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The Master's Craft - Austin

We distribute hardwood flooring, lumber and related supplies to flooring retailers & contractors across the country. We are passionate about building relationships with our customers and helping them succeed in the marketplace.

Please contact us and connect with one of our sales representatives to get more information on our products. Our mission is to honor God as faithful stewards of His resources and as servant leaders as we reach out to meet the needs of people.

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Missed our Pro Shop Talk with @mccool_tim?

We talked through their adhesives and how important it is to get full coverage when using an all-in-one glue.

And the best way to do that with @mapeiusa adhesives is to use the clip that they provide in every bucket of adhesive.

The clips are designed to lay a full bed of adhesive, with trowel ridges, over the surface. Most trowels don't give this kind of coverage, which is why it's so important to use the clip.

Watch our full conversation where we talk more about the best way to get full coverage with adhesives - see the full video on IGTV!


Quiet, lightweight, adjustable - the Gecko 2.0 from @pallmannusa gets the job done quieter than other edgers. Watch our overview to get more details!

We're building up our video series and want to get your feedback - what is a machine you'd like us to cover? Let us know in the comments!


The foundation of a successful floor installation: good subfloor prep. Skipping this step can cause headaches and more work later on. Get the subfloor as flat and smooth as you can before installing any type of flooring. And a great tool to have is a subfloor patch that you can trust.

The important thing to remember with these products is the pot life - how long the patch is usable after you mix the product with water in the bucket.

You don’t want to mix up the patch only to have it harden while you were looking for the spots to fill.

The best method: look at the subfloor, decide what areas need to be patched, mark those areas, then mix up your patching product. It may sound simple, but it's the best way to avoid wasting product.

Have you used these products before? Let us know your thoughts below!


Our KC manager @tmc_jordang talks with @pallmannusa about what makes the Spider different from other sanding machines.

One key feature is the variable RPM - you can adjust it from 400 RPMs all the way down to 80 RPM. The machine can also run with a single plate or single drive plates, acting like a buffer. This gives you the ability to take it into a house and use start to finish on a project.

Have you used a Spider before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


How do you know when to upgrade Traffic HD instead of Mega One on the job?

Our @bona_pro rep Brad recommends looking at the floor first, if they already have a finished wood floor. Any time that you see dog scratches, damaged finish from spills, or other signs that the homeowner not maintaining the floor well, that's when you can suggest using a higher traffic product. You can also have different tiers for those individual customers.

If there isn't an existing floor to inspect but the homeowner is concerned about traffic, you can talk with them about their needs. You're looking for factors, like dogs, kids, dirt getting trapped in the house.

Are Mega One or Traffic HD part of your systems? Let us know how you use these in the comments!


What’s the abrading system that @durasealwoodfloorfinishes recommends for their water-based finishes?

With any water-based finish if you're doing the coat within the hot coat window which for DuraSeal products is between 2 to 24 hours and for Masterline, it's 2 to 8 hours. There's no need from their end to abrade, other than for aesthetic reasons. Abrading will make it feel smoother and look better, but there's no performance gained from that. What it will do is alleviate any debris that gets into the finish.

Watch the full video with @durasealtoby on Youtube or IGTV (product talk starts around 4:30)!

Are these products part of your system? Let us know your abrading system in the comments!


The first thing people say when they see @pallmannusa Spider is, ‚ "It looks like another buffer." In actuality this machine is designed to sand a project from start to finish.

A lot of it comes down to the motor and the planetary gearing system. As the whole machine turns, these individual plates turn as well.

Additionally, the motor's weight and power allow you to sand a floor start to finish, taking off over wood and old finish.

Have any questions about this machine? Comment them below and tag @pallmannusa.


The easiest way to mess up @lobawakolusa Dustless Recoat System?

Not prepping correctly. The system isn't hard to use, and maybe 9/10 times you'll be ok without doing all of the prep. But what if that 10th time is a big job?

Skipping the prep is not worth the cost of replacing a whole floor!

We talked through everything you need to know about WS 2K Contact System with @micah_loberg_and_lobawakol on Pro Shop Talk - watch the full episode on IGTV or Youtube!


What's the best method for touching up @bona_pro Drifast Stains?

@bona_bryanrathburn suggests starting with using a small piece of maroon pad that's dipped in the stain to do a wet buff. Because Drifast Stains can be reactivated, you may be able to re-blend the area.

If that doesn't help, you can try sandpaper or a scraper and go from there.

Watch our full conversation to find out how to best prep and apply Drifast Stains - watch the full video on IGTV or Youtube! (link in bio for Youtube video)


Skipping sandpaper grits... should you do it or not? We talked through this with @roughsidedown.

We also covered everything ceramic in @nortonabrasivesna lineup - Red Heat, Blaze, and Mesh Power. Watch the full video now on IGTV!


Have you seen our Pro Shop Talk series?

We have over 10 episodes featuring different products that can help you do good work. We talk through the key features, how they can help save you time and money, and what some common pitfalls are when using the product.

Get more details about the Power Drive and watch any of our episodes on IGTV or Youtube:


The foundation of a successful floor installation: good subfloor prep. Skipping this step can cause headaches and more work later on. And a great tool to have is a subfloor patch that you can trust. Our Mapei rep Tim gives an overview of the two different types of patch products Mapei supplies.

We are building up our Pro Shop Talk series and want your feedback! What products would you want us to cover? Let us know in the comments!


Have you tried @durasealwoodfloorfinishes water-based finishes?

We talked through their lineup – the black bottle polyurethane, DuraClear, and Masterline on our Pro Shop Talk series! Watch the clip above to get the differences between these finishes.

Watch the full video with @durasealtoby on Youtube or IGTV – product talk starts around 4:30!

PS. We go live every Wednesday at 12 pm CT to talk through products with our vendors. You can watch our past episodes on IGTV or Youtube!


Mesh Power from @nortonabrasivesna has seemed like a bit of a legend since its launch this spring, and for good reason. It's designed to be a 100% ceramic option for multi-head machines. We talked with @roughsidedown in our newest Pro Shop Talk about how people are using them and how much sqft you can get out of a set.

Missed the live? Watch the full video where we go over Norton's lineup of ceramic grains and how they're becoming more popular with installers.

Have you been able to try Mesh Power yet? (We all know it's been hard to come by) Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


When nailing down an engineered floor, it can be easy to damage the top veneer.

A trigger pull nailer like @powernail F Series eliminates that damage because it's not adding the extra force of a mallet.

If you commonly install engineered flooring, the F series could be a huge help in avoiding damage to those floors. We talked through the whole series and how these nailers can help you do great work - watch the full episode on IGTV (episode 8)!

What kind of nailer(s) do you use? Let us know in the comments!


Missed our Pro Shop Talk with @joe_dahlgreen_loba?

Get an overview of @lobawakolusa system for prepping and using PU 280 over concrete.

We're opening up spots for our Pro Shop Talk series - who would you want to us to talk with? Let us know and tag them in the comments!


One of the best applications for @lobawakolusa PU 280 moisture barrier is in new construction homes in humid environments. But, one of the best ways to mess it up is to not clean the space before applying it.

👀 Walk the floor beforehand and clean up any mess left behind from other trades. The concrete needs to be clean and porous.

👎You don't want to glue over paint, drywall debris, and other contaminants. But you'd be surprised how many people will glue directly to that. Walk-in over with the Wakol concrete prep tool attached to a 16-inch buffer. You'll clean it up very quickly and it will also open up the pores of the concrete.

Vacuum and sweep, then you can roll your first coat of PU280.

Watch our full video about PU 280 with @joe_dahlgreen on IGTV!

Have any questions about this product? Comment them below and tag @lobawakolusa!


Missed our Live Story with @joe_dahlgren_loba_wakol?

We talked all things PU 280, like how to correctly use it over concrete and how to not mess it up - see the whole video on our IGTV!

We're building up our Pro Shop Talk video series and want to get your feedback - what topics would you want us to cover? Let us know in the comments! 01/01/2021

Business As Mission: Carroll Project - The Master's Craft

"But it’s not only the beauty of the product, it’s the generosity and compassion that has touched our lives."

Last summer we partnered with Reliable Hardwoods in Houston to bring a family a new floor that suited their needs and made their home a beautiful space.

Read more about the Carroll Project on our website below! There's overwhelming opportunity to be a neighbor and, in our case, a business that uses its resources for a mission. Read more about our latest project.


How does a machine like the Spider from @pallmann fit into your equipment lineup?

We talked with @rjsmylla about how the Spider planetary sander can add a new advantage to your machine lineup. It can reduce your edging time and the amount of times you get out the belt sander. For crews that already have a belt sander and buffer, this can be a great addition that covers a lot of ground.

Get more specifics about the Spider on episode 10 of Pro Shop Talk - watch on IGTV or our Youtube channel! (Link in bio)


Looking for ways to save time on your jobs? Using a ceramic grain sandpaper is a great way to cut down on time and keep your sanding on point.

Why do can ceramic grains save you time?

🔥 Instead of using an aggressive grain to cut more floor, you can start with a finer grain. This can save a lot of time in your sanding process by eliminating the grains you need with standard sand paper.

💯 Along with this, you can also trust that you’re getting a consistent cut every time. For super flat floors, you have to be spot on with your sanding. Choosing a high quality, 100% ceramic grain abrasive can save you time and make your life a little bit easier.

We talk through ceramic grains in Ep. 2 of our Pro Shop Talk series – watch the full video with @roughsidedown on IGTV!

Do you use ceramic grain sandpaper? Has it helped your business? Let us know you experience in the comments!


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas season!

Please note our holiday hours, we'll be closed:
Thursday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve
Friday, Dec. 25, Christmas Day
Thursday, Dec. 31, New Year's Eve
Friday, Jan. 1, New Year's Day


Missed our Pro Shop Talk with @mccool_tim about @mapeiusa patches, self-levelers and adhesives?

Here’s some things to watch out for with those products:

Patch products (PlaniPatch and QuickPatch):
💧Over wetting and mixing them with too much water
⏱️ Sets up within 10-12 minutes - don't leave it for too long, or it will dry out

Self-levelers (Planiseal PMB)
💧Oversaturation can lead it the cement to separate from the water
❌Applying too heavy and getting a build-up in areas

Adhesives (ECO 985, 995)
✅Use the clip that’s in the bucket – don’t use any trowel that you already have

Have any more questions about these products? Let us know in the comments!


What makes @powernail F Series Engineered Tools different than others on the market?

Placement of the safety: on the handle to help improve accuracy in adjusting the thicknesses and keep it engaged in different profiles. It’s also out of the way when doing a glue assist method.

Single lever Flex foot: single lever adjusting that you can maneuver up and down to get to any thickness set that you're installing. There’s not as much of a tendency of it to move around while you’re using it.

Get all the details about the F-series – 50F, 2000F, 1845F –


"I mean, who figured? Sealers are a better sealer than finishes are." - @pallmann_gene

We talked through the pros and cons of using @pallmann_usa PALL-X sealer under the finish vs. skipping it.

Overall, because of how PALL-X sealers are designed, they will seal off the grain and plug the pores better than the finish. Using a sealer will you a richer color over time and more build on top of the floor.

Plus - it saves you some money by letting you do less coats of finish.

Get the details about how Pallmann's sealers and finish work together in Episode 7 of Pro Shop Talk - watch on IGTV or our Youtube Channel!

Do you use a sealer under water-based finishes? Let us know in the comments!


Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be closed Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.


Missed our recent Pro Shop Talk with @micah_loberg_and_lobawakol?

We talked through @lobawakolusa Contact Recoat system - a dustless refinishing system for recoating a floor without sanding or replacing the floor.

With this system you can use it on new installs to touch up a scuffed floor or to give an old floor new life without getting out the big machine.

It's an easy system that gives you an extra source of income and more options for your customers.

Get all the details about how to use this system on IGTV or Youtube - link in profile!


Reminder: we will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday! 11/12/2020

Why You Need A Whole Home Humidifier To Protect Your Wood Floors - The Master's Craft

Getting calls about squeaky floors?

A great way to avoid squeaks after installation is to be sure that your customers are keeping their homes in the right environment.

If not, there's a good chance their floor will start moving, and squeaks can occur.

We have free guides on our website that go over everything a homeowner needs to know about how to keep their home in the right environment.

Get the guide on our website: Using a whole home humidifier to keep your home environment consistent is the best way to protect your investment in wood floors. 11/05/2020

Squeaky Floors - The Master's Craft

Hearing squeaks and creaks can be very concerning for many homeowners, especially after installing a new floor.

Old and new floors can be the source of squeaks, but what is actually causing all of that noise?

Movement - squeaks are always the result of moving floor.

Which then leads to the next question - why is the floor moving?

There's many factors that cause them - ones that can be prevented during installation and with proper care afterwards.

Solve the mystery of why your customer's floor is squeaking and what you can do to help - see the link below for our guide to squeaky floors! Stop Squeaks! Hearing your wood floors squeak and creak? Squeaky wood floors are caused by moving boards. Changes in weather, installation errors, and squeaky subfloors create this movement. The first step to silencing your floors is to first diagnose the problem. Find out what’s causing your floo...


The Master's Craft - Austin's cover photo 10/29/2020

Cleaning Wood Floors - The Master's Craft

Wood floors should last a lifetime with proper care, but many homeowners are confused when it comes to cleaning their floors.

Which products should I use?
Which products should I avoid?
How do I clean my floor without damaging it?
How often does my floor need to be cleaned?

There are many products you can find at big box and supermarket stores that promise a clean floor but can leave a hazy residue over time and prevent you from being able to refinish them someday.

Other products are too harsh to use on wood surfaces and can damage the finish. Nobody wants to walk on dirty, sticky or hazy wood floors!

We’ve put together a straightforward guide to cleaning your wood floors the right way so you can rest assured that your home is clean and your wood floors are protected.

See the link below for our cleaning guide! You shouldn’t be confused or uncertain when it comes to cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring. Follow our recommendations to protect your investment. 10/22/2020

How to Silence the 4 Types of Squeaky Floors - The Master's Craft

For those of you who have stepped in an older home with wood floors, you’ve probably heard the squeaks.

It can be quaint and charming, it may even remind you of Grandma’s house.

But for those living in the house hearing the squeaking all the time, it may be a nuisance and you really just want your floor to stop!

Sometimes those squeaks indicate a problem that needs attention.

Find out where the squeaks are coming from and what you can do to silence them: Sometimes those squeaks indicate a problem that needs attention. So we’re going to look at when you need to take action and how to quiet those squeaky boards.

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