Modern Warrior Wellness

Modern Warrior Wellness

"Strive for the best version of you; A Modern Warrior." Established in 2014 as Modern Warrior Yoga, Modern Warrior Wellness as evolved over the last 4 years into a full wellness service offering therapeutic massage both in studio and at your home as well as chair massage and beginner yoga lessons.

Let us help you find the best version of you...a Modern Warrior!

Operating as usual

Modern Warrior Wellness updated their business hours. 08/13/2021

Modern Warrior Wellness updated their business hours.

Modern Warrior Wellness updated their business hours.

Modern Warrior Wellness updated their address. 08/13/2021

Modern Warrior Wellness updated their address.

Modern Warrior Wellness updated their address.

Massage is BACK - Reopening and NEW Location ! 💥 08/02/2021

Massage is BACK - Reopening and NEW Location ! 💥

Massage is BACK - Full reopening, Online Booking and Permanent Location ! 💥

Open Tues/Thurs from 4:30 - 8:00PM
Sessions Available: 75, 90 and 120 min
Prices: $105, $125 and $165

Read the newsletter for full info or visit

Massage is BACK - Reopening and NEW Location ! 💥 I don’t think I have to explain to everyone what a weird year last year was. We all experienced it and know that it was tough. Irregardless, I am STOKED to finally be able to email you all and let you know that


To further explain why I am still closed, please reference this article from our licensing department.

Yesterday, the Texas Attorney General's Office released a guidance letter to address questions relating to Governor Abbott's Executive Order GA-18. Barbershops, cosmetology salons (including nail and esthetician), massage establishments, and laser hair establishments must remain closed until further notice. The Governor's order overrides conflicting local and county orders. You can see the letter here:


Although Governor Abbot has proposed a plan for reopening #Texas, #massage therapy establishments are not part of Phase 1 unless you have a Doctor’s prescription. Secondly, my insurance will not cover me to work on my clients and to be honest I just feel like it’s too soon to restart. Third, the PPE needed to keep you and I safe is well...a lot according to what sources are recommending. I am not going to take PPE from healthcare workers when it’s not an emergency or dire situation. Lastly, like most self-employed people, I do not have health insurance. If I were to contract COVID-19 it would bankrupt me, and who knows if the hospital would even treat me over someone that did.

I hope you all can appreciate and respect my decision at this time. I will keep you all posted if things change, but for now until the end of May, I will remain closed and quarantining.

Sending love, health and peace to you all right now ✌🏼 ❤️ ☀️


Good morning ☀️ from my home office! What am I doing during the closure of #ModernWarrioWellness ? Well, I am also a #womanwhocodes ! Right now I’m working on learning how to use @codeigniterphp - a MVC framework that makes building sites wayyyy more efficient. School isn’t going back to having in person classes so I’m trying to get ahead of the next assignment while I can. This is probably the hardest s*** I’ve ever learned but if I take it little by little and be #patient I am slowly able to learn, develop and adapt. I will ALWAYS love and do massage, but this is also part of my long-term plan.
Ps. @skullcandy Bluetooth headphones are amazinggggg. That is all


Hands Of Furey

I've thought of making a hundred videos like this. I am glad this guy is doing it because MAN they give me a good laugh. One popular one...

Me: "Man your mid back seems inflamed today.."
Client: "Oh yea, I wasn't going to tell you, i was in a car wreck this morning"
Me: *mentally* $#^%$^*&$(*^%&#$^%
Me: "Okkkkk so we're going to have to postpone this session and in the future these are ALWAYS things i need to know..."

How many of you have gone through this?😂😂
Client: @beaucaspersmart
#comedy #jokes #humor #viral #beaucaspersmart #massagetherapy #injuries #surgeries #funny


Anyone else have a #lazy office manager!?!? 😆


These smell amazing. Growing on my fence by the driveway. I never noticed the smell before today 🌸 Things to be grateful for when life forces you to slow down.
Headed to see my last client for a while and it feels bittersweet even though it’s the right thing to do. Stay tuned though...good content and #wellness stuff is in the works, right @heartsole ?


State of Business Update -


We're Still Open! Not feeling crummy? Come on In! -


⭐️ Open schedule today ⭐️ If anyone needs a mental break from all the hand sanitizer, hysteria and fear. I showed up to my gig today to doors locked and no one home as they apparently went to work from home today. I’m not discrediting all the measures being taken but as a small business we sure do feel every lost client.

If you can support a small business during this time by buying a gift card, tipping on your service etc. all of the service industry folks would appreciate the help ❤️ #Atx #small business


Here for you 💪🏼 🧘‍♀️ 💆🏻 💕. The world might be a confusing, anxious place right now, your massage doesn’t have to be. I’m healthy and ready to provide you a safe place to rest your body, mind and soul.


Your Massage and COVID-19: Questions Answered -


#coronavirus update and how it affects your massage appointments. (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t unless YOU are feeling sick or my health changes).
Like always please don’t come in if you’re feeling sick. Practicing Massage therapy comes with strict cleaning routines and my practice adheres to them. I bleach my sheets in the wash, wash my hands from elbow down after every session, and sanitize all tools before using them on the next client.
Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions about your session or would like to schedule.


Walking into #Wednesday #likeaboss💥 💪🏼
What are your goals for JUST TODAY? Are they measurable and achievable? If you find long term goals anxiety inducing like me, try focusing on what you can do today.
Today I got up early so I could prepare for my programming test. For those that know me...I am NOT a morning person, but lately I’ve learned to be. I even took a page out of the #wimhofmethod book and took a cold shower and did a quick, no equipment workout today thanks to @liftoffbody. I had so much time before I have to leave I even got to cook a good breakfast and RELAX. Weird right?
So today, maybe make a few small goals. See how you do, how that feels. Small gains add up over time! #wellnesswednesday


How To: Be a #MassageTherapist

Learn how to do and fold laundry 😂
I did a quick #timelapse of how long it takes to fold one sheet set (flat, fitted and pillowcase). I like rolling them together for quick transport; not to mention I know I always have why I need in one grab.

Hope everyone is having an amazing #Monday! A few sessions still available his month if you’re in need. Check out the link in my bio for scheduling at either location :)


Good Morning ☀️ Warriors!
Who else out there travels for their work? How do you keep up with your daily routines that make your body feel human?
For me I keep my yoga mat in the car at all times for quiet moments like this when the retreat group is out practicing together. I think about my day, shower, have all the coffee and gently stretch to get ready for another 6 hour work day.
Sending you all joyous energy for your weekend plans! 🚗 💨


Too funny not to share 😂 it does happen a lot but to be fair we go through a lot of information with new clients when they come in. Other variations include 1. Face down naked on top of all blankets 2. Face down under just the blanket and on top of the sheet 3. Face up with head on face cradle and the list goes on.

When in doubt face down and underneath both the sheet and blanket is a safe bet!

Massage Tips of the day!


You better WERK. Doing some corporate #chairmassage with my lady @kristenlumsden86. Good company makes for easy work days; and yes. That is a @dewedit scrunchie and I’m proud to rep the 90’s 😉


These #messybuns are getting a life of their own. Happy #Friyay everyone! Fully booked today but if you need some #TLC I do have openings next week! Check out for booking or DM me.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this #blog post from @badassbodyworkers about the shady side of the #massage industry and how to set #BOUNDARIES. Let’s be honest. People will always try to push them if they don’t understand what you do, or they have a need they want fulfilled and if you bend or beat around the bush - they’ll push harder. KNOW YOUR BOUNDARIES. Massage schools (or at least mine) barely covered this. I had my own creeper experiences and had to learn the hard way what we as massage therapists are up against; and believe you me...I have no problem firing clients and have done so. No guilt.
Want to read further about this topic? Check out the link in my bio or copy from here

Have an experience, question or comment? Drop it below in the comments👇🏻


Beautiful #views from my corporate client today @crowdstrike LOVE these clients so much. They get 10 minute chair massages and leave with sleepy/refreshed looks on their faces that warm my ❤️ @ Austin, Texas


#visionboard for 2020. I had a lot of things cut out during our #womensbrunch at @gatewaybudakyle today but this is the only thing that got glued to the board. It says everything.

The more TRUST, FAITH and FOCUS I give to my #purpose, the better I can be to #serve the world around me.

What is your word for 2020? I’d love to hear what everyone is working toward this year and if I can support you in reaching your goals! The more we support each other while we grow 🌱 the stronger a community we become.


When your client puts in a whole room just for #wellness for their #employees!! Way to go @q2ebanking !! Going on my third year doing #chairmassage here. Love it. 01/20/2020

#2020AllAboutME - Feeling this hashtag? Massage can help!

#2020AllAboutME - Feeling this hashtag? Massage can help! - This year is your year to achieve those goals you've been putting off, reach out to those friends you miss, pick up your old/new hobbies and maybe even start a regular self care routine. YOU DESERVE IT. We can't pour from an empty cup. The people around us only get the best of us if we are at our b...


You read that right. Appointments are available to get your week started right.
Tuesday @ S. Lamar
11:15-5:45 available
Wed/Thurs/Fri @ Manchaca
varied Morning and Evening

Link in bio to book💆🏻 💆🏽‍♀️

75 min for the price of 60 for new customers! Book a 75 minute and leave a note that you’re new 😊


#Athletes and Desk Jobbers alike...#REJOICE, the #hypervolt is here! Can’t wait to use this added tool to help my clients experience relief from pain and tightness. I’ve personally used this @hyperice device on my glutes and lower back after an injury in December and I was able to complete an 8 hour chair massage gig. I never use anything on my client I wouldn’t use myself. Come on in and try it out to start out your session.


Getting back to a normal schedule again after all those holidays can be tough! Try not to forget your #selfcare in the new year. I’m back in the office for regular hours and am ready to help you stay your awesome self in 2020
Tuesdays: 10-8

Menchaca Rd:
Mon/Wed: 9-12:45pm
Thursday: 10-8pm
Friday: 10-6pm
Link to book in bio 💆🏻 massage💆🏽‍♀️


Food for thought this #Monday as we roll into the new year. If you don’t think you deserve self care...I’ve got clients across the board, Athletes, new moms, cancer patients, entrepreneurs, 9-5’ers, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60’s, 70s, male, female...the list goes on. No one deserves to be in mental/physical pain, including YOU. Not comfortable or have questions about coming in for session? I’d LOVE to answer any of your questions and show you the space ahead of your first session. Make 2020 your year to shine the brightest you’ve ever shined. 🌟
New client deal always 75 minutes for the price of 60 💰💆🏽‍♀️💆🏻 12/27/2019

Modern Warrior Wellness (Manchaca Location) on Google

New hours of operation for our deep south Austin location!

Monday/Wednesday 9am to 12:45pm
Thursdays 10-8pm
Fridays 10-6pm Massage Therapy in South Austin! Menchaca Location now open Thursdays 10-8pm AND Fridays 10-6pm! Start your 2020 off right by scheduling regular self-care. We even have memberships!


All of these #massage memes are killing me. 😂 If you want to be a candy stick instead of a candy cane, check the schedule for open slots! Mostly available at the Manchaca studio but some availability on #christmaseve !


You know you want to feel like #babyyoda ....appointments still available starting this Monday and through the #holiday season! DM for a session or gift card for a loved one


#Holiday season #chairmassage gigs are in full swing. Love working with my favorite lady @kristenlumsden86. Have you booked your company wellness day yet? #corporatewellness @ Association of Certified Fraud Examiners



Warrior Mentality

Established in 2014 as a way to escape from her 9/5 and share yoga with others, Sarah opened Modern Warrior as a mobile yoga service. Flash forward to 2018, Modern Warrior Wellness now includes massage therapy (mobile and in studio), chair massage, donation based (non-credit) CE classes and beginning yoga lessons.

Sarah is a licensed massage therapist and massage therapy instructor, a 200 level yoga instructor, and graduate of Texas Tech University with International Business and Photocommunications degrees.

An avid traveler, Sarah has lived in Norway, Spain and Costa Rica where she studied business, Spanish and yoga. Yoga and massage always helped manage her stress as a Communications and PR professional but the calling to serve people in a different way led her towards a new path.

"My old job fed my ego...but sharing yoga and massage with people feeds my soul. These practices have changed my life and my ultimate goal is to help people walk their own path of confidence, peace and happiness" >> Customer Reviews
De-Stress with these Quick Tips

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Although Governor Abbot has proposed a plan for reopening #Texas, #massage therapy establishments are not part of Phase ...
#coronavirus update and how it affects your massage appointments. (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t unless YOU are feeling sick...
How To: Be a #MassageTherapist Learn how to do and fold laundry 😂 I did a quick #timelapse of how long it takes to fold ...
The picture says it all. It’s OK. Come in this week to #Relax #Heal and #Restore ............................Open #appoi...
#chairmassage vibes here at Q2 software. Music courtesy of @kristenlumsden86 ❤️ #Love working with my ladies. Happy #Thu...
With this promotion going on I’ve been working more than normal and we just bought a house. Life’s been #crazy y’all! #y...
Come on in - the table is comfy and the room in warm. Perfect for a #relaxing #massage......Appointments still available...
April Appointments are almost gone! Don't miss out on your chance at relaxation and pain relief. Click the link and sche...
Playing around in the studio before I teach :)TH - 6am PowerFRI - 4:30pm Hatha         6PM Slow Flow with @david_trap Co...
This is what we do when we aren't massaging. #SarahPower#dance #fun #Saturday #workingwomen #summer #serasana #massage #...
Serasana - Power Flow
#Power #Flow to get your day started tomorrow morning @ 6am @serasana !#humpday #Wednesday #yogaeverywhere #austinyoga #...


Massage, Massage Packages, Chair Massage, Mobile Massage


8700 Manchaca Rd
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 4:30pm - 8pm
Thursday 4:30pm - 8pm
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