Integrated Mobility

Integrated Mobility

Advanced Sports Massage - Mobility Therapy - Wellness Massage -Yoga

Therapist: Shweta Bijlani Integrated Mobility helps active people:
- Improve performance
- Recover faster
- Prevent injuries
- Reduce pain

Integrated Mobility is not just restricted to athletes or active people.

It is a holistic approach that promotes general well being for any individual by:
- Addressing chronic aches and pains
- Relaxing the body and mind
- Slowing down aging

Too often people that desire these results are very committed to and are strict about their diets and exercise. However, they neglect their recovery and fall short of optimal mobility. Integrated Mobility helps bridge that gap. Fo

Operating as usual 11/08/2015

5 Famous Athletes Who Do Yoga

"These fit folks have found the hardcore workout, discipline, and relaxation/meditative aspects of yoga make for an extraordinary experience." It's not surprising that there seems to be a growing list of famous athletes who do yoga. From the NFL to NBA and MLB, here are 5 yoga-loving pro athletes. 09/28/2015

How to Find Your Yoga Style Soulmate (Part One)

Always a good idea to explore the different styles of yoga!

I've found that exploring multiple styles helps me deepen my practice and improve my self awareness. There are plenty of yoga styles to choose from and all of this choice may make you stop and wonder, what is really the right style for you? 09/10/2015

The Science behind Yoga and Stress

Rewire your brain with yoga!

"At the end of a series of yoga postures, the logical brain has had a ‘workout’. It is buzzing with activity. You feel mentally calm as it is keeping your emotional brain quiet. Training the logical brain in this way for a long time can result in a rewiring of the nerve connections within the logical brain. "

Feel free to email me for more info on private and small group classes! This is what bending your body into yoga poses does to your brain chemistry and nerve connections. 09/02/2015

13 Ways to Move More Throughout the Day (Even While at Work)

Happy September everyone!
Stay mobile and healthy! This is a guest post from expert biomechanist Katy Bowman, author of Don’t Just Sit There! Tomorrow, Sept. 2, is the final day to receive the $10-off early-bird discount and several bonus items when you purchase the online multimedia program Don’t Just Sit There! Learn all the details here and gain…

[08/21/15]   Improve your performance with relaxation.

"When the body goes into a relaxed state, your blood pressure is lower, your immune system functions at a higher level, your heart rate lowers, and you breathe at a slower rate." 08/19/2015

Cell Phone Ergonomics: How to Avoid the "Smart Phone Slump"

Avoid pain (and probably gain a lot more time and peace of mind) with these simple tips:
1) Hold your phone at eye level.
2) Lie down on the floor
3) Use voice to text
4) Remove distractions Here are some actionable tips you can put into practice right now to combat neck and shoulder pain.


Lumo Lift Improves Posture | CES 2014

How cool is this?! A wearable posture sensor to coach /remind you!
Would you use it?

Palo Alto-based Lumo BodyTech is revealing its second product today, the Lumo Lift. The Lift, like its original Lumo Back, is a device designed to enhance a ... 06/08/2015

Lost Posture: Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain

Excellent article and a great reminder!! There are a few populations in the world where back pain hardly exists. One woman thinks she has figured out why, and she's sharing their secrets. Have Americans forgotten how to stand properly? 03/18/2015

95-Year-old Smashes 200m World Record: 'Bodies Can be Rebuilt at Any Age' - The Good News Network

So awesome! A 95-year-old retired dentist has set a new world record for his age group in the 200 meter indoor sprint, knocking a massive 2.4 seconds off the previous record. But he's only been running for a few years. Bodybuilding and never retiring, says Charles Eugster, are the secrets to his success. 03/17/2015

Intuitive Eating: Are You Listening to Your Body's Signals?

The busier/stressed you are, the more you need to slow down and listen! (Speaking from experience :) ) Thanks to the fast-paced society we live in, it’s easy to lose touch with our body’s signals when it comes to food. 03/16/2015

Healing the Hamstrings

To effectively stretch and recover (or prevent) hamstring strains, start with your knees bent!!
Here's the full explanation: Hamstring soreness is one of the more common problems encountered when teaching and practicing yoga. Typically the pain is present during forward bends such as Uttanasana or Paschimottanasana and is located in the region of the sitting bones (ischial tuberosities) where the hamstrings originate. Thi…



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