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Hi all! Please delete if this is not allowed here, but I am leaving in about a week to help my sister, who lives in NC, and I cannot take Nina, my current foster. She used to live with dogs but I've been told she doesn't get along with other cats but I have no idea what that looks like. She is a 100% indoor cat.
Nina is 9 years old and a very sweet and tolerant gal who likes to cuddle and talk to you when she's hungry.
I think her ideal situation is a relatively quiet home with maybe a dog friend and someone who will pet and cuddle her. She sleeps most of the day. She often sleeps on my desk or nearby when I am working, in my lap or right next to me when I'm watching TV, and next to me or cuddled right by my side when I sleep. She makes great biscuits and has a lovely purr, though her claws are quite sharp, so I recommend you have a blanket handy. The only scratches I have from her are from her trying to be affectionate and she has never hissed at me. She likes to give your hand or leg a little lick when she wants affection.
Behavioral note: If you do something she doesn’t like, she will fake bite you (ie place her teeth on you but no actual bite. Quick and quite gentle actually, I suspect from being around dogs.) So, overall, she is good at communicating her wants and dislikes to you.
I have been able to manipulate/touch her paws, ears, tail, belly.
She comes with a litter box, scratch post, and food bowl.
I do not have any vet records, but she seems healthy if a bit overweight.
$25 rehoming fee. I’ll want to hear about past pet experience, the home situation (house size and family composition, etc.
Please text to call: 703-980-4536
Dr. P ... I thought you and the staff could use a good belly chuckle. Wallace and Dennis, their true personalities!
How is Winston doing. Did he find a forever home?
Do you want to know why the Cat Hospital of Austin is the best of the best ??? THIS is the sympathy card we received from CHOA and the staff that was always there for us and our Sherman kitty. Yes, they could have just sent a sympathy card but not so much. When the card was opened we discovered the entire staff had written a heartfelt note expressing their sincere sympathy to us for our loss of Sherman. Thank you Dr Kim Percival-Leland for all you and your staff do for all of your clientele ... the ones that purr and the ones that love them.
Merry Christmas from Oliver
Ferguson says thank you to the Cat Hospital of Austin for keeping him healthy and happy!!
Have any info about this for us cat folks? Can y'all do the titers test in house to tell if an animal is still protected and doesn't need another round of shots? If so, what does it run and how long does it take to get results?

Since 2000, the Cat Hospital of Austin has provided complete feline veterinary care in a loving, war

Whatever your cat's needs, the Cat Hospital of Austin is ready to help. We provide complete wellness examinations and vaccinations as part of our preventive health care plan. Your pet has access to the latest diagnostic technology and surgical techniques at the Cat Hospital of Austin. If your cat has a health condition, such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism, we offer specialized health management programs.


One day it will be Peabody's turn with the brain is not that day.

Happy Thursday CHOA fam!


Hey neighbors!

We're looking to up-cycle any old bath or beach towels taking up space in your closet. Holes, stains, and cat fur all okay!


Look who wandered in fashionably late to kitten season: Stevie!

We love all kittens that pass through our doors, but Stevie really takes the cake. As a natural born explorer, expert biscuit maker, and all around gals-gal, it's hard not to fall in love!

She is now available for adoption through our Petfinder, where additional medical information can be found. We can't wait to find a fur-ever home for this special lady!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 08/15/2023

Look at those clean teeth! Miss Lucy came by last week for her annual dental cleaning, and left with a beautiful pearly smile. 🦷🧼

Did you know routine dental cleanings aren't just for fresh breath-they're necessary for a healthy body too! Heavy plaque and tartar buildup can result in damage to the jaw, gums, and even loss of the tooth (or several)! Just like people, oral bacteria can also spread to other areas in the body leading to infection in the heart, liver, kidneys. Establishing a good dental hygiene routine as a kitten or young adult can set your feline friends up for a happy, healthy smile for life!


MAJOR Patty Update-taking adoption applications!
The time has come: Patty has done is last post-op recheck and finished all his medications. He officially COMPLETELY healed from his amputation, and is a brand-new rabbit! We couldn't be more excited, and neither could he.

It is now time for Patty to find a more permanent home with someone who can give him all the love, room, and attention he deserves. Patty will come with his dazzling personality, a large rabbit hutch, pellets/hay, toys, and his litter/litter pan. We are charging a $150 rehoming fee to ensure he goes to a good home, and help cover costs of supplies for his departure. The following information is also important to keep in mind, and in some cases required for your application to be considered.

-Patty is a tripod. This is something he has adjusted fantastically to, and is completely mobile. He may need a bit closer supervision than your average free-roam rabbit.
-Patty does NOT play well with others! A home without dogs and small children would suit him best. His tolerance for feline company is unknown at this time.
-MUST be an experienced rabbit owner. Due to his rough start, we only feel comfortable homing him with someone with experience in caring for his kind. A previous veterinarian check is required. If we cannot verify this, your application will not be considered.

Please send all inquiries through Petfinder (linked below) or through email at [email protected]. We are screening applications heavily to find the best fit, and will alert everyone when we have found his furever home!


Join us in spreading some neighborly love! We are collecting pet food and supply donations for those affected by the tragic apartment fires in Cedar Park. Please feel welcome to bring any contributions to our front office by Thursday, August 17th 😸

Thank you for all your help in caring for our community!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 08/08/2023

Happy International Cat Day! From snuggles and playtime to scooping boxes and finding less than happy "surprises" barefoot, we couldn't imagine a life not spent dedicating to loving these beautiful felines.

Tiggy, Peanut and Finnegan, Aurora and Shanks, Galileo, W***y, and Cowboy are just a few of our favorites.

Interested in showing off your kitty companion? DM us or reach out to info@cathospitalofaustin to find out how!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 07/27/2023

The long awaited Patty reveal...

Surgery Tuesday was a success, and Patty (or about 80% of him) has officially made it back home! He is settling in comfortably with some love and TLC from our technicians, huge bowls of fresh veggies, and of course some painkillers to keep him feeling well. We are very happy to let y'all know his mobility already seems to be improving without his not-so-lucky rabbit's foot weighing him down ❤

We will keep everyone update in the next week as he heals more and is finally given the freedom to hop around a bit more freely. Thanks you again for all those who have kept Patty in their well wishes!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 07/24/2023

Patty update!

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to visit, donated, or even just sent Patty well wishes in their passing thoughts. We are truly overwhelmed with the love and support this little guy has received from our community. ❤

A few months back, a set of pins were placed in Patty's leg in hopes we could mend his broken bones, and give him a fresh start with a loving family. Through this, Patty has put up with countless bandage changes, countless sessions of hydrotherapy, and daily yucky medications. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, Patty's bones are not healing as well as we had hoped, and he will need an additional surgery. He heads up to our friends at White Rock Veterinary Hospital tomorrow morning for his procedure. We are being as optimistic as possible, but it is likely Patty will need his leg amputated to progress further on his healing journey. We are definitely in it for the long haul with this little guy!

We are still collecting donations to fund his surgery and aftercare needed in the next few weeks. If you are able to contribute to the fund supporting and financing his care, you can donate here:

Our team will follow up in the next few days as we get him back home and settled in.


Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!



*UPDATE: power has been restored! 🎉

Oops! We are experiencing a temporary power outage in our area! Austin electric is working to fix it and we should be reopening soon. Power is expected to be restored within 2-3 hours. If you have a pet in our care, we will be reaching out soon with updates. Thanks!


Today is day 2 of our team training!!
We will be open tomorrow (Friday) for our normal hours.


Oops! We are having some technical difficulties! Please be patient if you're calling in today, or consider sending an email to [email protected] for a quicker response!


Reminder of our upcoming closure this week!


We will be closed for 2 days towards the end of this month for some staff training. Please be sure to check if your fur kids need any prescription refills so we can take care of those for you prior to the closure. We will be open Friday the 23rd for our normal hours. Thanks!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 06/01/2023

It's pride month!! Our resident greeter, W***y, is ready with her fancy new collar! How are you celebrating pride month?



Let us remember those who have fallen with pride this Memorial Day. ❤

The Cat Hospital will be closed Monday, May 29th in observance of the holiday, and will reopen again Tuesday morning at 7:30 A.M.

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 05/24/2023

Patty living his best life with his new fashion bandage wrap! It's giving and vibes✨️👡 Happy Wednesday from Patty!!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 05/23/2023

Blue Bell is back! Due to no fault of her own, we are accepting applications again to adopt this sweet kid. Unfortunately, the senior kitty in her adopter's home was not happy giving up her only child status! Blue Bell gets along well with other kitties, as well as dogs. She is a little shy with other pets at first but warms up quickly! She is playful but exceptionally calm and well-behaved for such a young kitten! Reach out if you're interested!!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 05/17/2023

Mr. Patty had some xrays yesterday, and although the break isn't aligned as perfect as we'd like, it is showing signs of bridging and healing! This is great news! Overall, our plan is to continue his current treatment plan for another 4 weeks and then recheck xrays again at that time. Patty is SUCH a good bunny, but his care is extremely intensive. At this time, Patty receives twice daily medication, laser therapy 3 times per week, bandage changes with wound care and Manuka honey treatment 3-4 times per week, and weekly rechecks at the referral practice. As always, we truly appreciate your continued support. If you're able to contribute to the fund supporting and financing his care, you can donate here:


We ❤️ our staff!! They will be taking a short break from our normal schedule this afternoon for some team building. We will close at noon, and reopen for our regular hours tomorrow. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency please reach out to or for assistance. Have a great Thursday!!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 05/04/2023

Exciting news!!! We are FINALLY stocking collars again! We've teamed up with to offer locally-made collars and accessories! Stop by to take a peek at all the adorable patterns we have in stock!


PATTY UPDATE: Mr. Patrick was a perfect gentleman at his visit with the referring doctor today! He had a recheck of his incision and got an A+ for working hard on healing and eating all his veggies! We have his next followup scheduled for next week, fingers (and paws) crossed that he will continue to heal well and we will see some progress soon! We are so thankful for all who have donated and shared, if you are able to contribute to Patty's care please check out our at


Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 04/24/2023

Oh my! Caroline is looking absolutely ✨️STUNNING✨️ in her springtime outfit! It worked well to keep her from disturbing her sutures while they were healing. What a purrfect patient!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 04/19/2023

PATTY UPDATE 🍀: Our poor friend Patrick is looking a little grumpy, but we promise he is happy to be back in his own bed! He had excellent care at the referral practice, and his leg is on the mend! He is taking lots of pain meds and antibiotics to help him out. As you can see, his surgery didn't slow down his love for lettuce at all! We are not quite out of the woods yet, and Patty is going to have a very long path to recovery. We are expecting a minimum of 6-8 weeks of healing and at least one follow-up procedure, more if there are any complications. We are so thankful for our community that has sent so many well wishes his way!! If you are able to donate to his care, we (and Patty) would appreciate your help!

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 04/11/2023

Many of you have already seen previous photos of our new friend, Patrick. Unfortunately we have been unable to locate Patty's original family, so he has become part of our adoption crew!

We currently have one bunny and 2 kittens in our adoptee list. The two kittens we are working with are well cared for with a foster, but will be returning to the practice next week (stay tuned for baby pics!). Patty requires more intensive care and is living in the practice. We have shared in the past that we have a small donation fund we use to fund these cases as well as time and product donations from Dr. Leland to care for these adoptees.

Unfortunately, it has become clear Patty is going to require specialized orthopedic surgery, so we are creating a gofundme to help offset some of the costs of his care. We truly appreciate any donations, or if you are unable to contribute financially it helps tremendously if you would share our post with others in the community! We are so thankful for our amazing community that has helped to fund countless rescue cases through our hospital. If you would like to share so others can make a donation, our gofundme can be found here:

Photos from Cat Hospital of Austin's post 03/17/2023

Hey Rattan Creek neighbors! This handsome fella was found very injured and terrified by a client of ours and brought in for medical attention. Please call 512-258-2024 if you know anybody missing this little guy ❤


With Valentine's Day behind us, you may have noticed the bouquets 💐 at the store have changed from roses to spring blooms. We all want you to embrace your inner independence and but when you do make sure they are feline friendly!


We are very happy to share we are open and resuming normal services! We appreciate your patience during the last week, and we will be working as quickly as possible to catch up with our backlog of calls and emails. If you need assistance urgently, please reach out to us at 512-258-2024. Thank you!


We are still without regular power. Our updated plan is to reopen for our regular hours on Monday. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


UPDATE: We are still without power. We will try for a postponed opening at noon. I will update here as soon as we have confirmation on if it will be possible or not.

We are crossing our fingers we will have power back and be able to reopen tomorrow at 10am! We will keep you updated here! A quick shout out and big thank you to all the workers away from their families tonight working long hours to restore power to our neighborhoods, remove trees and debris, and keep our community safe! Stay warm out there!


Unfortunately, like many in our area, we are without power! The clinic will be unable to reopen until power is restored. Please stay tuned for updates. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency please reach out to CTVSEH or AVES for assistance. We appreciate your patience and understanding and hope you are all staying safe!
South CTVSEH is closed due to no power as well.
We are HOPING to open at 10 am on Friday, 2/3/23. Please look here for updates. Right now, we only know that a crew has been assigned to fix the problem but it is due to downed power lines in the area


We hope you are all staying safe and warm out there!


Due to the continued risk of dangerous driving conditions, we will remain closed tomorrow. Please stay tuned for updates on when we will be able to reopen!


Safety first! We have made the difficult decision to close tomorrow due to the potential for unsafe driving conditions. Please be safe if you have to get out tomorrow, and if you don't...cats make a great snuggle buddy for cold weather!!


Handsome Peabody wishes you all a happy Friday the 13th!


W***y thinks it’s no time for work, it’s time to sploot on the keyboard and she will be taking calls for us today! Stop by and say hello to our front desk coordinator! 😻


The first week of the New Year has Peabody like...

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