin Museum Day celebration at the Meridian in downtown Buda with a cool exhibit giving an overview of Austin poster art and photos. As is the custom with Austin Museum Day, area museums are free for the day! AusPop will host a reception from 2pm to 6pm. Come on by! You'll enjoy the musical musings of the Gonzo Compadres from 3pm to 5pm. There *might* be cake.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 09/09/2023

AusPop is here in Temple, Texas at the Temple Public Library for their Museum Day. Open to the public from 10am to 2pm. If you are in the area, come see us! We are on the second floor, way in the back by the Mysteries section of books and right by the entrance to the Black Light Art Room. Folks who come by *might* receive a fabulous prize.


Just one of the many posters we will have at our silent auction. Get your tickets to the Soap Creek Reunion at Sagebrush August 27th to bid!


Don't forget your tickets to the Soap Creek Saloon Reunion on August 27 at Sagebrush! You'll get to see a great show and get the chance to bid on our fantastic silent auction items, like this Janessa Leone lambswool hat (donated by Leea Mechling).


Are you ready for the Soap Creek Saloon Reunion at Sagebrush on August 27? Here's a sneak peek of one of our silent auction items, an Epiphone guitar signed by Will Sexton (donated by Scout Stormcloud). More information about the event here:


Hey everybody, come join us on August 27th at SAGEBRUSH for the Soap Creek Saloon Reunion Conceet and Party! Help us celebrate that Little H***y Tonk in the Hills that made such a big impact on Austin's music and culture scene. Get your tickets in advance at: There will be a George Majewski Look-A-Like Contest and a bunch of other fun stuff planned for the event.


The AusPop Museum will not be open this weekend of July 29,30 due to a staff member having covid. Sorry if this caused you any inconvenience.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 07/12/2023

Right now Freddie Krc and I are at KOOP Radio with Tracey Schulz about the release of a 45 record of Songs Clementine Hall wrote for the 13th Elevators.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 07/06/2023

On Sunday, August 27th, at AusPop's celebration of Soap Creek Saloon, the famous George Majewski Look-A-Like contest will be held. Participants can sign up when they check in at the event, which will be held at the fabulous Sagebrush over at 5500 South Congress. There will be A Really Big Prize presented to the 2023 winner by Mr. Majewski himself. Scan the QR Code to buy tickets to the event.


Well, looky here. Our fabulous graduate student intern, Hannah Martin, is shown with the AWHQ Country Music R***e banner that we've unfurled in order to have a photo made. There were 4 artists involved in creating this painted canvas backdrop: Ken Featherston, Jim Franklin, Micael Priest and Rick Turner. We know which artist painted what part(s) of it but do you? Whomever can correctly identify that will be the beneficiary of a special prize at the next AusPop Sunday Salon on July 23rd.


On this day in 1978, Artful Dodger and the Berserko Brothers performed at the Armadillo World Headquarters. Miceal Priest designed the poster.

Artful Dodger (formed in 1973 in Fairfax, Virginia) are an American power pop/rock band, noted for their rock compositions, quick lyrics and vocal harmonies. The group was heavily influenced by the Beatles, Faces, and the Rolling Stones and drew frequent comparisons to the Raspberries. Artful Dodger's studio releases received high critical praise, but the band was unable to pe*****te the charts.

We cannot find any information about the Berserko Brothers although I think Fletcher Clark was involved. Somebody let us know who the band members were.

Enjoy this installment of Throw Back Thursday from AusPop. Remember, AusPop stands at the crossroads of Art, Music & History.


Join us at this event on July 15th celebrating Roky Erickson and AusPop's release of the vinyl 45 record produced to raise funds in support of 13th Floor Elevator songwriter Clementine Hall. Come to Tweedy's and join the fun.


We did a thing. We grouped up with Paul Drummond and Scott Conn to produce this 45 record in order to provide some support for Clementine Hall- who wrote some songs for the 13th Floor Elevators. Freddie Krc produced it through his Steady Boy Records. The musicians donated their time. Thank you Freddie, Eve Monsees, Cam King, Floyd Domino, Howard Kalish, Layton Depenning and Mike Buck. Thanks Billy Buck for the artwork. Stay tuned for an announcement about where you can buy this.


Hi everyone, Leea Mechling here to share some sad news. Armadillo World Headquarters employee and band booker, Bobby Hedderman, passed away last night, June 20th, after a long illness. He was an extraordinary man with a great sense of humor and an ability to book bands like few others. Here he is backstage, in the production office, in 1973. Burton Wilson took the photo of course. Sail on, Mr. Hedderman.


In the May 27, 1977 issue of the Texas Sun artist Jack Jackson created this prophetic graphic panel regarding Austin and what might happen if the developers took over. He was pretty spot on.


Right Here, boys and girls, is a pair of custom boots from Joe Cook's estate that his son, John, has donated to AusPop. They were Joe's boots he wore at work at ACL tapings. More to come!


Here's an ad from the July 8, 1983 Austin Chronicle advertising the TBird River Fest on Auditorium Shores


In June 1978 Muddy Waters returned to Antone's Home of the Blues, following up on his April appearance there. Danny Garrett was designing a large number of posters for the club by this point and this particular poster was A REAL GOOD ONE. Antones is fixin to celebrate their anniversary and we thought it appropriate to give them a shout out and share some music poster wonderfulness. AusPop is happy to have this in the permanent collection. It's a rare one so if you've got it- enjoy! If not, well.....


Hey, Mohawk is holding a free event on Sunday, June 11 from 11am to 4pm. Folks with interest in music gear will gather to buy, sell or trade their fabulous items. In this town, you never know what will be on site!

Here’s Mohawk’s website: Check it out and get some free tickets to attend. AusPop's Director, Leea Mechling, will be there with some fun museum show & tell portfolios AND information about the museum’s upcoming events and activities. Come see us! Mohawk is right downtown at 10th and Red River and there’s plenty of parking around there.


Tonight! Free at Mohawk- a Frank Kozik Pop Up Exhibit and panel discussion. Doors open at 8; panel at 8:30. 10th and Red River. All the cool kids will be there.


RIP Tina Turner. Here's a photo of Ike and Tina Turner at the Texas Opry House in the early 1970s just before she split with Ike.


What is AusPop?

AusPop is the Austin Museum of Popular Culture, a 501(c)3 non profit arts organization. Established in 2003 as a project led by Austin artist Henry Gonzalez's obsession for music posters and collecting items pertaining to Austin music culture, the first exhibit was held in May 2004 and featured cultural icon Jack JAXON Jackson.

The founding group of AusPop was primarily the artists known as the Armadillo Art Squad, with Bill Narum at the helm of the first board of directors. Since then there's been over 200 exhibits and events held, three moves and a few cycles of staff and board.

Currently: President: Freddie Krc, Vice-President: Bruce Spelman, Secretary: Kelsey Riddle, Treasurer: Karen Krc, Director: Nick Barbaro, Director: Scout Stormcloud

AusPop's mission is to collect and preserve Austin music related art and ephemera and then use those materials to create programming that educates he public about Austin Museum of Popular Culturetin's unique culture.

Over the past 20 years the museum has amassed a huge collecion. Supported by folks like the Austin Chronicle, Arts & Labor, Sagebrush, Mohawk, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, Arching Dog Productions and RockNRoll Rentals, AusPop has been able to carry on for 20 years! Attend an event and you'll see why!

AusPop is currenty located inside the Chronpound at 1000 East 40th Street, Austin, Texas 78751. Contact staff for an appointment to come by or attend the monthly Sunday Salons. [email protected]

Become a member!


March 1969 and Jim Franklin designed this poster for the Vulcan Gas Company to advertise the performance by Big Momma Thornton for two nights starting March 21st. Jim has a great story about Big Momma. Ask him next time you see him out and about.


in 1989 Frank Kozik designed this poster for a Bu****le Surfers show at the Austin Opera House on February 10th with Loco Gringos and the Pocket Fishermen.


AusPop's pop up exhibit featuring the work of Frank Kozik will happen at Mohawk on Wednesday, May 31 8pm. This is a free event. We've added to the program! A panel discussion will take place about Frank, his posters and his postering style. Moderator is Richard Whittaker, writer for the Austin Chronicle. Panelists include artists Danny Garrett, Rob Jones and Geoff Peveto along wih Austin culture guru Raoul Hernandez. Join us for this added fun at the event and help us celebrate Frank Kozik and the impact he had on the music postering world.


Here's an illustration from 1972 created by the always amazing Jim Franklin. Yes, this is part of AusPop's archive and we'll be trotting out MANY of Jim Franklin's work in the coming months as we gear up for his 80th birthday in December.


May 17 and 18, 1975 at the Armadillo World Headquarters the band Legion of Mary performed. That band included Jerry Garcia and Merle Saunders. Great show. The poster was designed by Ken Featherston, one of the AWHQ poster artists. Ken was tragically killed at the club a mere 6 months later.


Today! Staff will be at AusPop this afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. We'll be talking about upcoming projects, showing off materials from the archive and viewing a mini documentary about the Armadillo World Headquarters. There will be cake! AusPop is located at 1000 East 40th Street, in the Chronpound. Free- come on by.


in 1972 Jim Franklin (JFKLN) created this advertising masterpiece for Oat Wi***es, the oldest smoke shop in town. Come to AusPop's Sunday Salon this SUNDAY- May 21 - from 1pm to 5pm and you will have the opportunity to gaze upon a framed print of this image, in person....while you eat cake.

AusPop 1000 East 40th Street, in the Chronpound. There's parking


On May 31st, at Mohawk, AusPop will hold a pop up exhibit of some Frank Kozik posters. Some for clubs not only in the US but around the world. Come on by starting at 8pm. Free. There might be cake.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 05/10/2023

We are so sorry to hear of Frank Kozik's passing. AusPop is proud to have known and worked with Frank over the years and we featured him in an exhibit about 10 years ago. The museum holds over 400 Kozik posters in the permanent collection. He will be missed.

This poster is from 1986- created for a performance by Lou Ann Barton at the Cannibal Club. the photo of Frank is one of our favorites.

Some biographic info: “Frank Kozik was born in Madrid, Spain in 1962. At the age of 14, he moved to the United States and settled in Austin Texas.

Frank's creative career grew largely out of his enthusiasm for Austin's growing underground rock scene in the mid-eighties. Starting with black and white flyers for friends’ bands posted on telephone polls, his reputation grew as an artist whose work was graphically compelling as well as culturally gripping. With hundreds of full-color, limited edition, silk screened posters under his belt for such renowned artists as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beastie Boys, he has also been the subject of many magazine articles such as Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Spin, and Details.

Not limited to the rock world, Frank has also done work for Nike, BASF, Slim Jim and MTV.

Younger than the Armadillo World Headquarters artists, Frank continued the tradition of offending the establishment. He spent time making art at Sheauxnough Studios, where he studied under artists Danny Garrett, Guy Juke and Micael Priest as they created many a gig poster.


On Sunday, May 21, from 1pm to 5pm staff will be at AusPop holding another Sunday Salon. Come on by, have some cake and coffee and view some items being prepared for digitizing...we will also be discussing the upcoming Soap Creek Saloon Reunion on August 27 at Sagebrush and a real special fall event featuring an interesing artist. Y'all come on by. Free.


We are at the Austin Record Convention today until 5pm with books by Eddie Wilson and Jesse posters and Austin poster artist Danny Garrett. Come see us!!

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The Story of Austin’s Live Music Scene

Once a sleepy Texas college town in the 1960s, Austin has exploded to the national forefront thanks to the music and art that defined the town. At SouthPop we keep the history and tell the story of what Austin was like back when it was really cool, and help keep it weird.

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Here is Jon Muq doing a little sound check before his set at Pershing Hall tonight for AusPop's weekend long event. Jon ...
Lost Gonzo Band at Gruene Hall. Right now.
Emma Little hip shakin at Denny Freeman's Twang Bang at Atone's Home of the Blues. Right now.
Chris Hillman Interview
Thank you SO MUCH to our loyal and generous Dillos! We raised over $2000 yesterday for #AmplifyATX that we'll use to hel...
Cherie Currie of The Runaways talks about her time at The Armadillo World Headquarters
Spencer Perskin talking about his performance opening night at the Armadillo World Headquarters



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