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Shoulder Joint Instability (Strengthening vs Stretching) - Newsletter

Pain 07/29/2021


Running stairs at Mt Bonnell is no joke! *Strong Not Sedentary*
What song motivates you today?

Song of the day workout:

Pain De La Soul · Song · 2016

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The Posterior Chain and The Foot Connection - In this newsletter, I will show you the way in which the bottoms of our feet are connected to our posterior legs (and actually all the way up to the upper back) in the way of what is known as the "posterior chain."


QOTD: Ah! That was amazing. I am so glad I found you!”


New Office Space Now Available - Please note that I will be providing you with your next nourishing massage session in my new space at 8303 Shoal Creek Blvd, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78757. Please text me at 512-743-3946 or email me at [email protected] to schedule your next session.


Benefits of Massage for Chronic Inflammation, Pain, and Autoimmune Diseases - therapy is extremely beneficial when it comes to chronic pain and inflammation.


I love this adjustment that Mike Reinold is encouraging. This form ensures that you will truly isolate your hip adductors and not engage your back and opposite hip. I will definitely adopt this approach in my future sessions. Check out for more amazing functional exercise and rehab strengthening tips.

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New Texas Mask Mandate - I want to reassure you that masks will still be required during our massage sessions together. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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The connection between chronic shoulder and low back pain and a tight latissimus dorsi -

Try Box Breathing 03/20/2020

Try Box Breathing

A great way to minimize anxiety and stimulate the Vagus Nerve to turn off the fight-flight-or freeze response is to practice Box breathing. Please note that I prefer more of a visualization and a movement of the diaphragmatic breath to “move downward toward the pelvic floor” rather than to have the goal of “filling up the lungs with air” which tends to encourage more neck breathing.
Neck breathing tends to be burdensome on the neck musculature while encouraging shallow breath intake.

Try Box Breathing Buy the Book on Amazon:

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In the time of social distancing and uncertainty - Here is my latest newsletter and update on my availability. Please click on the link to read. Thank you for taking good care of your self, your families, and our amazing Health Care Professionals.

Follow-Along Mobility Workouts - YouTube 03/15/2020

Follow-Along Mobility Workouts - YouTube

This is very sound advice and perspective.
I certainly am getting plenty of practice with diaphragmatic breathing today.

Follow-Along Mobility Workouts - YouTube

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Transparency Through New Health Concerns - Here is my latest newsletter. I look forward to supporting you during this time of growing concern and awareness.


Ouch! Discogenic back pain and radiculopathy is not fun. (Shooting nerve pain can reach all the way to your toes and should be addressed immediately.) Feel free to ask me any questions and I can guide you 512-743-3946

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Shoulder Stabilizing with the Serratus Anterior Muscle - Here, in this month's newsletter, I discuss the importance of strengthening the Serratus Anterior muscle to minimize scapular winging, provide overhead strength, and improve thoracic posture. With good form comes great function and less discomfort and pain. There is also a great video with specific exercises.


How about coming in for your nourishing massage this Wednesday at 2:00?

Rise. Breathe. Take care of you.

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We take this wonderful, locally made (and tasty) elderberry syrup, along with oregano oil, vitamin C with Rosehips, and a zinc lozenge before dinner every night. Strong immune systems for winter! (And Cedar Fever Season)
*Strong not Sedentary!*

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I trust Mike Reinold hands down. I look forward to checking this out myself!
* Strong not Sedentary *

Introducing Champion Burn, our brand new 12-week strength training and metabolic conditioning program. Get started for only $19, now through 1/12/20 >>

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Happy Hip Flexors and Healthy Holidays to you! - Check out my latest newsletter on Hip Flexors. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you to lean in to more flexibility.


Happy Dia de los Mu***os and All Souls and Saints Days! I have an opening this Sunday at 1:00 if you want some soul-nourishing care. See you then! Schedule online via


I have room for one 90-minute massage tomorrow, Saturday at 1:15. Your friendly massage therapist welcomes you!

Massage of the Plantar Fascia Increases Hamstring Flexibility - % 09/25/2019

Massage of the Plantar Fascia Increases Hamstring Flexibility - %

Therapeutic Foot Massage, anyone? I have found that by stretching, elongating, and lengthening your hamstrings, your plantar fascia is also indirectly benefited. If you sit at a desk all day and have plantar fasciitis, it might be from all that sitting! Sitting for long periods of time can tighten hamstrings and thereby affect your feet! The body is amazing: everything is connected.
Book your next massage online via my website at
**Stay strong and supple, not sedentary**
Warmly, Kristy

Massage of the Plantar Fascia Increases Hamstring Flexibility - % This study found that remote stretching via self-myofascial release using foam roller massage of the plantar fascia does increase hamstring extensibility…


Got 10 minutes? Loosen up your hips

Here is a 9 minute video of a fantastic hip opening routine. Greg is mostly actively stretching which is great for a pre-performance or workout. You can do these with sustained holds after a workout, too. Good stuff!

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More Daytime Sessions Available - Book your next Thursday morning or afternoon session online at
I am in my office Thursday through Sunday; Weekday Outcall Sessions are available 9:00AM through 2:30, Monday through Friday with established clients.

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Special Deals on Outcall Massages for the Month of September -

For All of My Established Austin-Based Clientele: Enjoy an in-office or in-home massage for $130 for the month of September! Please contact me directly at 512-743-3946 to schedule your nourishing massage delivered to *YOU*!

Breathe to Heal | Max Strom | TEDxCapeMay 08/09/2019

Breathe to Heal | Max Strom | TEDxCapeMay

Breathe to Heal | Max Strom | TEDxCapeMay With anxiety, stress, and sleep dysfunction skyrocketing around the globe, it's time we look at the unspoken reasons why. These debilitating challenges can b...

The Gluteus Maximus: Get Sciatic Pain Relief 08/06/2019

The Gluteus Maximus: Get Sciatic Pain Relief

Did you the know the piriformis is actually a pelvic floor muscle??
Dr Sarah Ellis Duvall is my new fave! She has loads of information on sciatica, pelvic floor issues, core strengthening, and post-Partum support. Check out this link to learn about the gluteal and piriformis connection to sciatic pain. And then like her page for tips on strengthening your core and glutes.

The Gluteus Maximus: Get Sciatic Pain Relief A weak gluteus maximus can cause a person to clinch or squeeze their glutes all the time. This can set off the sciatic nerve.


Treat your Self to a nourishing massage...


I am excited to provide your next nourishing and relaxing therapeutic massage in my new office! It feels great with trees and natural sunlight. 3810 Medical Parkway, Suite 232.
Thursdays through Sundays.
See you soon!

Along the Way Massage Therapy          Kristy Lloyd, LMT updated their address. 08/04/2019

Along the Way Massage Therapy Kristy Lloyd, LMT updated their address.

Along the Way Massage Therapy Kristy Lloyd, LMT updated their address.


Yes— You. 🍂


I support this notion.

Take care of you!

I Now Suspect the Vagus Nerve Is the Key to Well-being 05/27/2019

I Now Suspect the Vagus Nerve Is the Key to Well-being

Diaphragmatic breathing is essential for nourishing our parasympathetic nervous system! Sometimes we cannot control our environmental stressors, but how we respond can be as simple as taking a deep breath and slowing down.
"When we breathe in, she explained, the sensory nodes on our lungs (“lung stretch receptors”) send information up through the vagus nerve and into the brain, and when we breathe out, the brain sends information back down through the vagus nerve to slow down or speed up the heart. So when we breathe slowly, the heart slows, and we relax. Conversely, when we breathe quickly, our heart speeds up, and we feel amped, or anxious."

I Now Suspect the Vagus Nerve Is the Key to Well-being “Stimulating” it leads to calmness, but how and why?

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Honoring the Mother within you, in your life, and in your heart -



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