EquineBalance Natural Hoof Care & Bodywork

EquineBalance Natural Hoof Care & Bodywork


https://www.facebook.com/AtlCarriageHorseAdvocates/photos/pcb.2260214267329655/2260201407330941/?type=3 Just wondered what you thought of this, is this a horrible too short trim or okay, I don't care about the paint so much, but it looks like the hoof has been amputated!
Horse (and dog lovers see link below) this information is very worthwhile to look at I promise!
The video links below are about what causes mysterious lameness as well as training and behavioral issues.
Also we are looking for horse facility's globally for 2018-2019 to host a very unique 3 day horse bodywork course. Host gets class for free and all your horses get free deep soft effective life changing bodywork!
Can't travel or host a class no worries we have on demand video home study programs!
Please watch and share


Dog lovers please watch and share. Every dog I have seen is out of alignment by 1 year of age. This shifts the pelvis and can create hip issues. Learn how easy it is to work on your dog at home to prevent this using moves similar to Osteopathy.
Email me at [email protected] or call (530) 823-7321 HST with any questions. Text 808-868-1828c

EquineBalance offers Whole Horse Hoof Care for all your natural hoof care needs, the Masterson Method Bodywork, and Equine Craniosacral Therapy.

I serve the horses in Belton/Temple, Georgetown, Leander, Taylor, everything west and east of Austin all the way down south to the Rio Grande Valley. My highest priority is your horse's well being to restore and maintain its physical balance for maximum performance, health and pleasure. Hoof care:
Providing Whole Horse Natural Hoof Care for all your barefoot hoof care needs. Reliable and Professio

Operating as usual

formahoof.com 12/29/2020

Providing comfort, pain relief and re-grow support during the laminitis recovery.

A therapeutic alternative worth looking into - this might be the answer to help your horse

formahoof.com How FormaHoof (and a lot of love and support from her dedicated new owner) has given Libby The Canadian a new lease of life!


For sale!!!
My friend (previous roommate) is selling his sweet Arab.
While he lived with my herd, he was very sweet, very human oriented and got along great with my herd and was always a healthy beautiful horse with solid hooves ;)

post.rescueme.org 03/19/2020

► Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Austin, TX

As many of you know I’m relocating to Germany. Sadly I have to part with one of my dogs in this move! Please help me find Titan a deserving home!

post.rescueme.org Rescue Me ID 20-03-19-00053



Vesicular stomatitis is spreading in Texas




Barefoot Slow Motion: Rockley Farm

A different approach to healing


HD Slow motion footage - the horses have had navicular, DDFT, collateral and impar liagment and other injuries and are now working barefoot - already watched more…

thesoulofahorse.com 06/01/2019

No Horse is Physically (Skeletally) Mature Before 5.5 to 6 Years Old - The Soul Of A Horse Blog

The physical development of any horse... food for thought in today’s horse industry

thesoulofahorse.com Our Mouse, coming up on physical maturity. Almost ready to start at 7 years old. Below is the link to the best article I’ve ever read on this subject. It teaches that no horse, of any breed, in any country, at any time in history either now or in the past, has ever been physically …

thehorse.com 05/24/2019

Got Healthy Hooves? Here's How to Keep Them That Way – The Horse

How to keep your hooves healthy


thehorse.com Consider the big picture—from farrier care and diet to environment and genetics—when working to keep horse hooves healthy.


Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoofcare

Be on the lookout to prevent spring laminitis!



Little But Fierce

The change trimming made in this tiny ponies life

This fuzzy little horse is smaller than a golden retriever 💖


The study of the equine hoof

Why it’s important not to ignore Thrush!

Thrush- please don’t ignore it.

EDIT- I am not sure if this tissue depth where I think I'm seeing thrush is "normal" or not. After discussions with followers, I need to look at some more feet with this angle of cut. However- I still feel that the black is too close to sensitive tissue- my own opinion.

Here is a short 2.5 min video about what I think is thrush in the collateral groove of a shod foot.

The full 5.5 minute video is posted to my Patreon page.

I hope that you will go out to your horses this weekend and take a scrubbing brush and water and scrub those feet and take a good close look at the frog. Look for fissures in the central sulcus and between the bulbs.

Take a sniff of the black (if any) that you get out of the frog. Thrush stinks real bad (so does canker) but thrush has a distinct odour. Feet smell but learn what is stinky thrush or what is “normal stink”.

And if you got something out of my work and my video- I'd love a like or a share or a tag. It helps to reinforce to me that sharing my work is important. Thanks so much.


gofundme.com 01/25/2019

Click here to support Youth Incentive Fund - Saving Mustangs organized by Melia Gore

My close friend’s daughter created this after getting the opportunity to train and show her first mustang. A very inspiring young lady.
Help her help the mustangs!


gofundme.com The Youth Incentive Fund is a program created in 2015 that operates in conjunction with the Extreme Mustang Makeover to help both youth and mustangs by granting $250 to one selected youth applicant at each of the scheduled events throughout the year. By showcasing the beauty, versatility, and tr...

equinewellnessmagazine.com 10/28/2018

Hoof boots for a sore horse

Helpful tips when you find yourself in a situation with your horse where you have to boot for a period of time.

equinewellnessmagazine.com Hoof boots can be a lifesaver for rehabilitating a sore horse. Know their benefits and challenges. As a professional trimmer, I often encounter sore horses. Many have problems such as ...

nakedhorse.wordpress.com 10/15/2018

‘Horse shoes will be obsolete’ – says ex-farrier

The transition of a farrier to barefoot. The how, when and whys!


nakedhorse.wordpress.com by Linda Chamberlain Meet Marc Ferrador. He was a much-respected farrier who had serious doubts about nailing shoes to horses’ hooves and decided to do something about it. Colleagues thought …

thesoulofahorse.com 09/10/2018

Fear and Faith. And Abscesses. - The Soul Of A Horse Blog

thesoulofahorse.com Mariah Healed Herself I’ll never forget standing out in the rain one cold October day, soaked from head to foot because the rain wasn’t expected. The temperature was only in the mid-fifties, but to me, sopping wet, that was freezing. I looked at our horses, heads down, dripping with water, and I...

horsetalk.co.nz 07/07/2018

How wild horses deal with death and grief: A rare insight - Horsetalk.co.nz

horsetalk.co.nz "We were intruding on a hallowed ritual, each of these beautiful sentient beings were bidding Pixie goodbye."


Free Range Stabling

A track system or paddock paradise is a great option. Allow your horses to move

Our motivation:

drkhorsesense.wordpress.com 06/24/2018

Salt to the Rescue

Is your horse getting enough salt in this heat?

drkhorsesense.wordpress.com I do some version of this post every year for good reason. At the least it will safeguard your horse’s well being and performance in the heat. At best it could save his life. Sweating is th…

thenaturallyhealthyhorse.com 06/12/2018

Dr. Robert Bowker on Navicular Disease

thenaturallyhealthyhorse.com An interview with Dr. Robert Bowker on Navicular disease in horses.



I understand my business concern is to help horses bodies and hooves to be balanced...
However how many of us dream to ride our horses at the beach?
For some reason the plastic waste problem is a matter that keeps weighing heavy on my mind. Social media is powerful and I'm grateful to have thousands of great people follow my page so I decided I may not be able to collect waste but I can share this effort here for us to contribute!

You can make a difference with 4Ocean.com. We clean the ocean 7 days a week and need your help to fund our global cleanups. Each bracelet purchased removes one pound of trash from the ocean. Join the 4Ocean movement!


Patriot Pups and Ponies

Taking a breather between horses. Special thanks to Rebecca Brandauer who used her fantastic barefoot trimming skills on four of the horses and spent extra time with Midge (chronic founder mini) making subtle changes so she’s more comfortable and her feet more correct.
If you’d like to sponsor a horse for a trim they’re $40 each. Use the donate button on the top of the page or use this link.
Ongoing care of the equines is necessary and keeps them happy and healthy to help everyone who comes to the Rescue Ranch.
Please help us continue to build this program.

forageplustalk.co.uk 02/13/2018

Iron Overload in Horses by Dr Kellon - Forageplus Talk - Your Guide to Horse Health

forageplustalk.co.uk Iron overload in horses create symptoms include coat changes of bleaching and red ends on dark manes and tails, often hoof issues, abscessing and laminitis

anatomy-of-the-equine.com 01/11/2018

Hoof Cracks - Clues to Why Cracks Won't Go Away

anatomy-of-the-equine.com Many hoof cracks are slow to resolve, but quick to come back. A look inside the hoof gives clues on why this happens.


Uplifted Life

I've had horse owner's argue why let the horse go barefoot and not in shoes if we are practically born in shoes...
...food for thought....

The secret to health may be right beneath your feet. Most of us know that chronic inflammation causes illness. Did you know that grounding may have a powerful effect on the body's inflammation response?

This looks like an interesting documentary

Check out Uplifted Life for more life-transforming content! 💙


Sharing one of Karissa's stories of hope of a laminitic horse. It may help someone else in a similar situation. Give natural hoof care a chance. Educate yourself. Empower yourself for your horses well being!

Meet the handsome Eddie! This sweet heart came to me days before being euthanized after vets and farriers had failed him and his wonderful owner. He had signs of severe laminitis in August 2016 and wasn't improving with the hoof care and treatments he was getting. One of my clients recommended I take a look at him just in case there was any last hope that we could get him back on his feet (literally). The first time I went out to do a consultation, he was lying down, barely wanting to eat or drink, with no sparkle left in his eyes. As soon as I saw his hooves, I knew there was something I could do to get him going in the right direction.

For his first trim, I focused on taking his break over way back to where he would be much more comfortable. As soon as he applied pressure, an abscess instantly drained and he felt relief. He was so happy to get that gunk out!

After the first trim, he was up and moving around that night and the next day. His mood changed and his goofy personality came right back out for everyone to see. He is just the funniest! He has had reoccurring solar abscesses on both front hooves that began under the apex (tip) of the frog and have since moved out more toward the toes. He is trimmed every 3 weeks to keep his angles at a happy medium and stays comfortable in his Easyboot Rx's with pads and lots of powder.

There is a high possibility that we are dealing with some insulin-resistance issues as well, so we are taking that into consideration. I'm hoping the abscesses will continue to push out towards the toe with the lamellar wedge and eventually stop in the next 2-3 months. He's got a ways to go, but he is doing fantastic!


Patriot Pups and Ponies

If you are looking to give a special Christmas blessing please consider donating to this great rescue to ensure everyone has enough hay and feed.
Merry Christmas 🎄 to you all!

This is our first vacation in two years and first together in about 5. Unfortunately the recent snow and cold weather has caused the horses to go through their hay twice as fast. I’m trying to coordinate this long distance but will come home early if needed. We could sure use your help to buy more hay. If you can donate to buy Feed and hay or donate hay that would help a lot. Please and thank you!!



EVO BOOT 1.0 Premium - 12 sizes available, simple fitting, very low weight, easy exchange of parts, can be heat adapted, perfect break-over, supporting hoof mechanism in 4 dimensions!

Available here : http://www.evohorse.com/international

thesoulofahorse.com 10/05/2017

Why Supplement? - The Soul of a Horse

thesoulofahorse.com Because Omega 3s Are Essential for Your Horse Every domestic horse on the planet needs Omega 3 supplementation because no one, not horse or human, can manufacture their own Omega 3s. A horse in the wild will get his Omega 3 needs from the many varied kinds of fresh native grasses that have never bee...


Wild Soles Whole Horse Care

Is your horse pigeon-toed? If so, do they trip a lot, knock their front hooves together, are cautious making tight turns, have a sticky lead?

Although pigeon-toed hooves cannot be corrected because that is the conformation they were born with, there are some trimming tweaks that can be applied to keep the horse comfortable.

Imagine a pigeon-toed horse walking towards you. Both lateral walls are hitting the ground first as the hoof hits the ground. The second point of contact on the walls are the medial toes jabbing the dirt. You may even see each hoof cross the center of the horse's body as it takes these wonky steps. Try walking forward with your toes pointed inward to see if you can feel these points of contact.

With a flat farrier trim, most of time the hoof is balanced to the eye and not the conformation, setting these points of contact up for excess pressure. What I like to do with most pigeon-toed horses is first, balance the hoof to the horse's conformation. Second, place a small bevel on the lateral wall from the heel to the toe quarter. Third and most importantly, place a steeper roll on the medial wall from mid heel quarter to toe quarter. The steepness of this roll will depend on the severity of the pigeon-toedness. By placing this steeper roll on the medial wall, this changes the points of contact drastically. We will no longer have the excess pressure pushing the hoof wall back up into the coronary band. This will avoid possible lameness, abscesses, and discomfort.

What to pay attention to in the before and after photos:
Angle of coronet bands
Point of contact of hoof wall
Stance/hoof position
Angle of medial/lateral walls

Individual horse. Individual hooves. Individual trims. 😃🐴

nakedhorse.wordpress.com 07/23/2017

The $15,000 failure…

Food for thought on the path to help horses that suffer from laminitis

nakedhorse.wordpress.com by Linda Chamberlain Laminitis – the vets couldn’t cure him, the farriers couldn’t make him comfortable and in the end the poor horse refused to get up. The bill for this sickenin…


Well said...

Many times when I suggest a 4-week schedule to a new client, I get the strangest looks. If it's a client coming from a $25 farrier trim every 6-8 weeks, that look gets worse. We are not out to take your money! We are wanting to keep your horse's feet maintained so they remain sound and happy 😃🐴

Some horses, such as this guy, grow a ton of toe in just 4 weeks! Being on an 8-week schedule before with a farrier, this seemed far-fetched, but the client gave it a shot. After a few trims at 4 weeks, we no longer had a negative palmar angle and he was completely sound! I've been trimming this guy for well over a year now and he has never missed an appointment. I don't want to find out what would happen if he went past 4 weeks, but I'm sure he wouldn't be comfortable.

Take your horse's changing angles and growth into consideration when picking a trim cycle with your trimmer. Just because we are only clipping or rasping off a tiny bit, that tiny bit goes a long way 😊


Wild Soles Whole Horse Care

Quick fix for two foundered mini jennies this morning. Both are very thankful and kicking their heels up now 😃

blog.easycareinc.com 06/02/2017

Rounding the Corner | EasyCare

blog.easycareinc.com Hoof Care Practitioners share their experiences from the field.


Cody's hooves are making progress in slowly decontracting and overall hoof health.
Overall he feels much more comfortable and his energy level is up between regular hoof care and bodywork.
The before and after picture is within one session. Look carefully at the change in his topline.
He relaxed so much that he couldn't help but to drool 😂

nakedhorse.wordpress.com 05/23/2017

‘Horse shoes will be obsolete’ – says ex-farrier

"It is merely a matter of having access to good training, even after the studies. Barefoot professionals often remain closed to any other trimming methods and this is very dangerous as it impoverishes the quality of their work and its results. We are professionals. We are part of the horse’s health and this has a great responsibility, to use all the resources and techniques to help and heal our patients."

I couldn't agree more with this paragraph. The ambition to help the horses in my care to the best of my abilities drives me to meet and study with as many other professionals as time and funds allow. I came across this article on my way back from Tucson AZ where I apprenticed with David Landerville for 3 full days.

nakedhorse.wordpress.com by Linda Chamberlain Meet Marc Ferrador. He was a much-respected farrier who had serious doubts about nailing shoes to horses’ hooves and decided to do something about it. Colleagues thought …


Scoot Boot

No cables or velcro, secure fit, lightweight with excellent drainage. Easy to get on and off, minimalist, streamlined design.

Get Yours Here: https://scootboots.com/

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My mini client's happy dance!
Allow this friendship to brighten your day 🐴❤️🐶My client Little Hawk with his best friend Addie the dog
Not only Mustangs can comfortably walk over rocky terrain.
Strong healthy rock solid barefoot hooves captured in slow motion.
Releasing accumulated tension with the intuitive and interactive Masterson Method Bodywork. Improve your equine athlete'...
The beauty of working with the horse to release accumulated tension. This method not only improves your horse's performa...




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