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Community Organization Member Austin Museum of Popular Culture recently stopped by Austin Artists to tell a few Austin stories and share a bit about the museum's collection. Listen to the full show at the link, and catch Austin Artists every Monday at 1 P.M.
FREE EVENT ALERT! Austin Museum of Popular Culture presents a celebration of the legendary Armadillo World Headquarters, offering an impressive array of posters, photos, and newspaper clippings to immerse yourself in the venue's well-documented history! All tours and visits are free and open to the public by appointment only on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget your face mask! For more cool events like this one, visit
Has AusPOPMuseum located a new location
Antone's Record Shop in the has from the ! Be sure to check out the virtual exhibit at Austin Museum of Popular Culture.
April had a great time visiting the museum with us today.
Had a fabulous time touring the museum today. Freddie and Leea were wonderful tour guides. They have some great stories to share.
Have you moved into Fat I mean Fast Eddies beer joint?
You can still experience so much of the vibrant culture Austin has to offer from the comfort of home at Cole Apartments. Check out the online content available from South Austin Museum of Popular Culture and other local museums:
I worked at the Armadillo in 78, I was wondering if there are any records of me being there. I think it would be fun to locate an old pay stub or something. July would be a great month to search.My name is Ronald Spence
I washed a lot of beer pitchers, worked in the concert hall, beer garden and gameroom. I remember people ten deep pressed to the edge of the bar all night.What crazy fun. My band played in the beer garden sometimes. Somebody mentioned that Leah Mechling might be able to help me.
Remember, folks, SouthPop is now AusPop and we've moved north to 6416 North Lamar, in the big metal building right behind Threadgill's. Come on by this weekend 1pm to 6pm and see the new space and our current exhibit.
Just in case there are any poster heads out there... the film is finished... here's the trailer.... if you like... then you know what to do....

AUSPop stands at the crossroads of Music, Art and History. The Austin Museum of Popular Culture co


Leea, Henry and Emily. We had some fun yesterday at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.


Warren Hood at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Right now.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 12/19/2022

Monday at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Today authors Alice Embree and Thorne Dreyer join us with their books about The Rag, Space City and more. Y'all come see us in booth B-1.


Get ready! Day 2 of the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and Lisa Wade with be with AusPop today with Bob Daddy) Wade's book. Y'all come see us and buy a copy. Lisa will sign it for you. What will she sign? It's a surprise. Palmer Events Center. Starts at 11am.


Here we are with Henry Gonzalez at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Y'all come visit. We will be at Palmer Events Center thru Dec 23.


Yesterday we set up the structure and lights for AusPop's booth at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Big thanks to Sandra Wilson, Tracy Killebrew, Bill Dunlap and Kelsey Riddle! This was our best and easiest set up ever!!!!! Y'all come see us starting tomorrow at 11am...over at Palmer Events Center. You can buy this poster.


The count down is ON!!!!! The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar opens Saturday December 17th. Each day AusPop will be hosting a different Austin author who will appear from 1pm to 4pm with their books. Y'all come out and see us and meet these great folks who are some of our culture-keepers. On the 20th we'll host author Harold Eggers. He'll be there with his book about being Townes Van Zandt's road manager. What a story that is! We'll be in booth B-1, right near the entrance and right across from a bar! Drink, shop and listen to live music all under one roof.


Hey, y''s another reminder about AusPop being at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar December 17 to 23. Our afflilation with the Bazaar goes back to the very first Bazaar at the AWHQ thru our Executive Director, Leea Mechling. We are excited to be there this year and our booth number is B-1. In addition to all the cool stuff we are bringing along to sell, AusPop is hosting Austin authors each day from 1pm to 4pm. Dec 19 you'll be able to meet Thorne Dreyer and Alice Embree in the author booth where they will be ready to sell their books and sign 'em for you! Come meet these VERY INTERESTING people. Here's where you can buy a ticket to the show:


Happy Birthday Uranium Savages. Keeping it real since 1974, reflecting on social issues from the very beginning....maybe in a distrurbing way and always entertaining. Don't ever change. Here's the celebration from 1979 at Soap Creek Saloon. Proof that drugs won't kill you.


It's not too late to buy a raffle ticket for 2 nights in an air bnb in West Texas (either Alpine or Marathon depending upon availability). The winner of this extravaganza must use their 2 night stay during the 2023 calendar year. Just go to our website: and click on the donate button. Make a donation for $25 per ticket being purchased and in the notes make sure to say "Big Bend Raffle Ticket". Please also make sure we have your email address. The raffle will end at 5pm on December 21st, with the drawing taking place on December 22nd at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar at 7:09pm. You do not need to be present to win.


Just picked this up from Sixth Street Printing. Yes, AusPop is wrapping its 19th year, getting ready for the 20th!


On December 10th and 11th in 1976 Butch Hancock performed at Spelman's and the Crazy Horse Saloon here in Austin, Texas. Who designed the handbill? Mr. Guy Juke did, of course. Yep from North Austin to South Austin, Butch had it covered that week.


Here we are just about a week away from the ARMADILLO CHRISTMAS BAZAAR opening! Come see us. AusPop is hosting a different Austin author each day of the show...Day one on December 17 is Eddie Wilson with his book about the Armadillo World Headquarters experience. DAY 2 is Lisa Wade who will be appearing with her late husband's book. BOB DaddyO Wade produced a book about his art. It'll be fun. Y'all come! Here's how to buy tickets:


Get ready! The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar starts on Saturday Decembe 17 at 11am at the Palmer Events Center. AusPop will be in booth B-1. Each day we'll host an Austin author to be on hand from 1pm to 4pm signing and talking about their book. Y'all come on out to enjoy the entire show and time your visit to come see EDDIE WILSON on opening day. Tickets to the Bazaar are digital so check out their website and buy yer tickets.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 12/03/2022

The passing of Jo Carol Pierce has brought great sadness but so much gratitude for the life she led and the music she created. Our world is a bit less now. Condolences to Guy Juke, her daughter and extended family.


We are so excited to be back at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar this year. Come see us December 17 to 23 in Booth B-1. Available this year for purchase you'll find vintage music posters, vintage photo images of musicians and such, books, vinyl records, cds, solar art created by Sam Jackson, art by Sam Hurt, Kerry Awn, Scout Stormcloud, vintage tshirts and more! Austin authors will join us- a different one each day so you can buy their book, visit with them and get their signature on your book. Check out the flyer


Get ready boys and girls. Starting December 17th AusPop will have a very fun booth at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and an assortment of Austin Music photos will be for sale. Like this shot of Johnny Winter at the Austin Opera House, the original print shown here with the photographer, Jeff Newman. Do you love those vintage shots? 11 x 14 matted prints will be available.


Looky here. November 16, 1984 and Joe Nick Patoski was part of a group the Austin Chronicle interviewed about their work in the music scene. Those crazy kids.


It was November 1975 at Groover's Paradise...otherwise known as Soap Creek Saloon. Kerry Awn created the image and look who was performing that month: Alvin Crow, Starcrost, Larry Raspberry and the High Steppers, Paul Ray and the Cobras, Augie Meyers and Plum Nelly among others (including the Uranium Savages). What a month!

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 11/07/2022

We had fun Sunday night at the Doug Sahm birthday party. Mike Ramos, Shandon Sahm and Speedy Sparks.


Just one more Doug Sahm image for today. here is the Baron Wolman 1968 photo taken of Doug and his son , Shawn, that was used as a cover for a December 1968 Rolling Stone Magazine. You're welcome.


Remember the Fuse Box Festival in 2016? It was a real fun day of folks setting up at locations around town and spinning vinyl and talkin' about it. We hosted Jason Mellard at AusPop's original location on South Lamar. The poster was created by Kerry Awn and dedicated to Henry Gonzalez.


1973 Ken Hoge took this photo at Manor Downs.
Left to right: Doug Sahm, Randy Thornton, Gary P Nunn, Sam Cutler and Jack Barber. Note Doug is wearing some really short cutoffs.

Did we mention the Doug Sahm documentary is being re-released?


Others have posted a snippit of this newspaper clipping but Here's the 1977 Austin Sun article with Doug Sahm's goodbye letter to Austin. This and a bunch of Doug-centric photos and posters will be on display at the Chronpound for the party celebrating Arts& Labor's re-release of the Doug Sahm documentary, Sir Doug & The Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove. You oughta come over tomorrow evening at that special time of 7:09pm.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 11/03/2022

AusPop is proud to be part of the 2022 Austin Studio Tour. The link to the website is here:
We are #89 and will be open this weekend 11am to 4pm . Come by and see what is being displayed and learn more about the museum. You'll see things like this 2016 Fuse Box Festival poster that was dedicated to Henry Gonzalez .


In 1974 on November 18 & 19 Johhny Winter performed at the Armadillo World Headquarters. Dragon was the opening act. The set list included Hide Away, Divin' Duck Blues, Last Night, Walking by Myself, Susie Q, She Moves Me, Roll and Tumble Blues, Wipe Out and Feel So Good.


In case you've missed it, AusPop is holding a fundraiser this evening at El Mercado in their Backstage room. Al Staehely will perform, a taco dinner buffet will be served, a silent auction will be held and AusPop is kicking off a raffle for a 2 night stay at an Alpine property in the Big Bend region of West Texas. Raffle tickets are $25 and will be on sale through mid December.

The event is going to be so much fun. Here is a photo of one of the art items in the silent auction, Madonna and Cadillac, Created by the amazing g and talented Tom Curry.

Due to the generosity of a patron level member, s the museum is able to offer our members and friends a ticket to the fundraiser on October 30th for $25 so please take advantage of this and join us for tacos, fun, music, silent auction and raffle.

Use this link to get the discount:

Come join us!

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 10/26/2022

More photos of items that will be in the AusPop silent auction on Sunday at El Mercado's Backstage.


Buy A RAFFLE TICKET and support AusPop! Part of AusPop's Fall Fundraiser is a raffle for 2 nights in an Alpine, Texas property to be used during the 2023 calendar year. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at:

these Tickets will be on sale through December 15th. The drawing will be held on December 20th at 2pm in the AusPop booth at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. You do not need to be present to win.
make sure when you buy a ticket electronically that your email address is correct.

You can also buy tickets in person at the Fall Fundraiser this Sunday evening from 6pm to 10pm at El Mercado's Backstage.

the photo is from Henry Gonzalez's last trip to Big Bend in 2015.

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 10/21/2022

Here are just a few of the items items that will be in the October 30 silent auction at the AusPop El Mercado's Backstage. Stay tuned for more photos...

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 10/18/2022

this is one of our favorite photographs of Davy Jones. Does anyone know who took it? We'd like to know. the 2009 drawing Davy created speaks for itself. This and much more regarding the iconic musician reside in AusPop's permanent collection. Maybe you'll see some of this material at the next Sunday Salon on November 20th.

Who was Davy Jones? Davy was born in Chester, PA, and lived there until age 13. His musical interest started young and later found his true love in playing electric guitar, and was an accomplished guitarist by the time he was in high school. After a stint in the army, he eventually he ended up in Austin Texas in the late 1970s, where he lived for 35 years.

In Austin, Texas, Jones played guitar in punk/New Wave groups The Next and Ideals, and was a founding member and long-term guitarist in cowpunk band The Hickoids, rejoining the group when they reunited in 2006. Other bands he played with included Dicks, Big Foot Chester, Gay Sportscasters, Mannish Ideals, and Diamond Smugglers.

Davy was also a very talented graphic artist, creating a large number of drawings, music posters and album covers over the course of is career.

Jones passed away from lung cancer in 2015.


It's official! The Austin Museum of Popular Culture will participate in this edition of the Austin Studio Tour and will celebrate with Big Medium 20 years and 29 editions of the tour!

Join me and over 500 artists, exhibitions, special projects, and events from November 5-20. Find more about my work and others participating in the tour at

This year you can find me during Nov 5-6 and 12-13 showing our 2022 Day of The Dead memorials at our space located at 1000 East 40th Street, in the Chronpound. Save the dates! There MIGHT be cake.

Photos from Harvey Awards's post 10/09/2022

Look who was inducted into the Harvey Awards Hall of Fame!

Photos from Austin Museum of Popular Culture's post 10/09/2022

Getting ready for a fun afternoon. Right now I'm listening to Loretta Lynn's There's Trouble in Paradise. Noon to 4pm. 1000 East 40th Street. Here's some of what you could see if you come on by.


From noon to 4pm today Freddie Krc and Leea Mechling will be at the AusPop office that is located at 1000 East 40th Street, playing records and showing off a couple boxes of fabulous music posters the museum has collected over the past 20 years. This one was designed by Farley Pig in 2010 for an ACL taping of Spoon. Free. Y'all come.


FREE event at AusPop on Sunday, October 9, from noon to 4pm at the museum space at the Chronpound up at 1000 East 40th Street. We will be playing a curated set of musical offerings and there will be a couple boxes of Austin Music Art (like this ACL poster designed by Farley Pig) from the museum collection to look at and discuss with museum staff. There will be snackage.


43 years ago on September 27, 1979 the Punk Prom was held at Antone's. Rick Turner created the poster image and this show proved to be one of the more unusual bookings at the club.


On September 13, 1977 Frank Zappa appeared at the Armadillo World Headquarters and one of our favorite photos from that night was taken by Ken Hoge.


On Fridays, the Armadillo World Headquarters Kitchen served a spagetti (Haha) plate with salad and a roll for $2.00- whether you got the meatballs or not. Apparently Micael Priest was challenged in the area of what time am and pm are when you are talking about "12". Note according to this ad, the kitchen's noon buffet ran from midnight to 3pm. THAT's a long noon buffet.


Remember that the Armadillo World Headquarters was the performance place for the Austin Ballet Theater until the joint closed in 1980? Yep. Once a month actual ballet performances were held. Ballet performances by real ballet dancers. A special Christmas show was produced. People came to see it. Here's Stanley Hall, talking with the dancers at a rehearsal. The photo isn't marked but it was probably taken by Burton Wilson or Coke Dilworth. The year? 1973.

The Story of Austin’s Live Music Scene

Once a sleepy Texas college town in the 1960s, Austin has exploded to the national forefront thanks to the music and art that defined the town. At SouthPop we keep the history and tell the story of what Austin was like back when it was really cool, and help keep it weird.

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Here is Jon Muq doing a little sound check before his set at Pershing Hall tonight for AusPop's weekend long event. Jon ...
Lost Gonzo Band at Gruene Hall. Right now.
Emma Little hip shakin at Denny Freeman's Twang Bang at Atone's Home of the Blues. Right now.
Chris Hillman Interview
Thank you SO MUCH to our loyal and generous Dillos! We raised over $2000 yesterday for #AmplifyATX that we'll use to hel...
Cherie Currie of The Runaways talks about her time at The Armadillo World Headquarters
Spencer Perskin talking about his performance opening night at the Armadillo World Headquarters



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